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Darkness Falls
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2008 11:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Down in the mecka stands, heartkilla was in his element. Nuclear warheads, weapons of mass destruction…they were all friends down here. That’s because they were all his. Heartkilla remembered his story, of how he had started out as a silly mistake plagued recruit. Trying to figure out how to move his mecka, when he didn’t even know what a mecka was. He was doomed to failure, had not a figure appeared.

The figure was the lord of darkness. Her name was Nifa and she enticed the noblest of men and could enrich the humblest of the poor. She was greed. She was hunger. She was plague. And she was the one who helped Heartkilla all through his expeditions. When she was displeased she ensured failure. But when she was happy…oh yes, when she was happy, she made victory in the eye of the smallest odds.

Heartkilla walked to his Nightstalker mecka. He enjoyed playing around with it. It had modifications to make it un-hittable, make it fire more accurately then any other mecka out there. All thanks to Nifa.

Heartkilla heard a swoosh sound behind him and turned around. There, standing in front of his rows of battle axe meckas, was Nifa herself.

“hello heartkilla, I hope you know what I am here for?”

“hello to you too Nifa, but as a matter of fact, I don’t”

“it is time to pay me back for my favours, heartkilla. Time for you to become my right hand. time to take over the human race”

“as enjoyable as that is, whats in it for me?”

“you can have as many slaves as you wish. Humans don’t matter to me. Their hope does. I wish to suck it out of them. Make sure they cannot stand ever again!”

“that offer is very enticing, but I’ll pass”
“I thought you would resist. Im sorry I have to do this to you, heartkilla”
and then there was darkness.

Know for which side you fight, or thou may be blinded by power rather then justice, greed rather then goodness.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:22 am    Post subject: last bit Reply with quote

Ditto for me. Here is the last section I wrote. It's longer than my normal submission, lots of info in a small actual time frame. Nifa would have made her entrance on the way to Hell's Haven.

On entering the Briefing Room the three officers already present stood to attention. The strain of what was happening apparent on everyone’s face.

“At ease and take your seats.” said Patraic. After everyone was seated Patraic turned to Maj. Ramirez, “Major, what do we know and how bad is it?”

Maj. Ramirez leaned forward. “There is no activity on any PGF net, in fact the orbital sats aren’t responding to interrogation. It’s unclear if they’re being jammed, been compromised, or if the network has been destroyed. We are still getting occasional EM spikes from detonating warheads. But the number of attacks is sharply diminishing. The attacks appear to be an orbital bombardment, but they weren’t just aimed at PGF.”

Ramirez pointed at a wall display showing a map of Hadeas. “Our ability to analyze what is happening is limited, given that this is a mining facility not a combat base, and we don’t have access to our satellite network. That being said, this map shows the strikes we have been able to triangulate.” Three blue dots appeared on the display. “ These three locations are current PGF areas of operation. All three have been attacked but, as you can see,” many times that number of red dots flashed across the display, “we have tentatively identified more than twenty-five other
strikes. Given our intel it looks like all the major factions have been hit. At the very least Deli, PR, ERSA, and Aff have been targeted. Also, at least two large neutral civilian towns have been destroyed.”

“This is insane!” blurted Lt. O’Niel. The sandy blond, blue eyed lieutenant was one of the most likable and laid back individuals Patraic had ever come across. The fear in his voice and features was obvious.

“As you were Lieutenant!” snapped Patraic. Then he paused and shook his head slightly and took a deep breath. “Sorry Sean. You’re voicing what we’ve all been thinking and feeling. And I happen to agree with you. Be that as it may, everyone in this base is depending on the decisions we are about to make. We need...I need each of you thinking clearly, not emotionally. Is that understood?” As Patraic looked at each of his officers and each in turn met his eyes nodding their agreement. The mood of the room shifted and transformed from one of numb shock and anger, to a growing anger. Patraic smiled inwardly, good, his people were no longer a frightened mob. They were once soldiers once more. PGF’s finest.

“All right Major, any indication who might be behind this? The Sha'Kahr perhaps? They have started deploying units as hunters and in support of their bases.” said Patraic.

“We just don’t have any conclusive information to determine that at this time.” replied the Major. “It’s possible one of the major factions started the attack and automated responses took over. The minor factions don’t have the resources for something like this. If it wasn’t one of the major
players it would indicate an unknown third party of which the Sha'Kahr are only one possibility. We just don’t have enough information to make a determination either way.”

“All right. Whatever else is happening it’s out of our hands. We need to assess our immediate needs.” said Patraic. “I’ve reduced our EM emissions to the bare minimum by shutting down everything but our offensive and defensive installations and enough Fusion Reactors to run them, with one exception. I have also shut down our Thumper.”

Around the table the junior officers all shared a look of consternation.

“Do you think that wise Sir? The thumper gives us a major defensive edge. And from an economic standpoint the loss of refinery production will be severe.” said Cpt. Brentworth.

“Captain, the seismic shockwaves of a thumper can be detected and triangulated thousands of kilometers from the source just like any natural ground tremor. Whatever the cost in our defensive posture not attracting attention is paramount right now.” replied Patraic. “That’s not to say that we won’t use it no matter what. I’ve left orders that should any hostile force be detected it will be immediately brought online. As to the economic cost? Believe this people! We are now in survival mode. For all we know we are the only base left deployed by PGF right now. Everyone needs to be on the same page about this. We are going to maintain our EM and Comm discipline, hope like hell we get overlooked, and wait for extraction.”

Patraic watched each of his people as this information sank in. Except for Maj. Ramirez, to a man everyone’s body language spoke volumes about their new understanding of the situation. The Major, good man that he was, had already arrived at the same conclusion.

“To review our assets. For base defense we have four Vanguards, a Heavy Thumper, the Command Center, a Tracking station, a Shield Generator, and the Resupply Compound. The rest are Refineries and Ore Processors. This should be more than enough to deter any Bandit that
decides to harass us. However, we can’t stop an organized determined assault. Our mobile units are my Brightlance, the Major’s Wolverine, three Diamondbacks, one Hermit, one Hawkeye, and four Lone Eyes. Lt. Mai, what about the bandits you’ve salvaged so far?”

Lt. Mai Ling pulled out here data comp. “Well Sir, the Gunslinger’s are scrap. You did to good a job on them. But, we did pull three Ballistic Turrets off of them. We could mount them on the Diamondbacks if nothing else. Of the three Brightlances, one can be put back into service in short
order. The other two are too damaged but we now have enough spares off of them to keep both the salvage BL and yours in operation for some time, especially considering we have a Resupply Compound to work with. Also, you never know what else we might be able to pick up given
fresh meat.”

Patraic sat silent for a moment in contemplation, obviously weighing the options. Finally he spoke. “Ok, here’s what we will do initially. Cpt Brentworth, Cpt Foraker, rotate your vehicles one by one in from the perimeter watch to the Resupply Compound. I want the Sonic Powerplants pulled from the Diamondbacks and mounted in the Lone Eyes that don’t have them. The Diamondbacks will then be armed with the Bandit Ballistic Turrets Lt. Mai salvaged. Lt. Mai transport the salvaged Brightlance to the Resupply Compound and oversee the repair work.
The Major and I will complete the patrol sweep around the base. Lt. O’Neil will be in close support in the his Hawkeye. I want the terrain around this base cleared of any Bandits as soon as possible. The salvage they represent has now become critical to us.”

Patraic paused, “Any questions?” There was a moment of quiet and the shaking of heads. “Major, a moment. Everyone else, dismissed.”

As the rest left the room to begin carrying out their orders. Patraic motioned Maj. Ramirez to the wall map. Major Tomas Ramirez was a man of medium height, brown skinned, black haired, and dark eyed, with an athlete’s build. The very picture of the Spaniards he was descended from.
“Tomas, I meant what I just said. God only knows why, but we are very likely the only surviving functional base. We need to at least try to find any PGF units deployed on this rock. As soon as the salvaged BL is up for base defense I intend to sortie to Hell’s Haven to see if I can locate any PGF or allied survivors.”

Patraic paused inviting the Major’s input. Major Ramirez’s eyes became thoughtful. Then he looked down at the floor and up into his Commander’s face and said very quietly, “Sir, do I gather you think extraction will not occur at horizon?”

The two men looked at each other. The words that neither of them had wanted to admit had finally been voiced. Patraic answered just as softly, “Yes Tomas, that is exactly what I’m thinking. We are likely to be here for an indefinitely extended period of time and we need to be prepared for that contingency. We need to rally our faction mates to be able to make any sort of credible defense of this base. At the very least they will need a safe haven to rearm and resupply at.”

“Very well.” said Maj. Ramirez, “here is my recommendation. Set out to Hell’s Haven now. Cpt. Foraker and I can complete the patrol as soon as the salvaged BL is online. Getting the word out that we are here and functional has to be our priority. Only your BL has the endurance needed to make the trip. When you get there be careful. It’s one of the towns that we presume has been attacked. Any survivors might not be well disposed to strangers right now.”

“All right Major,” said Patraic, “You will assume command in my absence, Cpt. Brentworth has seniority and will be your XO until my return.”
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Your eyes don't deceive you. It's back! I'm going to send e-mails to all those who were interested in writing again to continue the story, and depending on how many return, we may be looking at more applicants. This time however, I will only introduce plot twists, and advancements. Not try to police everyone's individual posts! So if your interested in writing, send me an in-game or forum mail, and I should have mails out to the original writers soon!
Take care all. Goodbye.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Okay, due to heavy demand, Darkness falls WILL be revived if I have to write it myself!

Anyone interested in writing in the new one, please contact me on the forums or in-game. I will be sending out mails to the origional writers to see if they are still interested.

Take care all. Goodbye.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What u think guys... Do u think we can bring this back from the dead...
Walts rival for being TW wannabe historian
you can be the best of the best at some thing, but if there is no one to rival you who cares???

D-Fence it the best Offense!!!
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Umm.. I'll read it later. If I like it, I'll try my hand at continuing the story line.
_D'z Nutz
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