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TinyWarz Rangers - Season One
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Chapter 9 – Reflections of Evil

Spurex looked over the heap of metal scraps again. He sighed and ran a scaly claw down his face. Fighting, he could do. Tactics was no problem at all. Designing and manufacturing? Well, it wasn’t as though he had problems with it…the things he created just seemed to fall apart on their own. He sighed and rubbed his face again. He had seen the new Rangers on the viewscreen and had seen their tactics. The only weak link that they could possibly exploit was the Yellow Ranger and his lack of teamwork – but only if they had attacked straight after Dryken had returned. That way, the Yellow Ranger would be targeted and then the Red Ranger…and since the Black Ranger had been overwhelmed at the start…

He shook his head and cracked all four sets of knuckles. Thinking about strategy was one thing, trying to create something from this pile of scrap metal was another. He picked up a partially melted arm and sighed. He puzzled over the pile again, before hearing the steps of Drakor. His master walked over to him and placed a clawed hand on Spurex’s shoulder. He looked onto the pile and chuckled.

“What have you done with this so far?”

Spurex shook his head in resignation. He answered back, his voice low with shame.

“My Lord, I regretfully inform you that I am unable to do anything with this…except maybe make patchwork soldiers.”

Drakor closed his eyes, but stopped. He thought it over. If the patchwork soldiers were destroyed, they could easily create more. He grinned as much as he was able to and slapped Spurex on the back, laughing heartily.

“Spurex – you may just be onto something…but now is not the time or place to discuss it. Let us discuss the next phase of our plan. This involves a pair of cyborgs very familiar to the Red Ranger…”


OK…that was not the reaction I would have pegged him as having.

Weihan stared down at Simon’s unconscious body. The Yellow Ranger had taken one look at Kat and promptly passed out. Ronny looked over at Simon curiously, seeing various lumps, bruises and cuts that had not been there before. She giggled under her breath – half in amusement, half in mortification. She knew that Weihan had a mild tendency to go overboard, but this took the cake. She looked at Weihan and cocked an eyebrow at him. He caught her eye and looked sheepish. He knew he might have gone just a tad overboard on the beating, but it had been worth it. Nudging Simon lightly with his foot, he sighed and addressed the congregation.

“All right. This is how I see it. Drakor has upped the ante, bringing back a key player – which I thought was dead. I don’t know who else he has but for now, we need to keep going. I want drops onto Konu for ore gathering, Riona and Taris for training. Stay off Hadaes and Hellion for the time being. I want all personnel on the Ranger project to start work on the Silver Morpher.”

He paused, looking at Pie_Masta out of the corner of his eye. The recruit’s face seemed to…light up – as if she was waiting to hear that information. Weihan sighed and closed his eyes. Sure, he had given her a mild heart attack during the battle, but there was no reason why she should…

He stopped with that line of thought. If there was one thing he didn’t need right now, it was a rogue in the house. He ground his teeth together – wishing that he had corrected his overbite – before speaking once again.

“I want a full rotation of staff every six hours. Full security on the Morpher at all times. We don’t need some yahoo with a power trip stealing from us.”

The last part of the statement was directed at Pie…and she knew it. He saw her eyes narrow in something akin to anger before she spun on her heel and left. Ronny followed Weihan’s gaze and sighed. She could sense that Pie would be a problem in the future, but she didn’t know what she could do about it. Weihan was always the one who had solutions for everything – every problem, every monster, every battle. He was the undisputed king of tactics and battle strategy. She knew that the reappearance of Dryken had shaken him to the core and she was determined to help him cope…any way she could. As the various members dispersed, Ronny walked over to Weihan and looked at Simon.

Slowly, she bent over and grabbed Simon under the arms. She could feel Weihan’s eyes trained on her ass, which she wiggled experimentally. She heard him swallow audibly and smiled. As she lifted the Yellow Ranger up, he started to stir in her arms. Weihan stopped in his lustful gazing and switched to a more controlled gaze – his eyes locking on Simon. Ronny stopped mid-lift and smirked.

Then, she let go.
Dryken was pissed off. He had not expected that there would be ANY form of powered resistance. Drakor had informed him that there had been slight fluctuations in the Morphin Grid, but they had been small tremors. In hindsight, Dryken knew that whenever Ranger Powers were created that they left a tremor in the Grid. He had – of course – been a Ranger before…or at least a cloned Ranger. He looked down at his reptilian body and frowned. He had once been the clone of the then White Ranger – Thomas Oliver. After he had stayed in the past, he had worked a good life for himself – before being run out of town on suspicions that he was a mage.

The suspicions had been right. He had a small amount of magical talent in him – unlocked by the Wizard of Deception’s cloning. He had just been careless in demonstrating it around the locals. It had not been long before he had found the Command Centre and – seeing as how he held a “working” Power Coin – had begged Zordon to send him off Earth. He had wandered the stars for countless years, acquiring various magical talents…until that fateful day when he had crossed paths with Lord Zedd. Of course, he was wearing a mask that he had acquired through his travels – a mask with the face of an alligator on it.


Thomas stared at Zedd through the eye holes in his mask. The skinless demon was exactly how he remembered him. Red muscles under a silver exoskeleton, claw tipped fingers grasping his deadly staff. He was the Emperor of all Evil – second only to Dark Spectre. But Thomas knew what the Lord was capable of. He had to know, really. The Dark Lord spoke again, his gravely voice dripping with sarcasm.

“And who are you, lowly human? I have never ever seen a creature like you amongst the stars. And a human with such magical potential…I must admit…you are an interesting being…”

Thomas suppressed a shudder. One of the things that Rita had told him of was Zedd’s homosexual tendencies. Something about being cooped up with males for long periods of time. Thomas hadn’t asked for more details, but she had provided them anyway…in frightening detail.

It was almost funny – the most feared dictator this side of the galaxy was gay. Well, unless said dictator was standing right in front of you in all his menacing glory. Thomas was determined not to let Zedd see his real face – the effects to the timeline could be potentially devastating. Thomas squared his shoulders he snarled back.

“Don’t get any ideas you intergalactic pervert. I can easily beat you in a one on one fight. Don’t get any ideas.”

In reality, Thomas knew that he couldn’t beat Zedd. As talented as he was with energy bolts, fire whirls and swordplay, he couldn’t beat Zedd. He could try, but it would all be for naught. Zedd seemed to know it as well, but chuckled before raising his staff.

“You have spirit. I will make you serve me until the end of your pathetic existence!”
**End Flashback**

And that was the last thing he remembered for a very long time. Somehow, during the painful mutation process, his full magical potential had been unlocked – leaving him with a near-infinite lifespan. The alligator mask had also fused onto his face, twisting and warping the flesh underneath. He had become an alligator/human hybrid…a bloodthirsty Warrior Mage in Lord Zedd’s service.

The only good thing was that he never had to return to Earth – even when Lord Zedd returned to “relieve” Rita. Well, he wouldn’t have cared anyway – his memory had been totally blocked off. When he had finally come to his senses, it had been fifty years since his last memory…and the way he had found out what had happened was a shock – let alone what it was.


The last thing he remembered was Zedd raising his staff – then it was waking up in some forest with blood all over him. He groaned an looked down at his chest. He noticed that he was still wearing the armour he had gotten off Mirinoi…but it seemed off somehow. Like it didn’t fit the body underneath it. That was odd. If Zedd had only slashed him once, his body shouldn’t have changed. He slowly stood up and winced as pain shot through his body. He had to leave this place – wherever it was…

He suddenly blinked and looked around him. He was in some wooded area, not the rocky plain he had last been in. also, some time seemed to have passed, he suddenly shot upright, panicking. If he was anywhere near Earth, then his presence could very well destroy the timeline! He paused and crouched down, noticing for the first time, the unnatural weight at the base of his spine. He gave it no thought, but listened to the voices coming up the path. One of them in particular seemed very familiar.

“Why do you have to leave now? I don’t understand.”

“It…it’s complicated Ronny. I…I just need to leave and prepare. Besides, from what I’ve seen – you guys are a good team. Having me there would take the spotlight away from you.”

His eyes narrowed as two figures walked close to where he was. One was a slender young woman with shoulder-length brown hair. She was clad in a light yellow top with white shorts. On the back of her belt was an odd-looking device that seemed to be rectangular in shape. She seemed to be conversing with a tall, Asiatic boy in an orange shirt, black jacket and dark blue pants. On his left wrist was an orange-banded watch. Thomas gaped at the sight of it. It was a communicator…but where had he seen it before? He ducked down in time as the woman – Ronny? – spoke again.

“I don’t understand. You come out of retirement to help us against Dryken and the Fearcats. Even with Tyzonne on our side, we need all the help we can get.”

He watched as the man’s shoulders slumped down – as if he was sad about something. Thomas himself didn’t know what happened…but the man in orange was oddly familiar…

“Look, Ronny. Tyzonne is a great addition to your team. He’s a good man to be with you…your team. There are things that I need to do. Things that need to be prepared and constructed. I’m sorry, but I can’t stay.”

Thomas grinned. He had caught his slip of the tongue. It revealed to him that the man in Orange loved Ronny deeply…but didn’t want to get caught in the middle of anything. It was a noble trait and it showed great honour – to know when to step aside and let others take the lead. He strained his ears to listen to what Ronny had to say.

“I…understand what you’re trying to do. I’ve known you for a few hours, but I can’t deny my feelings for you. Yes, you’re a good team mate and a friend, but I want more for us. I love you so much.”

Thomas felt sick. He knew he shouldn’t be intruding on their private moment, but he found himself rooted to the spot. He almost had a memory of the orange clad teen…a memory and a name…Wayne? Wade? He saw his face light up at the proclamation, then saw a deep sadness come over his face. He saw indecisiveness in his eyes as well as pain. It was extremely clear that the person in orange was having an internal struggle with himself. Finally, the boy reached up and cupped Ronny’s chin gently, lifting her face up to meet his. His voice was soft, tender and full of love and passion.

“Ronny, I do love you, but now isn’t the time. You still have three jewels to find and I have to prepare for the upcoming battle. No matter how hard we tried, we can’t make it work. Not now anyway. In the future…in the future, yes, we may find each other again and make it work out…but now? We can’t. I’m sorry Veronica…Ronny. I just can’t.”

Thomas saw Ronny’s shoulders drop slightly, saw the sadness in her eyes. He wanted to run over and comfort her, but he couldn’t. he sighed softly and looked down at himself…and then bit back a yelp of fear and surprise. The wound that had stretched over his armour was completely healed. There was basically no trace of it anywhere…plus, the armour had healed over as well. He had a sneaking suspicion that Zedd had mutated him – which he could live with…if he found out what he had become. He hoped that it wasn’t a giant rat or something. So engrossed with his self examination was he, he almost missed Ronny’s reply.

“I know. We always have the future. I just wanted you to know how I felt about you. You may never come back…we may never see each other again. Weihan, kiss me and tell me that it’ll be all right.”

Weihan. Weihan Liang…yes, that was it. That was his name. He had met and fought against the Orange Ranger when he had been evil. The Ranger had packed a punch, but he seemed different now. Older and more mature. Battle hardened…but that was impossible…he had only held his powers for a short time…hadn’t he? Thomas shook his head and watched Weihan. He watched him shake his head slowly and whisper something in her ear before kissing her on the cheek. Ronny stepped forward in confusion, but Weihan sighed and shook his head. He spoke again, lowering his voice.

“I can tell you this much. We will meet again – after your journey is over. You are a good warrior and I will see you again.”

Ronny’s voice was choked with tears. It was clear that she didn’t want him to leave, but it seemed like there was no other choice for him.

“I’ll always keep wishing for you, Wei. I love you…I’ll never forget you.”

Weihan sighed and nodded once, a sad smile on his face. Thomas slowly edged backwards, running away from them as soon as he knew he was out of earshot. As he ran, he could hear his last statement.

“I’ll never forget you either…”

Thomas didn’t know what the hell was going on. He was stuck in a strange body, he had self healing capabilities and he had just witnessed the breaking up of two lovers. No, not lovers – soul mates. But they had broken up why? Over duty? He vowed to find out where he was, what he was and how long he had been out.
**End Flashback**

His search had cost him a lot. He had befriended the Fearcats and supplied them with illegal technology – cloning technology. With his help and magic, the two cyborgs had cloned themselves…then left with him. Rumour had it that the clones had even begun to develop their own personalities, thoughts and ideas. Too bad they had been destroyed by an Ultrazord.

He sighed again, looking at his reptilian face. Thomas Oliver was dead.

Dryken was here to stay.


OK...this'll probably be the last chapter I have time to do before I go the the US...
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ya got some really good ideas there... i think i gonna make the second gen.With you and Ronny married?dunno giv me ya consent and i will start...muhahaha
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TinyWarz wrote:
ya got some really good ideas there... i think i gonna make the second gen.With you and Ronny married?dunno giv me ya consent and i will start...muhahaha

Well...I don't want to give too much away, but I'm working on that scenario later on...
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Chapter 10 – Out Of The Frying Pan…

Simon groaned in protest. He was over his shock at seeing Kat fully healed, but he didn’t deserve to be dropped on his head. He had a lot to think about – including he own faults. He picked himself up off the ground and looked around. Ronny and Weihan were standing over him with barely suppressed mirth on their faces, while Kat was looking at them with a mixture of disdain and shock. He guessed that made up for the numerous bruises all over his body. Abruptly, he was pulled up by Weihan, who searched his face with a piercing glare.

“Cadet Carville, you are dismissed. Get yourself healed up and think about what we discussed. I expect you to have changed your attitude next time.”

Simon nodded once and then strode out the door. He would fix his wounds later, but he had some serious thinking to do. All his life, he had strived for greatness. His father had expected the very best for him – and he had done the old man proud. He fought hard, brushing off anyone who got in his way. He knew he was the best…but now he had met his match. He was under the command of one of the Greatest Power Rangers of all time – and he had reacted badly. He had wanted total supremacy of the Ranger project...

To be the Red Ranger.

To achieve the position his father had been – the Original Red Ranger. He didn’t think Weihan knew who his dad was – he had kept his paternity a closely guarded secret from all prying eyes. To the outside world, he was the son of two middle-class managers – trying to do his best. In reality, he was the son of Jason Scott – one of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. His father had told him his secret as soon as he was old enough to understand his legacy. He had to do the best he could be – to be Red.

Red – the prestigious colour his father had been given. Simon had looked at all the articles in the library at his house. With the spirit of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, there was no challenge that couldn’t be taken down easily. He had enrolled into the TinyWarz Battle Program for one reason and one reason only – to be the Best he could be – to be one definition of the Red Ranger. But now, after hearing what Weihan had been through, he started faltering in his quest. True, he had pretty much failed in adhering to the Ranger Spirit in the first battle, but that was due to a few growing pains. What he needed now was advice from the one person he could trust – his father. He turned into his small room, the door sliding shut behind him quietly. On the walls were posters signifying the greatness of the colour Red…the Zords, the Weapons – all of it.

He moved to the small “study” and sat down heavily on the bench. He shook his head, running a hand through his hair and sighed. He had let himself down as a person – let alone a Ranger. He needed advice – to Hell with what he looked like. His eyes turned to the communication screen above the grey desktop. Nodding to himself, his hands skimmed over the keyboard – translating into words, symbols and icons on the screen.

It was done. All he had to do was wait for a reply.
Weihan watched Simon’s retreating figure and let out a soft sigh. He knew he had been a bit too harsh – but he had to be. He had to drill in the core principles of being a Ranger into his head – or they’d be done for. He turned and met the soft brown eyes of Ronny. He knew what she was thinking and he allowed a wry grin to creep onto his face, before speaking. His tone was friendly, but his words conveyed the seriousness of the situation.

“It was bad, but I have to knock some sense into him – or all of us could be dead next time. Not just from Drakor’s attacks – but from the rogue Bandits as well. You need to work as a team to successfully defeat the problems – be it a rogue squadron of Mekas or a random monster battle.”

She knew he was right. Due to ¼ of the TW combat group’s involvement, planetary patrols were becoming less infrequent – and less planned. Hundreds of thousands of credits worth of units had been destroyed by Bandits and Sha’Kahr alike. Even more disturbing was that Bandit dropships had been seen touching down on Hadaes – some as close as within 60km of the base. Fortunately, they were only light scouts and intermediate bases, but it wouldn’t be long before the real dangers came. Ronny was worried. Apart from herself and Weihan, they had no one who could successfully pilot a Zord or Meka into battle. She wasn’t sure if the various TW members would willingly defend them – seeing as they were the centre of the Bandit invasion. As she mentioned this to Weihan, she saw him nod in understanding. His voice was strong and held an undercurrent of determination.

“I am well aware of the situation, but I have a solution. When Simon comes back, you three will be going on a small scouting mission – inside vehicles similar to what your Zords will be.”

Kat smiled. She was feeling much better after being healed – and was seriously looking forward to the scouting mission. From searching the main database, she knew that one of the Zords would be modelled after a Katana Meka – but given more long-range weaponry. The other Zords would be modelled after various Mekas and tanks – but there was one folder that had caught her eye. It was labelled “Primal Zords”. She didn’t know what those were, but she wanted to know more. She coughed once, then slid off the tabletop – she could see that Weihan and Ronny needed some time together. Besides, she needed to call Tommy and Kim to tell them the news. Suddenly, she stopped, her brow creasing.

“Hey Commander, where’s Pie?”

Weihan blinked and swallowed hard. He hadn’t seen hide or hair of the blonde cadet since the debriefing – but he had a good inkling of where she had gone to. The experimental Silver Morpher was almost complete anyway – he just needed someone for it to bond to. The Zord and weapons had been fully integrated into its internal subspace storage – it was ready for use. The thought of that much power in the hands of a loose cannon was…well, he couldn’t find words to describe how bad that thought was. It was a good thing only three people knew of its existence – himself, Ronny and Frizz. He had also started carrying the Silver Morpher in his pocket. A moving object almost nearly threw the pursuer off balance. He blinked, realising he still needed to give an answer. He cleared his throat and sighed.

“As far as Pie is concerned, she’s a minor threat. She’s shown an unnatural fascination with the whole Ranger Project from Day One. She is not to be approached at any cost. Now, why don’t we get a head start on seeing your vehicles?”

Ronny stared wide eyed, while Kat smiled. Trust Weihan to know what would make her happy – well, moreso than seeing him. Weihan gently took Ronny’s hand and led her out the door – Kat trailing behind. Something about the whole Pie scenario still seemed off to her – like they weren’t getting the full story. She shrugged off that thought and walked faster – to keep up with Weihan and Ronny.

As the trio left the Command Area, they failed to notice a shadow hiding behind a console.

Or that the shadow followed them.
The comm. Screen crackled once, then flared to life. Simon leant forward as the fuzzy image slowly condensed itself into the form of his father. The man still had closely cropped black hair, hard eyes and a squared jaw. When he spoke, it seemed like God himself was speaking to him.

“Son, this had better be good.”

Simon swallowed, then started telling his father what had happened so far. His surprise at being selected for the Ranger program, dismay at his team mates, anger at being Yellow and the disastrous first mission. When it was over, he sighed heavily at his father.

“Dad, I’ve tried to be like you so hard. Every single time I do that, I get knocked down. I don’t understand – why am I like this?”

On the other side of the connection, Jason Scott rolled his eyes. He knew that Simon looked up to him immensely – more than any son should. He paused for a minute to let the information seep to his brain. Simon had been chosen for an elite group of Power Rangers – dedicated to protecting the TW Battle Group from the Sha’Kahr Overlord Drakor. He had been overlooked to be the Red Ranger, due to his arrogance and temper. Somewhere along the way, there had been a battle with a villain allied with Drakor and a group of Quantrons – where Simon had fucked up, letting a team mate be gravely injured. And to top his madcap adventures so far, he was being led by Weihan Liang – the Greatest Ranger Ever...after Tommy of course. He sighed, then opened his mouth to speak – his voice tired and thin.

“Son. I’m not going to lie to you. What you did was something no ranger should ever do – you abandoned a team member in need. This is completely inexcusable. As a Ranger, your thoughts should be on your team mates at all times – whether or not they can handle themselves.”

Simon swallowed hard. He wasn’t used to criticism this harsh coming from his father – even if the words had a ring of truth around them. His anger lessened, while his guilt and resolve grew. He knew his father was right – being the First Ranger had taught him a lot of hard lessons. His stories had been chock full of morals on how to live life and make the most of things – but how was he supposed to make the most of this situation? The Commander clearly didn’t like him and seemed to favour the girls more. His frustration was evident in his voice.

“Dad, it’s not about the team – it’s the Commander. He showers the girls with praise – while he pushes me past my limits. If I was Red, I would –”

Jason hit the screen, breaking his son’s rambling off. He knew Weihan was forcing his son to grow, but he didn’t know if Simon knew it. Weihan had always been more decisive than both himself and Tommy combined – whether it was Zord battles or what to eat. That wasn’t to say that Jason wasn’t concerned with Weihan’s behaviour. With a new threat and a new girlfriend, his friend seemed to be pushing everyone around him to the limits. Unfortunately, that was normal for him, so that wasn’t the real issue here. He sighed – realising what the real problem was.

“Son, you are the best in all you do. You’ve achieved the highest honour anyone could achieve – to be a Power Ranger under the command of one of the Greatest Rangers ever. So you’re not a Red. The colour doesn’t matter. What does matter is the way you deal with this. There are evils in the world that no one but the Power Rangers can stand up to. This…Drakor, is one of them. The Power chose you for a reason. It gave you the colour Yellow for a reason. Accept that honour and move on.”

Simon closed his eyes resignedly. He knew his father was right. He was being stupid because he hadn’t been chosen as the Red Ranger. While he hadn’t understood the honour of being chosen by the Power then, he understood and cherished it now. There was just that matter of his feelings for Ronny – which he confided to his father. Jason rolled his eyes yet again – marvelling that they hadn’t fallen out yet – and hit his forehead, exasperated. When he spoke, his voice was hard and firm.

“Simon Scott-Carville, listen to me.”

Simon stiffened and swallowed hard. Never before had his father used his full name in such a dark tone. He wondered what line he had overstepped this time. Undaunted, his father continued.

“If you truly honour and respect both your Commander and the Power, you will stay away from her. She is already taken by Weihan – and judging on what I’ve heard of her, they’ll make a good match. Answer me one question. Do you respect both Commander and the Power?”

Simon nodded. If anything, this was driving home the fact that Ronny was off limits to him. Then again…there was always Kat. His musing was cut short by a harsh, barking alarm – the proximity alarm. It was a very rarely used alarm – at least this side of Konu, but it spelled trouble. Simon swore under his breath and turned to look at his father. To his surprise, Jason had an understanding look on his face.

“Go. Remember – the Power protects always – not just those who wear the armour.”

Simon nodded once, closed the communication and ran out the door. Whatever it was, he was sure he could handle it without morphing.
Weihan grinned, pleased with himself. He had Ronny and Kat struck speechless at the sight of their combat vehicles. He just needed the technicians make a few more minor adjustments, and they would be ready for the Transfer. In reality, the Transfer would only take another 15 minutes. His enhanced Ranger sense told him that something big was coming up very soon. He just hoped that Simon and Kat would be able to control them. First times could go really well – or be a disaster. He winced internally – remembering his first few attempts to control the Spinozord, glancing at the thickly armoured doors that led to Hadeas’ rocky surface.

He had to admit – the builders and technicians had truly outdone themselves.

Under the skilled guidance of three of the TW Battle Group’s most skilled technicians, seanymemory, AznBoi01 and flip, three massive marvels stood in front of them. A black and green Leopard Assault Tank and a yellow and grey Cobra Attack Hovertank sat on either side of a massive red, black and white Katana Meka. To the untrained eye, the Leopard and the Cobra looked similar to their normal incarnations – if a bit bulkier. The Katana was the standout. Its energy blades had been replaced with metallic blade shaped hands, the legs seemed sturdier and the head looked detachable. Even stranger to the two Rangers was the TW Rangers symbol emblazoned on the chest. Ronny looked at Weihan, who had a troubled look on his face. She gently asked him what was wrong. He sighed.

“It’s Dryken. I swore I destroyed him completely…but now that he’s back, who knows who else could be back? Some might be brazen enough to steal the experimental morpher.”

Ronny’s eyes widened a fraction, while Kat’s eyebrows shot up. She had pored over the restricted files for hours and had never come across any mention of an “experimental morpher”. She said as such, and watched Weihan’s shoulders sag minutely. From this, she could see that what he was going to say was big.

“The Silver Morpher is highly unstable. While it has a strong links to the Universal Morphin Grid, those links are mostly on the dark side – but it is not inherently evil. The bearer can choose to be good or evil. If it is used for evil, it will be a force to be reckoned with.”

Weihan sighed, tugging on the collar of his jacket. What he was saying was extremely classified, but he trusted his Rangers – Simon included. He knew that he Yellow Ranger had a confidante, he just wasn’t sure who. He hadn’t ruled out any former Rangers – but he didn’t know if he had connections to any. He drew in a deep breath and continued.

“The Silver Morpher is a unique piece of machinery, drawn on from various alien technologies. It is 100% customisable – able to adapt to any situation and any obstacle. It is – simply put – a masterpiece. Fortunately, this Morpher is kept on my being all the time. This much raw power in the hands of someone other than me…even I don’t want to think of what could happen. You’ve all read the reports on the Green Dragon Ranger, the Ninja Thunder Rangers and the Quantum Ranger, so you know what power can do to a person.”

The two Rangers nodded mutely. They knew of what he was talking about – the most famous cases of Power Corruption…and the first stages of Morphin Madness. The Green Dragon Ranger had been totally corrupted by the evil power he held and the Ninja Thunder Rangers were brainwashed into holding the Power. The Quantum Ranger – Eric Meyers – however, was a totally different story. He had taken the Quantum Powers for the sake of having more power than the Time Force Rangers. He had pushed past the Power’s mental control eventually, but at first he had been more dangerous than Evil. Weihan sucked on his front teeth and nodded once. He took in a deep breath.

“These combat vehicles are what you will be using for training purposes. In the unlikely situation of a Bandit dropship in the next 5 minutes, you won’t have to use them immediately. Kat, your vehicle is the newly designed Leopard Assault Tank. We’ve reinforced the armour, revamped the shield generator and increased the payload of the main cannon. It is a force to be reckoned with. Just…don’t pull the black lever until I tell you.”

Kat nodded mutely, staring up at the enormous Leopard. It exuded an air of deadly power, with its three turrets ready to shred anything in its way. Even the treads looked different – sturdier and stronger. She couldn’t find an explanation for the horizontal seam near the cockpit though. A glance to Weihan showed that he wouldn’t be saying anything else on her vehicle.

“Ronny, you will command a redesigned Katana Meka. You’ll see that the blades have been revamped – allowing humanoid hands…albeit in the shape of blades. Due to its lack of long range weapons, we have permanently fitted a Crusader Longgun into it. Also…don’t push the Red button on the control console. At least…not yet.”

Ronny stared up at the Meka before her. She could see that the hands were blade shaped, but still could grip things. The only thing a bit out of place was the turret on its left shoulder. She couldn’t find words to describe it – it was an utterly magnificent machine. She was so enamoured by it, she almost didn’t hear the proximity alarm begin to wail. Weihan snapped into action, running to a viewscreen to see what was outside. What he saw was a monstrosity that reminded him strongly of the Fearcats. The robot was in the shape of a Beast Meka, with the “arms” of a Battleaxe and the legs of a Claymore. From a nearby corridor, Simon skidded in – almost losing his balance as he stopped. Weihan whirled around to face them, his gaze zeroing in on Ronny.

“It’s time. I’m sorry you don’t get to take them out on a trial run first, but time is of the essence. Simon, you’re in the Cobra Hovertank. It’s bigger and bulkier, but moves as fast as a Lightfoot. I’ll keep track of your progress here. Don’t morph until you know what you’re dealing with.”

As he talked, the Rangers were entering their vehicles, but they could still hear him. He turned away from the viewing console and moved to the Command Station. In front of him were screens showing the cockpits of the vehicles, hull integrity readings, fuel consumption ratios and the array of Commands that he could use. He was always fascinated by the Commands system – to input a Command to a unit or enemy and instantly watch the results. Of course, he knew how the technical aspect worked – an Aquitian telepathic interface coupled with subspace transmitters acquired from Onyx. In times when he couldn’t get to the Command Station, vehicle pilots and crews could issue Commands on their own vehicles, but with a “cooldown” period – in which the systems reset themselves.

Ronny entered the cockpit of her Katana by way of a high-speed elevator platform, while Simon and Kat just climbed in. Ronny was amazed at the simplicity of the Mekas controls – which consisted of a steering wheel similar to her Control Driver. On the sides of the wheel were buttons, presumably to control and fire the weapons. The “Big Red Button” was in the centre of the steering wheel. She sat down on the high backed seat and was strapped in automatically by two shoulder harnesses. To her left were screens showing engine temperature, energy distribution and shield reserves, while to her right were the controls for speed and her life support systems. As the Meka prepared for launch, the viewscreen in front of her flared to life – giving her a real-time image of the Holding Bay. Weihan’s voice sounded from hidden internal speakers.

“So far, it’s standing still. I don’t know if this is a lure to get you out there, but be prepared for anything.”

Kat nodded – even though she was sure that Weihan couldn’t see her. Her Leopard cockpit was in a very small space – as though it had been an afterthought. Just like Ronny, she had the same controls – the only difference being the addition of a small black lever on the right side. Over the speakers, Simon’s voice blared out – excited and curious.

“Hey, Commander, what’s up with the Yellow lever? I’m not going to touch it, just what is it?”

“Don’t touch it yet. To tell the truth, that function hasn’t been fully integrated into the system yet. So don’t push or pull on the buttons or levers in your colour. Agreed?”

The three Rangers gave varying sounds of commitment. Satisfied, Weihan ran his fingers over various buttons and dials, releasing numerous maintenance hoses from the vehicles. He licked his lips once, and then pressed a button. Instantaneously, the powerful Ultra Energy engines thrummed to life, producing an all encompassing roar. It sounded like an earthquake and it felt like one.

“Powering up Zo – vehicles…NOW!”

Despite the increasing noise, Ronny smiled to herself. She had caught Weihan’s slip. Their vehicles didn’t look like the usual vehicles she had seen on the briefing. They were heavier, bulkier – Zordlike. They were armoured heavily – almost if they were to be brought into a high impact area…like an escalated monster battle. Grinning to herself, she watched as the doors slowly swung outward, revealing the red soil of Hadaes. Mechanics, technicians and workers scrambled out of the way of the machines. From his place at the Command Station, Weihan exhaled slowly. The surface of Hadeas was similar to Earth – the only difference being a 25% increase of oxygen. In fact, the only planet without a breathable atmosphere was Konu. Weihan keyed his microphone and spoke.

“OK guys. This is it. Rangers, roll out!”

The Leopard and Cobra instantly responded, rolling off their platforms – crushing those unfortunate enough to still be out in the open. The Katana Meka moved after them, running at full speed. He could hear the excited yells from the Rangers as they moved away from the base. He touched a button and spoke to Ronny on a private channel.

“Ronny, I don’t know what’s out there, but I’m trusting you’ll keep everyone safe. Something about the robot throws me off a bit, so be careful.”

Ronny nodded, despite the inertia restricting her movement somewhat. She eyed her readings and saw that everything was in the clear. She, too, had fears of what the robot was. Ever since Dryken had seemingly returned from the dead, she wondered who else could have returned. She still had nightmares of being tied up, at the mercy of the Fearcats – watching as they drew their army from the Mirrored Portal. She knew that the Fearcats were now history – defeated by a last-ditch shot from the DriveMax Ultrazord, so theoretically, she had nothing to be worried about.

But as the three vehicles approached their target, Ronny felt the fear creep up on her once more.

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Chapter 11 – Into the Furnace

Ronny was concerned. While the new vehicles handled well, she couldn’t see any trace of the robot on her scanners. Biting her bottom lip, she checked all of her systems were up and running. She knew her energy reserves and weapon caches were at 100%, with shields holding strongly. Something still felt off to her. She shook her head, keying on the intercom.

“Anything on the planet radar Wei? We can’t see anything.”

The reply was quick and tense.

“Coming up on it now…it looks ready to fire – be careful!”

She couldn’t reply as she yanked the steering wheel left – barely avoiding a barrage of missiles. Over the active intercom, she could hear yells of surprise as Kat and Simon dodged the fire. Out of a cloud of red dust, she saw the enemy. It certainly looked deadly enough. Three thin, but well supported legs connected to the torso, shoulders and “head” of a Beast Meka and the mechanical arms of a Battleaxe. She scanned the robot for any distinguishing features such as flags or symbols. She found none, nor was she expecting to. Narrowing her eyes, Ronny thumbed the trigger on the Crusader. The turret fired out its deadly payload, striking the right arm of the robot. As the smoke cleared, she was surprised to see that her bullets had damaged the arm – blowing a chunk of the “elbow” away. She muttered curses to herself as she made the Meka run closer, activating the Katana’s deadly energy blades.

To Kat, the changes in Ronny’s Meka were amazing. The “hands” lost all of their flexibility, becoming rigid blades. The entire lower arms of the Meka began shimmering with a pale green colour as the energy blades activated. The enemy robot seemed to recoil in apparent fear as Ronny closed in. Simon warily hung back in case something happened. His father’s words still rang in his head as well as the meaning behind them – to support his team at any cost. He studied his options. His laser cannon packed a mean wallop, but could only be fired once before recharging…while his ballistic turret was good to go. He hung back – waiting for a chance to shoot.

As the Katana moved in, it raised its left arm – slashing diagonally across the right shoulder of the robot. As Ronny moved the Meka back, she admired her handiwork. The shoulder started sparking violently, the armour plating damaged beyond repair. The robot stopped moving, then thrust its shoulder towards the Katana. Ronny quickly made the 75 ton machine duck to avoid the final explosion of hot metal as the shoulder disintegrated.

Encouraged by this sight, Ronny keyed her intercom. Her voice was distracted and hard.

“Guys, the best thing to do is to hit it hard and fast. Use whatever you’ve got. I don’t think it has much fight left in it.”

The words had just left her lips, when her Meka was sent staggering as round after round of ballistic fire struck the shields. Her viewscreen glowed purple as the compensators attempted to do their job – to compensate for the energy feedback from the shields. A quick glance at her readings showed that it was doing its job. That was good – the shields weren’t going to blow out anytime soon. As she struggled to get the robot back in the game, a flash of black to her right caught her attention. Kat manoeuvred the Leopard towards the enemy unit, drawing a bead through her sights.

Flicking a button on her wheel, she was mildly surprised as a keyboard appeared to her right. Not taking her eyes off the target, she skimmed her fingers over the tops of the keys – until she found the right key. Pressing it, the Leopard ground to a halt – a targeting matrix appearing on the viewscreen. She waited as the crosshairs locked onto the stabilising leg of the hybrid robot, before firing. The Leopard shook as its three barrels discharged – striking the robotic appendage with deadly accuracy. As the debris cleared, it was clear that the robot would not be walking anymore…well, not in a straight line at least. The leg had been completely blown away from the body with such force that the entire backside of the meka was torn open.
Inside the enemy Meka, it was chaos. The two pilots struggled to keep up with the damage that was happening. It was a simple plan really – dispatch another giant robot and destroy whoever came to fight it. It was a great plan – but there was one flaw. From monitoring the transmissions of the vehicles, it appeared that one of the Power Rangers was in the humanoid robot. They had focused all of their fire onto it – only to be met with shock as their attacks did nothing. Then, to top it all off – the stabilising leg had been destroyed by an aimed shot. Their Meka was a junked item – but they couldn’t leave it – they had to wait to reveal themselves.

Then they would finally triumph!
Simon had an opportunity. He quietly snuck his Cobra behind the immobilised robot, before firing his lasers – point blank. The enemy robot staggered as the powerful green beam tore straight through its unarmoured back. Simon jerked back the lever beside his Control Driver, reversing as the robot awkwardly swung around. He swore as his energy reading went through the roof and the Cobra’s anti-gravity units went dead. He angrily tapped his communicator.

“Guys. I’m dead. I’ve got no movement at all. All I can do is shoot, but that’s about it.”

Ronny’s voice replied, sounding calmer than he would have thought possible.

“Don’t worry Simon. Your shot must’ve winged their generator, because my analysis shows that it’s not getting any shield regen. You did good Ranger.”

Simon’s shoulders slumped in relief. Briefly, he wondered if it was possible to send a transmission to his father, but decided against it. Besides, he could always send him something after the mission. He watched the robot through his viewscreen with mild curiosity. The robot had finally managed to turn around, giving Simon an impressive view of his handiwork – namely the gaping hole in its chest. A soft beep alerted him to the fact that his laser cannon had finished recharging. He gripped the steering wheel with both hands and waited for a good shot.

He moved the turret upwards, until the crosshairs were pointing at its left arm. He waited for a brief moment, then fired. He felt the Cobra buck slightly as the energy shot from the turret, impacting against the seemingly unyielding metal. As the smoke cleared, the arm looked intact and whole. Simon’s eyes widened in shock – even as he heard Weihan swear over the radio. Slowly, the arm twitched once before literally melting off at the shoulder – with no pyrotechnics. The evil machine seemed to blink in shock before turning its gaze onto the two units rushing in.

The first ballistic barrage hit the robot on the upper right side of its chest, shredding the weakened armour. The robot staggered back as Kat’s Leopard rammed into its remaining legs. For a few seconds, it looked as though it could fall back at any minute – before righting itself. Lifting up one of its remaining legs, it took an unsteady step forward and raised its damaged right arm. Kat turned the Leopard in a tight circle – barely missing the deadly barrage. She returned fire with her own main cannon – the shots exploding against its hand. In a small explosion, the entire lower arm blew up, sending chain reactions everywhere on the robot. Kat blinked in shock. The amount of damage they had done wouldn’t normally be enough to critically damage anything, but it seemed as though their weapons had more than quadrupled in strength. A blur of metal was all she saw as the Katana raced at it, blades held high.

The first swipe ploughed through the thick torso armour, destroying reserves of ammunition. The humanoid Meka stepped back, wrenching its blade out of the dying robot. Fire spewed out of the gash, singing Ronny’s shields. The second and final slash sliced the crippled robot in two, the top half tipping backward in slow motion – the stump of its arm flailing wildly. The three Rangers moved their vehicles backward quickly, as a massive fireball consumed the remains. Ronny relaxed, slumping in her seat as the adrenaline slowly left her body. It had been a tough fight, but they had come out victorious in the end.

Suddenly, all three viewscreens flashed purple as they were assaulted by a barrage of lasers. Something twinged in Ronny’s mind as she noted the colour of the lasers. They weren’t the usual neon green colour. They were dark green and bright yellow. There were only two beings she had fought in recent times that could shoot lasers of that colour – but both were destroyed. She swallowed hard, opening up the communication link to her boyfriend.

“Weihan – do you see anything?”

At the Command Station, he was running different radar scans – hoping for a different result each time. No such luck. He pounded the console in front of him and growled. In the screen in front of him, he could see the vehicles being buffeted by the blasts of two creatures he hoped were long gone. He heard Ronny’s question, but chose to answer the full team.

“I see something, but it’s obscured by the smoke. Act quickly Rangers. Simon and Kat, I’ve integrated your weapons into your Morphin Matrix. They should be ready for you.”

Inside their cockpits, all three Rangers nodded. In one swift movement, they had unharnessed themselves and were scrambling for the outer hatch. Ronny took in a deep breath before following suit. She knew that if those figures were who she thought they were – they were all dead meat. Weihan’s words from before echoed in her head.

“Our enemies can and will attack at any opportunity”

She shuddered inwardly before heading toward the Turbo-Lift. As she stepped in, she tried to calm herself by thinking of Weihan and what he would do in this situation. Of course, it helped that he was just a button press away and he was looking out for her. She marvelled at the Turbo-Lift’s design – which was a simple metal platform with an extremely powerful hydraulic lift system. The platform slowed and came to a steady halt at the base of one of the Katana’s legs. The doors opened, revealing red soil and strong, hot winds. A quick check around her confirmed that Simon and Kat were already out of their vehicles and approaching the two figures.

She made sure that both her Overdrive and TW Trackers were within reach, walking slowly and purposefully toward the creatures. To her, they looked the same as when she had last seen them. Clad in near-identical black form fitting armour, the two figures could almost have been mistaken for Power Rangers, except their stance was more menacing.

One of the figures was taller than the other. It was encased in black armour, with a face moulded after a wolf’s head. The green sphere in the middle of its torso armour blinked on and off in a steady pattern. In its hands, it held a pair of handguns with blades on the undersides of their barrels. The other’s armour was patterned after a tiger, the eyes on the face leering at the three Rangers. In its arms, it cradled a shotgun of sorts – with a blade on the underside of the barrel. In the middle of its chest was a yellow sphere that seemed to blink hypnotically.

The figure with the yellow sphere stepped forward, its voice thin, reedy – but bone chilling.

“Well, what do we have here Mig?”

The other creature laughed. It was a laugh of one who was on the brink of insanity. Ronny swallowed hard as the wolf figure spoke in a voice of pure contempt.

“Looks like we have Rangers, Benglo, both old and new”

As the two figures approached, Ronny stiffened up – biting back her fear. She had to be strong in front of her Rangers. Memories flashed to the forefront of her memory at being captured by them – the first time to unleash their army and the second time to drain her energy. Her stance wavered as the fear washed over her. They were leering at her – their robotic faces being more expressive then ever. Next to her, Kat flicked her eyes over the two aliens. They weren’t Shar’Kahr, that was certain – but how did they know that they were Power Rangers?

Sure, she amended to herself, the entire TW Battle group knew – but that was because the Supreme Commander had broadcast a message to them. Even stranger, was that they seemed to know Ronny from somewhere…she was sure that Tommy had told her that Adam had met Ronny before, but she wasn’t sure where. The two beings stopped, directly in front of the Rangers. Ronny growled through her teeth, anger taking hold of her.

“The Hell are you two doing here? We destroyed you on Earth!”

The one called Benglo cackled, sending chills down Simon’s spine. He didn’t like these freaks at all, but he didn’t know what they were capable of. For all he knew, they could render him unconscious in a second…or kill him outright. Benglo finally stopped laughing and addressed Ronny, a sneer evident in his voice.

“Like the Phoenix, we have risen from the ashes! What you think you destroyed were merely twins of ourselves. Mere fabrications.”

Ronny’s eyes widened. Twins and fabrications – that could only mean one thing. That the “Fearcats” they had destroyed were nothing more than clones. Ronny furrowed her brow in puzzlement, keeping a close eye on the Cats. It didn’t make sense. Why make clones of themselves and then vanish? Self preservation? It didn’t seem likely. Sensing Ronny’s uncertainty, Mig laughed.

“We made those clones so we could travel the galaxy with Dryken and be stronger than ever! From our perspective, we haven’t faced off with you since the Mercurian gained his powers. Everything after that was done by our clones. We monitored them, their plans, their failures – everything.”

Ronny had heard enough. She pushed all her fears, doubts and uncertainties to the back of her mind and settled into a fighting stance. Kat and Simon followed suit a split second later – minds reeling from the information they had heard. Drawing in a deep breath, she harnessed her genetic powers and raced at the Fearcats. Two strikes later and they were choking on the red soil of the ground. Kat moved forward to stand in front of the one called Mig. As the alien struggled to get up, she extended a hand to him – offering to help. As the alien cat got to its feet, she purposely fell backwards, using all of her backward momentum to throw the alien into Simon’s outstretched arm. As the Fearcat recovered, Simon kneed the beast in his stomach and then rammed his elbow into his back.

Mig went down, but jumped back up – seemingly unhurt. The feline warrior strode towards the Yellow Ranger and grabbed both of his arms in a vice grip. Simon struggled to free himself, using all of his strength and any purchase his feet could get onto the ground. Kat ran behind Mig, but was batted away by a savage kick. Without missing a beat, Mig head butted Simon, causing the Ranger to fall to the ground hard.

Benglo hissed at Ronny. So far, the Ranger had evaded nearly all of his attacks – and he was growing tired. He lifted his energy rifle and fired three times in rapid succession. The energy impacted against Ronny’s left shoulder and arm, throwing her out of her super-speed. She crashed painfully to the ground, wincing in pain – but calculating her enemy’s movements. Benglo chuckled under his breath and stepped closer to the downed Ranger.

Ronny waited until he was within range, before lashing out with her feet – tripping the alien. Quickly, she got to her feet and looked around. Simon was upright, but wobbly on his feet, while Kat was clutching her ribs on her left side. Other than that, they looked ready and able to fight. Ronny pivoted on her right leg, lashing out with a powerful roundhouse that sent Benglo flying into Mig. The two feline beasts toppled to the ground, giving Ronny precious time to regroup with her Rangers. She knew from experience that the Power surge would supercharge their bodies – allowing their injuries to be healed instantly. She nodded once to Kat and flicked her right wrist, allowing her TW Tracker to materialise in a flash of red. Two other flashes alerted her to the fact that both Simon and Kat had summoned their morphers. Ronny didn’t bother with the fancy morph – she wanted this over now.

“TinyWarz – Accelerate!”

With a flick of her left hand, she spun the flywheel, allowing the familiar rush of the Power to flood her senses. As the Red armour enveloped her body, she was aware of Kat and Simon going through the entire morphing sequence – either not knowing better or to familiarise themselves with the motions. Twin bursts of light told her that they were ready for battle. As the Fearcats gaped at them, they sounded – for the first time – their roll call.

“Warrior of Stealth – Yellow Ranger!”

“Warrior of Speed – Black Ranger!”

“Warrior of Strength – Red Ranger!”

They stood, shoulder to shoulder – Ronny in the middle with Kat on her left and Simon on her right. They stood confidently, their bodies radiating courage and power. Behind hem, the Fearcats were sure they could see the Operation Overdrive symbol behind a flaming V. Their voiced radiated strength in their unity and fearlessness.

Mig gulped as he took in the sight in front of him. Where three pitiful humans once stood, were three Power Rangers. He hadn’t felt afraid in a long time, but seeing the newly morphed Rangers in front of him…he shuddered. He saw the Red Ranger tilt her head down – a sure sign of distraction. With a small glance at Benglo, he raised his blasters and fired, kicking up a blinding cloud of dust. He was sure that the blast had connected, so he was utterly surprised as the Red Ranger charged through the dust cloud, striking him in his chest. He fell backwards, stunned for the time being. Benglo looked at his fallen comrade and snarled. In one swift movement, he converted his rifle into a deadly blade and swung it at the Red Ranger. He was mildly surprised as it connected with a metallic sword – her new weapon, it seemed. Although his mouth was forever frozen in an angry snarl, Benglo smiled. Maybe it would be a better challenge this time around.

Simon and Kat circled their enemy warily. Mig eyed them both warily. He decided that close combat would work best – so he followed Benglo’s lead. Kat and Simon were unprepared for the weapon transformation and the subsequent high-speed attack. The blades slashed their armour hard and fast – causing the suit’s shields to spark briefly. Simon crouched down and lashed out – trying to get his foe off balance. Seeing what he was doing, Kat flipped behind the beast and lifted her left leg high, before bringing it down on his back. Mig staggered forward – into Simon’s attack. The Fearcat tripped forward, but turned his fall into a forward roll – converting one of his blades back into pistol form. He came up firing – the bolts striking the Rangers squarely in the middle of their chests. Kat bit down hard on her lip and opened up a channel to Weihan – who she knew would be watching.

“Commander, I don’t mean to hurry you – but we’re in trouble here!”

She looked over to where Ronny and Benglo were still locked in combat. Their movements seemed to blend together – akin to a dance. A dance of blades, sparks and death. Ronny was tiring out fast – the Meka battle had taken more out of her that she’d thought and the Power burst was fading rapidly. Holding out the War Sword, she tapped one of the buttons – the Power telling her what it was. Instantly, the metal of the blade retracted back into the guard – catching Benglo off guard. Just as fast, the metal blade was replaced by a blade of flashing flame.

Ronny grinned, but rolled her eyes – it was so typical of Weihan to include an element of fire in her sword. Lifting it up, she slashed down on the stunned beast – the blade powering through his defensive block easily. The tiger beast slashed with his blade – but was surprised to see that his blade passed straight through! More surprising was the fact that his blade started smoking, before melting off. Benglo stared at his ruined weapon in shock and disbelief – before he thought of another weapon he could use. Flexing his fingers, a set of claws shot out of the fingertips. He smirked and advanced towards Ronny.

As Simon and Kat fought against Mig, a sudden crackle in their helmets alerted them to the fact that Weihan was contacting them again. His voice echoed tiredness and triumph.

“OK, I’ve managed to rig a temporary solution to your Power drain. You can engage them without your powers being leeched. Kat and Simon, your weapons are designed to make you comfortable with fighting at all ranges. Kat, you have the War Wheel. It’s designed for both close combat and long range. Simon, the War Blasters are yours. They’re mainly used for long range, but you can clobber an enemy with their barrels.”

Kat bit back a moan of protest. She absolutely hated close-range combat, but she knew that she had to get past her hurdle. She closed her eyes briefly, before flipping out of Mig’s blades. She knew that if they were going to come out of this battle in one piece, she had to act swiftly. Just as Ronny had done, she held out her right hand and concentrated on the Power – allowing it to access the weapon, which she called out in triumph.

“War Wheel!”

In a flash of dark purple, the War Wheel appeared. It was shaped somewhat like a compass – with four shafts surrounding a small circle. At the end of the shafts, two blades curved outwards. All in all, it looked like the Frisbee from Hell. Kat chuckled to herself and began familiarising herself with the weapon. She raced towards Mig – who was still battling hand to hand with Simon – and spun around in a tight circle. The War Wheel slashed Mig’s back repeatedly, creating a large gash in the armour. The Fearcat whirled around to face his attacker and lashed out with one of his blades. Kat acted quickly, her right hand grasping one of the shafts, bringing the Wheel to block the blade.

She jumped up and kicked the blade away, before using her momentum to both flip back and fling out the War Wheel and the Fearcat. The War Wheel blurred through the air, striking Mig everywhere – faster than he could follow. As if acting on some mental command, the War Wheel energised itself – the metal blades flashing a mixture of black and purple. It flew straight into Mig’s hands – instantly destroying his weapons. As it flew back, Kat caught it and nodded to Simon, who nodded back. He did what Kat had done – concentrating on his weapons and holding out both hands to receive them.

“War Blasters!”

In a brilliant yellow flash, two wicked blasters appeared in his hands. To any previous Ranger, they looked very similar to the Turbo Hand Blasters – but that was where the similarity ended. They looked sleeker and deadlier – not to mention bulkier. Simon was thrilled beyond belief. He had a weapon that he could finally use for long range combat…but he didn’t like the fact that Weihan had said “clobber with the barrels”. That meant close range, but he was all right with it.

Drawing a bead on the wounded Fearcat, he pressed down on the triggers, feeling a slight kickback as the energy streamed toward the target. The resulting blast was so explosive, it knocked Mig back into Benglo – the latter accidentally impaling the former with his claws. Simon grinned and prepared to shoot again, when Ronny raced towards him. He looked at her with some confusion, but she slightly shook her head – looking at the Fearcats. Mig growled and removed the offending claws from his body – brushing off Benglo’s attempts at apologising. He growled at the Rangers – anger and fear evident in his voice. In the back of Benglo’s brain, he registered that it was the same emotion that the Red Ranger had expressed at the start of the fight.

“We’ll be back Rangers – you can bet on it!”

At that, they jumped high into the air – becoming streaks. The streaks shot off to the south. Simon turned back – eager to hunt them down, but was stopped as Ronny put a hand on his shoulder. She shook her head firmly, about to say something – when a strange noise from their helmet speakers stopped her. She tried to pin what it was down – before a feeling of dread enveloped her.

She knew something had happened.

Something bad.
In the Command Station, Weihan breathed a sigh of relief. As corny as it had sounded on paper, the “Ranger Roll Call” didn’t sound too bad at the start of a battle. He guessed it also had something to do with the voices of the Rangers – calling out his Power always sounded good to his own ears. He sighed softly and looked around. Everyone who had been in the hangar had left to deploy elsewhere or had left to check on their wounds.

It was just him alone, watching over his Rangers. A quick glance at the battlefield scanner showed something disturbing. It was true – what Mig had said – the Fearcats were stronger than before. If he read the report right, they were even stronger than the clones had been. What was more disturbing was the fact that they seemed to be…leeching…power from the Rangers. Weihan bit back a scream of frustration, but resolved himself to fix their suits as soon as they came back. Now that they were morphed, he could communicate with them. He keyed in the communicator frequency for the three Rangers and spoke.

“OK guys, that was good. Ronny, be careful – the readings here say that not only are they stronger than ever – they’re also drawing Power from you. I’ll rig up a temporary solution for you on my end, but I’ll have to do an overhaul of your armour when you come back.”

Ronny replied back, concern evident in her voice.

“We’ll be fine. What about the weapons? Have they been fully integrated into the Grid?”

Weihan smirked to himself – knowing Ronny couldn’t see it. He had said before that they were fully integrated. Either Ronny hadn’t heard, or she was trying to reassure herself. He rapidly typed on the keypad in front of him, bringing up a real-time image of the Universal Morphin Grid. He could see flashes as different teams morphed, minute pulls as their Powers were drained and mini-explosions as morphers were destroyed.

He breathed out hard as he navigated his way through the Grid, coming up on the Terran Powers. He skimmed through all of the layers, filing away information for later use, until he got to the TW Powers. His hands left the keypad and slid onto two control levers – which he used to sort through the arsenal – both present and future. He smiled as he found what he was looking for – looking up to see Ronny squaring off against Benglo. Simon and Kat were barely holding their own against Mig – his pistol blades slashing against their armour.

Weihan started to sweat. It was a choice of either giving them their weapons now or fixing their suits. He chose to do both, his right hand keying in commands to be relayed through the Morphin Grid, while his left hand brought up information on the two new weapons. A brief flash in the Grid startled him, before he realised that Ronny had summoned her War Sword. As he worked, he heard Kat call out to him, through the communicator.

“Commander, I don’t mean to hurry you, but we’re in trouble here!”

He clenched his teeth together, not bothering to reply. Any lapse in his concentration now would result in their Powers failing them entirely. Time seemed to slow down as Weihan worked the Grid – trying to patch up ay leaks he could find. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he had patched up 85% of the small leaks. It wasn’t 100%, but he was content that it would hold out. He spoke again to the Rangers, his voice echoing his tiredness.

“OK, I’ve managed to rig a temporary solution to your Power drain. You can engage them without your powers being leeched. Kat and Simon, your weapons are designed to make you comfortable with fighting at all ranges. Kat, you have the War Wheel. It’s designed for both close combat and long range. Simon, the War Blasters are yours. They’re mainly used for long range, but you can clobber an enemy with their barrels.”

He received sounds of acknowledgement from the Rangers. He grinned to himself. Kat wasn’t comfortable with close combat and Simon didn’t like blasters of any type. He had purposefully given them weapons that they would be forced to use – due to the lack of side arms. He closed off the connection and took out the Silver Morpher. He stared at it for a long time, admiring it.

It was based off the Thunder Morphers – a wrist mounted device with the activation button at the bottom. It was in the shape of a paw print – the paw print of a Wolverine, actually. Whoever held the Morpher would be influenced by the conflicting nature of the energy that powered it – both from the Light and Dark sides of the Grid. He had lied to both Ronny and Kat when he said that the Morpher was not inherently evil. Whether by flaw or on purpose, the Silver Morpher was irrevocably evil. He had even made a rare trip to Earth to show it to the Mystic Mother – hoping that her good magic could purge the evil within.

Before he had even gotten to the outskirts of Briarwood, the leader of the Mystic Rangers – Nick Russell – had stopped him. He had told him that the Mystic Mother would not see the Morpher for herself, because it had begun to tempt her back to evil – even before he had begun his journey. The Light had tried to destroy the Morpher then and there, but even with the combined efforts of his full team – and Weihan’s own Ultra Powers – they didn’t even make a dent. After that, the Mystic Mother had urged him to never use it – ever. That was after he had spent so much time, energy and effort integrating Zords and weapons into the Matrix.

After secretly consulting with Andrew Hartford, he had decided that no matter where he kept the Morpher, the forces of Evil would find it and use it for their plans. So, on his return journey, he had taken a small detour to Aquitar to rendezvous with Billy. Together, they had managed to construct a firewall around the energy converters – rendering the Morpher useless. The only thing that could dissolve the firewall was a specific DNA sequence – one who had willingly embraced deceit as a way of life.

With the Morpher seemingly defunct, Weihan had returned to the Orbital Battle station to continue designing the Hadaes Base. A duplicate Silver Morpher shell was constructed and placed under extremely tight security – while the original Morpher was kept in his pocket at all times. He placed the Morpher to his left and continued to watch the battle. Kat and Simon were doing well with their weapons – blasting and slashing with near-perfect accuracy. So engrossed with watching was he, that he failed to notice the shadow creeping up behind him – nor hear the sound of a heavy object being swung.

The pain that flashed into being was mercifully brief.

Then, he felt nothing at all.

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Cookies if you say what command I slipped in there Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

And Pie - there's your big...uh...entrance...
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Flicking a button on her wheel, she was mildly surprised as a keyboard appeared to her right. Not taking her eyes off the target, she skimmed her fingers over the tops of the keys – until she found the right key. Pressing it, the Leopard ground to a halt – a targeting matrix appearing on the viewscreen.

Aimed shot, wasn't it?
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Duffman wrote:
Flicking a button on her wheel, she was mildly surprised as a keyboard appeared to her right. Not taking her eyes off the target, she skimmed her fingers over the tops of the keys – until she found the right key. Pressing it, the Leopard ground to a halt – a targeting matrix appearing on the viewscreen.

Aimed shot, wasn't it?

YES!!! Look out for a cameo in the next chapter!!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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Chapter 12 – Orange Rebirth

He couldn’t see anything. He was floating in a sea of inky blackness. It was kind of soothing, welcoming. He was dimly aware of voices around him – voices calling out in fear, anger and sadness. He was aware of bodies close to him, pushing him around, pulling him. Where was he? As far as he knew, he was in no danger – the blackness was comforting, enticing him to come closer and closer and be lost in its depths. He wanted to go forward, but something was holding him back. He wanted to turn and see who it was – but the familiar scent of the person jolted him to his senses. Struggling, he tried to open his eyes – fighting against the dull throbbing sensation at the back of his skull. The person behind him stopped and rubbed his shoulder – whispering words in a soothing tone. He couldn’t quite make out what was being said, but he forced his brain to focus.

“Take it easy, Commander. We don’t know how but Ronny knew something was wrong after the battle.”

As he heard the words, he focused on the name. Ronny. An image flashed briefly before his mind’s eye of a beautiful woman, standing tall and proud – light brown hair flowing over her shoulders. Her eyes seemed to pierce the blackness – bringing him to near-full awareness. As if noticing his struggles, the voice kept talking.

“We raced back here to find you slumped over the Command Station, unconscious. The Medical Technician – Duffman – was trying to awaken you. Ronny’s in the other room, talking to the good doctor. Simon’s in there to stop her killing him.”

His tormented mind finally recognised who was speaking to him – Kat Murphy. The Black TW Ranger. Ronny was his girlfriend and the Red TW Ranger. Simon was an asshole, but he was also the Yellow TW Ranger. He was Weihan Liang, the TW Ranger Commander and the Orange Ultra Ranger. And his head was hurting like Hell. He forced his eyes open, the light causing him to wince – the wince causing a lance of pain to shoot through his skull. His eyes refocused on the redhead in front of him. He had a feeling something was off, but he didn’t know what it was. Something had been taken, but what? He knew it was something important – but he just couldn’t remember. He heaved a frustrated sigh and looked at Kat again, pain lacing his words.

“Kat, take me to Ronny. And get a tech to get me the security tape.”
Simon’s eyes widened as Ronny gripped the collar of the medical technician. She was furious and worried beyond belief at seeing Weihan unconscious – and Duffman wasn’t helping much. She wanted – needed – answers about what had happened. Unfortunately, Weihan was still out cold and the security cameras hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary. Duffman had stated that he had seen something – but had played it off as unimportant. Before Simon could react, Ronny had leapt over the table and grabbed the doctor by the throat, demanding to know what he saw. He understood that she was worried and upset – and her actions showed the depth of love that she had for Weihan. He – on the other hand – feared for the life of Duffman, seeing as how he was the only qualified Medical doctor on the Hadaes Base. When Ronny spoke again, her teeth were clenched in rage.

“I’m going to ask you once more – what did you see?”

Duffman – for his part – protested vehemently, standing firm – even with Ronny’s hand gripped on his collar. Fortunately, he had managed to get his throat out of the madwoman’s death grip. He wasn’t going to tell her what he saw – he didn’t even believe his eyes himself. He couldn’t give out information about his patient – that was purely for family only. He stammered out as such, holding his ground firmly. Ronny’s eyes narrowed, but she released his collar – allowing Duffman to compose himself. When he spoke, his slight Australian accent shone through.

“I’ll tell you what I saw, only if he agrees to it himself. And I think he will be out cold for a while at least.”

The sound of doors opening caused all occupants to look towards them. Ronny let out a squeal of relief and happiness and flung herself into Weihan’s arms. He staggered back, but regained his balance – hugging her back, before looking at the doctor with hard eyes. He knew that he had recovered rapidly due to the regenerative abilities from the Morphin Grid and his Ultra Crystal. He had leant on Kat for half of the way there – before his legs had regained their strength. He knew that if he didn’t save Duffman from Ronny – he would be in bigger trouble than he was already in. He still had the feeling that something was missing – something very important. He released Ronny from his grip – while looking at the doctor pointedly. As if sensing his intent, Duffman nodded once and began recounting what he saw.

“I was passing by due to my scheduled diagnostic test of the Medical Technology Slate – also called the “Med Bed” – when I saw a shadow cross the floor of the hangar – before the launch of the vehicles. This shadow leapt up to the Command Station. I thought nothing of it and thought my mind was playing tricks on me. After I finished my test, I walked back the way I came. I heard a noise from the Command Station, so I went up to have a look. I found the Commander slumped over the console, with a large, red welt on the back of his head. Apart from that, nothing seemed out of the ordinary – except small scratches on the surface of the console.”

As Weihan listened, the nagging feeling developed into a full blown panic attack. He knew what was missing – and it filled him with dread. He remembered placing the object onto the surface of the Command Console and watching the fight. He swallowed hard and loudly at Duffman’s final words.

“It looked as though something had been taken – but what?”

Weihan’s right hand immediately went to the pocket on his jacket. His face paled and he sagged onto the wall, closing his eyes as the pain came rushing back with full force. He shook his head violently and then opened his eyes – to see his Rangers and Duffman looking at him, concerned. He nodded once to Duffman and spoke in a surprisingly strong voice.

“I’m all right now. My connection with my crystal has mostly healed me. I need to speak with my Rangers – in private.”

Duffman sighed, running a hand through his short blonde hair. He knew that whatever had been taken was of extreme importance. He also knew that for the past two years, there had been a strong security presence near one of the vaults. He was curious as to what was inside it, but knew that if he was caught snooping, the consequences would be severe. To Weihan, he nodded once, walking out the way he had come in. Weihan watched Duffman go and sighed – locking the door. It was his duty to report the missing object to his Rangers – but only Ronny and Kat knew of its existence. He had to say something to them – but he knew when to keep his mouth shut. The energy was irredeemably evil – that was one thing he was sure of. Who had it – he didn’t know, but he had his suspicions. He turned to the three concerned Rangers and sighed. He shook his head and cautiously walked over to the table. He propped himself up against it and opened his mouth.

“The Silver Morpher is missing.”
Drakor was livid. Not only had the Fearcats not stopped the Rangers, but Dryken had failed as well. Dryken – the supposed clone of a Ranger, twisted and disfigured by the magic of Lord Zedd – had retreated in the face of those Power Rangers. He snarled, sinking back into his throne and closing his eyes in reflection. He reached up with one hand to massage his exposed brain – as if searching for answers. The foot soldiers the Fearcats had brought with them had been destroyed – but their remains served well. After a considerable length of time, Spurex had cobbled together patchwork soldiers for them to use. The Patchers – as they were now known – were crude, but they could fight very well. No two were alike, being a mixture of robotics and Sha’Kahr flesh.

It was one of the times he enjoyed being…what he was.

He remembered the first battle against Zordon well. He growled with rage as he thought of the Rangers who had defeated him – allowing Zordon’s magic to imprison him in the Universal Morphin Grid. Thankfully, since the demise of Zordon, his prison had weakened considerably. All it took was the Power surge caused by Thrax for his prison to be shattered entirely. He grinned – or at least tried to. One of the many misfortunes he had suffered was the complete destruction and petrification of most of his facial muscles. He shook his head, closing his eyes as he relived the pain of coming too close to the walls of his prison. The destruction of his prison had also brought his brain out in the open – energy shooting too close to his head had vaporised the top half of his braincase. Honestly, he had no idea what happened to his legs – let alone his entire lower half. When he had been trapped in the Grid, he thought he had been whole. After the prison had weakened – he had been whole. Even when the prison explosively destroyed, he was relatively still in one piece. Unless he was placed under a spell of some sort – but it would take more than Zordon to enspell him.

He shook his head, barring those memories to the farthest part of his mind. He knew Spurex was his best and most loyal warrior – he had waited countless millennia for him to rise again – but there was something about him. Something just seemed off to him. He shrugged to himself, he knew it had to do with something from his past – something involving a swirling vortex and the promise of ultimate power. He sighed yet again and massaged his brain harder. Suddenly, he felt something he had not felt in thousands of years.


He knew that the pitiful Rangers on his planet were trained by a legend – the Orange Ultra Ranger, but he hadn’t faced them yet. He had no reason to fear them – or the Orange Ranger for that matter. Of course, if Spurex’s data was correct, the Ultra Crystal had been all but drained fully – depriving the Ranger of his powers. So, why was an icy ball of fear growing in his gut? He shook his head violently, his brain throbbing faster than ever. Suddenly – the fear subsided. He let out a sigh of relief and then cackled – an idea entering his mind.
Simon blinked in confusion. He saw the faces of both Ronny and Kat paling, as well as Weihan’s confident demeanour fading rapidly. He didn’t know what was happening – what was the Silver Morpher? Why was it missing? Why was everyone acting like it was the end of the world? His eyes narrowed and he stepped forward – determined to get answers.

“Sir, what is the Silver Morpher?”

He watched as Weihan looked at him in slight confusion, before nodding firmly. He shot a quick glance at the locked door before focusing his gaze onto Simon. For a split second, he looked conflicted about something – before opening his mouth to speak.

“What I am about to tell you is strictly confidential. For Ronny and Kat, they already know of the Silver Morpher and what it can do – but I will elaborate on it. As they are aware, the Silver Morpher has most of its links to the Evil side of the Morphin Grid, but that is not all. The Morpher has the Silver Ranger’s entire arsenal within its Morphin Matrix. This allows whoever holds the powers to level an entire planet.”

Weihan looked at their faces, surveying them. He saw acceptance, fear and shock. He grimaced inwardly. He never wanted anyone to hold that much raw power, even though his own Ultra Powers pushed the envelope a fair bit. He had never wanted to use his own powers for evil – that would disgrace the Ultra Crystals and the legacy of Zordon. Besides, the Ultra Crystal was recharging – leaving him with only his Ninjetti powers. As powerful as the spirit of the Crocodile was, it wasn’t going to be enough against Drakor. He shook away those thoughts and sighed to himself. That wasn’t quite right – he still had access to a few morphers that didn’t run off the Crystal…like his Time Force Powers and his Mystic Crusader powers. he cleared his throat and spoke again.

“It is, essentially, a tool that can cause great destruction. I have told Ronny and Kat that the Morpher in itself is not Evil. That is true, but because it is away from any Light Ranger influence, it is now fully evil.”

He heard gasps of shock come from both Ronny and Kat, while Simon stood there stoically – seemingly oblivious to what was being said. However, this wasn’t the case. Inwardly, he was struggling with the information dump – he couldn’t believe the Commander had told Ronny and Kat about this…but not him. There was supposed to be a trust bond between team members – right? If Ronny and Kat knew about it first, then that trust had clearly been lost in transit somewhere. He sighed inwardly, he was going to have to ring up his dad again. Weihan’s words broke through his inner struggle.

“There is good news in all of this. I had Billy Cranston encode a firewall into it. It is a DNA encoded failsafe. The destructive powers of the Morpher can only be accessed by someone who has willingly embraced deceit into their life. To the best of my knowledge, we can effectively rule out anyone in the Battle Group – even Pie.”

The barely concealed snort from Kat told him all he needed to know. To the Rangers, Pie_Masta was the prime suspect – having been suspected of theft of a number of things in the past. Without hard evidence, there was little that Weihan – or anyone for that matter – could do to charge her for the theft. Ronny wasn’t convinced, she knew firewalls and failsafes could be manipulated and bypassed – allowing the user full access. Carefully, she took a seat next to him and whispered what she knew in his ear. He smiled at her words, but noted the grim reality behind them. The DNA sequence – along with the psychological attachments – had been extremely hard to encode into the Morpher, but Billy had told him that the sequence – with attachments – did exist. For it to be encoded, it had to exist – that was the way of all things since the death of Zordon. The only exceptions to the Rule were himself, the Ultra Crystal and all the teams under his “banner” – including the TinyWarz Rangers.

He grimaced slightly. Encoded or not, someone out there had a very dangerous tool in their hands. A glance at his watch showed that he still had twenty minutes left before he had to check on his other project. He was determined to keep that one under wraps for as long as he could. He was terrified about what could happen if his Crystal couldn’t support the energy flow. A leak would prove to be the end of everything – something that he desperately didn’t want to happen. The only way a leak could be prevented was if he took up a Morpher – but he wanted to see how his Rangers did first. After a brief internal debate, he ground his teeth together. His team needed to know. He nodded to himself, then spoke to the team in a strong voice.

“The stakes have been raised. Drakor has escalated his war on us. He’s shown all of his cards – but we haven’t. We have an ace up our sleeves – maybe more than one. Our first battles have shown that we need to be resourceful to win. We have to take risks and insane chances. The next major card is this.”

With a flourish, he dropped his left hand – allowing a familiar briefcase to appear. Ronny, Simon and Kat gasped – it was the same case that had housed their TW Trackers. Ronny looked at him and cocked an eyebrow upwards. There was no reason for him to take out that case again – unless, no – he wouldn’t take away their Morphers. He had told her the night before that he thought they were a great team…but what was inside the case? Weihan allowed the corners of his mouth the curve upwards in a smile. He had followed Ronny’s train of thought and knew what she – and the rest of the Rangers – was thinking. He sat the case on his lap and placed his right hand on top of the case – palm down. Almost immediately, a red light scanned his palm and the latch unlocked. With a hiss of steam, the case opened – revealing the newly constructed contents.

To the untrained eye, it was unremarkable. It was a rectangular block of metal with a circle at one end. As the steam cleared, the full design became evident. Ronny felt a swell of pride, love and amazement as she lay eyes on the Morpher that was clearly meant for Weihan. Studded along the rectangle were a series of buttons – arranged similar to a keypad. Near the circle was a long orange button – clearly marked with a jagged lightning bolt. The circle irised open to reveal a flywheel, emblazoned with Weihan’s Ninjetti Power Animal – the Crocodile. With a final hiss, the clamps holding the newly finished Morpher unlocked, allowing Weihan to reach in with his left hand and take out his new Morpher. He smiled at it and reached underneath it, feeling for the wrist bands that he knew were there. With utter care, he unlatched his communicator from his left wrist and slid his Morpher on. He closed his eyes briefly, allowing the Morpher to link with both his Ultra Crystal and the Universal Morphin Grid. He took in a deep breath, exhaling as the mental information dump began – connecting him to his new armour, weapons and Zord.

He opened his eyes to see Ronny staring at him with a large grin on her face, one that he returned. He slid his right arm around her waist, drawing her closer to him – before leaning in and kissing her softly. Strangely, as the kiss intensified, so did the Power coursing through his body. Finally, they broke apart for air – politely ignoring Simon’s cheering and Kat’s laughs. Weihan gave them a playful glare, then looked down at his Morpher. He cleared his throat – silencing them.

“This is our ace. With my Ultra Crystal still recharging, I cannot access my full powers. This, the Orange TW Tracker, will allow me to tap into both the Morphin Grid and my Ultra Crystal. In the unlikely event that my Ultra Crystal is recharged, I will lose the link to the Grid – but the only being that can fully restore my Ultra Crystal sacrificed himself.”

He swallowed the lump in his throat and looked down. He still held a small amount of guilt and sadness over Zordon’s death. He knew that it wasn’t his fault – that he had asked Andros to be the one to shatter his tube – but he still felt great sorrow that he hadn’t had the opportunity to say goodbye to the ancient sage. Seeing his sadness, Ronny placed her head on his shoulder, offering comfort and support. Weihan looked down at her and kissed the top of her head, before speaking again.

“Although I have a Morpher, I won’t be able to join you out in the field for a while. I have to go to the High Council on Eltare to tell them of the theft. I will be leaving tomorrow morning and will be back within a few days. You all have the tools and the knowledge to succeed until then.”

Weihan slowly slid off the table, keeping his arm around Ronny’s waist and trying to get the feeling back into his legs. As his feet touched the floor, a sudden pain in his head caused him to wince, slam his eyes shut and fall to his knees. Through the white hot lancing pain, he heard a very faint – but very familiar voice.

“You need…am on…past battle…Drakor is here!”

He tried to grasp the voice like a lifesaving rope, tried to make the message clearer. What did it mean? The voice faded out – but the pain was still there. He was dimly aware of voices shouting in fear and urgency. He shook his head, trying to clear the pain…but strangely, all he got was a series of images behind his eyes – each one flashing by extremely quickly. Then – as soon as it had come – the pain subsided. Weihan shakily got to his feet – helped up by both Kat and Ronny, while Simon looked nervous. He took in a shaky breath and looked at them with confused eyes. He knew that the message was meant for him – if the others didn’t see it. But what did it mean? What was the past battle and why was Drakor there? He nodded once at an unasked question, then stood up straight. He was aware his team – his friends – were staring at him with questions on their minds. He took in a deep breath, before speaking – his voice sounding strangely confident and strong.

“I have no idea what that was, but I’m fine. What I could gather from that was it was a psychic distress call – but I don’t know if it was an echo of one or a premonition. I wouldn’t worry about it that much. If it intensifies – which I don’t think it will, I will alert you. Now, I have to get ready for my trip.”

With those last words, his voice had turned into a less-than-enthusiastic tone, which caused the Rangers to chuckle. In reality, he didn’t mind going to Eltare – the Council would be pretty lenient on him anyway. It was one of the perks of having a council almost entirely made up of reformed villains – with Mystic Mother, Lord Zedd, Divatox, Master Vile and Dimitria – along with the representatives of the Ninjetti – Ninjor and Dulcea. Since he was directly connected to Zordon’s work, he would be given a fair hearing from both Dimitria and the representatives of the Ninjetti.

Hopefully, he would be able to talk to them about the vision he had received. He walked to the door – unlocking it. He looked over his shoulder at the three of them and smiled. Ronny and Kat smiled in return, while Simon just nodded. As he walked down the corridor, his thoughts turned to the vision. It was strange – he almost recognised the voice in it…it almost sounded like Zordon – but that was an impossible dream. Zordon was long gone now, but two words stood out from the rest. Past battle. Could it be possible that Zordon was trying to warn him from the past?

He shook his head as he came to the lift. How could Zordon communicate with him from the past? It was almost like that movie, but instead of a piece of paper being sent forward – it was a telepathic message. He shook his head again – not noticing the strange stares coming his way. It just wasn’t possible. Even if there was trouble in the past, how could Zordon know where to send the message? It could’ve gone to someone else like Tommy or even Jason. It didn’t seem real.

He sighed as he opened the door to his quarters and stepped through, the door sliding shut automatically. As Commander of the TW Ranger Project, he had been given a much larger room than anyone in the TW Battle Group – even Frizz’s. It was divided up into three sections – the kitchen/living area, the bathroom and the bedroom. Much to the amusement of Ronny, there were no doors separating the three areas – just door openings. Weihan had told her that it was a design that was easy to walk through – yet a bit hard to defend. He shrugged off his black jacket, throwing it on the orange and yellow couch near the recreational vid-screen. He walked to the Synthetron and punched in a few buttons – before thinking about what he would bring to the Council.

Of course, the Mystic Mother wouldn’t be there in person – neither would Dulcea – but the rest of the High Council would be there – in living colour, as Rocky would put it. Of course, he had to bring along his new Morpher – both to show his status as an active Ranger and so Zedd could look over the design for the billionth time. The former Emperor of Evil had surprised everyone when he showed an in-depth knowledge of how Ranger powers worked. He had also developed a close bond of friendship with the former Master Vile – which shocked even the Mystic Mother. Their ascent to the High Council hadn’t surprised many, since their formerly evil minds were still sharp with many tactics and strategies.

He smiled at the thought of seeing his former enemies again, before he realised what he had to do. He lifted his right hand – palm up and concentrated on it. In an unusually subdued flash, his Ultra Crystal appeared. It had lost most of its sheen during the power drain, but it still maintained enough of a glow to fully light up his quarters. Using his connection with the Crystal, he shrunk it down and threaded it onto a thin necklace – which had been a gift from Alpha 5. He slipped the chain over his head, feeling the coolness of the Crystal against his collarbone. Although it was still providing power to the Rangers, the amount being drained was almost negligible. The Rangers now drew their Power straight from the Universal Morphin Grid. He smirked and picked a small carry bag from one of his closets, thinking about the team as he packed.

Kat and Simon were coming together nicely. Weihan had seen them fight together and he was impressed with what he saw. Simon had come a long way since the first fight – even if that first fight was only eight hours ago. It showed that he was ready and willing to learn – to better himself. He also saw a stern determination in the young man’s eyes that was very familiar to him. It reminded him of Jason – the first Red Ranger. Everything about Simon Carville screamed that he was Jason’s son – but to the best of his knowledge, Jason had never said anything about having children – but then again, they hadn’t spoken in six months.

He absentmindedly stuffed in shirts as he thought about the other half of the equation. Kat Murphy – the spoiled rich kid of two overbearing parents. He knew that underneath that façade lay a kind, sweet girl who was eager to learn all there was about her new environment. She would make a good calming agent to Simon’s brash temperament, breaking free of her own trappings. Stopping to select a pair of pants, he wondered if they had admitted their feelings for each other yet – but decided they probably hadn’t.

He paused to admire his Morpher again. He tapped a sequence of keys on the keypad and was rewarded with a 3D holographic mini-map of sorts – which was just a locator to show where the team’s Zords were. From the information dumped in his brain, he knew that he could issue commands to them, and they would be acted upon instantly – without any lag or cool down periods. He decided against taking a firearm with him – as he could easily shift into either his Ninjetti suit or one of his other Crystal unrelated powers.

He dumped the half-full bag near the door and waited until the Synthetron beeped. A buzzing at the door startled him, putting him on guard instantly. He knew that security had tightened considerably since the release of Drakor, but it never hurt to be careful. The door slid open, revealing Ronny there. He nodded and invited her in. they both sat next to each other on the couch – Ronny turning towards him with a slight tremor in her voice.

“I just wanted to say goodbye before you have to leave tomorrow.”

He smiled and put a hand on her left knee, squeezing it slightly. He knew she would be worried, but it seemed that Simon had finally stopped pursuing her – and was focusing on Kat. He told her that and was rewarded by her leaning closer – placing a hand on his upper thigh. Her voice was soft, but it carried the weight of her emotions.

“I know Simon is chasing after Kat. I’m just going to miss you when you go. I know it’s just for a week, but you’ll call right?”

Weihan looked at her – looking past the maturity the Power had given her – seeing the scared girl inside. He drew her closer to him – until she was almost sitting on top of him. He held her close to him – feeling her heartbeat. When he spoke, it was in a low voice that carried his love.

“I’ll call. I’ll be back before you know it anyway. Will you stay with me tonight?”

Ronny smiled and nodded. Weihan’s smile widened and he leant in for a long and tender kiss.

No more words were spoken that night.

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Two Spoilers!!! Aren't you lucky!!

Ch 13 - Damages

At first glance, the figures seemed to be no more than heat shimmers rising off the rocky ground – but the supposed “heat shimmers” gained actual features. They were very similar to the Quantrons they had fought before – but they looked dangerous. Their bodies were a patchwork of metal limbs, swords, blades and blasters. Their heads were humanoid in shape and appearance – but they had no other features on them – apart from one organic eye. The way they moved made Ronny think of gladiators about to fight to the death. However, it was the two creatures in their midst which posed the biggest threat. One looked like a walking tree – with powerful legs and a head that looked as though it was a battering ram. It had no arms, but it had a gnarled and twisted face that was made up of wood knots. Its mouth looked skeletal – giving the first monster an eerie feel. The second monster was a whole lot scarier.

It was a literal mix of organic parts and machinery. A mixture of bee, spider, computer and something that resembled an X-ray of some sort. Its face was a nightmarish vision – one half was of a bee – complete with a proboscis; the other half resembled a mechanical spider – complete with fangs and organic eyes. Its antennae looked like old television aerials and its wings were strangely batlike. It had no real body to speak of – only the neck, which connected onto a seemingly organic computer monitor and keyboard.

Out of the sides sprouted six arms – some were disproportionate to the others and others looked like they would fall off at any moment. In one of its arms, it carried what looked like a powerful hammer. Its legs were 100 percent mechanical – with no apparent organic parts. Suddenly, the upper left screen flared to life, revealing Weihan, who was in a hallway of some sort. He looked to be on the same planet Ronny had seen him on before – although now he had a companion with him that looked similar to the Great Sage Ninjor. He seemed troubled, but he addressed his Rangers with authority.

Ch 14 - The Council

He walked through the passenger dock – fully aware of the stares he was receiving. Of course, that was normal – he was hailed as a hero here. He tried his best not to respond to them – but every now and then, he would look in around him and smile. He was excited to be back on Eltare, but he quickly remembered why he was there as he saw a figure in the distance. He had changed since Weihan had last saw him – his restrictive armour had been slimmed and toned down somewhat. For all the world, it looked like he was wearing Ranger armour, but he knew he wasn’t. the armour was still the same colour though – still royal blue with an “N” encased in a golden medallion on his chest. He still had a straight-edged katana strapped to his back as well as his blue armoured gauntlets. The only difference was that he no longer wore his expressionless helmet, but carried it under his right arm. His face was hawk-like with a slightly upturned nose and piercing yellow eyes. He walked towards Weihan, with a friendly smile on his face – one that Weihan returned wholeheartedly, his voice expressing his delight.


The Ninja warrior smiled broadly and they clasped forearms in the Universal gesture of greeting. Ninjor took a moment to look over his student. He had filled out since their last meeting and he looked to be a fine Ranger and Leader. He took careful note of the way the Asian slightly winced whenever he moved his head too fast – almost as if he had a head injury in the last 24 hours. Weihan noticed his curious stare, but waved it off – as he wasn’t too keen to relive that incident just yet. They started walking to the direction of the High Council Building, which was only a short distance away. Suddenly, Weihan spoke up in a pensive tone that caused Ninjor to frown.

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Chapter 13 – Damages

Ronny watched the shuttle take off with a wide smile. Last night, she and Weihan had shared something special with each other. They had explored every inch of each other – and in doing so, she had willingly given him her virginity. She was just a tiny bit disappointed that it hadn’t been his first time – but she quickly got over it once he had shown her true pleasure. That morning, they had another workout, but it was slower and much more passionate than ever. She felt a shiver run up her spine as she relived some of the more…intense moments. At first, she had been deathly afraid of falling pregnant, until Weihan had alleviated her fears by telling her that the Power made all of its bearers sterile…until they gave up the Power. Supposedly this was to stop female Rangers taking their unborn into battle. She had been a bit shaky at the start, but Weihan had taught her what to do quickly…and he had blown her mind with his tongue. She sighed and prayed that he would be safe.

She turned to leave, but stopped at the entrance – looking back as the shuttle entered the upper atmosphere. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around – to stare into Kat’s green eyes. The other girl nodded once, giving a silent show of support. She supposed Kat was better comfort than Simon would be…he would probably still be trying to get into her pants – except he was nowhere to be seen. Ronny wondered about him – if he was dealing with being thrust into the crazy world of Rangering all right. Like Weihan, she had thought he had a confidant of some sort – but there would be no answer forthcoming from the Yellow Ranger. She watched the shuttle streak out of sight, before reluctantly turning her mind to other matters. Seeing her shift in mood, Kat gave Ronny’s shoulder one last squeeze before addressing her.

“What’s next on your agenda?”

Ronny racked her brain – trying to remember what she had to do. Then, it hit her – she was supposed to meet up with Supreme Commander Frizz. Somehow – in between training, fighting and combat sims – she hadn’t had a chance to meet up with him. She found it oddly ironic that it was supposed to be the first thing she did – but she was going to see him finally. She told it to Kat, who smirked. She knew that Frizz’s appearance would be a shock to Ronny, so she volunteered to take her to him. Along the way, they discussed various things such as Ronny’s Rangering experience, her previous boyfriends and other issues. They stopped once due to a burst of laughter coming from the Technician’s Office, but continued along the corridor. The talk had then turned to Weihan. Kat had been blown away by Weihan’s past and wanted to know more about what he had seen and fought. Ronny had told her all she knew…before the talk had turned into what she and Weihan had done last night – with Ronny leaving no detail out. She noticed Kat turning various shades of green before they reached Frizz’s office. Ronny laughed, but then spoke to Kat in a serious tone of voice.

“Kat, I want you to look for Simon. You two meet me at the Command Station in an hour. I have a feeling we need to be on our toes right now, since Weihan’s not here.”

Kat heard her voice hitch on the last words – realising that Weihan’s sudden departure had hit her the hardest. Kat nodded once, then pulled the Red Ranger in for a brief and hard hug. Ronny was the first to let go, her face more cheery than it had been before. She turned around and walked through the doorway to meet Frizz. She had heard stories of how he was involved in a horrific accident and how he was only a disembodied head – given a new voice by the electronics that “grew” from his severed neck. She dismissed those reports instantly – Frizz couldn’t look any worse than Thrax or even Flurious…and they were monsters in every sense of the word. She entered the darkened room and was taken aback at its layout. It was circular in shape, with multiple monitors lining the walls – each one showing different images. One showed two Wolverine Mekas assaulting a bandit base, another showed a Cobra and a Supernova patrolling a planet and another one showed Weihan’s shuttle as it touched down on a planet with impossibly white buildings. In the middle of the room was a circular tube – made of a clear crystal and filled with some sort of pink tinted fluid. Suddenly, light flooded the tube – and Ronny’s eyes widened.

Suspended in the liquid was the Supreme Commander…or what was left of him. Ronny was reminded of an old cartoon where one of the main antagonists was literally taken apart until he was what Frizz was. A floating brain – with an eyeball attached to the optic nerve – in a jar. The eye turned on the nerve – seemingly on its own – until it focused on Ronny. When Frizz “spoke”, his voice wasn’t electronic – but it boomed out thunderously.

“Veronica, isn’t it? I apologise for my appearance. A rapidly growing cancer spread throughout my body last year. It quickly made mincemeat out of my body and organs. Fortunately, my brain was spared any damage.”

Ronny swallowed hard and looked at Frizz. True to his word, his brain looked remarkably healthy and still pulsed with a steady rhythm. She found herself becoming used to his appearance quicker than she thought. She nodded once and waved her hand – silencing the voice. She walked up to the tube and looked straight into to the remaining eye, before speaking.

“I came to talk to you about my drafting. You said in your first letter that you had spoken to Andrew Hartford about me. You said that I would be perfect for the Battle Group. Now, the first day I came, I was recruited to be the Red Ranger. I wanted to know – was that your intention all along? To have me take up the Power again?”

If he could have done so, Frizz would have creased his brow in concentration. He knew that she had both the brains and the experience to propel the Battle Group to total victory over the Sha’Kahr – but then again, so did Weihan. He couldn’t lie to the woman in front of him – even though he wanted to, he couldn’t. It was time she knew his side of the story. The electronic voice seemed to sigh – the brain slowly pulsing with thought. When the voice spoke again, it seemed to be filled with strength and a commanding force.

“Yes…and no. My intention in sending you that letter was to get you interested. My conversations with Mr. Hartford were purely about funding and business. Only in our last two talks did I broach the subject of his Rangers. He talked about you a lot – your strengths and determination to win, your competency with vehicles of all kinds and your phenomenal ability to make the most of any situation. That is why I wanted you with us. I wasn’t even aware that you had met up with LordRex before.”

LordRex – Weihan’s nickname in the TinyWarz Battle Group. That was the first time Ronny had heard of it – and she connected the name with the reports she had heard about on Earth. From what she had heard, he was a decorated commander who looked after the people under him. A lot of people had come up and publicly spoken about his ability – heartakilla, whistles384, Sentran and others. She had connected the dots after seeing a picture of LordRex on the UNN – the Universal News Network. She had felt her heart fill with joy at seeing Weihan again – even if it was only a still picture. Then, Mack had whacked Tyzonne with a seat cushion – starting another furniture war. She smiled briefly at the memories, before noticing that she was yet to reply.

“It’s good that Weihan – I mean, LordRex – trusts me with so much power. I’m not a leader, but I’ll try to be one. It’s a good thing we have the techs here to handle to repairs.”

Frizz froze. He knew that the TW techs (as they were known) had just left Hadaes due to an emergency situation. He cleared his electronic throat and spoke. If LR trusted Ronny, then he could trust her as well.

“Veronica, do not worry about your leadership abilities. LordRex has become a fine leader and strategist through his time here with us. He has come up from nothing to become a trusted friend, just as you will. The technicians have temporarily left the planet, due to a bandit uprising on Konu. From the reports, it’s becoming quite the battlefield down there.”

Ronny swallowed quietly. As she did so, her mind flashed back to the events of the previous night – but she stopped the memories before they could overwhelm her mind. She missed Weihan so much – she missed his caress, his kiss, his voice and the way she felt when he was with her. She knew that the loss of the techs – no matter how temporary – could mean disaster if the Mekas and vehicles were too badly damaged. She could fix them herself, but it would take time – too much time if they were constantly attacked. She wondered how long it would take for Andrew Hartford to send the Battlefleet Zords from Earth, but then dismissed that thought as silly. Even though Moltor, Flurious and Kamdor had been destroyed, the Zords were still needed to protect the Earth…until the next group of Power Rangers came along. Technically, she knew that the TinyWarz Rangers were the next group of Power Rangers…but then again, they weren’t. Weihan had told her once that all Rangers under the banner of the Ultra Crystal automatically became known as “Ultra Rangers” – no matter what they viewed themselves as. Smirking to herself, she replied to Frizz, honestly and truthfully.

“Thank You, Frizz. It’s good to know what you wanted to get me here for. I’m also sorry that it took me so long to see you.”

Frizz waved his eye in a “no” motion. He had figured out he could move his eye if he concentrated hard enough on it. He didn’t know what Weihan had put into his tube, but the young Commander had said that it would magnify his brainwaves…or something like that. He supposed concentrating on movement was better than no movement at all.

“Don’t be sorry. The arrival of Drakor took everyone by surprise. Everyone except LordRex. He knew it was coming. That’s why he’s spent years preparing for this moment. He’s handpicked almost everyone – even you. He’s very proud of you – I haven’t seen him this happy since his first victory. Ah, that was when I still had my body – not that I miss it of course.”

Ronny opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a familiar shrieking. It was the alert alarm. She sighed and looked at Frizz, but was silenced by his surprisingly warm gaze. He motioned toward the door with his eye – knowing she had a job to do. She nodded once and then bolted out the door – her mind reeling over what he had told her. Weihan had handpicked almost everyone…including her. She knew for a fact that he wouldn’t have handpicked Simon due to his arrogance – but she never knew he was so proud of her. As she ran towards the Command Station, her thoughts turned back to Weihan and why he was proud of her. To her knowledge, she hadn’t done much to make anyone be proud of her – jeopardising half the team with her competitiveness and her multiple captures by enemy forces weren’t her best achievements. Even the debacle with Thor’s Hammer had almost lead her to be married off…to Loki. She shuddered at the thought, but focused her mind onto the battle as she entered the Hangar. The screens showed no trace of Meka movement or monster sightings. Off to the side, she saw Kat and Simon looking at the immediate area on a mini-map. She joined them and pointed to an anomaly on the map – something that Simon had missed.

“What’s this?”

Kat and Simon snapped to attention and looked at what Ronny had found. They saw an electronic representation of…something. It looked like a lone bandit – but if it was they should have seen an orange vehicle icon. The only thing they saw was a solid red square. Kat furrowed her brow, trying to make out what it was. Moving forward, she proceeded to type a command into the Station – allowing one of the external cameras to pick up the view. What they saw sent ice water through their veins.

At first glance, the figures seemed to be no more than heat shimmers rising off the rocky ground – but the supposed “heat shimmers” gained actual features. They were very similar to the Quantrons they had fought before – but they looked dangerous. Their bodies were a patchwork of metal limbs, swords, blades and blasters. Their heads were humanoid in shape and appearance – but they had no other features on them – apart from one organic eye. The way they moved made Ronny think of gladiators about to fight to the death. However, it was the two creatures in their midst which posed the biggest threat. One looked like a walking tree – with powerful legs and a head that looked as though it was a battering ram. It had no arms, but it had a gnarled and twisted face that was made up of wood knots. Its mouth looked skeletal – giving the first monster an eerie feel. The second monster was a whole lot scarier.

It was a literal mix of organic parts and machinery. A mixture of bee, spider, computer and something that resembled an X-ray of some sort. Its face was a nightmarish vision – one half was of a bee – complete with a proboscis; the other half resembled a mechanical spider – complete with fangs and organic eyes. Its antennae looked like old television aerials and its wings were strangely batlike. It had no real body to speak of – only the neck, which connected onto a seemingly organic computer monitor and keyboard. Out of the sides sprouted six arms – some were disproportionate to the others and others looked like they would fall off at any moment. In one of its arms, it carried what looked like a powerful hammer. On the wrist of another arm was a metallic wristband – which seemed to have no real purpose. Its legs were 100 percent mechanical – with no apparent organic parts. Suddenly, the upper left screen flared to life, revealing Weihan, who was in a hallway of some sort. He looked to be on the same planet Ronny had seen him on before – although now he had a companion with him that looked similar to the Great Sage Ninjor. He seemed troubled, but he addressed his Rangers with authority.

“Rangers, according to my readouts, the foot soldiers are made up of the same metal as the Quantrons. Your weapons should be able to take care of them. As for the monsters…I’ve never seen them before – so be careful. You can call me if things get out of hand. Good luck Rangers.”

Ninjor stepped into view and spoke to them – his high voice filled with a joking – but serious – undertone.

“And may the Power protect you! OW!”

Ronny giggled as Weihan hit the warrior on the arm, rolling his eyes as he closed the transmission. She bit back her joy at seeing him again, focusing on what had to be done with some effort. She stepped back from the Command Station and willed her TW Tracker into her right palm. She felt a subtle shift in the air around her as both Simon and Kat did the same thing. She wrapped her fingers around the cool metal of the Morpher and unconsciously ran her thumb over the keypad, memorising the layout of the buttons. She felt the rush of Power and went through the motions.

After the Post-Morph haze had cleared, Ronny found herself standing outside. She didn’t know how she got there – just that the Power had enveloped her and taken her to the site of Battle. As she looked around, she was somewhat surprised to see both Simon and Kat were there with her. Her eyes flicked over the visor displays as they attempted to gather data on the forces in front of them. To her amazement, the Power seemed to have an answer ready for both of her questions. The question of why they were outside was due to the previously untapped teleportation powers – which all Ranger Powers had. She had only been teleported once before – when Will had seemingly switched sides – but that had been an uncomfortable experience. This one was a fluid transition, compared with the body ripping of the previous time. The second answer was that the Frankenstein robots in front of her were called “Patchers” – and they looked like patchwork dummies. She prepared herself for battle, but was surprised when the hybrid monster spoke in a hissing, electronic voice.

“Rangers, you came…now, face your death!”

As the Patchers surged forward, Simon rolled his eyes. Before Kat found him, he had been talking to his father again. Jason knew he was becoming a confidant for his son, but didn’t know how long he could hide the secret from Weihan – or Tommy. Simon had reassured his father that he would not tell Weihan directly, but he had noticed Weihan looking at him strangely. As he struck out, he looked around to see what his team-mates were doing. Kat and Ronny were all right – they were easily smashing Patchers left and right. Simon ducked a sword swipe and swept out his left leg – sending the five drones around him crashing to the rocky floor. He cursed to himself as he saw that his sweep had left his right side open to an attack – one that came from the walking tree. The battering ram had lowered its “head” and charged at the Yellow Ranger, striking his armour and sending sparks flying. As Simon rolled along the ground, his visor display showed that he had taken 25 percent damage – something that the nanobots were trying to repair. He was about to charge in again, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. He whirled around and came face to face – well, visor to visor – with Ronny. She had taken a few bad hits from the bee monster and had hung back – waiting for an opportunity to strike. So far, Kat hadn’t taken any visible damage – although she was fast being surrounded by the Patchers around her. Ronny’s voice was laced with worry, but it was directed at him.

“Simon – think you can get a clear shot at them?”

For a split second, Simon didn’t know what she was talking about. His mind caught up fairly quickly and he tapped the side of his helmet – bringing up a set of eight crosshairs. Without any fancy yells, he called upon his War Blasters and aimed at the mass of metal. He waited until crosshairs had locked onto the creatures before firing. As before, yellow blasts of energy lanced out of the barrels and struck the Patchers dead on. The metallic robots seized up as one, before dropping in unison. Simon grinned under his helmet and snuck a quick glance at Ronny – adjusting his aim. The Red Ranger was going toe to toe with the insectoid beast – the monster’s hammer deflecting most of the blows. The creature threw its head back and laughed – a high pitched buzzing sound. It spoke again – but instead of the electronic voice used previously, it was a fully alien tongue this time. Almost immediately, the Rangers’ display’s showed a translation.

“Cretins! You will fall before the might of The Ramrod and me – C.Bee.Exe!”

Ronny rolled her eyes. The monster names never got any better – but they sure did get more brutal. C.Bee.Exe –as it was apparently called – had already taken her arm armour down to 15 percent. The ‘bots were working their hardest, but it was impossible to fix the holes that kept appearing. Sighing, she jumped into the air – wishing she had access to her Drive Defender – and savagely kicked the hybrid in the face. She backflipped away from the wounded monster and found herself surrounded by Patchers. She barely had time to blink as the eyes of one lit up – orange lasers blasting from them. The lasers caught her in the chest, throwing her backward onto her ass. Using what momentum she had, she somersaulted to her feet and growled. She was dimly aware of C.Bee.Exe being blasted by Simon’s Blasters – but she didn’t care about that just yet. She clenched her teeth and called upon her War Sword silently. In a flash, the red and yellow sword appeared. Wasting no time, she thrust the blade into the rocky soil and pressed the first button. As she expected, the ground rumbled and four plumes of fire shot up and out – incinerating the Patchers instantly. She swiftly pulled the blade out of the ground and surged forward – the blade of the Sword cleaving into the Patchers. She looked around for Kat – finally sighting her fighting The Ramrod and a small group of Patchers.

Kat was quickly finding out that arms were overrated. So far, The Ramrod had blocked almost all of her attacks with its oversized head. The Patchers surrounding her kept attacking her with a vengeance as well. She found it hard to keep alternating between offence and defence – but she had to. She felt the sweat run down her face and tried to blink it out of her eyes. She leapt backwards to avoid a Patcher’s decapitating swing and then kicked out in pure desperation. To her utter amazement, her left foot glowed dark purple for a split second before ploughing into the chest of the metal warrior. The Patcher’s eyes seemed to widen in surprise as it violently exploded – taking out three-quarters of the group with it. Kat stared at her foot – not noticing her arms lashing out to defend against the flurry of blows coming at her. She didn’t know what just happened – and that freaked her out. She knew all the technical aspects of what their powers were capable of and how they worked. She wasn’t sure what she just did – but she liked it! She concentrated again – this time allowing a faint purple-black sheen to come over her hands. Mind reeling, she thrust her hands forward – palms up – at the remaining Patchers. The effect was devastating.

An energy shockwave tore from her palms, striking against their torsos. The Patchers were flung backwards into The Ramrod – hitting its wooden body…and exploding. The Ramrod was forced back – shaking its head comically. She knew what had to be done then and there. She accessed her Powers and concentrated again, bringing up her War Wheel in a dark purple flash. Not missing a beat, she jumped up and flung the War Wheel at the monster. In mid-flight, the spinning metal disc transformed into pure energy and tore through the top half of The Ramrod’s head. The monster seemed to blink once before toppling backward – unleashing a hail of spikes from one of its eyes. Kat tried to avoid all of the spikes, but there were just too many of them. Her suit sparked violently as the metallic weapons struck against it – even managing to destroy one of the energy dampeners. She was thrown backwards, striking Simon – causing him to crash to the ground in pain. Ronny watched the monster struggle to get up – using what was left of its head to raise itself from the ground. Almost immediately, it stumbled forward – Kat’s War Wheel bursting from its torso like a chainsaw from Hell. Kat lifted her left arm up and caught the transformed disc – feeling the energy blades transmute back into metal.

Ronny had to act quickly – again. Simon and Kat were both down for the count, The Ramrod was recovering far quicker than she would’ve imagined possible and C.Bee.Exe was nowhere to be seen. She held out her War Sword and tapped into her genetic super-speed – racing toward The Ramrod. As she neared the wooden beast, she pressed the second button on the handle – feeling herself accelerate faster. Her mind was focused as she swung the Sword around to strike the monster with all of the Power, force and inertia she could muster. All she heard was a resounding sonic boom as the metal carved a furrow deep into the torso. It was a deep wound – and certainly it would have been fatal if the monster had any vital organs under its armour. Without looking to see if the monster would die immediately, she spun on her right foot and executed a flawless roundhouse to the same area where her blade had vacated. The Ramrod flipped back sloppily and seemed to breathe heavily. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see C.Bee.Exe hanging back, absentmindedly twirling its hammer – which had a word written on it. She slowly retreated to where the other Rangers were standing – closely looking at the word and trying to make it out. The more she focused her sight on it – the clearer it became, until her eyes widened. In some sort of red ink was the word “BAN” crudely inscribed.

Her eyes widened a fraction of an inch more as she saw The Ramrod get to its feet again. There was only one thing she could think of – to call Wei. She had already used her link to the others to pull out information from Kat’s suit – particularly concerning her fireworks against the Patchers. She had a feeling that they were starting to peel back the layers of their Powers one by one. She quickly tapped into her mental link and sent a subspace transmission to Weihan – even if he was on Eltare, he could help them. Plus, she wanted to see him again…even though they had just spoken to each other a short while ago. As the transmission was picked up, she was aware of Kat and Simon running forward – to attack The Ramrod. Her tired eyes lit up as she saw Weihan’s face, noticing that he looked a bit flustered over something. She opened her mouth, but closed it to think over what she was going to say. Her voice sounded hoarse – but she chalked it up to over-use of her super-speed.

“Wei, I’m sorry to bother you again. The Patchers are destroyed, but the monsters are a pain in the butt!”

She saw amusement and a longing come into his eyes at that – and was reminded yet again of the previous night’s…activities. They had done everything they could think of – except a few things they had labelled as “disgusting”. To her surprise, delight and supreme pleasure – the last thing they had tried wasn’t on that list. She smirked to herself and shot Weihan a playful glare – noticing the figure behind him. Her mind clicked on the name…Ninjor – the master who had created the Power Coins and the Ultra Crystals. Suddenly, information flashed up on her visor. Her eyes quickly skimmed through the information – but she needn’t have bothered. The information was being ingrained into her mind – the slight tingling sensation bringing her back into reality. Her eyes snapped up to the battle in front of her – just as Kat was attempting to hack off one of its legs. Her fingers twitched imperceptibly as she began sending her own data to Weihan – hopeful it would reach him. She smiled broadly and opened her mouth.

“Thanks, love. I’ve just sent you some interesting data from Kat just then. She put on quite the light show. Hope to hear from you soon about it! Ronny out.”

She closed the transmission, just as Simon and Kat jumped back to her side. Simon was breathing heavily – totally winded. He never knew something without arms could fight with total effectiveness, but he guessed he was out of practice. He cringed behind his helmet. If his father found out he was out of practice, he would have his head served on a silver platter. He was aware of Ronny saying something – and had to focus through the pain to hear it.

“…and we can combine our weapons. That should do the trick.”

Kat grinned happily. From what she had read in the Ranger History logs, the last team to have a combination weapon had been the Dino Thunder team with their Z-Rex Blaster. She didn’t know what would happen to the other monster – but if they could at least destroy one then she would be an integrated Power Ranger. She nodded her head and tightened her grip on her War Wheel. She let her mind go blank – to ease the information flow – Simon following suit. In freaky unison, they stepped forward together and raised their weapons into the air. Simon went first, flinging both War Blasters into the air without any flourish. Kat went next, her War Wheel locking into place onto the Blasters with a muted Yellow-Black flash. Ronny leapt up and slammed her War Sword on top of the War Wheel – completing the amalgamation weapon. As she fell toward the ground, she let go of her Sword and grasped the handles of the War Blasters – her fingers hooking over the triggers in readiness. As one, they shouted out the name of the cannon in their hands.


The Ramrod blinked once and shook its head one final time. Without wasting any more breath, Ronny pulled the two triggers, sending out a brilliant energy sphere coloured red, black, orange and yellow. The energy ball hurtled toward The Ramrod, smashing into it with explosive force. The walking battering ram’s knees buckled and it slowly fell backward, exploding in a fiery display of energy and wood. To the side, C.Bee.Exe watched the demise of its companion with a blank stare. It knew what had to be done now. Lifting up its Banhammer, it struck the ground – causing the victorious Rangers to fall over in shock. So, they had forgotten about it, but it was soon to change. It lifted up the metal wristband and tapped the button on it.

Simon was the first to recover, using his War Blasters as leverage. They had separated the War Cannon as soon as the monster had exploded – something about too much kinetic and morphological energy wreaking havoc with the circuits – and had been celebrating their victory. Now, it seemed that they were too early in their revelry. He helped Kat to her feet, while Ronny stood up from her crouch. They didn’t know what the monster was doing – but it looked bad. They saw it raise one of its arms up and tap something on a metal band. The creature was covered with a green and gold energy and to the rookie’s amazement…grew.

Ronny felt her jaw drop as the monster towered over them. One thought was running in her mind.

Mekas weren’t going to cut it,

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See below for completed chapter!

Or Part 1 of it...
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Chapter 15 – Power Surprises

Ronny gulped as C.Bee.Exe stomped toward them. The monster was leering at them – or it was something close to a leer anyway. She pursed her lips and blew out, wondering what to do. She knew that they could easily teleport inside and bring out the vehicles, but what would the monster do in the meantime? A slight whirring sound brought her out of her thoughts, her gaze zeroing in on one of the laser turrets that dotted the perimeter of the base. To her shock, she realised that the battle hadn’t even progressed out of the quadrant – they were still in range of the turrets! C.Bee.Exe seemed to notice the movement of the turrets as well and turned towards the rotating turret – lifting the Banhammer. She watched as the monster threw it at the turret – just as it fired with deadly accuracy. To her amazement, the hammer swerved in mid-air – not losing any speed – and crashed into the turret. The Rangers were knocked off their feet as the entire turret exploded – the firing crew escaping just in time.

Simon stared in shock. He had just seen the unthinkable – a monster growing to a giant size and totally decimating a defensive turret…all in the space of two minutes. Of course, his father had told him monsters could grow to giant sizes – but not on their own. He didn’t know what to expect next – Ronny was thinking about something and Kat was staring openly at the huge monster. He wanted to fire his War Blasters – or even the War Cannon – at the monster, but he didn’t know if it would have any effect or not. Probably not – but it would make them more of a target than the turrets. As he thought, he was dimly aware of several of the remaining turrets firing at the monster. Lasers, missiles and shrapnel filled the air – striking the monster and seemingly weakening it. A bellow of rage and pain brought the Rangers out of their trance – just in time to see a cluster of energy beams shoot out from the spider half of its face. Ronny’s mind flashed her back to the previous day’s events – where she had heard Weihan almost say “Zords”…but those vehicles didn’t look like conventional Zords.

She had to try something. She winced under her helmet as she saw the beams of destruction totally destroy the bases defence network. At the destruction of the turrets, the remaining Tiny Warriors would come out in their Mekas and vehicles…and they would get slaughtered. Even if it didn’t work – she had to try, but she didn’t know what to call them. Mekazords? War Zords? Suddenly – if sensing her confusion – the Power provided a name for her, one that she embraced wholeheartedly. As Simon and Kat stared at the destruction the monster was wreaking, she thrust her right arm up into the air and shouted with all of her might.


A split second after her cry’s echo faded, the ground quaked violently. In a flash of red light, the Katana Meka she had piloted the day before appeared. To her surprise, it seemed to be fully repaired from the battle with the Fearcats’ robot. The colouring was different as well – instead of the usual drab grey and green, it was a vibrant red with small bands of yellow and orange. She crouched down and leapt up toward the Zord – the on-board teleportation systems beaming her up instantly. She settled down into her seat and placed her hands on the controls. She moved the lever up, sending her Zord racing towards the hybrid mutation. As soon as she was in range, she spun the steering wheel to the left sharply – slashing with the energy blades on the arms. Howling with pain, the monster went down hard. She moved the Zord back and readied the Crusader. As she tapped the buttons to load the ballistic weapon, she clicked on her helmet communication system.

“Hey guys, a little help here?”

Simon and Kat both snapped out of their awe and nodded to each other. As they raised their arms to the sky, they were aware of Ronny’s Crusader Longgun firing at the monster – who had retrieved its Banhammer. They cried out to the air and summoned their Zords.


In two, distinct flashes of colour-coded light, the two remaining TinyZords appeared. To both Kat and Simon they appeared fully intact and gleamed brightly in their colours – the Black and Green Leopard and the Yellow and White Cobra. Kat and Simon exchanged a quick glace, before leaping up to their respective cockpits. Kat gunned the engine, moving the Leopard forward – just as C.Bee.Exe swung the Banhammer in a wide arc – striking Ronny’s Zord in its chestplate. Inside her cockpit, Ronny scrambled for the controls as the Zord staggered back. A flashing light caught her attention – and she glanced at it, paling under her helmet. She flicked a button on her controls – opening up the Zord communication link.

“Guys, I have a major hull breach in my Zord. I’m down to 10 percent shields. I can hit and run, but until I get this breach fixed…”

She let the sentence trail off, praying that Simon and Kat knew what was happening. She hoped they did – the damage to her Zord was not to be sneezed at. She could see thick ripples of purple light as the shield generators attempted to regenerate the protection around the metal shell. From her vantage point, she saw Kat’s Zord surge forward – main cannon blazing. The thick barrel met the legs of the monster – ramming into them hard. The secondary guns fired into the legs as well – their deadly payload shredding the monster’s leg armour. C.Bee.Exe screeched in pain and staggered back – into the range of Simon. Simon grinned under his helmet and flicked a switch on his command wheel – allowing the Aimed Shot command to give him a better chance. Slowly, he aimed the turret upwards until it was directly in the middle of the flailing monster’s back. A stream of yellow energy lanced out, impacting against the mutation’s back – melting the flesh. The Yellow Ranger’s Zord skidded backward just in time as the Banhammer impacted the ground near it – missing by a few millimetres. From then, it was the start of a strange tug-of-war – with C.Bee.Exe in the middle. Kat would either crash in against the legs or fire at a safe distance away, while Simon would use whatever forward momentum he had to make the creature stumble – or continue destroying its back. For her part, Ronny kept firing off potshots with the Crusader – whenever the opportunity presented itself. Her shields were still painfully slow, but all of a sudden her Meka was covered in a light orange glow. When the light faded, a quick check of the shields showed a 15 percent increase. Ronny smiled, knowing that Weihan was looking out for them and stepped back into the fight.

The humanoid Zord lunged forwards, energy blades deployed. The monster looked up, just as the left blade sunk deep into its face – melting half of the spider eyes. As the blade was torn free, the creature hissed in rage and lashed out with two arms – the misshapen fists striking the shields hard. Ronny gulped and did a quick shield diagnostic. Her eyes widened as she took in the readout – she had taken 2 less damage than before. The screeching of metal caused her to look up – just in time to see Kat’s Leopard take a crushing blow from the Banhammer. As the hammer came off the Zord, Kat’s voice drifted weakly over the communications link.

“Ow, that hurt…and this battle isn’t going anywhere. We’re doing damage to it – but not as much as we’d like.”

From his vantage point inside the Cobra, Simon agreed silently. He jerked the steering wheel quickly to avoid a barrage of lasers and fired his ballistic cannon at the beast. The blast seemed to do some damage – but not as much as he’d hoped. Thinking quickly, his eyes temporarily left the view screen to peer closely at the command buttons on his steering wheel. His eyes skimmed over the images, looking up periodically to fire at the creature. He could hear the groans of protest from the gears as they rapidly spun under the pressure. Reaching out with his thumb blindly, he pressed one of the buttons and prayed it was the right one. Immediately, his view screen flashed green and a grid appeared – showing the monster’s weak spots. His eyes darted from spot to spot until he found the weakest spot – which happened to be the melted flesh on its back. He slowly breathed in and pressed the trigger. He felt the machine buck and tremble slightly as the weapons fired. He swallowed as they shot towards C.Bee.Exe’s lower back – impacting against the tender flesh. Simon peeled backwards as the smoke cleared. To his utter amazement, the monster hadn’t even flinched one bit as the shots impacted. He flicked on his communications link – avoiding a deadly stomp.

“Um…we’re getting our asses handed to us here! Ronny – what’s your status?”

From inside her Katana, Ronny narrowed her eyes at the monster. Her shields were still recovering slowly, but her finger was kept firmly on the trigger of the Crusader. Already, she was forced to use the energy blades more often than she would have liked. A flash of orange alerted her to the fact that Weihan was still looking out for her – keeping her shields up. Too soon, she heard the dull whine from the Crusader – its ammunition had been totally exhausted. She shook her head and powered up the energy blades, feeling the humanoid machine’s engine pulse faster and faster. She raced toward the monster and blindly struck out with both blades. One of the blades severed the lower four arms – while the other blade missed the monster entirely. Out of sheer desperation, Ronny pivoted the machine and lashed out with its left leg – kicking the monster in the gut. She held her ground as the cockpit shuddered violently, the machine not being designed to kick monsters. She took in a deep breath and then rammed the dazed creature with the barrel of the Crusader. The long cylinder sunk deep into its flesh, causing the hybrid to shriek in real pain. She wrenched the barrel out and watched in morbid fascination as bright blue blood poured out of the wound. The hybrid creature hung back and tried to take care of its wounds with its remaining arms. She was aware of Kat and Simon’s Zords rolling near to her own. Her voice spoke out – as tired and frustrated as she was, she was still the leader.

“I’m out of ammo for the Crusader. There is nothing more I can do. Kat, Simon – what have you got left?”

Kat’s voice floated across the link. She had been out of the fight since she was hit with the Banhammer. She had to hand it to Weihan and the TW Ranger techs – they knew what they were doing when they constructed the Zords. Her voice was rough and hoarse, due to the wisps of smoke that still drifted around her cockpit.

“I’m down to only three shells on both weapons. The repair nanobots are doing a good job, but I don’t know how long I’ll last. Simon?”

Simon cracked his neck and sighed. He was feeling the pressure on his shoulders from the weight of the helmet – something that he would have to get used to in the long run. He checked his weapon displays and grimaced. His voice was grim.

“My laser turret is fine, but my ballistic gun is totally depleted. I can’t do any hit and run attacks with my laser turret – even from close range it might miss. I’m totally out of suggestions.”

Ronny sighed in frustration. She didn’t know what Weihan wanted her to do. He was supposed to be the leader – even though she was the Red Ranger, she didn’t know what to do! Her eyes fell on the Big Red Button and she briefly thought of pushing it – before shaking her head. She didn’t know what the button did and if she pressed it…well, it could be a self destruct button. Her eyes widened as she found her suggestion – to ask Wei. The subspace communication link was still there – so it would be easy to ask him. Without thinking of the consequences, she spoke into the link.

“Weihan – we’ve got a problem. We’re up against a giant monster and we’ve exhausted all options. What can I do?”

There was a beat of silence – and Ronny feared that she hadn’t been heard. Then, Weihan’s face filled half the view screen. He was in his TW Battle Commander uniform and looked to be in a chamber of some sort. At the edge of the screen, she could see a long table and something that looked like Frizz’s tube in the middle of it. Instead of housing a brain, this tube was occupied by a beautiful brunette woman –who had her face hidden by a veil. Weihan looked slightly nervous, yet determined – almost as if he knew what was happening. He took in a deep breath before closing his eyes in something almost like resignation. He nodded once and opened his eyes again. He took in a deep breath and spoke in a loud and clear voice.

“Push the Red Button. For Simon and Kat tell them to pull their colour coded levers. Then – you will know what to do. The High Council and I will be keeping track of your battle. Be careful. Be safe.”

The transmission winked out and Ronny felt relief sweep through her. Once again, Weihan had bailed them out of an impossible situation. She knew he was trying to let her stand on her own, but she didn’t really have the experience she needed. She relayed the information to Simon and Kat and reached out for the button. As she did, her brain buzzed as new information poured into it – telling her everything she needed to know about what the button did. She felt a smile grow onto her face as she realised what was about to happen. She took in a deep breath and pressed the button – unconsciously calling out a command as she did.


The controls went slack almost immediately as the Power surged through the Zords – powering them up in readiness for the transformation. From her vantage point, she saw the Leopard and Cobra Zords levitate up – the cockpit and turret detaching from the treads. She could hear the gasps of confusion from both Simon and Kat as they struggled to piece together what was going on. Of course, Ronny knew how to manually assemble a Megazord – she just never knew what to do for automatic assembly. She watched in fascination as the Leopard’s turret control mechanism detached from the turret assembly and transformed into a three-pronged helmet. Ronny was struck by its familiarity with another similar helmet from stories Weihan had shared with her. She shrugged it off as strange – continuing to watch the transformation.

Ronny’s eyes widened as she saw the barrels of the guns retract into themselves – only leaving a small turret behind. She continued to watch – even as she felt her Katana Zord jump into the air. Both turret assemblies then extended themselves out until they were almost double their usual length. Mechanical fists swung out from the front of the turret assemblies, while the treads underwent a more simplistic change. Both sets of treads extended and transformed into the feet and legs – while still retaining the familiar shape of tank treads. From the viewpoint on Kat, the Katana’s transformation was breathtaking. The arms detached from the main body and seemingly vanished into thin air. The Crusader turret and the legs both retracted into the main body, while the head and main cockpit detached from the body. The TW Ranger symbol on the chest of the Katana seemed to glow and spin at the same time – allowing a heavy set of armour to materialise on the Meka. Kat watched the transformation with awe – while she was still in the main cockpit of her Leopard, she was still relatively stable. Looking out her view screen, she could see the arms and legs approaching their docking areas on the torso. She could even see C.Bee.Exe staring at the transformation that was happening – the monster’s remaining eyes bulging in shock.

Underneath her, the floor shuddered as the arms docked with the main body. Another shudder told her that the legs had docked as well. She felt a familiar tingle ash over her and she allowed herself to be caught up in the teleportation beam. When the purple and black sparkles cleared from her vision, Kat saw that she – along with Ronny and Simon – were in a V shaped cockpit. Ronny was seated in the middle, with Simon to her left and Kat on her right. In front of her was her Control Driver and a few screens showing engine temperatures, weapon displays and gyro percentages. Sneaking a glance over at Simon’s monitors, she saw that he was in charge of looking at the shield rechargers and the energy reserves. Craning her head to look at Ronny’s monitors, she saw that she had only one monitor – and it showed an external view of the Megazord. Kat gasped inwardly at the sight of the TinyWarz Megazord on the monitor – it looked ready to take on the world. The colour scheme looked a bit strange – red, black, yellow and orange – but it all seemed to fit together nicely. The helmet strongly reminded her of a criminal overlord on Earth…someone in New York that had been defeated a few times. Shredder? Slicer? She didn’t know who it was – but the head and helmet of the Megazord resembled him. She was brought back to reality at the sound of Ronny’s voice.

“All right. We should be pretty much invulnerable for this battle – so this will be an easy fight. the next battle will be tougher. I’ll brief you later. Let’s see what we can do.”

The humanoid machine stomped toward the monster with surprising speed. In a flash, it drew back its Leopard arm and punched C.Bee.Exe under its “jaw”. The insectoid creature was sent back reeling from the force – before raising the Banhammer for a strike. Kat kept her eyes on the temperature of the main engine. She had to hope that the Neo-Parallel engines could keep the Zord working to perfection. She braced herself for the impact – but what she felt was just a minor tremor under her feet. Under her helmet, Ronny’s mouth quirked up into a small smile. Just as she thought – the Banhammer had impacted on the thick magical shields surrounding the Megazord. She kept a firm grip on her steering wheel and took in a deep breath.


The Cobra Tank arm of the TinyWarz Megazord wound up strongly. C.Bee.Exe didn’t know what was happening – only that it needed to move…but it was too slow. A yellow energy sheen covered the Megazord’s fist as it rocketed toward the chest of the mutant. The blow struck home – the powered fist smashing against the monitor chestplate – destroying it. As the Zord withdrew its fist, Ronny pressed the attack.


The Leopard arm drew back again – this time changing shape to become a three barrelled blaster. In appearance, it was similar to the Delta Megazord – but much more dextrous. As the arm shot forward, the barrels rotated and a high powered stream of ballistic shrapnel poured out. The shrapnel struck everywhere on the monster – wounding it even more. As the Leopard changed back into a fist, Ronny looked over at Kat.

“Kat, what do we have in terms of a sword? Do we have something that we can use to defeat this sucker quickly?”

Kat skimmed over the weapon screens, before finding what looked like a suitable weapon. It looked similar to Ronny’s War Sword, but it was much bigger. Surprisingly, it looked like the two blades of the Katana Zord had been fused together – but she guessed it was the design. She relayed the information to Simon, who – in turn – relayed it back to Ronny. In truth, Ronny wanted to end the battle as quickly as she could. She had a nagging feeling in her gut that something was happening with Weihan. She knew that if anything did happen, he was with a few high powered fighters and mages – and he could also fight as well. She tried to shake off the feeling, but something told her that he was in big trouble. As she contemplated using the sword or not, she swore she could hear Weihan’s voice…calling out to her.

“Ronny – be safe”

She knew she wasn’t psychic in any way – but that had felt very real. She pushed the feeling of dread back and concentrated on the end of the fight. Her hands gripped the Control Driver wheel tighter and she summoned their main weapon – with all three of their voices shouting out in eerie unison.


In a crackle of lightning, the massive sabre appeared in the Megazord’s hands. It radiated power and strength – causing the bee monster to cringe in fear. Ronny didn’t ant to waste any more time on the monster than necessary – and powered up the sabre. From the “V”, flames shot out to engulf the Sabre – turning it into a deadly weapon. As one, they breathed in and called upon the final attack – one that would destroy the menace in front of them.


Immediately, the compass projected a holographic image of itself outward. The double ended needle spun around rapidly – collecting the kinetic energy needed for the deadly blows. The Megazord seemed to think for a moment, before slashing the Sabre twice diagonally – creating the flaming “V” over the Overdrive Compass. C.Bee.Exe only had time for one piercing scream as the energy slashed into it, breaking through all outward defences and destroying its core essence. Defeated, the monster slumped back – exploding in a massive fireball. As the Megazord lowered the Sabre, all occupants inside it sighed in relief. They had had their first real battle – and experienced their first Megazord Battle…all in the space of a few hours. It seemed unreal.

As they turned the Megazord around, Weihan’s face appeared on the monitors. He looked proud and was beaming broadly – although worry shone in his eyes. He was in the same room as before and spoke happily.

“Guys, you have survived your first battle. I am proud to officially grant you the title of Power Rangers. The High Council would also like to convey their pride.”

Images of various people flashed on the screen one by one. Underneath the faces was a plaque with their names on it – Ninjor, Zedd, Dimitria, Dulcea, Rita, Divatox and Master Leiv. Something seemed…off to Ronny – like it wasn’t a live event, rather scripted and recorded. She narrowed her eyes as the transmission broke off to static – but was soon replaced by a more horrifying image. The Main Chamber was aflame, the main desk was still intact – but everyone who could was either fighting or casting spells. Ronny’s breath hitched as she saw Patchers running amok – destroying everything they could. The camera angle skewed suddenly and they were treated to an up close shot of the two Fearcats battling Ninjor and Zedd. Weihan’s voice floated over the loudspeakers – he sounded hurt, but determined.

“Guys! Eltare is under attack! Do not, I repeat – do NOT come here! Use the time for training and repairs! Don’t worry about me!”

The images skewed again – showing a strange creature with an immobile jaw, three eyes and an exposed brain, before focusing on Weihan. He looked like death warmed over – sweat matted his hair down and his eyes were everywhere. He focused on Ronny and smiled once – a thin, forced smile that didn’t reach his eyes. He ducked as a Patcher flew at his head and Ronny heard a muffled apology off screen. He spoke once again in a steady voice thick with emotion.

“Drakor is here. He is leading this attack. Try to find out where their base is located. Use the vehicles in garage O1. I will see you all again. Ronny, I love you.”

With that, the transmission winked out. Kat placed a hand on Ronny’s shoulder – the Red Ranger was clearly shook up. Simon spoke up – his words filling the two females with hope.

“He’ll be all right. He’s the Orange Ranger”


Cameo for the first person to tell me where the Neo-Parallel Engine comes from
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fight fire

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I like it alot almost as good as a real PR story
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fight fire wrote:
I like it alot almost as good as a real PR story

So...you like it then?

Draft part of Ch ??

(Probably going to be after I finish ch 15 fully...probs ch 17 or so. No Chap title yet. Words in brackets weren't in the "original" draft I have on my mobile - but I'm adding them now)

The door blew in, sending chunks of reinforced steel flying. The council ducked (instinctively), though the metal posed no threat to Dimitria, Dulcea or Rita. Weihan ducked (narrowly avoiding a falling beam), terminating the recording and reached for his TW tracker. Through the smoke and haze, he saw two figures approaching. They were both misshapen figures; humanoid - he could see that much - but grossly deformed.

The tallest figure had a strangely expressionless face (-) with an exposed brain and three eyes joined at the centre. It was wearing what could only (have been) described as Sha'Kahr armour and it held a fearsome broadsword (in one tightly clenched fist). Atop its head, its brain pulsed with each step it took on its mechanical legs (, which made the ground lightly tremble). As it drew closer, Ninjor shuddered at the look in its eyes - a glare that radiated open hatred and hostility to the High Council.

The other figure was shorter, but no less threatening. Powerful muscles rippled under its pebbled skin as it flexed its four arms. Held in (each of) its fists were four wickedly sharp short swords (, the blades glistening with fresh blood). A predatory grin stretched its relatively normal face - revealing rows (and rows) of needle sharp teeth. Wei saw that it only wore a silver breastplate for protection (- almost as if it was sure of victory). On top of its head was a halo of horns. The taller one seemed to grin (although its mouth never moved) and "spoke" - a (telepathic) voice ringing in their heads.

"Greetings, I am Drakor - Sha'Kahr Overlord. This is my loyal lieutenant, Spurex."

More to come! More Sneak Peeks? Click the link below!

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