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Unit Overhaul Ideas

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:31 am    Post subject: Unit Overhaul Ideas Reply with quote

Read my original post here: http://forum.mobrulestudios.com/viewtopic.php?t=15776

This post is about UNITS only. Mods, and possibly buildings will be discussed elsewhere.

In one general statement: Each unit probably needs to be looked at for balance. However, that's way beyond the scope of this post. I'm using this thread to explore general ideas for each grouping, Simple – Elite.

Simples –
We've already shown that there is currently no CE benefit to using Simple units - read my post about CE Overhaul here: http://forum.mobrulestudios.com/viewtopic.php?t=15778

So what IS the advantage to using Simples? Cheaper to build, and speed.

So yes, cheaper to build is an advantage, but, when you factor the high CE cost in, and the general uselessness of most Simples, it's really not much of one at all. Speed is really not an advantage at all because of two reasons: 1. most intermediate and some advanced units can either move almost as fast, and both usually have longer range weapons; 2. even without #1, Simples still have to get close enough to use their weapons, so the increased speed is rendered pretty much useless anyway. It just means you reach your death destination more quickly...

I don't expect a single Akimo to go toe-to-toe with a Katana, but a group of 4 or 5 should have a chance. (But, again, why would you ever do that because the CE cost is way to high?) Additionally, I think simple units can and should be used to fill a support role. So therefore:

Reduce the CE cost on Simple Units
-This was discussed in it's own post.

Give Simple Units an inherent dodge bonus – Maybe harder to hit 1-2 gunnery levels? I dunno.
- This would allow these units to at least have a chance of getting in and out of attack range without getting blown sky high. Every. Single. Time.

Along the "support units" line, give Simple Units an inherent, non-stacking, non-additive, very weak ability – This would enhance simple units as “support units”. I think this would work well because you obviously wouldn't use them to assault a base, for example, but you might bring a handful along if they helped your other units out somewhat.
- A few examples
Maybe a Puma Light Scout has a 2 gunnery dodge bonus. Then you could use it to, you know, scout, or draw fire, or whatever.
Maybe a Wolfhound Meka has a 10% chance per turn of automatically revealing cloakers in the sector.
Maybe a Lasher Assault Vehicle gives all of your energy units and additional +1 to energy damage.
Maybe a Cobra Tank has a +5-10% bonus to Crew EXP.
- With the above in mind, for example, if you deployed 1 or 100 or 1000 Wolfhounds, you would only have a 1 per turn 10% chance of revealing cloakers in the sector. Not a 100 x 10% chance. However, if you deployed more Wolfhounds it does mean that the 10% chance would obviously stay in effect longer, at least until the last Wolfhound was destroyed anyway. Also keep in mind that you could spread out your Wolfhounds to cover more ground and spread the effect over more sectors. This would of course expose them to quicker death, but makes for an interesting use of tactics, AND makes better use of the unit as a scout. Hope this makes sense.
- Again, from the list above, 10 Lashers wouldn't give +10 to all Energy units. You get the idea.
- By comparison, Intermediates have on-unit actis, and many Advanced units have actis and other special abilities. Why not give Simples something unique, other than “they suck”?

I don't know if I would change much on Intermediate Units - outside of evaluating individual units for balance, as was noted in my General Statement at the beginning of this post.

- I would probably only consider increasing the CE of Intermediates, and then I would ONLY do that if the Simples did not have their CE decreased, as was already discussed in another post.

See my statement under intermediates above.

Two additional points here:
- I would move every Command Unit (anything that can be activated by a BE) into the Elite Unit Level.
- I would consider increasing the CE cost on most, not all, Advanced Units. Not drastically, but there should be some increase. There is no reason an Asp Tank should be only 400 CE for example. Keep in mind my point above about moving Command Units to Elite Level. These would NOT increase in CE. My reasoning for not increasing CE significantly is I think it's necessary to flip-flop CE factor on the mods, which would automatically increase CE. (This will be discussed in it's own post.)

Again, see my post about Intermediates above.

One additional point:
-I would possibly move a few of the units from this level down to Advanced since the Command Units are moving up.

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