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Un-Paid Player Ideas

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:20 am    Post subject: Un-Paid Player Ideas Reply with quote

Read my original post http://forum.mobrulestudios.com/viewtopic.php?t=15776.

Paid players have WAY too many advantages over unpaids.
You may read this and think: “Well, paid players should have advantages since they're paying.” Yes, BUT the disparity in paid vs. unpaid keeps all but the most determined potential players from getting in the door. If the game gets volume, and manages to keep some of that volume, then the paid days will start adding up too. (Think about WoW, you can play it with basically no restrictions for FREE all the way up to level 20 – totally enough time to get someone hooked.)

Change the default CMD per day to 100 instead of 50.
- Paid players continue to make 100 per day as well.

Change the CMD cap on unpaids to 3000 instead of 1000 (or is it 2000?).
- Paid players continue to have no cap.
- 3000 CMD is the most unpaids can have until they get paid days.
- Any additional CMD through any other source is lost after 3000 is reached until they get paid days.
- This will actually motivate paid players to keep paid days because they'll potentially lose command if they let their paid days expire.

Allow access to ALL Default Mods, Units, and Buildings.
- Anything not in the original Default set (eg. BT, XP, SW, CD, etc.) is reserved for Paid players only.

Allow unpaids to get 15 paid days for free through the system. After this allow them to sell 1000 cmd back to the system for an additional 15 paid days.
- Limit this transaction to two (2) times total per player. (Kind of like how you have a free ReSpec) - In other words, once you've gotten your free 15 paid days and then paid for the additional 15 paid days with CMD, you're done.
- This cannot be renewed

Allow unpaids more planet access. - There will be a separate post on planets.
- Paids have access to all planets of course.
- Paid only planets will offer greater rewards.
- Unpaid players will not have access to any planet where TBs are a possible reward, but ore, command (up to the 3000 cap), and salvage are open and accesible.

Allow unpaids to drop a CE or structure limited base.
- Why not let them take a little base for a spin, or maybe mine some ore more efficiently!
- I'm not sure if CE limit would be better (no idea about the number here) or if a structure limit would be more ideal? (Say 10 structures?)

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