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DKs list of suggestions

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 10:15 pm    Post subject: DKs list of suggestions Reply with quote

I will try to keep my list updated, but currently this is what I personally would like to see changed or added.

UI Improvements:


-Commander screen is okay for me, could of course be improved upon but a low priority in my mind.

-Storage is a mess. If I try to look at crews it is just a nightmare sorting through them all, a crew filter would be godsend. The only real reason to even have the storage screen is for powerups, and frankly that is really messy at the moment. When I have 50 identical level 7 crews and I am trying to line it up perfectly to click the right one it is very annoying. I have yet to click the wrong crew for remove level/merit, or to merit change, but it probably will happen and has happened to other people. Make the menu tighter, or have a completely different interface for performing power ups (like specific crew power up screen, or vehichle power up screen). Units with the same mod slots and variants should also stack, would make looking at all of it a lot easier, or simply add a lot more filters for finding what you need.

-Construx is fine

-Terrabucks is fine

-Activate units screen... never look at this, its fine?

My Forces:

-Construction screen is good I think, just the way it works is a huge pain. Would be godsend if you could build multiple of the same unit in a queue. 4 build slots, want 200 bucklers, make 50 of them in each for 50x the time, but 200x less the clicks xD. Would be amazing.

-Modify Units... this is where I spend most of my time. This is probably the screen that could use the most improvements because it is one of the most important ones. Not entirely sure how, but I would suggest separating units by complexity so there is less scrolling back and fourth, allowing mass modding where if you have a unit with the same # of slots and variants, you can add a mod slot to all of that type of unit with one click, and an option to hide uncrewed units. Sometimes a fight will come when you least expect it, and it usually takes longer to mod an army then for the fight to be over xD .

-Base designer, this one is okay. Again, could use some tweaks, but I don't mind it.


I will just in general say how I feel about the market. It needs more people playing the game to be successful, so I will withhold some judgement, but in general I think it is okay. I would add a lot more filters, and a button to "clear all filters", because right now you have to unclick like 15 different things to only see shak mods, or only see powerups ect.

Allowing for private trades where you could offer anything for anything would also be really nice, especially for something like crews that are very expensive. Lots of times I will trade a crew for 10tbs, and 1,000 command, and there is no safe way to do it other then trusting the other person.

These are the ones that need the most improvement, the faction tab falls a lot under the HQ tab, communications is straight forward, deployment feels cool and is good (except maybe being able to see 2 to 3 combat reports back instead of just the last one) and library is nice, and very useful.

Deployment UI

Everything under 20 units feels very good, and everything I have greif about this is for more then 20 units. I can manage 10-20 units decently, as I am sure most others can. 120 units though is a whole other monster. Not even professional korean starcraft players have the APM to control 120 units, which is baring over 1,000 apm. It takes 5 actions per unit to attack another unit, Click stack > Click Unit > Hotkey for all attack > Click opponents stack > click opponents unit. This is repeated 120 times for 600 actions, as well as movement, actis, and commands. Now there either needs to be hotkeys for stacks, where you could have an entire stack of units can attack together, or there needs to be a max army cap of 20. Either way, this is one of the biggest flaws with this game, and serious work needs to be done. I think stack attacking could be a solution, or allowing many more hotkeys. Something along those lines, but as it currently is, it is near impossible to legitimately control a max army.

General problems with the game:

-Risk/Reward: As it stands right now, you can lose 3 years worth of command or more in a single fight that takes 30 minutes. And its all for fighting over pennies. If I am risking 3 years worth of recources, I better be getting 1,000 terrabucks or something along those lines. Vehichles need to cost less, this is a given. Not to mention, that army costs 2,000-3,000 command just to deploy. That is A MONTHS WORTH OF COMMAND. Just to get your army on the ground. Yeah...enough said about that one. Cost of deploying should be 1/10th of more of what it currently is, as well as cost of units. I don't care if everyone is running around with 120 unit armies, as long as people are actually not afraid to lose them. I would recommend adding tiers of planets, similar to rynn, in that they are CE capped, maybe a 5k-10k ce planet (30k faction wide cap), a 25k-50k ce planet (250k faction wide cap), and a 150k-200k ce planet (no faction cap), with scaling rewards for beacons.


Planet Alcadia
5,000ce-10,000ce (30,000 ce faction cap)
100 Turns
Simple/Intermediate Units and Mods only
21x21 Sectors
4 relics scattered throughout the planet that provide 3 command per turn, and a bonus 100 command, a random simple construct, and 2 random power ups to the holder at horizon.
*bandit spawn rate that of konu, no bases, and only simple/inter bandits*

Planet Haze:
25,000ce-50,000ce (250,000ce faction cap)
720 turns
30x30 sectors
4 relics scattered throughout the planet that provide 5 command per turn, and a bonus 500 command, a random intermediate construct, and 2 tears of sha'khar to the holder at horizon.
*Relics can have bases with up to 15 buildings. Relics guarded by simple/intermediate base with 10-15 bandit units, ect ect.

Planet Xero:

10,080 turns
36x36 sectors
5 relics scattered throughout the planet that provide 7 command per turn, and a bonus 1,000 command and 10 terrabucks every 1440 turns. A bonus 20 terrabucks, a random advanced or elite construct, and 5,000 command given to the holder at horizon. If a faction controls all 5 bases at horizon, an additional 4 slot activated random commander unit will be added to their storage with 10% additional armor and shields, and +1 maximum movement.
*Relics spawn with shakhar bases guarding them, as well as 50-75 units including shakhar units*

*special command cloak army: If your entire army is in one sector and no enemy units are in sight, you can cloak your entire army and they can not be revealed until you cancel the command. When you uncloak your army will receive drop shock for 10 turns, no enemies must be in the same sector to uncloak*

Just some ideas of what a good reward looks like xD

-Tyrants: As is, someone could basically buy the entire game, offering rewards for being in their faction, and buying literally everything with TBs. It isn't quite pay to win, but its damn close. The reason for this is, most fights are won simply by who has more stuff. Sure, some skill is involved and someone with a army even 50% less then the opponents could win, but that isn't really how the game works. People aren't dropping twice as much as the opposition, they are dropping 10x as much, making sure the only choice is to die or run. This can be solved by making a faction wide CE cap for planets, and possibly adding a slue of more planets. Limit faction size, limit number of allies, limit limit limit, so that way a single faction can't put a stranglehold on the game.

-Not enough PVE planets for higher level players. There should be campaign planets, or planets where you can requisition them for terrabucks and they are like a raid or something. Preferably some solo ones, as well as some small group and large group ones.

-No end game goals. Not sure how to fix this one, but as much grinding as there is in this game, there really are no fixed goals. The PVE planets could help this, maybe make ones that have required levels? Like you need to be level 500 to access this insanely profitable and cool pve planet, or something along those lines. Something to strive for. Maybe every 20 levels you get some TBs or something, possibly have weekly or monthly leaderboards for different level restricted planets that give rewards, those kind of things keep people wanting to play more and more and get addicted xD .

-Cost of units/Playing. As I said already, it takes a month of command to deploy an army, and way more then that to make it. The whole command thing needs to be reworked, I would say 1/10th or less what it currently costs to deploy units, and 1/10th or less what it currently costs to make them. Make it required to log in to get your daily 100 command, that way we don't have a million people with giant stock piles. Either that or make it so that you can earn command in game much easier, that might be a better solution. Have lots of planets that reward command so that you are able to maintain and play.

I am sure I will think of more, but this is what I have for now. Hope this feedback helps and there are many things I love about the game, but for now we focus on the annoying stuff for me Razz . Feel free to comment on my ideas!
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dude have you tried checking the cmd buy order?
before 150-180cr per cmd is the usual price..
Now its down to 80-100cr/per.. Your planets suggestion will totally ruin the prices a lot more...

Plus the construx reward.. I dont think it should be given so easily.. cuz strux are a permanent resources.. which is why it has to be hard earned...

Now the risk/reward this is a game where either you boom or your bust..
If you win you get the salv and if you lose you lose everything... (Not very friendly for new players) but the units that new players can actually use are very cheap and for vets they already know the ways how to harness resources easily..

Deployment UI
The required apm to use a huge army is what gives squad fighters a fighting chance agaisnt armies... Giving a flavor to the game..

My Forces
I totally support you on this one

This one too.

Last thing
The daily 100 cmd bonus... make it more reasonable.. not log in..
But deploy and plus a bandit kill or more...
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