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NEW-6/27/14- A Corporations Struggle (Book/Novel), Chapter 5

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:45 pm    Post subject: NEW-6/27/14- A Corporations Struggle (Book/Novel), Chapter 5 Reply with quote

Before anyone reads I'd like to begin by saying this is meant to be an actual book that'll someday hopefully get published, or self published would be awesome. This doesn't start right in the action, like many books it sets up plot and the dilemma. As the book progresses it'll become more and more into the action. Both in and out of the Units we love, and ones I have created. Without further word, here's chapter one.

Welcome to Riona

On the planet Riona, a new corporation has been hard at work for the last 16 Earth months. Blinding red sandstorms, minimal atmosphere, and harsh surface topography, the planet was mostly left untouched by the times. The discoveries of an Iron rich core by the Halo Corporation lead the once small group of miners and tinkers to a now fortified base above and below ground. With the tensions growing and the outbreak of war on the edge of the galaxy, Factions and groups alike demand stronger and better units to protect themselves with. As the corporation on Riona grows, so does the tensions with other groups who want to use the Iron for their own needs...
A green light flashed above the door as it opened, a young woman walked through to a large room with a giant Meka behind layers of glass. This Meka stands around three to four times taller then a normal human and has a humanoid type body.
Standing around 5 foot 8 inches with blond hair tied into a ponytail, a casual red suit with the label 'Red Mist Commander' across the front and back, mid thirties, Mania Fleet casually walks down the stairs to where an older man in a pure white suit sits comfortably watching an observation screen.

"How are the tests going Professor?" She asks. The Professor, Alexander Jacob Borne, jumped a little at the sound of her voice.

Standing up, he salutes her and replies, "Ohh, Mania, I wasn't expecting you so soon! They are just about done. With this new type of Meka, we should be able to dig into the deepest parts of Riona. You were right about your guess; the particles are becoming denser the deeper we dig."
Walking next to the Professor, Mania looks up to the Meka in front of her that is being pressurized, she looks at the screen showing the pressure control. Pushing a few buttons on the computer, a hologram of the Meka pops up and begins to spin slowly.

"It seems a lot like the Wartech's version that they use for surface breaking on the Outer Planets for their Ore collecting. It also seems much bulkier." Mania said in a clear voice.

The professor pulling up a Hologram of his own replies, "Indeed, the idea they had for surface breaking was an excellent start, but they lacked any real strength and speed behind their drills which is why they started to rely on scoops rather then a strong drill for deeper resources. This drill on the other hand..." The professor enlarges the drill on Mania's hologram, " is twenty times stronger then Wartech’s. You see with the adva…"

A voice over the Comms Link cuts the Professor off, "Mania, you have visitors from the Galactic Empire." the firm voice says.

Mania replies in a displeased voice, "Tell them I am in a middle of a meeting or something, I have no time for the Scourge of this Galaxy.”

A pause is heard over the Comms. Link and chatter is heard until the voice replies, "They are saying it’s urgent and need to speak with you immediately."

Mania looks at the Professor half displeased in which he replies, "Its best if you go, who knows how long those dogs will be barking for a bone from you."

Mania chuckles, "No kidding, they are rather troublesome though... Voi, tell them I'll see them in my meeting quarters in five minutes."

Voi replies over the Comms. Link, "Yes Ma'am. I'll guide them there personally."

Mania sighs, says her goodbye to the Professor as she heads back out the door.

Up in the meeting room, two men dressed in white uniforms with gold trim sat in wait for Mania. One was a late 40 year old man who was decorated with many medals and had a rugged face. The other was much younger then his partner. Looking mid twenties, he sat anxiously looking from wall to wall to the door as if remembering everything perfectly. The small room consisted of eight chairs lined on one side of a wall, which the two men sat in, and a large stone desk with a computer built into it with a worn chair behind it. The walls, having no windows, were solid rock with banners of the group 'Red Mist' and ‘Halo Corporation’ hanging from them. Air vents were on the floor and ceiling. Three minutes passed until the door opened. Mania walked into the room as the two men stood up.
Taking her place behind the desk leisurely, she said, "What is it you Galactics wished to speak to me about so urgently?"

The two men looked at each other, and then the young one approached the desk laying out a folder.

"The Galactic Empire Supreme Leader wishes for you to join the ranks of our army. Your 'corporation' would have unlimited access to research funds, and be able to consult with the brightest minds in this galaxy. You would also be-"The young officer said.

Mania cut him off before he could finish and leaned forward.
"And what says that my corporation needs help for any reason? I've built this corporation from the ground up out of nothing but the blinding redness of Rionas Fury when your 'empire' declined to help in any way from the start. Now you’re hoping I join your ranks so you can collect the vast amount of iron that my corporation controls." Mania said in a stone voice which almost echoed in the room.

The young man was caught up in his words and was at a loss on what to say. The older man took a step forward silencing the young man.

“We understand that the Galactic Empire and the Halo Corporation may have gotten off on the wrong foot. We only wish to help you in whatever way possible to see you grow in strength. With that said, you and your whole commanding squad have been offered a 'tour' of our closest Space Colony, DDT-241, also known as Grand Hope as an apology on our part." The older man said sincerely.

Before Mania could reply, the man laid down a metal device similar to a hologram on her desk and began to leave with the younger man.
Voi, who was standing outside, led the way out. Mania staring at the device picked it up and leaned back in the chair.

"They have some balls trying to persuade me to join this 'pact' of theirs through bribery..." Mania said to herself.
A few minutes passed and a knock was heard at the door.

"Come in." Mania said.
Voi and the professor entered the room. Voi stood six foot two inches in height, and was built like an Ox from head to toe. He was one of the original founders of the Corporation being one of the Miners who worked with Mania. He was 35, had dark brown hair that went to eye length and tattoos running down both arms.

"Soooo, what did the 'Dogs of War' want?" Voi asked amusingly.

"To get us to sign into a pact with them." Mania said in a mockingly voice.

"Did they give you a gift for declining?" Voi chuckled amusingly pointing at the metal device Mania was now so ever carelessly toying with.

"It’s not a gift, Voi; it’s an offering of good will. If Mania accepts, they will bug us much more then they already are and expect things from us then. But if we decline whatever they offered, they could take offense and retaliate with firepower we cannot match." The professor said steeply.
Voi looked at the professor, then to Mania. She was still playing with the hologram type device.

"So what did they offer you Mania?" Voi asked.

Mania sat the device down and looked at Voi, "They offered all of Red Mist a 'tour' of the closest Space Colony."

Almost instantly Voi's expression became filled with mixed emotions as if his jaw hit the floor. "You mean they are PERSONALLY willing to give us a tour of a SPACE colony!? You’re accepting this right!?" Voi was beaming with enjoyment but then went to a worried state directly after remembering the Professors words.

Mania looked at the professor, who she wasn't able to read, then back to the device. "Call in the rest of the Red Mist squad and the heads of power Voi. We’re having a meeting in three days to discuss this. I want a report of everyone who is able to attend on my computer by tomorrow dusk. Accepting or declining this could spark involuntary actions just as the Professor has said."

“Agreed… One of our members is not planet side though. She may still be working with the off world Merchants to get a trading route to our base.” Voi acknowledged.

Reading through the folder left by the Galactic Officer Mania replies,

“That’s fine. With her luck we will be floating in even more riches then what we already know to do with. Also, be sure to inform all the members attending the meeting that we will have a Galactic Representative present.” Mania said.

“Understood.” Voi responded and headed out of the room.

“What are you thinking of doing Mania?” The professor asked.

“I’m not sure yet, Alex, but we both know we have to accept this or they will send their own recon and pilots to build a base here on Riona.” Mania replied.

“Yeah. Well, I’ll bid you farewell, I still have plenty of work to do on that drill.” The professor said as he started to walk out.

“Let me know when it’s operational and ready for a test run, I’m sure Voi would love to pilot that thing if he ever cared to learn.” Mania replied.
The room went quiet as the door closed behind the professor, leaving only Mania in the stone meeting room. She sat and continued to read each paper in the folder and examined every picture thoroughly.

Three days passed at the base and vehicles of all sorts have filled the garages and depots. With news of the Galactic Empire’s offering to Mania, many awaited what was to come of it. To add to the tension, a vicious sandstorm has been running amuck since the morning putting almost the entire workforce on hold on external projects leaving many to gossip about the soon to be meeting.

In the meeting room, Mania sat at the farthest end of the table. The table, able to hold up to twenty one people, was only about three fourths full.

“Anyone heard from Zaku or the other two?” Mania asked out loud.
The others nodded their head. Mania becoming uncomfortable with the tension began to rock back and forth in the chair which made an unusual squeaking noise. Three minutes, six minutes, nine minutes pass until the mechanical door opened and everyone turned to look at who entered.

The first to walk in at a quick pace was Voi, who was clearly in the sandstorm as the white spots on his suit were spotted with bright red dust. The second person to walk in was wearing a dark red uniform labeled “Red Mist Brawler” and a name tag saying “Zaku”. Standing around five foot ten, around two hundred and forty pounds, Zaku was a normal looking person around these parts. Except for the part for having the most oddest shade of Brown hair, which almost seemed to be shaded from dark to light from front to back of his head to an almost dirty blonde color at the farthest tips. Third to come in was a Galactic Representative who seemed to be shaken up. The Representative moved to the right side of the room and Voi followed directing him to a seat almost next to Mania, with Voi taking the seat between them. Zaku sat himself near the other end of the table.

“We’re sorry for the delay Mania.” Zaku says from across the table. “But we ran into the notorious “Head Hunters” while we were guiding our Representative to the base.”

Mania cracked a smile, as she knew the Head Hunters bandit group was nothing more then one of Red Mists very own junk squads meant to scare any un-wanted guests into thinking Riona was a dangerous planet to be on. While not the best trained, they were rebuilt Mekas and truly looked bandit-like. On top of that, they were capable at fighting at nearly any range needed.

“I sure hope you didn’t hurt your Meka, or Voi’s truck for that matter Zaku. Mister Galactic Representative, I do apologize for any scare you may have had on your trip here.” Mania said.

The Representative, still shaking a little, looked up at Mania. “N-n-no Ma’am, its n-not a p-problem. Y-your pilot, Zaku, is highly skilled and provided much protection. And ma’am, you may call me Adam.” Adam said as he sat up a little more giving a half smile.

“Okay then, Adam. I guess we should start since we are all accounted for then.” Mania said picking up a remote as she stood. “We have one issue to discuss before the Galactic Issue. So Adam, please make yourself comfortable for the time being.”

Clicking a button on the remote, a screen pops up in the middle of the table.

“As you can see, our tests on the iron collected from Riona are bringing back a much more positive reading the deeper we go, as we expected. But my Head of Research, Alexander Jacob Borne, has informed me that the density per gram is increasing dramatically every few yards we go down. At this rate, we won’t be able to dig any further, and we will have to open a new dig site.”

About this time one of the members stands up and replies,” With our current economic backup, we could easily go two years without digging up any more iron, and just focus on its sale. That's not including the profit from that. I don’t see what the problem is in this Ma’am.”

“That’s a good point Max, but economics is not the worry here.” Mania responds in an almost satisfied voice.

“Then what is the worry here for you to bring this up in a meeting that is literally an alliance negotiation with War Hungry Dogs?” A second member stands up and replies in a displeased voice.
Adam flinched at the remark, but doesn’t make a comment.

“The point that I am making, Head of Base Security, is that the iron found fifty yards below where we are drilling now is nearly impenetrable.” Mania quipped pointing at the screen. “But is still able to be melted down into whatever our needs are. Right now, we are only mining, refining and selling the iron. We are doing very little with what we gather. With this ultra high quality iron not seen outside what's rumored to be 'The Silent Corporations' grasp, I think we should be coming up with our own Meka armor to sell off for a hefty price.”

Commotion was heard about the room for a good three minutes, until the Head of Base Security replied, “Surely you’re joking, right? We have just grasped the technology of having Mekas built for our mining Operations; you cannot think we can build Combat Armor to sell!”

All went silent at his comment. Mania looked at the Head of Base Security, then to Adam, then back and smiled. “Why yes, I do think we can. Which brings us to the Galactic Empires tour of one of their Space Colonies; I’m sure that the Galactic Empire is more then willing to get first bid on some of this ultra high quality iron at the expense of some of their own schematics of their Mekas.”

"MEKAS!?" The Head of Base Security screamed, giving a half laugh while flipping some papers and walking across the room.
Commotion started again through the room, and stayed for a good five minutes. Once the Head of Security took his seat again, Zaku stood up, “Despite the Galactic Empires first denial to help us, I think we can drive a little more out of them then that, Mania. But overall, I do agree. I do believe it is time to cast your vote. Please use the computer to cast your vote.”

Clicks were heard for a minute, on the table, Adam looked around to see that they were actually monitors with a holoscreen popup. All sat still until Voi made the final vote. The screen popped up in the middle of the table with the votes. Its was a close vote, with 8 voting for, 6 voting against and 3 taking a neutral stance.

“I guess that settles it then, I thank all the Heads of Power who came today and bid you farewell. May the Red Mist crew members that are here please stay? And Voi, please get the other members.” Mania said.
While the other people were leaving, Zaku and two other members stood up and came to sit by Mania. By this time Voi had already left with the other members and was returning with four other members all wearing uniforms with the words “Red Mist” on them. They all took their places at the table.

Voi turned to leave, but just as he did Mania said, “You can stay for this one Voi.”
Voi looked back, and picked the closest chair to the exit replying “Thanks.” as he sat down.
With attention focused back onto Mania, she pulled out the metal device the first two Galactic Representatives gave her.

“Before we continue, I think Adam over here should get an introduction to all of our members, don’t you agree? I’m sure you and Zaku met on a good foot already; let us go to our next member then.” Mania said while pointing to the person next to Zaku.

“I’m Thorn Baker, Reconnaissance expert of the group.” Thorn said nodding slightly.
She stood around five foot seven, and was skinny. Dark Purple hair that covered her left side of her face and came down to her chin, making her the most easily noticeable group member. She was also one of the youngest.

A man stood up from across the table, “The names Gemini Victor, and don’t wear it out. I’m the guy you see when you want something with plenty of holes in it.”
Gemini stood about five foot nine, and was the most balanced member of the team weight and muscle wise. He was also one of the only member to always openly carry a weapon on him.
As Gemini sat back down, another member rose on the other side of the table.

“Hello Adam, names Veronica Gram. I’m the newest that’s been allowed into the squad, I haven’t been given a role yet in the squad but I passed their qualification tests with the best scores yet… hehe.”
Veronica was about Thorns age, maybe just a little older. She stood about five foot six with wire frame glasses over her golden eyes. She was the most knowledgeable and probably most intelligent out of any of the members.
Veronica sat back down and another member began to talk.

“Vladimir Gustavo Helix, sniping is my specialty.” Helix said with a somewhat sinister smile.
He was the tied as the tallest member of the group with Voi and usually the quietest of the bunch, if you didn't know him that is. Many patches ran up his leather coat including a blatantly obvious patch that said " Galactic Empire? More like Paranoid Galaxy Farce!".

“James Anderson over here! I’m up front and personal usually running next to Zaku into battle. Bloody fun to rip other Mekas in half with a partner next to yea!” Anderson snarked from his slight smile below a jagged scar on his cheek.

He was about the same height as Zaku but with an annoyingly upbeat attitude. Even in the heat of battle, Anderson would be giving off humorous remarks to allies.

The final member, who was sitting between Helix and Anderson, was more interested in what she was drawing then the conversation at hand. Anderson gave her a polite nudge followed by a slight, overly loud ahh-hem to let her know it was her turn.

“Oh sorry, was caught up in how to equip a versatile blade launcher comparable to a ballistic round in a need-be situation to propel it and not take off my Mekas arm with it nor ruin my overall controlabil…” She stopped noticing the vapid glares she was receiving. “Uhh, I’m Ash. Or at least that’s what everyone calls me. I’m an all round Meka pilot. As long as its generator works and it can fire, I can pilot it. Or design stuff for it. You see, I'm mo-” She was cut off as Anderson gave her another nudge. She punched Anderson in the arm, who laughed slightly, gave a slight huff and began attending to her design again.

Ash is almost identical to Mania in appearance, except that her hair is a nice shade of red and has a detailed tattoo around her neck. She stood an inch shorter then Mania at five foot seven.

“Well, now that we got our introductions out of the way I think we can get down to business.” Mania said as she clicked a few buttons on the medal device.

A hologram of a Space station popped up followed by a clear and warming male voice. Various pictures and scenes danced about
“Hello Madam Fleet and Red Mist squad. We thank you for accepting the Galactic Empires offer to visit our Colony, Grand Hope. We do ask you to bring a few of your Mekas to show off your skill in a virtual combat simulator but it is not necessary. Your trip will last for three days and three nights. On the forth day we will take you back to your base on Riona. We will provide a free flight to our colony and back. If you choose we can station two members of our Omega Team squad at your base whom you can meet personally before you leave. Our Representative Adam Whitenburg shall answer any further comments or questions you have. Once again on behalf of the Galactic Empire I thank you for accepting our invitation.” The hologram faded as the group turned to Anderson.

“Well, I do have a message to relay Adam. If I may, Mania.” Anderson asked.

“You may.” Mania replied.

“Hehe, we will bring two of our Mekas along!” Anderson said.

“Make that three, I’m not gonna be underhanded by some dudes who think brawling is the way to go.” Thorn said.

“Awe common now Rosy, you’re not still sore after I ripped the arm and cannon off your last Meka are you?” Anderson snickered ducking an incoming pen.

Thorn, becoming agitated. “I’ll show you how to rip off more then an arm if you keep this up Ander…”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough you two. You all will get your chances to rip each other to shreds soon enough.” Mania said in a laughing voice.
The others were all laughing at this point as well, including Adam.

“So when are you guys planning to leave?” Voi asked settling down.

“The date to leave is the 48th.” Adam said briskly.

“The 48th, ey? That’s what, four days away? Hot damn, better get into the garage and fix my puppy up so I can go rip another petal off of Rosy!” Anderson said while jumping up and running out of the room.

“That asshole! He isn’t going to survive for another day at this rate!” Thorn said getting up to give chase.

“Hah, Ohh I gotta see this bro! Last time Thorn was pickin’ a fight with Anderson he ended up with a plasma burn on his chest nearly laughing himself to death. I’ll catch y’all later.” Gemini said walking out of the room still snickering.

“Well, I guess you can say the meetings dismissed. Adam, I’ll show you to your quarters.” Mania said standing.

“Thanks Ma’am… Uhh, just one question…. Are your squad members always like this?” Adam asked.
Mania got up and looked at him for a minute, pondering.

“Yeah, they are. I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be. I mean hey, if it helps them out where it counts, they could be complete buffoons for all I care. As long as nothing is destroyed, that is.” She said chuckling, quickly looking at the remainder of the remaining members. Adam followed her to the door.

“Galactic Empire policy never lets us have such loose rules during official meetings like that. I could get used to being here.” Adam said quietly as they stopped by the door.

“You’re free to stay here if you like, but your going to be put to work just like anyone else Adam. Nobody lives here who doesn’t work or who hasn’t worked for some time. Even I still do manual labor around here. But enough chit-chat, its late and the Sandstorm still has yet to let up. I say we call it an early night.” Mania said.

The rest of the members stood up and walked out while Voi, Mania and Adam were the last to leave. Mania and Voi showed Adam his room and bid him a good evening.

“What gave you the brilliant idea to use the Galactic Empire in such a way that profits us like that?” Voi asked.

“A little trick I learned from you when trying to get us a steady job, you could say.” Mania said smiling while walking towards her quarters. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Good Night Voi.”

“Night Mania, Don’t let the ninjas catch you off guard tonight!” Voi said sarcastically.
Both laughed quietly as they each went to their quarters.
Check out my Created Construx, all feedback welcomed! I'll start you out on the newer stuff, so just scroll down! Razz

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If it isn't one thing, its another

Early in the morning Mania was woken up by her alarm clock. Mania chucked a small pillow at the wall the alarm clock was in and it shut off. Laying there for a good five minutes she stretched and flipped over trying to wake herself up. The alarm went off again. "Mania, the Galactic Empire is expected today, I apologize for such an intrusion but I wanted you to have adequate time to prepare." The AI's voice said from the alarm clock, back to its more humanistic side.

“Alarm off.” Mania said disgruntled.
She leisurely rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. Once she was done cleaning up and grabbing new clothes, she flopped back down back onto her bed.

“Ehhhh, so much to do today and so little time.” She said to herself as she looked over at the piloting suit she wore yesterday.

"I will be covering your technological work today Miss. Its all I have to offer." The AI spoke once more.

"Thank you, I guess I'll owe you at one point." Mania responded as she hugged a smaller pillow.

"No need, you saved my, uhm, programming. I will always be indebted to you. Have a warming day Mania." The AI spoke once more. Mania got up; grabbed her piloting suit, and walked out the door to the elevator. As she waited a door near her opened and Anderson came walking out.

“Mornin' Mam! Heard you had a lil' bit o' fun without me yesterday.” Anderson said with a grin on his face and a slight yawn.
Yawning in return, Mania asked, “Indeed we did. But I see you remedied that with another bottle. Anyways, who did you hear it from?”
The elevator opened and they both walked in.

“I come waltzing out of the pub, in my usual attire of glass, and all I hear is Ms. Rosy complaining about how some chunks of metal damaged her beaut'.” Anderson said while chuckling.
The elevator doors opened again and they both walked out.

“Ere', gimmie that. I'm heading to the hanger as it is.” Anderson said as he took Manias pilot suit.

“Uhm, thanks. I'll see you later tonight then.” Mania replied as she headed to the main desk. When she got to the desk Voi seemed to have just finished a towering stack of paperwork.

“Just finished the paperwork consisting of the cost of our new drill, and the temporary agreement with the Galactic Empire for our rich iron.” Voi said in a boring sigh.

“Thanks Voi. Can you check the status of everyone's Meks'? We need to make sure everything is in order with those.” Mania said as she took a seat next to Voi.

“Yep, just one second. It seems like Ros...I mean Thorn's Meka is completely functional with no damage. Ash is doing some type of experimental tri-barrel system on it as we speak. Anderson's Energized Battle Ax is stable. And Zaku's Katana has an OK for now. Looks like its all set for when you leave tonight.” Voi announced in a pleased tone.

“Keep me posted if anything happens, I'll catch you later.” Mania said hugging him before standing up to leave.
For the remainder of Mania's time she had, she went over the work schedule for when she would be gone. After minor tweaking in the report, which only took 15 minutes, she went to go work near the mine the base used for testing new equipment. As noon time came around a worker approached her as she was remotely scanning the ground for iron concentration.

“Excuse me Ma'am, but a shuttle just arrived from the Galactics' Ship that’s now in orbit around our planet.” He said through a breathing mask. She halted the machine and looked back at the worker.

“Think you can take this over?” she said as she moved to the side.

“Uh, sure... Ohh, and not to be rude ma'am, but you may want to hurry.” The worker said as he grabbed the controls.

“Thanks, and keep the good work up!” Mania said as she jogged to the elevator which was a few yards away. A few more workers got in as well before the elevator went up. Reaching the surface everyone dispersed and Mania looked up and saw what seemed to be a gigantic ship was hovering over her base.

“Holy shit that things big...” Mania said staring at it for a minute before another quick jog to the base. Entering the first airlock she took off the small oxygen enhancer and breathing mask before going through the second and third airlock to the main lobby. Quickly scanning the area, she noticed three white and gold armed, uniformed men standing in front of a meeting room with Berserker and Lance at attention. Getting to the front of the room the guard who was blocking the doorway took a step to the side revealing Voi, Helix, one of the Rionaian base guards, and two more Galactic uniformed men sitting down, one heavily decorated.

“It’s nice to see the Galactic Empire to drop in early. I hope you know we still have five hours until take off.” Mania said while taking a seat next to Helix.

“We do, we decided to see how our two members have adapted to your surroundings.” The heavily decorated Galactic said.

“I believe we have yet to introduce ourselves, I'm sure you know I'm Mania. Next to me is Helix, and over there is Voi. And of course, our loyal guard Edward.” Mania said giving a half smile.
“Very pleased to meet all of you. I am Ship Master Leroy, and next to me is the Overseer of my ship Mr. Fredrick Filks.” Leroy said. “Now the reason we came here so early is that we wanted to make sure your Meks build was able to go from the gravity of your planet to the gravity of our Space Station. Our researchers say your gravity is about 1.67 times stronger then the stations. Which is nearly two times as strong as Earths, which we have attempted to keep our standard around.”

“So what you’re saying is you think they may fall apart due to the differential gravity shift?” Voi asked. Helix popped his head up looking at Voi for a minute before he continued to read.

“Indeed, when we asked for the damage assessments to our members' Mekas who arrived here, we noticed severe damage to the leg joints, and the weapons dramatically lost range.” Leroy said.

“All honesty, only problem were going to have is Andersons' Meka. It’s going to go destroy itself if it tries moving in lower gravity.” Helix said.

“If that’s true, Zaku's will be even worse off. We haven't updated his in a while. That means we got two empty slots...” Mania said as she leaned back in her chair.

“Well, you and Helix could always come in their places.” Fredwick said happily.

“I guess, my Meka does weigh just about as much as Zaku's. What about you Helix, want to get your walking behemoth to a shooting range?” Mania asked looking as Helix. He gave a half smile and nodded without looking away from his book.

“Well, I better go tell Anderson and Zaku. Hell, might as well tell Thorn that her rival can't participate. This is gonna be a trip.” Voi said in a heavy tone while walking out.

“I take it Anderson and Zaku are a little rowdy?” Fredwick asked, before glancing at Leroy. Mania chuckled at his comment.

“A little? Yeah, I guess you can say that about Anderson. There hasn't been a day I haven't seen him with that silly grin or type of physical injury inflicted onto him. Honestly, I think it's apart of his daily routine. Even when he had to go into immediate surgery for having a medal rod shot through his arm he still managed to piss off the doctor in charge.” Mania said smiling as if she was talking to any other member of her group.

“Indeed... Well, if we have nothing else to discuss, I hope to check out the pub you have here. The crew in the hanger said they have some of the best food up top of Riona.” Leroy said as he stood up, Fredwick a second after.

“Without a doubt, tell the tender to use the code 1993-125 and you'll get your meals for free.” Mania said pivoting in the chair to watch them leave. The two men nodded in gratitude and walked out, their guards following.

“Not the most of conversationalists are they?” Mania said aloud.

“Nope.” Helix responded with a boring voice.

“I'd agree to that.” Edward said laughing a bit..

“I totally forgot you were there Eddy. Heh, your dismissed.” Mania said while smiling.

“Not a problem, I’ll see you when you return Miss.” Edward said as he walked out of the room.
Spinning back around Mania looked over at Helix, then down to the book he was reading.

“You couldn't stop reading once dur...” Mania stopped half sentence and cocked her head to one side.

“Is... Is that book upside down?” Mania asked puzzled.

“Yup.” Helix replied uninterested.

“I...Uhm, why are you reading it upside down?” Mania asked still not getting the concept.
Helix sighed and replied while flipping a page, “The last time I had a different hobby, I backed up our servers for 15 hours. On top of that, I lost my pay for three weeks, and was actually forced to do miners work. Then a guard decided to tussle with me, and push comes to shove he broke four bones, I broke my arm, and we both were in the hospital for a week or so. So instead of that, I decided that I should read a book twice. It keeps me occupied.”
Mania withdrew her cocked head and looked at him with a puzzled face. She decided that it wasn't worth pushing right now and stood up.

“Well, just remember to get your Meka setup for pickup soon.” She said as she walked out the door. As she exited she saw the last glimpse of the Galactics entering the pub and the guards’ weapons being set aside. Turning to go back underground, Anderson and Zaku both were standing behind her.

“Cuse' me, but I heard sumthin' bout me and Zaku over here being pulled from this little thing we wanted to do, do you know whom we might speak to with that?” Anderson said half amused and half aggravated, Mania jumped at their sight, not expecting them.

“Listen now Anderson, I didn't take into consideration such a large gravity difference between our planet and their space station. Your legs would literally out run your torso ripping it off, and Zaku's attack speed would easily destroy itself. Both your Mekas haven't been updated and already push their limits.” Mania said in a quick burst.

“Told you Anderson, that’s what you get for not letting the tech's update it.” Zaku said.

“Hey you don't get to use yours either so I don't see why your takin' her side.” Anderson said a little more agitated.

“I didn't want to go in the first place, you volunteered me and I just rolled with it.” Zaku replied with a slight smirk.

“Well, Anderson if you let our Techs upgrade it I can assure you the next time we are asked to go to a orbital space station to demonstrate our Corporations Mekas you will be the one leading it.” Mania said assumingly.

“And how in the bloody hell do you think your going to draw that type of attention with just one meet... Ohh, your gonna show them your prized jewel arnt'cha?” Anderson said now with a half smile.

“Mine and Helix's to be exact.” Mania said with a slight smile as well.

“I’ve always wanted to see how a Meka really looked when Helix hit one dead on as it happened.” Zaku said.

“Hot damn! This might not be that bad after all. I mean, I can see our leader be blown to shreds and watch the replay as many times as I want! Ohh boy, I'm kinda happy I pilot that piece of crap now!” Anderson said as he jogged away in the opposite direction.

“You know, for a second I thought he lost that attitude of his.” Mania said with a disgruntled sigh.

“Hah, its Anderson. Did you seriously expect it to go away because of that? Better yet, don't answer that. I'm gonna go help Veronica, she wanted me and Voi to help with something, but we both were busy at the time and told her when she got back we would.” Zaku said.

“Alrighty, I'll catch you later. Make sure your on time.” Mania said numbingly.
Mania walked to the elevator and paused for a moment. “I swear I had to go down here for something…” She said. The doors started to close before an alarm went off,

“Warning, incoming unknown enemy. Base guns powering on, work crews report indoors. Squad one prepare to be launched.” the AI spoke repeatedly. Mania quickly stuck her arm out to block the elevator door and ran out. A quick look around and Fredwick came jogging next to Mania as she headed for the hangar.

“Unknown enemy?” He asked.

“Most likely a new bandit group, their pings are not registered to any we know of.” Mania spoke quickly and a guard handed her a report. She quickly scanned over it and handed it to another guard as she passed into the hangar.

“Apparently there is only one of them.” she spoke.

“Shall I call in an orbital cannon strike? I have the Light Arms Coordinator on the line right now.” Fredwick asked as Mania jogged into the changing room. A few quick minutes later she came back out and headed towards her Meka.

“No, I'll lead the group personally.” She responded to him as she waved over a technician.

“Are the Head Hunters ready? And is mine charged up?” She asked swiftly with Fredwick at her heels.

“Yes Ma'am. Give your lasers about a minute or so when you deploy and they will be at maximum damage capacity.” He spoke swiftly following next to her as best he could.

“Sir this is a loading area, I'll have to ask you to go back into the main base.” A guard said as he cut Fredwick off.

“Ms Fleet! I'll have orbital command forward you what they can from up there!” Fredwick yelled as she started climbing to her cockpit. Closing the hatch and sealing it, different lights and sounds were made as it powered up.

“Main weapon check, shields powering up, energy turrets at 25%, leg joints released. Direct line to Galactic Ship authorized.” A loud noise was made as the third leg hit the ground.

“This is HH1, Mania I'm reverting my men under your control. Me and HH2 are in the Long Rifle Mekas, mostly long range support. HH3 is our scout and not being deployed. HH4, 5, and 6 are in the retrofitted Witman Mekas. They call them the jack of all trades so they will move accordingly. HH7 is below par of your Meka, a Lightfoot Meka. Speedy with a nice cannon and two energy guns.” HH1 spoke over the communication channel.

“Thanks HH1, lets get prepared to move out. I want you and HH2 at max range possible at all times with aimed shots. HH4, 5, and 6 will be at their average range with evasive maneuvers and HH7 run with me and upload terrain data.” Mania spoke as the first airlock opened. All the units stepped forward in line and the door closed behind them. A few minutes later the second airlock opened and the units rushed out.

“Base turrets have bombarded the path the unit is taking to the base. Its quick and I'm still unable to pick up any stats. The estimated arrival is 40 seconds Mania.” The AI said in a puzzled voice.

“Forty seconds, double time! Witmen form up and get over there! HH1 and two use the hill to your advantage, HH7 stick close to me, we're going to provide close range support accordingly.” Mania said as they sprinted towards the fireworks in the distance. Soon a large purple looking unit came into range.

“What in the fuck is that thing?” HH4 said hesitatingly.

“It moves as if its alive, that's astounding tech-work!" HH1 responded.

“That is alive! Its a Sha'Kahr scout, has a heavy bio energy weapon, and two ballistic like weapons. You need to-” Fredwick was cut off from communications as a large beam shot out from the unit hitting Mania's shields square on.

“Shield capacity at 35%” The automated voice spoke.

“Shit! Fire all weapons! Evasiveness is key, if its alive get it to look into the wind and sun!” Mania said as a hail of weapon fire struck the beast. A loud groan was heard as the bases volley reached it as well. Within an instant the beast charged a Witman Meka knocking it over and biting at its mid section.
“Get this thing off me! Its ripp-” HH6 was cut off as Comms. went dead.

“Concentrated fire on that! Perform wild maneuvers! Call off rocket bombardments, get HH3 to deploy and rescue him.” Mania said continuously shouting out orders as it jumped after Mania. Two shots rang out and nailed the beast in its side making it sideswipe her Meka.
“Shield capacity at 12%, shoulder damage significant, Red Mist Members deployed. Those spikes are razor sharp, be careful.” the AI said taking over the remaining automated one. Mania spun her Meka to the direction of the Sha'Kahr and opened fired with her own hail of bullets and energy shots followed by HH7's lighter volley. The bullets staggered it only for a moment as two howitzer like shots rang out after her Meka.

“Ohh fuck me this is gonn-” Mania was cut off as a giant blur stepped in front of her and took the shots.

“Oi' felt like my ex slappin' me! Armors down to 25%.” Anderson said as he let out a round of pulsed energy, clearly hurting the creature moreso than Mania.

“Red Mist is taking over this operation, Headhunters report back to base.” Helix spoke. The Sha'Kahr jumped after Anderson and was pelted by a thunderous roar as a high explosive round hit it nearly tearing it in half. Blood stained the sand surrounding it

“There's a prized shot.” Helix said as the beast roared in agony. Still maintaining its entire body somehow it hit Andersons' retreating Meka in the leg with a heavy energy like blast knocking it over.

“FUBAR'D! That thing has a bigger ego then Helix with Rosy's attitude to boot! Careful you guys!” Anderson spoke as if he just ran a mile. Out of cloak Thorns Covert Meka placed nine rounds in quick succession into the back of the Sha'Kahr laying it to rest for good. The dead beast released the rest of its glowing energy into the ground.

“Woohoo! I love Ash! I just tea-bagged that thing!” Thorn said.

“Damage report, salvage and tech teams to that thing. I want as much research done on it as possible. No galactic intervention at all.” Mania said disengaging her Mekas' targeting systems.

“Anderson's Battle Ax should be okay after a week or so of extensive repair. The Witman crew survived, but is being hospitalized. His Mekas pretty much destroyed, he will need a replacement. A Long Rifle got the butt end of a shell that ripped through the Battle Ax, but nothing too substantial. Damage can be repaired within an hour. Your own Mekas' left energy cannon has been dislodged, another part cut cleanly, nothing a quick hour and a half repair will not fix. I just set yours as a Priority one repair.” The AI spoke. The group secured the area while the 3rd small squad was dispatched along with the salvagers came to take their place.

“All right we are in position, thanks Red Mist we should be able to take it from here.” A deeper mans voice spoke.

The whole ordeal lasted around three hours with Mania's Meka being repaired in neck breaking time and the Witman pilot being released from the hospital. The Galactics who were still in the base applauded them for being able to take out the scout sent to their base and such well tactics on an unknown enemy. The NewsCom on Riona was filled with the ordeal that took place, spectators catching the action on their own cameras and 'leaked' base feeds courtesy of Voi were circulating the media. Even Shipmaster Leroy made a few comments on-air, which seemed to stir some controversy up.

"That one was just a scouting party. I'm wondering where its friends are." Commented Leroy.

"So you mean to tell us, that abomination is actually a scout? The thing that just cost over a small fortune in damage? And that there should be more than just that one on our planet?" The announcer asked keeping a level head.

"Indeed. Those ones typically travel in two to six, much like a squad. Its rare to see one alone, unless they thought this planet was deserted. As of right now, we know of 15 types of Sha'Kahr. That, was one of the smallest." Leroy stated, holding a solid face.

"The Smallest? So, there are larger?" The announcer asked sitting up more in the chair.

"The largest we have seen was around the size of a five man cargo ship, roughly ten to fifteen times bigger than your bases bombardment turret, and that's not even on their few homeworlds. That one w-" Leroy said before a ping went off. "Excuse me, Galactic HQ is on the line." He walked off the stage.

"Well, there you have it people. We already knew we weren't the only ones out here, but now we have official proof. Hide your children, hide your wives, Those Shack things are out there and they do not appear friendly. This is Jim for Rionas Truth, signing off."

"I think this aptly shows how far behind we are in the Meka race, board." Mania said aloud standing behind her chair. All the members of the board looking at one to another. A knock came from the door before Alex walked in.

"Apologies Mania, I was running tests on what we could scrape up off the planets surface of that thing." He said taking a seat the end of the table.

"Were you able to get anything useful from it yet?" Mania asked, ignoring the reoccurring murmurs.

"Not yet. We've just begun the decontamination process of it. It smells awful, as if somebody had been burning bodies for a decade." He replied, rubbing his nose.

"I can only assume so." Mania said. "Back to what I was saying, people, friends, if that was just a scout, the bigger ones must be ten times worse. Those things were built for War, destruction. We need to, for our own protection, use the resources at our disposal to insure our survival."

"But ma'am. Even if we do get schematics from the Galactic Empire to start our own line of Mekas, there is no guarantee that the typical ore they use will mix well with our own. Ours is, as you said, ultra high quality. Not to mention, heavier. Some parts probably wouldn't function well, if at all!" Max, Head of Economics, said.

"That may be so, but with those, we will, in a sense, be capable of building the smaller parts of those we are given. Shield generators, armor plating, leg builds. With that said, we could construct, or heavily modify, Mekas. Its not a far out jump. We can hire a few more mechanics, get some more people like our Ash, who design their own systems and build from there. Veronica, one of the newest additions, has been giving a helping hand in some points in her construction. As you witnessed today during the fight, Andersons energized Battle Ax had a significant improvement, and even had the ability to fire at range instead of his typical melee punch boost with the system Ash designed with Veronica's math work. Thorns Covert Meka had a redesigned tri-barrel cannon, allowing for a rapid succession of nine shots to be placed on top of each other at close range. These are OUR designs, I highly suggest the Heads of Power to think on this before voting." Mania spoke before sitting down and nervously tapping her foot. There was a large amount of commotion, she could tell this wasn't going to settle easy on many of them.

"Calm your nickers everyone, you all knew we would be entering this industry at some point. After our mining operations would dry up from this dig zone, and we built a few measly mining Mekas to assist for the next, where else would be going? We need mobile defenses as we expand." Voi spoke up, startling most people.

"This was supposed to happen in the extremely distant future, not within a few months since our last remake of our schedule. The risk is astronomical and how do we know our pay wages wont plummet to pool for these? The people I represent have all expressed their opinions to me before on this matter, they will not like this." The Head of Union spoke towards Voi.

"With half current financial backing, along with the theoretical caped flux of cash from the Galactic Empires buying on iron in the first three buys, deducting double the wage of every worker present in our workforce, as well as drawing 50% from Manias personal funds, we could, in theory, pay the workers double what they have for the next year and a half without looking at the profits from a secondary mining site, or any profits made from our to-be line of armor and units. " Veronica said from the corner of the room, using her very own, unique gauntlet computer on her arm to display a large equation.

"When did she get in here?" Head of Base Security asked.

"I brought her along with me as a consultant, I knew this would of been more than just a typical meeting." Max, Head of Economics said.

"So, if M is equivalent to Manias bank..." Zaku started to say out loud to himself. The entire room went quiet and fixated on the equation. Mania quickly realized what they were looking for and waved at Veronica to turn it off. A sudden click and the equation flew back down into the gauntlet.
A lot of sighs were heard across the room, clearly couldn't see it fast enough to see them, as Zaku stood up with a shocked expression on his face.

"How in the hell do you have that much funds!?" Looking at her. She blushed, hoping he was the only one that caught the exact number.

"Its nothing to worry about guys, I assure that.." Voi was saying half heartedly before being cut off.

"Yeah it is, what was it? I didn't see it!" Another member said.

"Has she been holding out on us all?" Another quipped. Mania knew she would be in trouble if she didn't get to explain soon.

"Listen, everyone. The credits in my Reserve Funding is linked to every Red Mist members account. Their funding draws directly from my own salary since the scraps of this companies beginning. Bear in mind this was a four person company for the first five galactic seasons with no employees besides ourselves." Mania quickly said, now sitting up in the chair more.

"That doesn't answer our question Miss! What's the number?" Head of Security asked demandingly.

"Look now, its her personal funds you don't see me go-" Voi was cut off.

"You're an original founder too! What's yours look like Voi?" Someone else barked.

"ENOUGH!" Mania yelled, slamming her fist against the solid granite desk. Clearly, she did more damage to her hand, but put everyone back into place. "As of two weeks ago,

Fifty five million credits, including the pool of every Red Mist Member as I have under contract hired them, not the our Corporation. This includes the funds of all original members who are still present in the Corporation, which are me and Voi."

"Bullshit Mania. I apologize, but there was more than that there." Zaku said sternly.

"Uhm.. If I may..." Veronica said from across the room, all eyes peered at her. "A recent flux of thirty million credits came into her possession Zaku... The credits haven't transferred, but it is due to arrive. She wasn't lying, nor do I think she know about this income."
Mania's facial expression had to of turned a ghostly shade of white as some of the members of the board now looking at her now stared at her interestingly.

"Th-thi-but I-what Veronica?" Mania asked, dumbfounded.

"Uhm, a message appeared in my room when you were out, it was addressed to you and auto-played when I entered the room. I assume that used to be your old office. All I know is that it said something about a trade agreement has been negotiated and an income of thirty million credits was donated in hopes for a prolonged trade agreement and a face to face meeting." Veronica said, typing on her gauntlet and virtually throwing the letter data to her computer. Mania was still in shock, she didn't notice Voi stand up and walk behind her to look. The entirety of the message was encrypted, in a unique lettering process only the writer would understand. Voi murmured a few things to himself looking over her shoulder, making Mania almost jump into his chin.

"God damn it Voi! Warn a girl next time." Mania said, looking at him. He was not even phased by her response. Voi pointed to a part of the message near the end.

"Its her." He said. Mania looked at the part of the text he pointed, but couldn't make out any logical sense from the jumbled symbols.

"I don.." She began to say before it popped in her head. It was an old picture scheme the original founders created. The symbols, when moved accordingly, made up the original concept design for the Halo Corporations design. The symbols following it were actually letters with re-arranged parts. Chatter began to spread across the room as Mania finished up decrypting the message:

So its been a while...
A little satellite uplink told me the Galactic Empire has been crawling up to your doorstep again, nothing you can't handle without me I hope. I miss those days on Riona with you and Alastar, it was always so calm and beautiful. Remember those cliffs we always sat off of before we went down into the mines? Ahh... I shall get to business as they charge by the line and our symbols use up a good amount of space... I have acquired multiple trading agreements with some smaller space-born factions, as well as getting our corporation recognized on about five nearby planets. Should be getting notices appearing, maybe a convoy or two, within the next few weeks. Had some shady men approach me as well on my final planet-side trip on Hadeas, said something about wanting to meet you personally, and set up a trade route that way. I told them no can do its me or nothing. They politely excused themselves as a patrol of Galactics made their routine by, somehow just vanished into thin air. Anywho, made it back to my ship today to find a 30,025,924 credit hologram sitting there with a note of 'good will'. They figured out my travel expense from here to Riona in one trip, which is the extra change you see. There's more, but I'm not disclosing that, even with our encryption. I'll personally show you this note when I arrive.
Love ya Mania, give Alastar a hug n' kiss for me!
- "Candy"

Alastar began to blush a little as he looked down at Mania, who promptly ignored him and began to copy part of the message. Within a few seconds part of the encrypted message was shown to the entire Board, many of which seemed puzzled. A few clicks later and the message read, '30,025,924 credit hologram', popped onto the screen.

"What company has that type of cash to throw around!?" Max said startled. It was true, even the Galactic Empire only made about of 100 million credits a galactic season, at least they said. Despite Halo Corporations overall financial backing, they only had a thirty thousand credit backing made every season.

“Well we know its not the Galactic Empire, they are entertaining us another way. Who sent this? And why?” Zaku said questioningly.

"We'll know more once our trader arrives back." Mania spoke, looking around at the peering eyes.

"You are truly one of many secrets Mania, hopefully it doesn't backfire on you in the longrun." Head of Base Security said. There was a long pause in the room, with tension slightly rising.

"Mania, you are needed in the private meeting room D24. Also, medical scanners show a fracture in your hand, medical supplies have been sent to the room as well. Galactic departure will resume in one hour and thirty two minutes." The feminine AI spoke, keeping a mechanical tone.

"Uh, thanks. I'll be there shortly." She replied. The members looked at her as she made her way to the door, staring intently.

"Dismissed, unless anyone else has matters they need to discuss. Ping my comms if you need my input on something." Mania said opening the door and stepping out. As the door closed she let out a heavy sigh, releasing the tension as she slumped against the wall. "Apologies for my intrusion Ms. Fleet, but you were in a rough situation there. Though, there is something waiting for you in D24." The AI said through Mania's newly placed in earpeice.

"Thanks, it was getting pretty rugged. Will be there soon. Also, have you decided on a name yet for yourself?" Mania asked walking down the busy hallway. Room service nearly collided with her as she dodged the cart.

"Oh, my apologies Ma'am!" The young man said as he waved blushing. She smiled and waved back as she slid past and down another hallway.

"Negative, that influential sake of having a everlasting choice made by myself under no protocols is one I find impossible to still grasp." The AI spoke.

"I'm sure you will find one for yourself soon, otherwise I'll just call you what I previously did." There was a pause in there speech as Mania clicked on a keypad, typing in a seven digit code she opened the door. She paused, looking around the room.

"Uhm, there's nobody here.." Mania said.

"Affirmative. The biometric scanner shows only shows small traces of life in this room. Odd." The AI spoke curiously.

"Its not odd at all, what's odd is that your cybernetic warfare suite contains a self-evolving AI, which has the ability to lie whenever, is given unshackled free will, and has yet to chose its own name. Not to mention the seven digit password being '5318008'. Really, Miss Fleet? I guess we all are childish in some manner." A male voice rambled off. The lights in the room intensified enough to reveal all the dark areas with nobody in sight as she clicked the security button.

"Don't worry, I'm not here for a fight, but I'm not here to be captured either. Your role in the galactic standing is one we take... Interest in." The voice said once more.

"Where are you? What do you want?" Mania said, slowly looking for any disturbance in the room.

"What we want is a tyranny free galaxy." The voice said calmly.

"Are you the one who contacted my trader?" Mania asked, moving towards the desk slowly, keeping her eye peeled for any movement.

"Indeed, it was me who talked to Eva, or as memory serves her nickname is Candy. I assume you know why I'm here now." The voice spoke again.
"What information broker do you work for? Better yet, what trade agreement did you want?" Mania now had a handful of pens, looking around the room she placed her back to the cold stone wall.

"It may be unwise to find his position as of yet." The AI said in a lower volume through her earpiece.

"No, be my quest, feel free to try." The voice said.

"Tapped into our security communications?" Mania asked out loud.

"Your security is going to be about fifteen minutes late, the elevator is stopping at every floor, starting with the top. The sub-route elevator is ten minutes out, speed decreased by 300%, while those taking the stairs are five to eight minutes out we assume, no cameras there is an interesting idea. The meeting you just left has been locked down, nice touch with the automated systems. And your AI is currently 39% through our firewalls. So yes, we are tapped in." The voice said.

"Well fuck it. Let's just sit down and talk. If you wanted me dead its obvious I would be already. Or that there's a quantum entanglement in place and that I'm in no position to be harmed anyways." Mania said putting the pens back down, walked around the stone table and plopped into a chair behind the desk. "Before I can make any arrangement I need to know who is making an offer, and what they have to offer." Mania said aloud. There was a brief pause before a response was made.

"Who we are, as of now, is not on the table. You have rich resources, moreso than you know, and we have unique tech, troops, and information. The thirty million credits is but a fraction of what we can offer you." The voice said. Mania popped open a terminal on the desk opening a game of solitaire as a large file instantly transferred over and began scrolling down. A name caught her eye as she poked at it. The Galactic's Pirata Meka, "top secret" written on top of the file, and every piece of equipment needed, weaknesses in its build, and how to overdrive its weapons.

"How much are we trading for these?" Mania asked, allowing the image to block itself and scroll through more names, she minimized the window and continued her game.

"The location of the first drop point of the Galactics transaction with your corporation. We will send you a construx of your choice, in depth details along with weaknesses. You will also request the Empire to provide guards for the trip. That way, your security force is not dwindled." The voice said again.

"But you are galactic." Mania replied in haste.

"No, we are not." The voice replied after a small pause.

"Why would I give you the coordinates to your own drop?" Mania responded again, clearly trying to provoke a response.

"We are not of the Galactic Empire." The voice responded monotoningly.

"Prove it." Mania said forcibly and sitting up. The room went completely dark, and her game became lost. She immediately reached under the chair, opened a hatch and pulled out a small projectile weapon as she wheeled into a corner. A light projection protruded out of nothingness as a figure walked into it. The light being gray, only gave hints at the tints. The logo on his armor was clearly not of Galactics, and it was much more alien looking. The helmet itself looked as if it was polished to a perfect shine, fully encasing its wearer in its warish look. The rest of the armor looked like that of an Assassin's, assuming to be light weight, and uniquely placed spikes about.

"Proof enough?" The man asked, raising a hand in inquiry.

"Indeed... Seems to be sufficient proof." Mania said, not lowering the weapon. Holo-projection and voice-projection from nothingness was technology not many possessed, typically only the very, very, very rich. The prices alone to maintain it are astronomical, and she knew the Galactics wouldn't go to that extent to find out her allegiance.

"If you agree, leave a message in your personal terminal with the coordinates. When the iron is in our possession, we'll contact you again when you're alone on the station. We'll also clean up any trail of this." The man said before it cut off, the lights turned back on, and the door opened as a few guard rushed in rifles and shotguns drawn.

"Where'd the intruder go?" A guard asked, looking at Mania.

"It was a holo-projection, a highly encrypted one at that. Visual and audio." Mania said, placing the weapon back under the chair.

"VI Cyber Suite, how much did you decrypt?" The guard asked again.

"Approximately 87.685%. It was being broadcasted over several planets in this system, it is impossible to say where the origin of this came from, or who was sending it. That, was just one of the many firewalls." The still undercover AI said monotoningly.

"Call off guards, increase perimeter guards, contact head of ba-" the guard was saying into an earpiece as he walked off. Voi walked in the door.

"You all right?" He asked.

"Yeah, and you?" Mania asked sighing.

"Fine until I saw the automated security kicked in. Nice to know turret control for the room was located in my computer, it popped up and the doors double locked. After forcing the council door open with some leverage I tried to find this room and got lost." Voi said, now looking around the room scratching his head.

"Never were good with directions were you?" Mania said dully now twirling a pen.

"Alert has been lifted, hallways secured back up to the main elevator shaft, a separate server has been added to the elevator to ensure complete safety." A new guard spoke. Mania poked a few buttons on the desk with her pen as a multiple screens popped up. Dragging three profiles into the air, Head of Base Security, Veronica, and Head of Economics, a Syncing icon appeared.

"Ma'am?" Head of Base Security asked through the communications array.

"I need you three to plan out a way to make as many systems run off a separate server at a cost-efficent matter without sacrificing quality defense or costing us a fortune in energy. Veronica, I need you to interact with our Cyber defense and find out how long it took for them to break our systems on top of this. Budget is typical, and can be extended granted someone talks to me before it goes over. Alright you three?" Mania asked.

"Yes Mania-erm I mean Miss Fleet." Veronica said as the comms closed.

"So... What'd they want?" Voi asked. Mania paused for a moment, not sure on what to say.

"They... Wanted to negotiate trading rights. Though, they wouldn't say who they were and I refused to doso unless it was in person." Mania said, now studying the pen to draw attention away.

"Thought they wanted a face to face anyways." Voi responded now sitting in front of her

"So did I, guess they wanted to see if that was easier, heh." Mania gave a half laugh standing up and walking to the door, Voi and the rest of the guards following suit. As she exited the room she noticed two guards on each side of her, as well as a guard every couple yards down the hallway.

"The VIP treatment? I need to go to my room first before anything." Mania said smiling. A few guards looked at her funny before passing an order down the chain and redirected a safe route. After a few moments of clearing her room she was allowed to enter.

"Yell if you need anything." A guard said as the door closed.

"Can you get me the coordinates of our iron shipment along with the date and time, without it being traced?" She asked poking hear earpeice.

"Of course, do you plan to trust these people?" The AI asked.

"For the amount of credits they just dropped, just to talk to me as well as launch a full cyber assault... And not damage anything... Yeah. Sort of, but they didn't give me much room to do so." Mania said typing in her password and opening a new file. The AI auto-placed the coordinates in the document. She paused as her cursor hovered over the 'save' button.

"I wonder..." Mania said aloud.

"Whats the matter?" The AI asked.

"I think I know who they are. A very vague, distant memory of hearing something similar." Mania said slowly, and with some doubt. She clicked save, and reluctantly named the file as 'The Silent Corporation'.
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This chapter is unoffically done. Meaning, the plot, and 90% of work is done with the exception of going over finer details.

Silence is Golden

"Been a while since I've seen how beautiful and terrorfiing Riona looks from orbit." Veronica said looking out a window. Thorn and Ash looked out the window as well, both smiling a bit.

"I remember when my hair was that color." Thorn replied sitting back down in the gold trimmed seats.

"Well at least we can all agree we own a planet that is as deadly as it is beautiful.". Gemini said sipping his drink.

"True that, didn't our glorious commander have that color hair as well? Oh wait that was when she fell face first in a sand pit and needed help getting out." Anderson poked at Manias calf who was stretched out. A few members chuckled.

"And you had to explain to the doctor how you received second degree burns on your ass." Mania retorted with a smile. Gemini nearly choked on his drink, Zaku, who was chowing down on a sandwich, had to set it down from laughter. Even girls let out a few giggles.

"How the hell did that happen?" Thorn asked threw the laughter. Anderson, for the first time most had ever seen, turned red.

"I.. You see... Ahh forget it, you win this time Mania." Anderson said turning around to cut into his recently delivered food. Mania sat up noticing a waiter coming her way.

"Madam, there has been an issue with your request. Erm, could I possibly serve you something else?" The waiter asked apologetically.

"Whatever Anderson has then." Mania quipped, laying back down.

"Of course madam, our sincerest apologies." The waiter bowed before heading back through the door he came.

"How the hell could they mess up a salad?" Thorn said throwing out various pieces of meat onto the side of her dish.

"I want to know how the chef messed up chocolate chip pancakes." Mania said in return.

"Wait, you ordered pancakes? Man, I can cook pancakes, and you all know how well I can cook." Gemini said. A few minutes past before the waiter hurried out again, quite red in the face.

"Madam.. I apologize once mo-" the man said before Mania waved and cut him off, now standing.

"Just take me to your kitchen, I'll cook myself something." Mania said agitated.

"Ma'am, they don-" he was cut off again as Mania glared at him. A few others as well stopped and looked at the ruckus.

"Fight fight fight!" Anderson shouted quietly. The door on the far side of the room opened as Overseer Filks walked out.

"If she wants to cook herself something she is more than allowed in the kitchens, after all they all are capable guests." He said smiling.

"Why thank you Overseer." Mania said with a smile turning around to greet him. The waiter turned around and waited by the door for her, she made her way over to him and out of the room they were in to a main passage. A range of uniformed and casual wear people passed about with their daily lives, though there was room on each side of the hallway left opened where guards and waiters walked about.

"Follow me Ma'am." The waiter said quickly walking along the yellow sidelines. A few guards sidestepped as they made their way to the kitchens where a variety of things were being cooked. Some still alive, other things of the most unique colors. The waiter bowed slightly and pointed in the direction of some recently turned off stoves.

"This is where your food was being cooked."

"I take it on the far side of those are all the ingredients?" She asked. He simply nodded as she walked over and peeked inside the large fridge and looked over the assortment of goods.

Overseer Filks sat on the side of the room he entered with a decent stack of papers and a computer.

"What brings you to our room Mr. Filks?" Ash asked setting down her half devoured sandwich.

"Someone higher up reworked my schedule so I'm only with you all, this change was made less then five minutes ago, with no orders besides my typical ones, so I honestly don't even know." He said with a small laugh, writing a few things down.

"Sounds like they want to keep a really close eye on us." Thorn whispered to Veronica as she nodded.

"Soo, how long until we're at the space station?" Zaku asked looking at a built in computer interface and pressing a few buttons.

"Compared to Rionas time, four hours and fifty two minutes, give or take spacial lag." Filks said hitting a few buttons on his computer and pulling up a projection of their route. "The station was recently placed off shore of the planet Infernus in this system and just recently settled in orbit."

"What type of accelerator does it have? I'd assume anti matter to bend space for a complex yet smooth and easier wave to ride." Ash said now fiddling with some random trinket she pulled out.

"Uhm.. I.. don't know..?" Filks said pausing and looking up at her, everyone else was unphased by her statement continuing with their own form of entertainment except Thorn, who continued to look out the window at the nearly visible Riona. A good ten minutes passed by before any other noise was made.

"Oh, they have online books. R.A Wulf just recently released another in his series." Helix said from a corner.

"Hey did you see the news wheel? There are ongoing attacks on numerous trading shuttles throughout Galactic inhabited systems." Veronica said aloud reading from her gauntlet.

"Mania would probably ask for more protection if she knew that, probably would halt the trade until then." Zaku responded.

"She already requested her vessel be specifically operated by Galactic Empire members only, I guess her lines of connections run deep since we just released that story." Filks said.

"She always was one who had people looking out for her from high places." Zaku said, now clicking on the link.

"Oh?" Filks said, looking through the screen at him.

"Yeah, its kind of how I got involved. I was a freelancer at the time and my boss offered me a full time job on Riona working for these wannabe miners who somehow made it big. So I drop in my rickety ol' Katana, and lord behold there was a small attempt on them I dispatched. They declared me a member separate from their group and started paying well." Zaku said smiling slightly.

"Then I came along, less beautiful then I currently am and heard about a job opening. Figured if I showed up first class I'd get the job. So here I am, being flung from a Hellspawn Drop Pod, aimed at a vast opening. Then all of a sudden I get some type of cannon fire throwing my pod for a loop. Ever so gracefully skidded acrossed a base, on top of a turret or four, and the pod opened propelling me onto a unit crushing it somewhat. What a landing." Anderson said standing up and exadurating his story with actions.

"He's still paying off the damages he caused to our experimental designs." Mania said walking through with two large steaming trays on a push buggy. The waiter from before pushed in a buggy as well, placing it next to Manias.

"Hey, I revoked all my pay for free food, fights, and medical." Anderson quipped smiling generously.

"Worst mistake ever. Because of Anderson we had to get some of the latest medical equipment, just to treat his wounds. If memory serves he would of had to work full time for the next two years just to pay everything off, excluding anything new he may acquire." Mania said taking a plate of pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate syrup, and marshmallows.

"Awh, Mania does care about me." Anderson said walking over to look at the plate she grabbed.

"Not enough to share my plate." She retorted.

"Oh! Bacon! I haven't had real bacon in years!" Thorn shouted eating a piece from the tray.

"Grab a plate, there's enough for everyone." Mania said looking at Filks. He pointed to himself in question at her statement. "Yeah, you too. Figured you'd be around when I got back. I also require the waiters immediate attention for the next fifteen minutes, there's a plate of food I think I made improperly that he needs to suffer through."

"Well you heard her, I order you to follow her instructions." Filks said standing up to grab some food. Everyone grabbed a plateful of their own food choices, the eggs were the first to disappear. After everyone sat down the feast truly began.

"Man wish I knew we'd have Mania's cooking before hand, I wouldn't of ate!" Gemini said.

"Rose, aren't you a vegetarian..?" Veronica asked as she cut up her own pancakes. Thorn stopped mid way of inhaling three large pieces of bacon simultaneously as everyone stopped and stared. She finished chewing the pieces slowly and swallowed before commenting.

"Bacon is always the exception to any rule. Besides, its too hard and I'll be giving up on it shortly." She responded before cutting open a hash brown.

"And here I thought Rosy would only cheat on-..." Anderson was cut off as Thorn threw her only pancake at him planting it square on his face, causing a rupture of laughter from him. "Ay! Could you pass me some Syrup while y-..." Thorn whipped a small bottle of Syrup at Anderson as he removed the pancake, causing him to almost avoid the bottle as it hit his shoulder.

"Nobody cares what you think you rotting meatbag!" Thorn retorted. Veronica and Ash were nearly dying of laughter, Gemini slightly choked on the sausage he just took a bite of, even Filks and the waiter were laughing slightly.

"You know Mania, Voi would be so jealous. You haven't cooked a breakfast dinner like this in months. " Helix said with a plate full of hash browns and sausages.

"When did he even move to get food?" Gemini asked clearing his throat.

"I never miss Manias cooking, I was the first up." Helix replied.

"Its true, Vladimir has almost always been the first up to grab a plate from the very beginning." Mania said in between bites of her concoction.

"This is absolutely fabulous. Ms Fleet." The waiter said. She nodded slightly in gratitude pouring more chocolate onto her pancakes.

"Indeed, I never knew such flavors could mix so well." Filks said finishing a smaller, similar dish to Manias. A few beeps came from his computer as he cleaned the dish.

"Erm, Mania, can I take you to the bridge real quick? Should only take a couple minutes once we arrive." He said setting his dish down and standing up. Mania stood up as a few members looked at her.

"Hey Mania, can I tag along? I promise I won't break anyone-erm, anything." Anderson snickered.

"He's welcome I suppose." Filks said unamused. Filks walked to the door as Mania and Anderson followed.

"Think you could get used to the suits?" Anderson asked Mania as they promptly walked on the outside of the tape.

"Hell no, too stuffy, and I would stand out too much. Could you see me in a suit?" She responded back pointing to a woman walking past in one. She seemed to be wearing a corset of sorts, or that her suit recently shrunk.

"Wwweellll, there was that one time I won that bet and you dressed up as that alien..." Anderson began saying."We don't talk about that." Mania said shooting him a quick glare as they rounded a corner and into an elevator.

"Did I miss something?" Filks asked as he typed in a keycode.

"Nope." Mania and Anderson said simotaniously. The elevator jolted slightly as the door closed.

"How many levels are there?" Anderson asked looking at the quickly decreasing numbers.

"About a hundred and fifty if you don't count the engineering ones. The bridge is primarily on 23 and 24." Filks said staring at Anderson. He was about to press a button when the doors slid open and Filks walked out. This hallway had no lines like the other, and was much more clean. Uniformed men and women walked up and down them as they sped off to the right.

"I was literally about to push his buttons." Anderson said sarcasticly. After a few security doors and a biometric scanner Anderson somehow messed up as it got to register him as a Sha'Kahr, they entered the heavily teched bridge.

"Techies galor, I could spend weeks recalibrating their circuitry, if you catch my drift." Anderson said as Shipmaster Leroy walked up to them.

"Greetings Ms Fleet and Mr... Anderson, is it?" He greeted them with a handshake.

"Indeed it is, pleasure to reaquaint myself, with less shrapnel of course." Anderson said with a smile, Mania let out a half assed laugh and scratched her head slightly.

"I assume he's allowed to be informed so I'll just get right to buisness, as other matters need my attention as well." Leroy started to lead them to a corner where a lone relayer sat. "Dismissed for three minutes." He said to her as she turned around to see them approaching. She nodded after pressing a few buttons and walked off quickly.
"What's the matter Sir?" Anderson asked.

"As you know the first shipment of metal has been shipped to our relay point. With your request, our members were doing the exchange for both sides. Which was logical as your space faring abilities is realitivly rental or mercenary based. Within the last few minutes I have had a direct line to Galactic HQ personally inquiring about why all radar signatures have gone dark in that area and if you have any connection whatsoever." Leroy asked, eyes locked with Mania.

"Of course not, who's stupid enough to put themselves on a ship surrounded by, what, hundreds if not thousands of what would be their enemies, to sabotage their own metal supply and lose their new fortune?" Mania asked in reutrn, not even missing a beat.

"And you say me being an Asshole was a bad thing, you've grown up so much." Anderson whispered to her quietly.

"We have unconfirmed reports you were in talks with someone with a quantum entanglement field before your arival here, do you think this could be attached?" Leroy asked, still eyelocked watching her body experssions.

"You know, where we come from, it is rude to excessivly stare Shipmaster Leroy. It may be taken as a threat or challange to upsurp anothers power in which another has every right to use any action to answer this threatening challange.." Anderson said aloud, louder than it should of been as a few workers stopped and looked over. Leroy was quickly taken back by this and glanced at Anderson before slowly looking at Mania.

"My apologies Ms. Fleet." He said nicely.

"Its accepted, you are after all one of power. Though we are of equal rank in this conversation. The incidents are not linked, the entanglement field issue is in response to a group who would wish to in fact build their own ties to us through purchases, not threats." Mania briskly said, glancing over at Anderson who clearly saved her from any physical lie.

"Ah, the report shall reflect that then. That's all I was instructed to ask, you may have Filks escort you back to your lounge." Leroy said before turning around to walk away.

" 'Cuse me Shipmaster, but may I inquire to why this was asked? Call me ignorant, but it sounds like you or your superiors were just trying to blame us for faulty equipment." Anderson piped up.

"Anderson! That's out of line." Mania whispered louder than she recgonized, elbowing him in the side. Leroy paused as the Relayer walked back and sat back in her seat, doing her best to ignore the new commotion.

"Off the record, I assure you, if they wanted to blame you, they would of done so without this question." Leroy said before walking away.

"You know he had every right to put you through an airlock right?" Mania said turning to face him.

"Yeah, but what's life without a little cattle proding?" Anderson retorted with a smile.

"Your last prod I remember nearly costed you an eye." Mania said pointing to a still healing scar to the left of his left eye.

"Its naught but a flesh wound, besides women dig the scars." Anderson said as he looked at the Relayer who was glancing at them from over her shoulder. "Hey there Miss, interested in a free meal?"
Mania glanced over her shoulder to see the young Relayer looking back, "You're hopeless." Mania said looking back at Anderson and sighing. She walked back over to the now present Overseer Filks. The Relayer blushed and turned back around quickly allowing her hair to fly a little.

"If ya change your mind, ya know where to find me. I'm sure I can find something expensive enough for your tastes." Anderson said before following Manias footsteps.
Their trip back wasn't as fruitful as the trip to, though Anderson did trip the biometric scanners as a Sha'Kahr again. By the time they made it back, most of the food was consumed. The aroma was still fresh, and a few of the members passed out where they sat. Thorn just got up and was finishing off the bacon.

"Oh hey Mania." She said as they entered the room.

"I take it everyone has had their share?" Manias asked about the room. A few low grunts were heard.

"Ship has docked, perparing for departure." An automated voice said as a slight jostle was made from the clamps.

"Hey Mania, were here." Ash said moving her legs slightly. Mania awoke to look up to Ash, who was much more inerested in whatever she was tinkering with than Mania on her lap.

"Oh gosh, did I really fall asleep like this?" She said as she looked up at Ash's Red Mist uniform. She stared curiously looking up a small, yet long, cut underneath her breasts.

"Did you know you.." Mania started to say before Ash looked down.

"Yeah, had a close call with a razor disk. Cut kinda deep but I'm fine, had Veronica look at it." She said pushing the fabric away from each other a little showing a long gash covered by medical gel.

"Why does nobody ever report their injuries besides Anderson?" She huffed sitting up and grazing her making her jump slightly.

"Wellllll, its quicker to get back to work that way, your medical policy, while generous, wouldn't let me tinker on my big toys." She said colapsing her project and re-expanding it. Mania looked about to see Anderson and Zaku talking with their supplies now in hand, while Thorn and Veronica were still at a table playing a game from Veronicas gauntlet.

"BBBZZZZRRRTTT, Qqqqwwwwrrttyy!?" Ash's project vocalized.

"What the hell?" Mania said jumping and looking back.

"Hah! I got it to work!" She yelled as it popped to life like a little floating metal ball.

"What is that thing?" Mania replied poking at it. It floated back and came back down with a slight thunk as it compensated its own weight.

"Its a prototype, but I've been trying to put together this little guy. If my tinkering is as good as I hope it is, the structure can shift and rebuild itself as needed, plus the VI is on par with low grade shackled AI's, so it has protocols to adapt to new environments."

"Ggzzzzrrrtt Diing ding Wwwwwwnnkk." The machine responded as it scanned Ash. A moment later, it clicked a few different things together and turned into a mechanical-like spider that crawled up onto her shoulder clamping slightly.

"I have it under a Master Control for biometric reading, audio, visual, all for me. I can add a subroutine so you can have control over later it if you wish." She said.

"Naw, that's your beauty, no need for that." Mania said as a few things clicked together forming five mobile red eyes on it. Mania stood up as Thorn and Veronica passed with their bags heading to the door where a few Galactic guards were now standing. Grabing her stuff from the compartment above, and handing Ash hers, she followed the now moving crowd of her team. Helix was easily spotted leading the charge standing next to one of the guards. Going down to the elevators they previously went through, they all piled in leaving the guards at the door.

"There will be an escort awaiting you downstairs." A guard said.

"Thanks!" Mania said just before the doors closed. It was all quiet as the elevator jostled downwards. An awkward silence procured until the door reopened greeting them with five armed guards and Overseer Filks.

"You ready?" He asked the group as he turned around and proceeded to walk towards the now growing group near the docking stations. The guards aptly made their way through the crowds as a few people whispered as they walked by.

"Who are they?" "Why are they getting special treatment?" "She's kinda hot." "Aren't they a lovely bunch?" "Must be fresh meat for the grinders" "Gotta be top class piolts to have Filks' security on'm" and various other small quips were said as they walked down the large tunnel.

"Seems you draw a large amount of attention to yourselves when you enter a new area. Typically we're ignored." Filks said looking back for a moment.

"Must be the red, its gotta jump out from your white n' gold scheme." Zaku said. As they made it through the airlock, another biometric scanner greeted their presence.

"Not this again..." Mania said sourly. Ash looked at her curiously before looking forward again.

"Uhm, I'll override it for Anderson, no need to send the guards into a fit." Filks said walking through first. "Anderson come through, I'll overide it now and get it out of the way."
Anderson stepped through as a small red light appeared over the scanner, electrical bolts danced in front of him for a second before ceasing and the light fading.

"Well that would of tingled." Anderson said continuing to walk.

"Yeah, that defense is only on these ones. The bridge there's so many automated defenses, it wasn't needed if you acted hostily." Filks said.

"Soo, if I woulda given you the bird, I woulda been a new plasma smear, ey?" Anderson quickly responded.

"Basically, or sedated. Whichever hit first." Filks responded monotingly as the other members walked through. Gemini was now the one to set off the scanner.

"The hell did I do wrong?" He said as the electrical wiring reappeared, this time in front and behind him with some distance

"You have a gun on you, they are only allowed for guards beyond this point." Filks responded touching a few things on the panel. The charging beam disengaged. "Sadly you have to give that up, I don't have clearance here to allow it."

"That's some ripe a-... Alright fine, here it is.." Gemini said taking it out from under his vest and stepped forward, the electric fencing reappeared.

"And the other two." Filks said placing the first one in a bag. Gemini reluctantly reached into his boot and pocket handing them to Filks. "They will be returned once you leave this area of the station."
After that brief pause and another set of doors, an enourmous amount of space exploded infront of them. Hotels, coffee shops, alien decor, clubs of all kinds, gaming centers, fountains with different flowing substances, VI's everywhere, and so much more.

"Welcome Ms Fleet, Ms Gram, and other members of Red Mist, to our station of Grand Hope. I am your assistance drone for the remainder of your stay. You may call me Vincent." a floating ball said as it approached and projected an image of a younger, suited man.
"Hey rosy, we found you a date!" Anderson quipped.

"Funny, at least the drone has more manners than you." she retorted.

"Now now you two, behave." Mania ordered looking about.

"Your tie is pixleated, feet are undersized, and you have two different color eyes." Ash said looking over the drone. It shuttered slightly.

"Negative, this drone is in complete perfection and on par with Galactic Standard, to assume otherwi-..." The drone was cut off.

"Not only that, but your voice isn't genuinely made per scenario, its all prescripted with an astronomical amount of hidden coding to redirect sound corosponding with each situation." Ash said now frowning, her new robot companion made a few squeaky noises as it agreed.

"How would you know that?" Filks asked ponderingly.

"I wrote the code." Ash simply stated. "Run subroutine Alpha HG, code Four tea ate."

"Code recgonized, voice confirmed, welcome Dark Overlord Ashley Heart, thanks to you, your code has been used in over 3,000,000 units already. Last update on amount was four months ago to this unit." The drone now with a mechanical voice.

"That's just creepy..." Helix said.

"Disengage." Ash said to the drone.

"Affirmative, returning to less-intelligent self." the drone said as it shuttered a second and revisualized as Vincent.

"Greetings again Ms Fleet, Ms Heart, and others! How may I be of assistance?" the drone said once more. A few beeps were heard from Filks computer as he opened it up to see what it was, the drone closed off its projection and flew off in a direction as if ordered to do something else.

"Alright, Uhh, we're going to take you to the hotel we reserved for you. Room service is free, though this is during one of our larger events so it may take a while. By the time you arrive, there should be coordinates of where your units are stored, as well as possible tour guides to exclusive areas. You will have keycards given to you there, this will grant you free reign on nearly anything you could want. Any other questions feel free to forward them to me through any stationed guard, so-long you have your keycard." Filks said pointing the guards to continue.

"You're not tagging along?" Mania asked hanging back.

"No, a serious matter just happened and a superior requires my immediate attention, gotta love orders." Filks said walking off in a rush.

"Huh.." Mania said quietly, she looked over to the group and casually caught up to them. There was a plethora of visuals to take in, a club caught Thorns attention as Ravers, Goths, and many other clicks were seen about.

"Totally buying a few outfits like theres." Thorn said. The walk to the hotel was a little longer than most anticipated, but the sights really did make up for it. A few different humanoid species walked about as well, truly gaining their attention.

"Dude, that thing was like 12 feet tall, what was that?" Gemini asked Zaku.

"No idea, but it looked really mean, those shades of yellow looked vicious with that red." He responded.

"Okay, we have to stop for a minute." Helix said looking over to a Reptilian like humanoid, who probably stood around seven feet with reverse knee joints, but was sitting looking at a computer screen next to a lava fountain. It was clearly a plated creature, with shimmering dark red scales. A few black horns sprouted from the face, arms, and legs. As well as crawling down her spine through the loosely worn shirt. The shirt, what it wasn't hiding, showed exposed muscular arms, elbow spurs to best explain it, and a terrible scar extending from the neck down and under the chest of its shirt.

"I wouldn't bother that one, she has immunity to our laws so long she doesn't bother anyone. She's typically very agressive." a guard said looking at Helix, than the Reptilian.

"I'll survive." Helix said walking over.

"That's unusual for him. Typically he avoids contact, or enganging in any form of it." Mania said. Helix, now standing in front of her, bowed slightly and one could only assume introduced himself. The Reptilian looked at him, then around quickly noticing the group he came from watching intently. She turned back to him and said a few things. There conversation lasted a good four minutes before she stood up, clearly taller than Helix, and walked over to the group.

"Mania, this is Dras-Nal-Tok, Leader of a small militia division known as Resurrected, avid reader of R.A Wulfs writings, as well as his son ____. She also has heard of your corporations success." Helix said tipping his hat back up more. Mania didn't realize how clear Helix's patch is that slandered the Galactic Empire as it swirled back to 'more like Paranoid Galaxy Farce!'. A few of the guards stiffened up at the approach of her. Mania had to really look up to see Dras' face. Intriquite scales plated her face giving a very razor sharp, and serious look.

"Uhh.. Hi there Dras, I'm Mania." she said skiddishly, Dras was quite intimidating.

"You're shorter than I expected." Dras said monotoingly, looking over Mania quickly with a few sniffs.

"You're not something many would expect either." Mania said sorta quickly, attempting to keep her eyes matching her.

"If you're not gonna make a move on her, I sure will." Anderson whispered to Mania. A snarl came from Dras as everyone jumped.

"I would break you where you stand you scarred hatchling." She retorted, eyes changing to a menacing glare.

"Anderson, this might be a life or death scenario so I'm going to order you to be quiet for the remainder of the trip to the hotel." Mania said with a half turn to look at him, Dras stepped forward next to Mania now causing a few scales to shift about as she starred Anderson down, while Helix took up the spot next to her,

"I assume we are staying in the same hovel then." Dras said now looking over to a guard, who nodded slightly.

"Well then, do you wish to discuss some of Wulfs writings while we walk?" Helix asked Dras clearly not phased by any of this.

"Of course, I have another Drrrakkoozaarrr cycle until I must attend to my underlings as it is." She replied.

"How long is that in the Galactics Standard time?" Helix asked as the group shifted to start moving onwards again.

"About... Five hours, if memory serves. We have Seven moons, so the days are relatively short." Dras responded, she nodded at Mania then turned about as the group began to move.

"I'm so jealous, she looks beautiful in scales. Wish I had those." Thorn said to Veronica quietly.

"They do look pretty don't they?" Veronica responded, holding her gauntlet up.

"Are you..?" Thorn started to say before Dras looked over her shoulder.

"Can I help you two underlings?" She said stopping her conversation with Helix but keeping pace with the group. Veronica turned slightly red, lowering her gauntlet, while Thorn smiled slightly.

"Can I touch you?" Thorn asked bluntly.

"What?" Dras asked coming to a deadstop, nearly making Veronica run into her, and Gemini into them.

"Your scales, they look so beautiful.." Thorn said before looking up, she didn't realize the dangerous look she was receiving until she had eye contact. "I... I'm sorry.."
Dras let her scales ripple across her face and narrowed her eyes before a few laughs escaped her.

"You humans are so scared, yet your curiosity makes you neglect the danger. Fine, so be it. Its quicker than gutting you and explaining later." Dras said lifting her shirt up exposing her insanely toned belly. Mania saw Andersons jaw hit the floor, she could understand why. Dras' stomach by itself looked like it could chisel the rust off a hovercraft and then lift it a few dozen times for fun. Thorn was still stunned for the moment until she realized what she said. She placed her hand on her side and moved left to right.
"Wow.. You can feel the indents and sharpness, and its hard as rock, but that's as smooth as silk! Completely jealous, I could feel you all d-.." She said quickly removing her hand before blushing, Dras smiled and continued walking. Anderson was about to make statement before Mania nudged him in the side.

"So as you were saying..?" Helix asked, once again unphased.

"Ah yes, his novel 'Beginnings' is astounding. He was clearly ahead of his time for describing the Ha-raden. If only Clan Zarrrvvooxx knew how close he came to spelling out their culture, they may of had a hand up in taking your culture over." Dras said.

"Not true, their blitzkrieg tactics weren't the best, nor were they superior like the Ha-raden. They were easily coaxed into hand to hand combat, and the technology only surpassed us in space." Helix responded.

"Hey Ms. Fleet, where did Filks go?" Gemini asked walking up to her.

"He had an urgent matter to take care of, why what's up?" Mania responded, now looking at the nearing hotel.

"Ah nothin', just curious on a few things. Guess it can wait till were in the hotel." He responded. The hotel was now in front of them as small groups of people came and left. The first guard opened the door as everyone filed into it. As they entered it looked like one of those classical, ornate buildings inside. Various trims were about the wall, the carpets were red, and a few impressive chandeliers hung above. They proceeded to the front desk.

"Ah, you must be the new group the Galactics were talking about. Hi there Dras, making new friends are we?" A man behind the counter said grabbing a handful of cards. Dras snarled at his remark. "You know I like that."

"You're not going to like my foot up your..." Dras was cut off by the mans laugh as he began to walk towards a hallway. The galactic security seemed to of left them at the door.

"Oh Drassy, you're so funny." He said hitting an elevator button. Anderson let out a snicker from this comment. Dras huffed and crossed her arms. One of her elbow spikes seemed dangerously close to Helix's chest, but he paid not attention to it. Thorn and Veronica seemed to continue a conversation since they entered, and it wasn't until the elevator arrived that they paused.

"Alright, everyone in single file, give Dras her personal bubble, remember no murders or unwanted actions in the elevator, they are monitored and will be judged on performance by the viewers on the Uni-net." He said allowing Dras in first. Mania was the last on in, standing in front of Thorn and Veronica. "After you Madame."
He walked in and the doors closed behind him as he took up a position somewhat close to Dras. After a keycard scan and a press of floor '25' the elevator started its ascension.

"I'm Dave, by the way everyone. Your keycards will all work for the elevators and your designated room, as well as your galactic credit card, spend as much as you can, they gave you no limit.. Now I wasn't given instructions on who got what room, but we have four total for you seven. Don't worry each room has two beds." Dave said before the elevator opened and he walked out. Taking a quick left, and a check of the keycards, he scanned the first two on a relatively close door to the elevator. Both beeped and turned the door green.

"Alright, room 12D25, who wants to bunk together?" Dave asked holding up the keyboards. Thorn and Veronica seemed to be the quickest as they took their keycards and opened the door. "You ladies have a splendid stay!"
Dave walked down to the next door and looked at the keycards.

"Oops, not this room, house keeping is still cleaning it." He said walking down to the next one.

"My bad." Dras said unenthused.

"Not your fault sweetie, that guard had it coming to him. What a nasty piece of crew he was. Totally wasn't worth the Credits." Dave said scanning two keycards on the next door over.

"Alright, 10D25, I'd say this is more of a mens room, but who am I to judge?" Dave said holding up two more cards. Anderson bolted for one and rescanned the card opening the door.

"Nobodies going with that strapping young man..?" Dave asked as Anderson peaked his head back out.

"Ah, might as well." Gemini said from the back. He casually made his way to Dave and took the keycard.

"Oh, and here are these. I was told to look for the man who could free lift a Buckler Light Shield, you must be him." Dave said reaching from his back pocket and pulled out two small, elongated boxes. "Just don't discharge them in the hotel, our security has been looking for a reason to build their ego back up since Dras came."

"Thanks... How did you fit these in your pocket though..?" Gemini asked taking the boxes.

"Oh, these are the latest thing. They got pockets that run down inside, and the built in belt readjusts per wearer so it isn't too tight and will hold comfortably up to 50 pounds. I could hide my Long Rifle in here if you know what I mean." Dave said winking at Dras, she merely paid no attention to him. Gemini gave a half enthused laugh as he walked into the room.

"WWOOOOOHHOOOO! Time to fuck stuff up! Ya with me Gemini!?" Anderson yelled as the door closed. Dave merely smiled as he walked down a few doors to the next one. He scanned it a few times before realizing it wouldn't work.

"Well that's weird, unless someone booked the room between you all getting here and us getting here..." Dave said before walking to the next.

"This hotel doesn't seemed that packed..." Ash said to Mania.

"Its high end, only those with a big budget, or valued Galactic people are here. There's more money in this building then there is tech in the Deathberry Hologen Arena." Dras replied.

"The what Arena?" Mania asked.

"Its one of the most advanced Arenas in the universe, of course Dras' kind prefers hearing the actual screams of their victims." Dave said scanning another two cards on a door further down..

"2D25, little out of the way, but just as good. Room service is close to this one." Dave said holding up another two cards.

"I assume you and Ms. Overlord are going to bunk, do you mind if I take this Mania?" Helix asked.

"Not at all Vlad." Mania said as he stepped up to grab one.

"Vladimir? You don't look like a Vladimir." Dras said following him.

"Long story, you see when I was born my mother was reading ancient Earthian history on Vlad the-.." The door shut behind them.

"Well, guess she's welcome there, I'll just slide that one under the door for her. Alright, guess you two get the best room, lucky gals you." Dave said walking to the end of the hallway after sliding the keycard under the door.

"1D25, biggest room for three levels, beds on separate ends of this place, you also get a beautiful view of this place at night, quite a wonder to see." He said handing Mania and Ashley a keycard.

"Thanks." They said in unison.

"Alright, the automated system should explain everything to you in a lovely fashion, I'm sure some Galactics will be by soon for everyone. Toodaloo!" Dave said as he turned left and began to walk down the flight of stairs. Mania scanned the card and opened the door, a luxurious room unfolded before them, the whites were as white as possible, while the other colors seemed newly placed. Mania looked about for a moment while Ashley's contraption threw itself into the room and ran about through different rooms.

"This is magnificent." Mania said walking towards the kitchen. She saw a button on the wall and pressed it, thinking it was a lightswitch.

"Room service to 1D25, how may we be of assistance?" A males voice came from a speaker above.

"Oh! My bad, thought it was the lights..." Mania said jumping slightly at his voice.

"No worries, lights are all voice operated per room. Also, there should be a two remotes, one in each bedroom. Simply point it at a light and you can change it, or turn it on or off." The voice responded.

"Alright, thank you." Mania said before the static it created cut out. "Light on."
The light in the kitchen came to life, before readjusting to a somewhat dimmer level.

"Mania you gotta check out the beds!" Ashley yelled from across the place. Mania dropped her stuff off onto and next to a marble top counter as she walked towards Ashleys voice. She walked by a decently sized bathroom with a full shower, and little purple alien like designs on its curtains. Heading to the end of the hallway she saw a very large bed, complimented with many fluffy pillows, and a few layers of blankets Ashley already dove under.

"Sssooooo comfy... Mania can I order one of these?" She asked rolling about. Her contraption was sitting on a desk poking at an open flame on a candle. The flame itself seemed to emit too much light for such a small flame, the candle itself took the form of a twisting dragon that seemed to move slowly.

"Do you think your pay will cover it?" Mania asked pushing down on the bed, it was incredibly soft.

"I don't care, I want one. Do you know how well I would sleep in this?" Ashley responded grabbing a pillow and hugging it.

"We'll find out after tonight I guess." Mania said with a chuckle. She exited the room and looked about before a full color figure formed in the living room they walked into.

"Greetings honored guest and or guests, I am the Basic VI of this room. Lights are all automated by voice and remotes found in each bedroom. It seems you have the VIP treatment, room service is free for any meals or products thereof, just press one of the various black buttons scattered about. You also have access to this buildings Uni-Net Wireless! Any other questions you may contact the front desk by any blue buttons, or, as stated before, a black button for Room Service. I would like to thank you for choosing '(player name)’s [hotel name]’!" The female VI said, walking about the room and then disappearing.

"You got that too? Full colored VI and all?" Ashley asked from her room.

"Yeah, seems basic enough." Mania responded heading back to the kitchen. She grabbed up her stuff and walked over to the other side of the room until she found her bedroom. It looked nearly identical to Ashley's, with the exception of the window being a little smaller. Placing her bags on the bed she decided to flop down for a moment. Before she knew it she was out like a light.
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This chapter is NOT complete. Changes, of various kinds, can happen. But it is done in the sense the overall feel and movement is completed for the current flow of the book. Expect grammatical mistakes, awkward sentence structure, a non-set language, things named wrongly or not at all, and other things.

Choices, from the Past to the Future

"Hey, Mania, don't make me tickle you." Ashley said poking at Manias calf.

"Huh, I erm, uhh... How long was I out..?" Mania asked jolting to life, knocking over a bag at the end of her bed.

"Maybe an hour, figured you needed some shuteye. You okay?" Ashley asked sitting on the end of the bed. Her contraption had since rearranged into a two legged mini-meka, it also took up making animal noises. Mania stretched slightly and looked out the window, it was much darker than before.

"I'm fine.. Just a lot on my mind is all Ashley." Mania said smiling at her.

"Alright. Oh, here's a letter for you. It was dropped off by room service about fifteen minutes ago. Its heavy, so I assume its a holomessage designed to be sent postal." Ashley said grabbing it from her back pocket and handing it to her. Mania opened the envelope.

"Ow!" She yelled looking at her finger. "Damn papercut."

"Happens to the best of us." Ashley responded.

"Mania Fleet verified, data unlocking." An unkown voice from the package said.

"Ooh! That's a Nullifier 300, least I think. It won't unlock until visual is made, along with DNA regonition, with a few other anti-theft niches." Ashley said coming to sit next to her. Mania pulled out a small metal square. She sat it down on the bed as it expanded outward.

"Scanning. 67% confirmed Mania Fleet." it said scanning Ashley, she looked puzzled. "Scanning. 99.9965% confirmed Mania. Request to continue connection with unauthorized personel in room." It said.

"Want me to leave?" Ashley asked as her contraption jumped down.

"Can you keep a secret? This could be from any number of things." Mania asked looking at her slightly worried.

"Hey, you know me, I won't say a thing." Ashley said smiling.

"Alright.. Uhm, I authorize her to be in the room..?" Mania said to the computer.

"Acknowledged... Full Anti-spyware suite activated. Establishing secure connection..." The computer said as a few blocks showed connection rate, Ashley's contraption made a few awkward noises before shutting down.

"Wow.." Ashley said poking it, nothing happened.

"I see you have a friend with you since our last chat, hopefully that's a sign of good will and not dishonorment." A memorable males voice said.

"So much for a face to face meet." Mania said watching the hologram show the amount of secured time left. '57:48' and decreasing at a normal interval.

"Who is that?" Ashley whispered into Manias ear.

"We are nobody, not that Mania hasn't made her assumptions already." The man said.

"They hear everything, or are really good at guessing." Mania said aloud.

"A little of both." He replied. "Down to buisness, I'll be straight to the point. Here's a list of over 1,000 construx to choose from. As promised you are free to pick one."
"The hell did you do to get that?" Ashley asked looking at the names scrolling by.

"I..." Mania paused and looked about the room.

"Your room is 342.5%, and slightly decreasing, resistant to any and all spyware. You could fire off your Mekas weapons simotaniously, and the room next door wouldn't even notice the vibrations." The voice said again. Mania sighed and looked at Ash.

"I... Gave the coordinates of our metal supply drop up. In exchange for a complete and total scematic, weaknesses and all, modifications incuded, for one Meka build of my choice for my corporation." Mania said in a quick fashion. Ashley remained speechless.

"You.. Did what!?" She said looking at the metal device then Mania. She stood up and walked to a mirror. "If this got out..."

"It won't." The male voice said.

"As much as I don't trust these people, and as much as I hate playing both sides, that's what is going to further my corporation and help my people. You know of all people the Galactic Empire only wants their own personal gain and has no qualms taking as needed." Mania said standing up and walking to Ash. "Helping people means you too.."

"When were you going to inform us!? We may not be on the Corporations payroll, well, most of them aren't, but we're going to piolt those designs! If the Galactics find out, or.. Or the Republic of Earth,good god if the Cult of Taris even knew, we'll be sentenced to things worse than death!" Ashley quipped, now walking to the bathroom that Mania overlooked entering her room.

"You have our word that-.." The males voice was cut off.

"And who's word is that? Mania doesn't even know who you are. I don't know who you are. For all I know you're Galactic! By god, I'm the tech... I'll be hit harder than you, I put it all in effect.. I-I'm not going to take the fall for this.. I-I-I'll.. I'll vanish, liquidate all assests and retire.." Ashley said falling to the ground, beginning to cry. Mania ran to her falling to her knees. A light flickered for a moment as the room went dark, all from the metal device. A holo-projection walked forward.. Then another... And another. One man, backed by a humanoid looking creature, and a female, clad in the same alien sleek armor as before. All their faces were hidden by their armor. The man reached up and removed his helmet. As he did, a complete color workout of his outline came into view.

"If this trust, right here and now is betrayed on any level, you both will vanish, no reason, no cause, just vanish. But it has been agreed upon that it is the quickest way to earn yours as well. We are, The Silent Corporation, or so we have been dubbed. I, am its voice. The one who will take the fall for everything we have done, if its deemed nesecary." The man said. He stood a few inches taller than Mania, with perfectly cut brown hair. His eyes, a raging purple, only to be added onto with shrapnel scars across the left side of his face.

"Q-quantum entanglement... Thr-through jamming devices.. While keeping a secure connection transmittion and, and in full color with no spacial lag.." Ashley said wiping her tears away, allowing Mania to help her up.

"You're familiar with all sorts of tech, I see why Ms. Fleet trusts you." He said looking at her. "The next meet will be in person. It'll be quick, so don't miss it." He said before snapping his fingers and cutting the transmittion.
The secure connection line stayed up, but now only registered '25:12' and decreasing at the previous rate. The lights flickered back on.

"You alright?" Mania asked quietly, sadly. Ashley quickly pulled out a pencil and paper, removed a few mechanical devices she had on her and set it on the bed. She reached onto Mania and pulled off her earpiece, removed a wired bracelet, and quickly searched her pockets before pulling her into the bathroom closing the door. All Ashley did was hold her finger up to her mouth before letting out a few more, now clearly fake cries. She walked into the shower and dragged Mania along, closing the curtains behind her. She wrote down 'The rouse worked, now you know who you're dealing with, and we got a good look at them' showing it to Mania.

"Ashley.." Mania said quietly with a smile. "You pick.. The design, I mean.. Its.. Its all I can offer."

"A-al-alright.. Don't have a choice now a-anyways.." Ashley said playing along. She wrote something else down quickly. 'All those psychology and drama classes paid off'.

"We really should choose.." Mania said dragging her slowly out of the shower, holding her as if she were about to fall.

"And Mania." The males voice said as they sat back down on the bed.

"Yes?". Mania asked.

"The scematics will be shipped to an Alastar Voi under the notion of top secret, waiting from visual confirmation from you to open, with all the bells and whistles the Galactic Corporation would send with it." The males voice said once more.

"Good." Mania simply replied. Ashley took up searching for the most complex designs she could find. Mania grabbed the gear Ashley ever so reluctantly threw off her and placed them all back on, while setting Ashleys stuff next to her.

"Thanks." She said clicking on a Dreadnaught Meka scematic, still sniffling.

"That's.. Intense." Mania said looking at the human-meka size ratio.

"Wouldn't work well, you'd have to blow a general for that, and we all know you wouldn't go to that extent." Ash said through a few sniffles. Mania chuckled slightly.

"I don't know, if she's hot enough.." Mania said sarcasticly.

"Better a chick I guess." Ashley said with a few small laughs, before getting caught up from her fake tears. She continued to look through dozens of construx before clicking on another.

"Hailstorm Meka. Not that complex, but truly a force to be reckoned with. Especially with its deployment affect, I think this should be the one." Ashley said pulling up the design.

"Its sorta big... But that just calls for room to improve." Mania said moving a few objects on the screen around.

"Indeed. I can see a lot of potential in this. I could easily transform a lot of its basic design.. And its armor based, look." Ashley said pulling a 'resistance and durability' chart. The shields were shown to be one tenth the durability of the armor, on top of that the armor had self-engaging nanites. While they weren't as strong as typical ones, they kept it alive.

"Seems fair. Let's go for it." Mania said pushing a 'send' button.

"Do you wish to send: Hailstorm Meka, and all prerequisites to: Alastar, Voi, of the: Halo, Corporation?" The computer asked.

"Yes." Ashley and Mania said instantly.

"Confirmed. Please set this device in bathroom for deconstruction." The computer said as a red timer appeared, starting at 20 and counting down.

"Decon-.. Oh shit!" Mania said grabbing the device and running into the bathroom.

"Uh uh uhh..." She said looking about.

"Ten seconds." The computer said. Mania opened the shower curtains and quickly dropped the device there before running back out.

"Three... Two.. One.. Bbbbzzrrrruurroo..." The computer said before a small crack, then quiet...

"That's it...?" Ashley asked standing up to check.

"Uhm, seems like it." Mania said following behind her. Ashley cracked the door open to see a small puff of white smoke vacate the room. Moving slowly to the shower she opened the curtains to see some small black residue, and a few clumps of metal slowly disolving.

"Nanites.. Why does everything have nanites now?" Ashley said.

"Because they're useful?" Mania questioned.

"Yeah, until you see the energy bill." She retorted.

"I thought all nanites were self sufficent." Mania asked returning to her room.

"Military grade 3 or higher, yeah. Other then that it absorbs energy from its surrounding. Like a leech, but with infinite many source clause. Its why they weren't used in mass quantities like body armor, they actually used the atoms of the user as energy. Which, mind you, is insanely efficent, but when they get damaged or do anything, it requires a few thousand to do work. Multiplied by.." Ashley was cut off.

"Okay okay okay Ash I get it, just a simple question." Mania said laughing slightly.

"Hmph, not so simple answer." She said walking back to the living room.

"Room service." She said.

"Room service to 1D25, how may we be of service?" A man replied.

"Are we free to roam about the exterior of this place?" Ashley asked.

"One second... Indeed, the Empire said you're free to roam. Though there will be guides provided in the next ten minutes.” He replied.

"Woo! Alright, that's all." Ashley said. "Mania, comon were going on an adventure."

"Alright, be out in a second." Mania said removing a more decorative, yet informal 'Red Mist' outfit from her bag. She quickly replaced her suit and previous pants with the shirt and pants she laid out as Ashley entered the room.

"Was that... Our logo on your.. Nevermind." She said exiting the room quickly. Mania let out a light chuckle as she re-situated her shirt and walked out.

"Wow, its even nicer when its dark." Mania said as they exited the building. Fountains shot higher than before as colorful waves shot through them. Even the lava fountains were in full swing.

"Hey there's a place to eat." Ashley said as they walked towards it. 'ItsNick's #1 Barbeque and Bar!'

"Wonder who Nick is." Mania said joining Ashley in her brisk walk towards the bar.

"Hello! Welcome to my resuraunt, I'm ItsNick, the one and only! How can I serve you today?" ItsNick asked as they arrived.

"Uhm, question actually. You accept payment from these right?" Mania asked holding her keycard up.

"Sure do, if they're galactic issued. Everyone here has to accept it." ItsNick replied before turning to look at someone. "Hey don't make me throw you out again Graz, stop touching the waitresses!"
A larger humanoid shot a look at him before making a few sounds and taking a shot of his drink.

"My apologies, now what will you two ladies be having?" ItsNick said turning back to them with a smile.

"Uhhm.. I'll take a Number Three drink, it looks kinda good." Mania said looking at the popup menu.

"Do you have chicken strips?' Ashley asked.

"Erm.. I can special order some up.. Breaded, and spiced I take it?" ItsNick asked.

"That'll do, uhh, a dozen or so." She said chiperly.

"Alright, take a seat anywhere and I'll have someone bring them out. They'll scan your card then." ItsNick said happily before moving to another customer.

"That answer your question?" Ashley said poking at Mania. Mania took a seat not really surrounded by anyone.

"He's kinda cute." Mania said looking back. "And very chipper for that type of job."

"He is, isn't he?" Ashley said looking as well. ItsNick glanced over quickly, both the girls turned around quickly.

"Here's your drink Ma'am. The strips will be another few minutes." An alien waitress said soothingly. She had a very fluid body type, literally, and had various shades of pleasant green on her. She stood slightly shorter than Mania, incredibly thin, and seemed capable of bending any possible way. Her face resembled a humans, but lacked any hair, or ears. Her eyes seemed to fluidly shift as well between the greens.

"Wow.." Mania said looking at her.

"Excuse me..?" The waitress said ponderingly.

"Our a-apologies, we're not used to seeing other.. Erm.. Lifeforms.." Ashley said apologeticly, slidng Manias drink to her.

"Oh.." The waitress said turning a lighter shade of blue, scanning the keycard. "Thank you.. I.. I need to get back to work."

"She was quite astounding." Ashley said as the waitress walked away and looked back quickly.

"Indeed.. I've seen a few of them before, but never this close. Her voice was very musical too." Mania replied. She took a sip of her drink and almost instantly puckered, then returned to normal.

"Oh dear god! ... That's great." She said passing the drink to Ashley. Ashley tried some with the same result.

"Its got a kick to it." She said sliding it back.

"Think I'm going to walk around for a bit." Mania said picking up her drink and keycard.

"Alright. I'll contact you if I get bored. Saw a few tech stores." Ashley said as her contraption ran out of her pocket and onto the table. It since reverted to the spider form, though continued with the animal noises. Mania stood up, drink in hand and walked towards a lava fountain. A lot of people passing by looked at her, others smiled or simply ignored her. It was clear she was someone new in the area as she looked around aimlessly, sipping on her drink.

"Excuse me, can you point me towards the hangars where peoples Mekas are stored?" Mania asked a passing guard.

"Keycard please." He said as he pulled out a small device. His armor seemed devoted to internal useage as it was of a lighter look, and clamped to his body so it didn't snag on other objects. "Alright, go all the way down to where your ship docked, there will be a little trinket shop there, take a left past that and you'll see about six guards and a large sign saying Armory. Your mekas are stored there.". The guard said handing her keycard back.

"Alright, thank your sir!" Mania said walking away. It took her a few minutes to figure out which way, but after a few helpful shopkeepers she was on her way.

"So you did come out of the hovel after all." A voice said from behind her, making her jump.

"Holy hell." Mania said turning around quickly. "Oh.. Hi Dras." Mania said quickly.

"Pleasure to reaquaint myself Ms. Fleet.". Dras said looking at her.

"I was, uh, just going to the Armory, want to join?" Mania asked, attempting to keep from shaking slightly.

"Indeed, I was heading there myself. Irony, I believe is what you humans call it." Dras said as they walked together. "Enjoying all the sights?"

"Indeed. There's... Just so much, I can't take it all in. And then, someone like you. And others, its astounding how widespread the GE are with other races." Mania said looking about, then over Dras.

"Hmph, you humans marvel over what's different too much." Dras said unenthused.

"And you remain silent about it?" Mania retorted.

"No, things like these don't amuse me in such way." Dras said suggesting a weird liquidious fountain that looked like metal.

"You're not very social, are you?" Mania responded quickly.

"No, I do what I'm hired for and nothing more." Dras said crossing her arms.

"What if I hired you to be social?" Mania said after a brief pause. Dras came to a hault quickly.

"You couldn't afford that." She said before catching up to the still walking Mania.

"Try me." Mania said confidently.

"200,000 credits a galactic season. Excluding security detail, meka and personal. They both would be another 200,000." She said slightly louder than her normal tone.

"I can do that." Mania said stopping and turning. Dras paused and was caught up.

"Erm, what?" She responded.

"Three galactic seasons, 1,800,000 credits, I can do that without hindering my corporation or my current backing." Mania said with a smile. Dras cocked her head to one side.

"Maybe... I see why many are interested in you." She said as she continued to walk. They remained quiet until they reached the Armory.

"Keycards." A guard said approaching, the other guards had their hands on these rifle looking weapons. Mania and Dras both showed their keycards to the guard who promptly scanned them. Mania noticed instead of the yellow one she was given, Dras had a deep orange one.

"You'll be prompted again to show them inside." The guard said as he walked to the door and typed in a code, and had a retina scan. The door opened, and a small narrow hallway showed. As they entered it, the doorway closed behind them and the room twirled slightly.

"What in the.." Mania said placing a hand on the wall.

"Its a twirling elevator. We'll be scanned half way there. In case we are terrorists or something, they can flush us out." Dras said standing normally. As she said, a scan commenced over the entirety of the room. Dras held up her keycard as it passed over. Mania followed suit and did the same.

"Ah, Ms. Fleet, was wondering when you were going to arrive. Ms. Baker is already here." A voice said.

"They're expecting you, and by name, curious." Dras said.

"Oh?" Mania asked as the elevator haulted.

"You really must of made an trustworthy impression. When I first arrived, I was escorted everywhere. Until a guard decided to try and pull me somewhere." Dras responded, poking a few arm spikes. The doors opened, and Dras allowed Mania to go first. A counter, as well as a few side rooms were present, with two doors on each side of the room.

"Ms. Fleet, greetings Dras, welcome." A man from behind the counter said. "I assume you're checking on your Mekas?"

"Indeed. Have my underlings arrived? I called for them early." Dras asked.

"We have a group waiting at the elevator now, might be them. If they are I'll send them in. Ms. Fleet, may I show you to your squads Mekas?" He asked grabbing a ring of keys.

"Yes please." Mania said watching Dras head the opposite way of the man.

"I'll talk to you later about that thing."" Dras said giving a slight wave.

"Alright, catch you around." Mania said.

"She's quite the looker." The man said opening a door for Mania.

"What do you mean?" Manias asked looking at the large hanger before her. Various parts, vehicles, and other things were being moved about.

"I mean she has the eye of many men, women, and other species." The man said leading Mania across the hangar.

"Why's that? I could see if they were scared of her, I sure as hell am." Mania asked watching a Meka similar to hers being repaired. Though, this one was a Lightfoot meka with modifications.

"Her kind is rarely seen outside their borders unless they're taking your planet, or hired as a high-end mercenary. She's neither, out here on her own free will with a pack of younger ones. Has some type of outstanding recognition from her people or something, because she's incredibly young to lead by her people, or so i've been told." He said reaching the other end of the hangar and typing in a keycode.

"That doesn't really answer my question." Mania quipped.

"People like new and different things. She's humanoid, and looks like a goddess. Her student's aren't too bad either. Least, that's how I see her." The man said opening the door. "Your groups Mekas are in here."

"Goddess huh?" Mania said as she stepped in. This hangar was much smaller, but seemed much more up to date. "Wow."

"Its one of our more private hangars, thankfully a generous tax reduction from the galactics made this happen." The man said closing the door behind her. Helix's goliath of a Meka seemed to almost touch the top of the hanger bay. Next to his was Manias, which was in the process of being cleaned up of the red sand it was very must accustomed to.

"Dear god, I forgot I actually had paint under that." Mania said walking up to it. A red color scheme was seen under the falling sand. What could best be described as an industrial grade toothpick was hitting parts of her Meka, until it dropped off a chunk of sand.

"We thought it was painted before our guys began to do our typical cleaning. We noticed it was hardened sand after about ten minutes and a guy nearly cut his arm on it." The man said.

"My apologies, didn't know our Mekas would of been cleaned when we brought it, otherwise I would of given some warning." Mania replied looking over to her right, Thorn seemed to be talking with a few people.

"No problem, your Meka seems to be the only one with this problem. The Covert Meka had a similar problem near previous damage, but was much easier to clean." He said looking up at the Meka. Another small chunk of sand fell off hitting with a heavy "clang". Mania walked over to the small group around Thorn.

"... I uncloaked from behind the beastie and unloaded on it, basically ending its life. Can't lie, seemed too easy." Thorn gloated as the members clapped.
"Thorn, you're not showboating are you? Helix clearly made that possible." Mania replied as the group split to allow her through.

"Of course I told them about Helix. Its hard to believe that huge thing didn't leave a mark in the battle." Thorn retorted pointing at his Meka.

"Good... So, is your love being treated right?" Mania asked looking at the Covert Meka.

"Its at 100% fighting capacity, even put some premium grade rounds in." A mechanic said quickly.

"Well that's good to hear." Mania said looking back at her Meka.

"We would of done the same to yours and your Snipers, but we had strict orders not to touch those. Its an interesting design for both, I have to say." He responded now looking at them as well.

"Yeah, I wanted more than a standard fighting unit. Something others didn't have, that took a while to learn how to piolt. It is truly our first battle design. Granted, its a collaboration of a few other designs we had laying around, but we designed it none-the-less. The sniper, I can't vouch for though, don't know where Helix got it from." Mania said looking back over to Thorn.

"What was your first Meka anyways Mania?" Thorn asked.

"That I owned or piolted?" She asked.

"Owned, because I know you didn't start engaging in actual fights until I was around, or shortly before." Thorn said glancing over as a few mechanics left being called to their duties.

"Oh you remember my Howitzer Meka." Mania said signaling her to follow her.

"That thing that looked like a super mini-Helix meka? I remember that. Packed a whallop too, when you actually hit." Thorn replied joining her. Mania walked to the door and back out to the open armory.

"Yeah. That was before Ash was on board wasn't it? Because I just hired you." Mania said making her way through the changing maze.

"You really liked my accomplishments. How the hell did you hire Anderson anyways?" Thorn said bumping into a crate.

"He's actually working off a debt. He has yet to actually ever been paid." Mania responded quickly glancing back at her before reaching the next door.

"You're shittin' me? He's been here longer than me, and never received cash? How the-what the fuck did that dumbass break?" Thorn said laughing.

"Our base." Mania simply replied opening the door for Thorn.

"Oh god, I thought he was just kidding when he said he did that." Thorn said laughing.

"He was actually being polite, but I agreed not to share how much damage he did." Mania said looking at the guy who showed her to their mekas. "Hey, is Dras still around?"

"Yeah, she's waiting on her other kin to arrive still, she broke something recently out of frustration. I don't think you want to go in there." The man said holding a hand up to pause them, but Mania contiuned to walk anyways. Thorn stopped a few feet behind Mania as she opened the door. A loud 'crack' was heard from down the now revealed hallway.

"I'm gonna go-uh, do-uh, this way. Catch you around Mania." Thorn said before briskly making her way to the elevator.

"Smart move. I'll call for some guards and a medical team for you Ms.Fleet, can't say that I warned you. Their rage is nearly unparallel among other sentient races." The man said clicking a few buttons on a computer. Mania quickly walked down the hallway to the end as a mechanic scurried out of the door before another loud cracking sound was heard. Mania looked through the now open door to see Dras, who found tube-like pieces of metal, hurling them like javelins at deactivated mekas, allowing some to stick.

"If they are any later I will skin their grragghh dddrruuuaakkgghh, Dddrraazzuurrnnn ggrraah!" Dras snarled throwing her final javelin into a concrete wall 50 feet away. She turned about, a blazing red, yellow-red tint eye color burned into Mania before she realized who it was.

"What are you doing here?" She barked walking up to her. Dras, while agitatted seemed to of use the full extent of her legs, seemingly making her even more towering than she was.

"I-I overheard, the, uhm, ruckus. I-uh-figured if I showed up before the security team I could help you play it off instead of furthering your-uh, anger." Mania said having to take a step back to see Dras' face. Her scales, like before, seemed to move on their own, giving a very strong demonic look. Dras looked at the Mekas, then to the wall.

"I have not derailed from the agreement set up between the galactics and I, I have nothing to worry about." She said soundly picking up a large sheet of metal from a nearby station.

"You're making a scene, and destroying property. Plus, cutting into a buisnesses time that the galactics have their pocket in. They would quickly scrap your contract and execute you if given the chance if you've done your side of the agreement." Mania quickly said before she threw the metal sheet. She stopped, and glared back at Mania.

"You do realize, I could carve my name with your bones into the wall, power my unit up, and destroy half the station before I am stopped, if, I am stopped, human?" She said gripping the metal.

"You also realize I couldn't hire you if you're jailed, a convict, or dead, right?" Mania said with a slight smile. Dras looked at her for a moment before dropping the sheet of metal.

"You have my attention." Dras said growling still.

"Ok, uh.... Uhm.. I said I'd potentially hire you, and I needed to see if you were as strong as you said you were. You took it as an insult and or challange and threw throse metal rods. This would explain damage done to mekas, make it moreso my fault, and explain your mood." Mania quickly said to her before looking at the doorway. She heard the elevator doors open and a ruckus of footsteps.

"And the claw marks?" Dras said hinting to the horde of marks on a few metal pillars next to her. Mania quickly grabbed Dras' hand, and before she could react, gave herself a few scratches through her shirt on the arm and placed herself next to the pillar. About a dozen armed, and shielded guards came into the room along with some smaller, still efficent, robotic defences.

"Wait!" Mania said holding her hands up and blocking their shot of Dras, somewhat. "Its all a big misunderstanding, I take responsibility!"

"Hold men, Ms Fleet I presume. I'm going to have to ask you to step aside." A man in a full white suit ordered from behind the shielded guards.

"No, wait. I asked her to prove her strength because I was curious in hiring her, the way I didso insinuated a rite of challange, envoking her species rage. I'll be hauled in for this, not her." Mania said quickly stepping forward a little. She couldn't tell what Dras was doing, but it made the guards shift slightly. The white suited man put a hand to his ear for a minute before looking angerly at Mania. The robotic defenses at this point disengaged and walked out of the room, leaving the few men stepping back a few.

"It seems I can only reluctantly issue a harsh warning to you. You have the eye of someone powerful, be sure not to abuse it. As for you Dras, you immunity is coming to a close soon, and were well prepared for it. Move out men." The man barked before walking away.

"Men." Dras snarled walking next to Mania. The guards quickly left the room as the elevator opened again. "Clever thinking, but that nearly backfired."

"I have my moments." Mania simply replied poking at her self-inflicted wound.

"Was a little bit extreme to wound yourself." Dras said holding Manias arm up.

"It'll prove useful later on." She simply responded as Dras placed a cold hand on it. The wound burned for a moment before ceasing and she removed her hand. The wound seemed to of healed, or felt like it at least. The cuts were still prominant, and the wound still visible, but no pain was felt.

"Its a little secret our kind has, and we can apply it to others. Best you keep it that way." Dras said now walking to the door.

"Wait, where you going?" Mania asked following.

"My underlings are non-responsive, therefor I must find them." Dras responded plainly checking her wrist computer. "I'm sure I know where one is at least."

"Want some help?" Mania asked closing the door behind her and catching up to Dras. They exited the hallway as the guy who showed Mania to her hanger stared blankly as the duo walked out, clearly catching the scratches on Mania.

"If you insist." Dras said monotoningly catching the elevator door before it closed. About four guards who were called down were talking in the elevator until they saw Dras.

"Exactly! It doesn't make sense why they have such a hardon for this liz-.." A guard who's back was turned from her said before stopping and turning around realizing his buddies' faces. His face turned pale as he backed up to his friends side.

"Hmmph." Dras sighed as she walked in, Mania on her heels. The doors close as they took position near the entrance. The guards stared intensely as it shifted forward.

"Sooo..." Mania said dragging her word out. "Uh, lovely weather we're having."

"We-weather? Uh, yeah... Very nice." A guard said laughing slightly.

"Does this small talk amuse humans so much?" Dras asked looking down on Mania.

"Well, yeah. Our brains have so many interactions commencing at once that if we're not raised to cope with the everlasting silence we literally go insane. I have, though I see the positive influence in small talk among others who have not learned that." Mania said casually.

"Hmm, insane without verbal exchange?" Dras asked as the elevator commenced in a different direction.

"Oh no not that, without sound actually. There were a large amount of studies done that completely sane men and women put in sound isolation literally started to freak out after an hour. I lasted about seven.. Though, they didn't like I fell asleep half way through." Mania said before it came to a halt.

"Wait, that means your.." A guard said and was cut off as the other two rushed out making him following along. Dras seemed to catch that the guard knew something about Mania as they walked out after the guards.

"What did he mean to say?" Dras asked.

"N-nothing. Probablly thought I was someone else." Mania said with a smile. Dras sniffed slightly as they walked back down the path to the hotel.

"You smell differently when you lie, most of your species does." Dras said.

"Ahh, just intimidated when you ask me questions is all." Mania said with a small chuckle.

"No, that's lingered with you. My kin knows the difference." Dras said strictly. Mania scratched her head.

"Its-its nothing I wanna talk about alrighty?" Mania said quietly.

"Hm, alright. Later then." Dras said looking as a jet of colored water shot over her. The walk back to the hotel was a very beautiful one, just as much so as the trip the hangar. Dras led Mania down a new path as they past the diner Ashley and Mania ate at.

"Sssooo they wouldn't be at the hotel?" Mania asked as a fluid humanoid looked at the two as they past. It changed from its darker orange to a more brighter orange.

"No. They are much more relentless and bloodthirsty than our kind allows." Dras said looking about she led paused for a moment. "They are probablly..."

"Probablly where..?" Mania asked looking at a nearby building with a rave flowing "Not there, not enough of a challange." Dras responded moving on. "Maybe..."
Dras walked into what was a growing crowd of people around a particularly stone-like building. Cheers and boos were heard as the ever growing dense crowd was nearing the entrance. Dras made no problem walking through people, though Mania seemed to have a harder time not being as dense. A large circle of people was now visable as Dras stopped far enough back to see the commotion. Mania struggled to get past them and made it to the front of the circle to see three men, two women, and a deep, deep blue and green toned lizard, body resembled much like Dras, but shorter and with more noticeable spikes, being circled. Two men already laid crippled on the floor, one bleeding.

"Hundred on the humans!" "Fifty on the lizard-bitch!" "Kick her scaly ass!" The crowd yelled as a machine flew about taking the bets. Two of the remaining men and a woman rushed in at once. In a quick flurry of motion, they fell, brutally at that. The chick was the last one to fall as the lizard slashed a few arm spikes against the thrown leg and brought it up flipping her onto her back with a heavy sound. The remaining man and woman looked at each other before noticing they were being rushed. The chick had a viscious looking gauntlet with metal studs on the end of it; she landed a solid blow to the lizards face with little to no give. The lizard landed a heavy uppercut to the man sending him flying backwards, probably breaking the jaw, while it picked the woman up by the throat and slammed her to the ground with a heavy slam. Hand still wrapped around her neck, and probably a decent concussion, she placed her gauntleted hand on her head and held her other hand away from the lizard. The lizard slowly stood up after a quick glance towards Manias direction. Her eyes were the same color as her scales. Loud cries of victories and boos were heard as it began to walk in her direction. The crowd began to split like the red sea until they came to Mania and Dras who walked up to Manias side as the other stopped. It said something in growls and snarls as it took a knee in front of Dras. Dras looked at the mess it just made of the others and back down at her female subordanate. She opened an eye and glanced at Mania, glaring, gazing. Possibly sizing her up. She kept eye contact steady, unwavering. It spoke, saying something before Dras looked over at her as well.

"Mania Fleet. Head of the Halo Corporation in its entirety." Dras simply said. The pupils of the lizardkin dialated before returning normal. Mania smiled slightly and looked over at the dispersing crowd. Some were staying to see what would happen, others collecting their bets. Dras waved her hand at the other lizard.

"Mania Fleet, of the Red Mist. I've studied your planet, what a ravaging place to battle, marvelous fights must be encountered there.." The lizard said now standing up. Clearly female, and a smile with pearly, razor sharp teeth. She extended an arm out, revealing only three claw like fingers giving her a dinosaur like look even more. Mania was sort of concerned on how she'd shake her hand safely but nonetheless went for it. She had an incredibly strong grip, yet the claws flawlessly missed touching Mania.

"It's... An honor to meet one of your ... Kind Ms..?" Mania asked keeping a confident feeling about her, truly being next to Dras, and now this one, she was quite scared.
The lizard let out a wickedly cruel snarl that lasted for about four seconds.

"In your human tounge, it's... " She paused a moment to think.

"Mistress Di-Vendarshal Xenolequist of the Maji Clan. Least, the closest you could get" Dras said unenthused. "You're supposed to be learning the language, not beating them with it."
Vendarshal snarled back at her. Dras looked at Mania before back at her. Dras snarled back at her in a more commanding tone. She bowed slightly.

"My apologies Commander." She said, despite being aggitated. "Perhaps I should come wither you and the human for your remaining subordinates?"

"With. Not wither." Mania said quickly. Vendarshal glanced over and nodded slightly.

"You shall." Dras simply said turning about beginning her walk away. Mania looked over Vendershal as she walked by. The muscles were finely tuned to her body, all built with a passionate compliment for her spikes. She wasn't wearing much in the terms of clothing. A very loose, weathered leather top covered her breasts, and nothing more. It appeared to of been ripped in half for that appearance alone. The 'chaps' she wore were nearly non-existant. The entirety of the back of the chaps were removed, exposing her well toned legs up to her upper thigh where a loose pocket hung and a small tail, about a foot long, maybe two, came out. Her tail curled up, but with a viscious row of spikes on the outside. The front of the pants were mostly ripped from the protruding spikes, as well as a knee spur on each leg. Most of the rips were obviously from the spikes. The spikes seemed well cared for as the light would catch a small shimmer off them. Mania followed behind her, still examining. Multiple, yet small, spiked rows ran in between scales ran up her back. Her shoulders, while lacking spikes, seemed well plated for their needs. She glanced back to see Manias' eyes dancing about her body. She let out a few snarls to Dras who looked back at Mania, who now was glancing about to the side innocently. She replied with a few snarls herself as Vendershal let out a few small, what could be assumed chuckles. This though, caught Manias attention.

"What's so funny?" Mania asked looking at Dras now.

"Your races curiosity is legendary." Vendershal cooed.

"It'll be the death of many." Dras simply put looking forward again.

"Hey, as long as I look and don't touch I see no perculiar disadvantages." Mania said plainly.

"Not touching is the... Negative effect." Vendershal said with a suggestive hint after finding the right words. Dras looked back and snarled at her harshly.

"What? The females are much more attr..." Is where Vendershal switched to her language before finishing her sentences.

"Well if I'm that interesting Miss Vendershal.." Mania said catching up to her side and hip bumping her quite hard, though it was probably a light bump in their standards. A spike caught her clothing and produced a small cut, but she ignored it. Vendershal jumped slightly at the notion and looked over at the now smiling Mania.

"You understood that..?" She asked looking at her intrigued. "Your species isn't as braindead as were we encountered before."

" 'Isn't as braindead as we have encountered before', and she has an elevated assessment of her situational enviornment. She doesn't have to understand us to know what we are talking about." Dras said coming to a hault in front of a lava fountain and turning about. She pressed a blinking button on a device she pulled out as what looked like a message popped up.

"You're are a perculiar one, Ms. Fleet." Vendershal said walking away from Dras a little. Mania followed her slightly as Vendershal came to a hault.

"Not all of humanity should be underestimated." Mania simply replied moving to touch a spike on her. She looked down at her as she tensed and held perfectly still. She noticed the claw marks on her arm and cocked her head slightly to get a better view. Mania ran three fingers over the spike. It was incredibly smooth, and clearly ran into her bone structure. The under part of the spike seemed to come to a sharp edge and point.

"Does it grow like that naturally?" Mania asked moving away and looking at the puzzled Vendershal.

"Yes.." She simply said.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" Mania asked.

"You're not scared of our kind..?" She asked hinting at the claw marks.

"On the contrary, I'm deathly afraid. But I'm just as curious." Mania said looking over Vendershals face. Vendershal quickly jumped at Mania following that statement, making her breasts nearly forced into Manias face and an eye next to hers. Mania almost took a step back when she realized what Vendershal was doing, allowing a face spike to be placed dangerously close to her cheek. A loose snarl was released as Vendershal met her eyes turning and turned them almost pitch black.

"I wish I could do that with my eyes..." Mania simple said as her eyes moved down her scaly body. "Are those entirely covered in..."

"Don't you dare!" Vendershal snarled as she caught Manias hand from pulling her shirt down any more than it was. Her grip tripled from the hand shake, nearly crushing. Dras let out a very noticable laugh which paused the grip on Mania, and the action.

"Release the human, she has already foiled your intimidation method." Dras said walking up behind Mania. Vendershal quickly released her grasp and looked at Mania.

"This would of played out much differently.." She said raising a knee spur to glide accross Manias leg where Dras couldn't see.
Mania glared at her eyes, which had now fluxuated back to normal, and simply replied, " Kinky." And smiled.
Vendershal huffed, but smiled and walked away.

"She likes you." Dras said bending down and whispered into Manias ear.

"I'm scared moreso because of that." Mania whispered in return.
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This chapter is NOT complete. Changes, of various kinds, can happen. But it is done in the sense the overall feel and movement is completed for the current flow of the book. Expect grammatical mistakes, awkward sentence structure, a non-set language, things named wrongly or not at all, and other things.


Where the fun begins

"In course with earlier news, it has been concluded that the notorious Silent Corporation has violently assaulted multiple trading ships within the last 24 hours causing a significant drop to various building projects in the Empire. Some of the more noteable hits include various newborn alliances and trade agreements with the Galactic Empire such as The Outer Worlds, Geno Splice Industries, The Halo Corporation, Vermillion Battallion, and the Cult of Taris...."

"That... Might be a problem." Thorn said stopping to watch the screen.

"Mania's gonna raise some hell if she gets wind of that." Gemini retorted.

"Speaking of which, anyone seen her about?" Anderson asked standing next to Thorn.

"I was with her for a while, she went to go for a walk. One moment." Veronica said as she tapped her gauntlet. A few quick blurs of words and videos quickly opened and closed.

"Is there anything you can't hack?" Thorn ask moving to her side to watch.

"I'm not hacking. They have all feeds as freeware, anyone can view them. All I'm doing is using a face recgonition software to find her through them." She simply said.

"Mania Fleet found." The mechanical voice said.

"Holy shit there's like a dozen lizards." Thorn said making the rest huddle around Veronica.

"Wow. Mania moves quick. I thought I asked for trouble." Anderson snickered as Gemini elbowed him in the gut.

"There's... Six of those things. Here I thought one was scary enough" Gemini said moving away.

"If you would all like to keep moving, your units would have already arrived to the simulation arena with these delays." One of the Galactic Standards said.

"Yeah yeah marshmallow we're followin'." Anderson quipped.

"If he throws your ass in jail I'm paying for a mugshot." Thorn retaliated.

"You know, Mania may wanna know all of our units are moved." Veronica thought aloud.

"It's been already taken care of. I asked one of the guards assigned to us and he said she'd receive the message despite where she's at." Ashley said tinkering with another random object.

"Huh.." Veronica looked back as the feeds changed over to a different view of Mania moving off into a shop.

"Can I get aaaaaa.... " Mania paused looking over the menu.
"Carnivore Deluxe." Dras said walking up behind her. Mania turned around and looked at her confused. "What? I'm hungry. So are they."
Mania turned around to stare back at the menu. "Uuhhh give me tthhee apettizer, that 4 in one thing."

" The Shelz-entavor, and a Carnivore Kidney on deck!" The man yelled to the backroom. "That all?"

"Actually no, gimmie 100 pieces of your best deep fried meat in nuggets too."
The guy paused for a moment and looked at her then behind here.

"Who do ya think I am some type-a chump? That's not cheap." He said sorta agitated.

"Oh pipe down will ya? " Mania said pulling out her card and handing it to him.

"Oh, your one of them fancy ones they give this card to. We're not used to having you people in this joint." He said returning to his previous tone and swiped the card. "Alright, you got it. It'll be a few minutes."
Mania pushed off the counter and took a few steps to catch up to the departing Dras as Mania spun her around, somewhat.

"Do you really have to do shit like that?" Mania asked slightly disgruntled.

"What? I merely ordered food.' Dras said slightly smiling.

"Jumping in line like that isn't a respectable signal in your race I'd assume." Mania quipped.

"Neither is the breaking of a cease-fire order in your species but you don't see me complaining." Dras responding monotoningly.

"You're just pissy becausing I'm earning more respect by your members than you are." Mania began to turn around before she felt quite the strong presence behind her and a hand placed on her shoulder stopping her dead. The grip wasn't so much strong as it was heavy, and it had the weight of a thousand lives right now.

"Tek-gal Greshengraa'Takal, Be-Zuta." Dras said aloud. The mood of her group, who were making a sizeable ruckus instantly changed to a smaller talkative punch.

"Vendershal!" She said aloud. Vendershal quickly walked up and bowed slightly.

"Dervo Jinq-dah Dras?" Vendershal asked.

"Does this human hold your respect?" Dras asked as Mania calmly and carefully turned around to look at the stern looking Dras and neutral Vendershal.

"Of course madam, she has done nothing to circut that."

"Uhm.. Circumvent.." Mania said quietly.

"And does she hold more respect than I do?" Dras growled ignoring the mistake.

"N-n-no... Why would you ask such a question?" She asked startled.

"She claims to be more respected than I, that cannot be." Dras growled.

"N-n-no, no at all.. While she m-may be a unique critter of her species we take notes on we h-hold her in a upper standard than you."

"What!?" Dras yelled. A few people quickly walked away.

"She meant higher regard.. As in she meant you're respected moreso." Mania chipped in quickly.

"I.. Yeah.. Yes! That." Vendershal said tripping over the meaning.
Dras eyed Vendershal then back to Mania.

" 'Eres your orders madams!" The man said returning with a large platter from the back.

"Thank you." Dras growled not breaking her eyesight from Mania. Vendershal stepped up and purposefully stepped between them and pushed Mania to the counter to pickup the food. Dras turned and walked away with a huff.

"God damn she's tempermental. And itching for a fight." Mania said low to Vendershal. Vendershal lifted the platter with ease with one hand as she turned to face Mania.

"I belive a thanks in is order for that." She said walking slowly next to Mania.

" Uh 'is in', and don't mention it. I know what's what and don't put up with peoples shit. Just suprised you lied." Mania said holding a few smaller items. Vendershal paused and looked at Mania with a smile.

"It's a high crime to lie to a superior... Older (species name) doesn't not believe any species is more respectable than ours. Most others aren't quiet... No... Wait, are quite.. Most others are quite open about other species abilities and respecting..." She said beginning her walk back once more. The plate Dras brought the group was already being devoured.

"Well then. Is the the black scaled one like Dras as well, or is she accepting?" Mania asked suggestively.

"Indeed she is. But don't come crawling to me if you're broken and bruised." Vendershal merely cooed as they reached a larger table in between two fountains where Dras and the others sat.

"I decided it'd be best to sit and converse then to continue our current pace of events." Dras simply said glaring at the two.

"Zesh Inclumei degrental." One of the other lizardkin said.

"Vandah-shel du shhzzuurra daguq ven.. Cravut Mania." The black one said after ripping out a large chunk out of the meat in front of her.
Vendershal let out a small snarl as a piece of meat flung at the black dragonkin, though she ate it right out of the air.

"Delish-cious." The black one said with what could be considered a hint of sarcasm. "Enough, (species name), Shzzuras!" Dras said somewhat loud.

"So is there any way I can learn your tongue?" Mania asked nudging one of Dras' spikes and popping a few bits of deep fried meat in her mouth.

"Your inferior vocals couldn't withstand the verbrations for different meanings." The black one cooed before Dras could respond.

"I'm sorry did I ask her subordinant?" Mania quiped before returning her gaze to Dras as she placed her plate down. Dras had a small smile creep on her face from that comment.

"Indeed there is. It's a lesser dialect in our race, because it's what the slave races learn. The problem with that is you'll be looked down on as one." Dras said monotoned. Mania inhaled another few pieces of the deep fried meat catching Dras' eye. She began reaching for one before pausing.

"May I?" She asked Mania. Mania looked at Dras, then quickly at all the others who paused their carnivorus ways. It was almost nerveracking.

"Uh.. S-sure." Mania said pushing her plate forward a little. Dras reached and grabbed about five pieces and sniffed them carefully before tossing them in her maw. It took a minute of her chewing put her eyes widened a little in approval.

"How is this made?" She asked taking one more.

"Deep fried, it's breaded and placed in various hot oils and cooked to temperature." Mania said grabbing two smaller ones and throwing them in her mouth.
The black (species name) let out a few snarls different from the regular babble. The others besides Vendershal and Dras ignored it. Dras snarled back. Taking this time to escape the conversation, Mania scooched over next to a brighter orange lizard. "Hey there stranger, what's your name?"
She paused for a moment after inhaling a piece with bone and all and looked over. "Zeta." She simply stated in great english despite the influence of her races tongue. She made it explicitly loud to crunch the bone so Mania could hear.

"Interesting... I'm Mania. You seem a lot more... Approachable... Than the others." She said biting a bigger piece in half.

"I was the human-(species name) lead negotiater for some time." Zeta simply said clearing the rest of her plate.

"Was? What happened?" Mania asked pausing from her meal.

"Apparantly throwing a crooked, hopefully dead, negotiater through a one-way glass window with some important people behind it is grounds for dismissal." Her Grassland green eyes seemed dulled and unamused of the conversations as she looked over.

"Oh, yeah, lot of slimeballs the higher up you go in certain groupings. Hell, even mine has one or two. But mine are still efficent and do as they're told." Mania replied leaning back in her chair looking over Zetas exposed skin.

"You're so fond of what would kill you if not given direct orders." Zeta simply replied now turning completely to face Mania and looked her over. "Your muscle structure, even as proficiently sculpted in your legs, wouldn't match a muscle in our bodies."

"Yeah, but knowing you won't brutally maim me gives me some leaverage. Besides the beauty your race has..." Mania said standing up arched her back stretching, allowing her back to pop a few times. Zeta looked at her back for a minute observing as she stretched.

"I give your species credit in flexibility, but that's not much of a feat in the grand scheme." Zeta said returning to her nearly completed meal. The black one snarled again, this time at Zeta.

"Do I look like I care of your opinion whelp? Go be a peacekeeper." She said carelessly.

"E-excuse me Miss, one of our Galactic Representitives would like to speak with you for a quick moment in privacy." An eager guard asked from a few feet away.

"Mm. They're late in delivering that message, and it smells like a lie at that. Think this is where we part ways. For now." Dras said leisurely signaling everyone else their meal was done. Mania grabbed the paper underneath the rest of her meat and brought it all up into a small to-go sack, probably much to the sad realization to Dras who looked over to her plate as she turned around.

"Where is he?" She asked the guard. He seemed a little different than a few other guards, it was probably due to him being taller. No doubt they thought he'd fair better against the lizardkin than others.

"This way ma'am." He said as he took off at a quick walk beelinin. It took a few minutes but he made his way to a solid wall between two storefronts. After a few seconds of fiddling and the sound of a key turning a pillar fell into the wall and moved out of the way revealing a security door.

"Well this doesn't look like a kidnapping." Mania said sarcasticly as a small security camera watched them. Before the guard could type in a code on the other door it opened.

"Leave us." A voice said within. The guard sidestepped allowing Mania to pass by.

"Thank ya." She said with a smile. Entering the room it was obviously a low-level security room with multiple monitors and computers. A man leisurely leaned back in the chair.

"You're a tough nut to keep track on Miss Fleet." The man said without turning about.

"Are you the representitive?" She asked looking at the monitors.

"Take that door." He pointed to his left. She sighed a little and quickly went to the door. This room was about the same size, but was a server room it seemed as computer bits lined the walls. A man stood with his back turned looking over a serverbox. He wasn't wearing the standard colors or armor a normal galactic would.

"Uhm.. You're the..?" Mania asked approaching carefully.

" 'Representitive', yes." He replied not turning around.

"Sooo..." She paused two meters away from him. She took a piece of meat and ate it. He turned around, revealing a materializing armor set on him. Lavish purples and deep blacks sprung to life. Parts of the armor seemed alive as it flickered and reacted to the enviorment.

"Oh. Well then. I should of expected this shouldn't I?" Mania said not even flinching and grabbed another piece of meat.

"Everything has been going smoothly since your last transaction. The purchase will arrive on Riona within a few galactic days. We also have another offer for you. Though, I'm from a sect of the group you're familiar with. I'm from the science division." He said clearly.

"Obviously. Your armor is reactive and you met me in a server room. It just screams science and tech division." She said unenthused by his words. He paused and thought about it for a moment.

"I assume so... No time to waste I need a bug placed on a specific person. We can supply a sum of credits directly to your personal account with absolutely no trail. As if those credits have always been there." He said simply. "Do you accept?"

"Sounds easy enough, but I'm new and monitored here. On top of that I don't know who yeat." She said soundly.

"You're already aquainted. Dras-Nal-Tok."
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