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Gemini Salvage Probe [Intermediate]

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:46 am    Post subject: Gemini Salvage Probe [Intermediate] Reply with quote

Gemini Salvage Probe
Hoping to enjoy success similar to Wartech, Gemini Probes can enter most wrecked units and notify salvagers of unusual minerals or entities. Unfortunately, their small size makes them frail and their internal batteries are weak, limiting their effectiveness in the field.

Effect: When activated, small bonus to salvage rare mods.
2 : +10% chance to salvage rare mods, -15% unit salvage chance
CE Factor: 1.25 (Intermediate)

Image by: <Name>


Gemini Salvage Probe requires 300 Ore.
Gemini Salvage Probe requires 4 Command.

Developer's Notes: The Gemini Probes are stored inside of a canister which is opened at the salvage site. This canister protects, repairs, and recharges the drones themselves. The canister does not draw power from the unit it is attached to, but mounting the mod is a time-consuming process involving AI setup in addition to the normal mounting process. The drones themselves are nothing more than small, worm-like drones with a single camera on the "front" and a small drill in the "rear". The reduction in salvage chance is the result of some drones burrowing into the unit, either directly through the hull or through the inside chassis. These drones do not show what they're seeing unless the salvager opts in or they see a rare mod.
Dogg1000 wrote:
olla wrote:
... Much better than nukes, that's too North Korean IMHO.
If these nukes are north korean, implement them anyway. They wont get 3 squares before tripping on a rock and turning into salvage.
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