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One click mod building {frizz plz read}

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 3:42 am    Post subject: One click mod building {frizz plz read} Reply with quote

Frizz is currently working on a one button click for units that involves a new class or something.

I remember him saying someone has to do it for mods. I am trying a simpler approach which is a one time generation of a new xml file that includes

- Mod id
- Mod ore
- Mod command
- Mod reqs
- Mod clicks

The required resources are calculated at maximum efficiency. Thus when someone attempts to build, he must have maximum efficiency on all prereqs and sub-prereqs to use this option. This is for coding simplicity and well I don't think anyone is going to build 100 gyros if one of it's prereqs isn't at 100%.

The faction mod ore discount was not calculated, it can be deducted from total ore, error margin is maximum of number of clicks ore which is acceptable. Or a new field can be added, mod ore discounted.

The code is not needed since it's a one time generation but I will give it for frizz or anyone to check

function xmltomods($source)
      $oneclick = array();
      $tmpids = array();
      $tmpmod = array();
      $expansions = array("","BT","B","XP","SW","F","CD");
      $data = simplexml_load_file($source);
      foreach($expansions as $expansion)
         foreach($data->mod as $mod)
            if( ($mod->needtobuild->Mod =="") AND ($mod->Expansion == $expansion ) )
               $mod->clicks = 1;
               $mod->needtobuild->Ore = ceil(0.5*$mod->needtobuild->Ore);
               $mod->needtobuild->Command = ceil(0.5*$mod->needtobuild->Command);
               $oneclick[intval($mod->Id)] = $mod;
               $tmpids[] = $mod->Id;
         do {   
               $alladded = true;
               foreach($data->mod as $mod)
                  if( ($mod->Expansion == $expansion ) AND ($mod->needtobuild->Mod !="") )
                     $canadd = true;
                     $mods = explode(",",$mod->needtobuild->Mod);
                     $tmpore = 0;
                     $tmpcommand = 0;
                     $tmpreq = "";
                     $tmpclicks = 1;
                     foreach($mods as $req)
                              $alladded = false;
                              $canadd = false;
                           $tmpore += $oneclick[$req]->needtobuild->Ore;
                           $tmpcommand += $oneclick[$req]->needtobuild->Command;
                           $tmpclicks += $oneclick[$req]->clicks;
                                 if($tmpreq == "")
                                    $tmpreq = $oneclick[$req]->needtobuild->Mod;
                                    $tmpreq .=",".$oneclick[$req]->needtobuild->Mod;
                        $tmpids[] = $mod->Id;
                        $mod->needtobuild->Ore = ceil(0.5*$mod->needtobuild->Ore) + $tmpore;
                        $mod->needtobuild->Command = ceil(0.5*$mod->needtobuild->Command) + $tmpcommand;
                        $mod->clicks = $tmpclicks;
                        $oneclick[intval($mod->Id)] = $mod;
                           $tmpmod[intval($mod->Id)] = $mod->needtobuild->Mod.",".$tmpreq;
                           $tmpmod[intval($mod->Id)] = $mod->needtobuild->Mod;
            } while(!$alladded);
      foreach($oneclick as $mod)
               $mod->needtobuild->Mod = $tmpmod[intval($mod->Id)];
            $tmpunique = explode(",",$mod->needtobuild->Mod);
            $tmpunique = array_filter(array_unique($tmpunique));
            $mod->needtobuild->Mod = implode(",",$tmpunique);
            echo "Name: ".$mod->Name."<br>";
            echo "ID: ".$mod->Id."<br>";
            echo "Ore: ".$mod->needtobuild->Ore."<br>";
            echo "Command: ".$mod->needtobuild->Command."<br>";
            if($mod->needtobuild->Mod != "")
               echo "Req: ".$mod->needtobuild->Mod."<br>";
            echo "Clicks: ".$mod->clicks."<br><br>";

Samples of the output
Name: Compressed Cobalt Plating
ID: 170
Ore: 200
Command: 2
Req: 133
Clicks: 2

Name: Proton Mass Generator
ID: 171
Ore: 200
Command: 2
Req: 130
Clicks: 2

Name: EMP Missiles
ID: 172
Ore: 1483
Command: 19
Req: 116,171,108,53,59,130
Clicks: 12

Name: EMP Ammunition
ID: 173
Ore: 1368
Command: 21
Req: 139,108,55,57,61,63
Clicks: 13

Name: Cluster Missiles
ID: 174
Ore: 815
Command: 14
Req: 58,127,54,59
Clicks: 8

Name: Gyrojet Rounds
ID: 175
Ore: 835
Command: 13
Req: 55,132,37,15,129
Clicks: 7

Name: Cluster Missile Pod
ID: 177
Ore: 1315
Command: 20
Req: 174,127,170,58,133
Clicks: 12

Name: Chimera Power Converter
ID: 168
Ore: 675
Command: 8
Req: 171,137,130,136
Clicks: 5

Name: Argus Energy Adaptor
ID: 169
Ore: 725
Command: 9
Req: 170,122,133,121
Clicks: 5

Name: Gyrojet Long-gun
ID: 176
Ore: 1685
Command: 23
Req: 175,168,55,132,171,137
Clicks: 13

Name: Tremor Sensors
ID: 178
Ore: 2275
Command: 27
Req: 168,169,138,137,171,170,122,82,64,136
Clicks: 16

Name: Obliteration Cannon
ID: 167
Ore: 3416
Command: 44
Req: 114,109,169,110,111,108,85,63,170,122
Clicks: 31

Someone please double check some of these if you can build them at full efficiency. If you have the ore discount faction bonus, reduce the ore price above by 25%.

Frizz please tell me if this approach is acceptable and needed so that I can generate the xml file and modify the construct files to handle the new format as well as the old one.
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I really, really, really want to get away from generating XML files for everything.

The new system is using a class-based approach that programmatically generates costs. Before you start on anything wait for that. Any code that does similar things will need to work the same way.


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