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Support Unit

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:16 pm    Post subject: Support Unit Reply with quote

Alright, I have somewhat of an idea put together in my head, but we shall see how the community likes it.

Think of an old army truck with the canvas in the back as the general shape of the vehicle, but it is metal plate covering it. It has no weapons on board, but the reason why is cause of its support capacities. The truck stores spare bullets and missiles, with every other turn or so it replenishes 1 of each for everyone in the same square.

Not impressed? Well the main reason why it does not have weapons is due to a special large generator that it has allowing for faster recharge of shields on it when not in major use. But doesn't that sound like major use? Not really, cause the generator has special properties. For one command, the unit can set up the generator for other stuff, of which you have two choices.

The first choice is simplistic, in that when it is deployed it repairs other units at a small rate. This is similar to the Mammoth, but why would we choose this over that. It could be that its faster or cheaper. Its not as hardy as the Mammoth, but sometime why should you care.

The main reason you may want this is in the other ability the generator has. By deploying it and choosing 1 unit, you may plug it in and reduce the recharge rate of the weapons as it is getting extra energy. Now, this ability may be good on its own or you may want to add extra damage. I do not know, I do not want to make this unbalanced.

Now then, there is a drawback when this generator is being used. If the unit is destroyed with the generator active, it causes EMP Damage to a certain amount to all units in the same square. I don't know how much that should be, but I know it should be similar to Energy damage as electricity is discharged and should only damage shields.

Basic stats: Plain and simple, I don't know yet. But I have ideas. I think that this unit should have around 20-25 shields with a large recharge rate due to the Generator and maybe around the same or higher armor to be able to take hits cause it is armor-plated to keep the generator and the ammunition safe. As for movements, it should be faster than the Mammoth for sure. I am thinking at Max Speed around 5 is good with 2 or 3 as a control speed.

I do not know if the generator while active does not make the unit unable to move, take a heavy movement penalty or only able to do controlled movement. Ideas?
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