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Level-based Planets

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 1:09 pm    Post subject: Level-based Planets Reply with quote

I know it's been brought up before but I'd like to flesh the idea out a bit more.

What I'd suggest are mining (and possibly dueling/relic planets) planets that are scaled to the level of potential users. Thus, there would be a newb planet that would only spawn simple and some intermediate bandits. They would have minimal if any mods. There would be less ore here than on any other planet (except possibly relic/dueling). There would be some clear mines and bandit groups would be capped at no more than 3 guarding any one mine.

The medium or intermediate planet would feature intermediate and some lesser advanced mekas or higher-end simples. There would be mods on some of the intermediates and advanceds. Ore here would be about the ore that the ore planets drop now. IE: 300-400 ore per mine(?) There would be a few clear mines and bandit groups would be capped at 4 bandits per any one mine.

The high end or advanced planet would feature advanced mekas of every flavor with some high-end intermediate mekas. Mods for everybody, and decent ones at that. The ore mines would give large amounts of ore. This planet might also feature bandit bases around some of the mines. There would be few, if any, clear mines and bandit groups would be capped at 6 per any one mine.

As the average level of the users increased new ore planets of higher difficulties, but with better rewards could be introduced.

Flaws: Arguably this gives a bigger edge to high level players. But, since the planets don't seem to scale to their users currently, this argument may be a fallacy. After all, an advanced user might still drop on a newb planet for an easy ore run with near guaranteed results rather than drop on the advanced planet for bigger rewards but a bigger risk.

New players might be at a disadvantage for mining. Arguably the current setup allows for newbs to get lucky on the current ore planets and find clear mines with 0 resistance. This might reduce the development of newbs somehwat.

Advantages: Newb players would have an ore planet to drop on w/o the risk of running into advanced mekas that would destroy them in a few turns. Also they'd be less likely to find high level players who would farm them for easy xp.

There may be no overt restrictions on which planets one could travel to so newbs could take the risk of going to the advanced planet and hoping to get lucky and find some clear mines.

Comments please. Very Happy
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