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PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:06 pm    Post subject: Closed Reply with quote

Last Updated: October 12th
Scrapyard temp. closed

~Crew Swap~
Tired of getting off that lazy bum of yours to merit those precious crews of yours?
Yup *noms on handful of chips*
Are you bored of sitting there killing bandit after bandit getting no merits at all?
Then exchange those non-merited crews for a nice, healthy, totally compatible and willing to do your bidding, 3 merit crew!

Minimum of 3 E/E crews for any 3 merit crew. Please MAIL OFFERS INGAME to "haloguy48"


~Halos Scrapyard~
Is your storage filled with bandit scrap metal, rusty 1 slot units, and is cluttering your drop pad?
Yeah! it is!
Are you never gonna use that pile of crap your Sai meka just demolished and accidentally salvaged because it was on top of a +II SJM?
Damn straight i'll never use it!
Then come on down to haloguy's Salvage Yard! We buy your pieces of crap for crap prices! Would you rather turn that into 1 ore, or some command you'll use in the long run? Command of course! See listings and spot availability below...

Please MAIL INGAME what you have to sell, you will be added to the wait list on here. When its your time I will mail you when I have enough command.

~Current Command:174~
~Command earned daily:250 command~

Buying all simple units for 1-3 command
Buying all Intermediate units for 5 command
Buying all Advanced units for 5 command
Buying all Elite units for N/A command
~!NEW!~ Buying all Commander Units for 100 command
~!NEW!~ Buying non-Bandit units for command cost on unit

Example: Death Whisper Artillery requires 20 Command, I will pay 20 cmmd per.

Buying Priority units for 5-100 command

Order in which I buy:
Priority Units
Advanced Units
Mix of units
Intermediate Units
Simple Units

Priority List:

Active List:

Waiting List:


eV- 46 Inter-ADV units, 10 Priority Gats(10 command each), 151Sai's (3cmmd ea), 235 units @Buy now of 600 command. 120 picked units @ 5 command each
Total: 1,983 cmmd spent

Slider- 64 units (MM,BZ,Arm Crew-5 e/e crews)
Total: 320 cmmd spent

nicklamer- 28 units
Total: 140 cmmd spent

antony94- Priority Aegis(100 command)
total: 100 cmmd spent

Grand total: 2,543 command and 1 crew Spent

Why am I buying these:
why should you care? Your getting command out of it Very Happy

haloguy48 is not responsible for any transaction you do not verify with him first. If you randomly send me a bundle of 9,000 one slot units, it will be looked at as a gift. I will contact you when I am able to buy your units. I have the right to not buy your units for any reason under the sun. P.S, this is NOT the fine print.

Check out my Created Construx, all feedback welcomed! I'll start you out on the newer stuff, so just scroll down! Razz
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