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LE-N17 (Done)

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 12:11 am    Post subject: LE-N17 (Done) Reply with quote

(You can see the book-cover at the link)



Unlike combat units, Lone-Eyes were sent down via drop-pods. Along side the dozen or so large blue whale-like drop ships, hundreds of Lone-Eyes plummeted to the planetís dry surface. The planet isolated from the rest, being pushed away by multiple capital ships and their gravity cannons; it was under one last attack. But that was of no concern for the Lone-Eyes; they were scouts and cannon fodder. At least half of them burning up in the atmosphere, a few not rising from the impact of the planetís surface and some shot down by ground-to-air missiles from nearby bandit outposts; not putting a dent in the numbers. Ten would cover a planet within a day, three dozen had risen like good AI controlled probes. A few minutes ahead of the main force, their programming took over and sent them on their way. Shooting up bits of dust as they hovered in sure lines to their destinations, one was still.

Labeled N17, it was hovering and gazing at the horizon line. Drop ships roaring over head, taking fire; it floated and did nothing. Its inner circuits corrupt and crossed, arguing with pulses of electrical currents, its power fluctuation causing it to tip at moments and power down completely eventually. The single eye mounted on the front was dead, seeing but not taking anything in, a weak glow pulsing inside it.

It was a highly customized Lone-Eye lying in the dirt now, expensive for such a fragile piece of equipment; it was heavily modified and armored. A brother Lone-Eye nearly passed its fallen comrade. Instead it lingered and performed a quick bypass to at least allow it power to idly explore. It hummed to life and its brother was on its way again, leaving N17 to hover in its lonesome. Fighting itself again.

Finally, due to a weak link, the original programming kicked in and N17 was at stable power again, unfamiliar with its own setup. It scanned its internal systems while doing a scan of the surrounding land. It picked up hiccups and glitches; it rerouted some power to its repair droid stationed on it. It crawled on all fours, resembling a beetle; it opened a panel of armor and got to work as N17 focused what power it had left to its original job.

Something strange was happening with N17: it was noticing things and avoiding others, disobeying its preplanned course to arrive safely to the next. The friendly forces had arrived and were at war around N17, modified missiles that attacked random targets narrowly missed N17 as it swung its small body around the battlefield. Warriors were fighting in mass combat, forty feet tall mekas with enough firepower on their own to level a small city. Gatlingers, Battle Axes, Whirlwinds and Brightlances marched and fended off the enemy. Silent Death mekas flickering from existence as they cloaked and uncloaked to fire at the opposing light armored enemies in their jeeps and tanks, it was a slaughter. N17 paused to watch for a moment, taking notice of the rear force, a group of Fire Storms sending off wave after wave of similar Lone-Eyes. It took notice of how carelessly they were thrown into combat, defenseless, they took the blunt of the enemyís fire.

N17 zoomed in on the front lines where stronger enemies resided, giving all they got but failing as the wounded were covered by the stronger for in-field repairs. Lone-Eyes were scrap to those larger machines of war and N17 couldnít watch anymore, it swayed to and fro between the armyís stomping feet. It could still pick up the fighting on its scanners and shut them off, speeding off away from the massacre. Still the main objective in mind, it couldnít tell the repair droid had only further damaged its original system before returning to its port.

It froze along the ridge if a steep cliff and hovered idly. The internal systems under attack again. All systems flipping on and off, a ping registered on the radar, coming off as purple. It was unnoticed, N17 arguing with itself, rewriting its own code of programming, a last ditch effort for all Lone-Eyes under attack by another program. It was meant to confuse the other program until the Lone-Eye was destroyed or recovered but it was only destroying its old code. As it deleted sections of code, the other program filled it in with the appropriate replacement. Another purple ping but this one registered. Both programs worked fervently until the attacker finally won, N17 tumbling down into the dirt again as it rebooted, the husk slipping down the opposite was of the cliff, a silent creature poking its head out over the ridge. It was as instinctual as the programming of all Lone-Eyes. It crawled closer, raising its tail and charging its weapon, needing to obliterate the remains of any foe. Scorpion related; its tail held a powerful energy weapon that could level nearly any combat unit with a single shot. N17 might just melt from lying so close. The weapon was primed to fire.

N17 faded away and disappeared. The creature confused, powered down and skittered sideway in a large circle. It knew what to do and stiffened up, rubbing its armored plates together and expelling a spore in all directions. It coats N17 and reveals it; it had cloaked upon rebooting and slipped behind the creature, a single long tube poking from its neck. A soft thunk and the creature turned with a scream, stumbling backwards and collapsing a few meters away. The giant was dead and as proof, its energy weapon started to glow and N17 activated its booster, flinging itself off the cliff's edge as it exploded. The rock and dirt was glass and N17 was gone.

Shifting its shields to overpower, the impact shattered it but N17 only skinned the ground with its side. Alarms blaring until the shields recharged, N17 took its time, exploring the cliff side. Its memory was slowly processing, debugging itself and filling in the map it had. Marking multiple locations, it checked three empty caves before the rest were loaded.

The search command was cancelled and the new, final one blipped into its hard-drive and across its eye.

"Kill the Queen."

Networking itself to the satellite above, it pulled up its full map and hundreds of multi-colored dots filled the center. The land shifting colors as elevation was altered accordingly and a ping sent N17 back across the map. It halted before another small cliff, a few meters high and surveyed the war. The Shak'kahr had risen from their slumber to fight and even with such a massive army, they were winning, catching small groups of mekas together, the Shak swarmed over them and left a pile of scrap metal and smoke. Stifling through the calls for help, a reply came through and N17 downloaded the details. A dozen activated command mekas and the newest experimental one was going to face its trial run here. At least four command fighters were needed to handle just one Shak, a dozen would be able to tilt the odds with the army still left.

N17 couldn't wait around too long, the sun would be setting in a few hours and the planet was to be consumed by the sun within the week. It had a job to do and the fighting would only buy it time. It searched out two more shallow grottos marked on the map, traveling hundreds of miles between the openings in the haunting cliff sides. Zipping across the landscape with its newly found Hydra Powerplant, preinstalled and only usable for the new program. N17 was discovering new powers in itself: the cloaking, the enhanced speed and armor. Someone really wanted N17 to get the job done; they would make sure of it.

A repetitive ping drew N17 to the middle of a flat plateau, taking a hidden trail up the side, N17 was low on fuel and the batteries supplied were out from the cloaking and over shields earlier. Once in the dead center of the plateau, N17 scanned the sky. Three pings originating around it and N17 used what power it had to recharge its shields. Three explosions sending dirt and rock against N17, far enough away from the impacts to avoid major damage but still thrown back and forth. Doing scans to find damage on its person, n17 also scanned through the thick fallout; locating the outlet it needed. Plugging in with a flip out jack, N17 hovered idly as it took power from the supply drop, going into sleep mode.

Rearmed, recharged and refueled, N17 was a leaf in the breeze, silently and calmly heading for the last marked location. Strolling through a silent battlefield; destroyed buildings and demolished mekas lying beside imploded tanks. A small fleet of salvagers were collecting from the wreckages, a giant blue Necromancer rebuilding the most useful units out of scrap. It was currently welding armor plates to a disabled Deep Sensor Meka. N17 was ignored as it watched, silently using its deep sensor scanners to look through destroyed bandits. Spending hours, nearly half a day searching and avoiding exposure. It was strange for any LE to be seen in the same place for long; it was a scout, not a salvager.

The sun was almost on the horizon again when N17 finally found what it needed. Activating the droid it found in the supply drop, it hid away as the small bot scooted behind a fallen Gatlingers and waited. A small screen opening in its HUD to display what the bot was seeing, crawling inside the war torn tank. Tagging the large red gem inside and locking in place before detonating. Nearby salvagers froze and the drivers watched the ploom of smoke, the Necromancer turning on its four mechanical legs, twin energy cannons charging. N17 cloaked, the Deep Sensor Meka lay dormant still, the anti-stealth beacon not working on it as N17 floated in slowly, launching its repair droid in and retrieving the gem. Floating inside the small tank, N17 stashed the gem and hit overdrive out of there, flickering into existence long enough for the Necromancer to catch sight of it. But it was too fast, two blobs of plasma landing just behind N17, turning the dirt to glass and N17 disappearing in the distance at full speed. Another two blobs are shot high into the air but land far off from N17, cradling the gem inside along with the two purple ones it found previously.

Now it had enough to power its main weapon, the repair droid doubling as a miner, it broke down the three gems and absorbed the power they had, converting it to a usable, more stable solution. The two purple gems were Shak tears, full of raw, unstable power inside tear shaped crystals and the red was a half sphere, enough power inside to power a small city and extremely rare, called Bandit Eye. Command units usually took a Bandit Eye and half a Dozen Shak Tears to run at full power. Both were found in Shak armor and less commonly in bandit vehicles, who somehow salvaged it from a dead Shak. The reports of massively accumulated Tears and Eyes are why Paranoia Galaxy Force came and pushed so hard. One eye could pay for a large army on the black market; 20 tears for the same. Right now N17 was destroying a large army inside itself and speeding towards the final destination.

Picking up friendly broadcasts, N17 was being tracked and hunted by its own side. Marked as AWOL and shoot on sight, it slipped a small shard of a shattered tear into its core and hit the after burners. Passing two other LEs like a rocket, the second smoking and sparking from a triage of bullet wounds. Even while damaged beyond repair, an LE always did its job to the fullest. N17 was inspired and did not hesitate entering the cave, activating its cloak and slowing to a casual pace. Ignoring the dozen of large purple scorpions, spiders and undistinguishable creatures covered in thick purple armor and elongated spikes. Each was a god of war and N17 was humming to itself, playing at a frequency the Shak ignored. Going deeper into the caves, N17 paused and hovered nearly to the ceiling, two of the scorpion types, Death Howlers, were punching and stabbing each other, pushing one another through the cave. The sleeping ones continued to sleep, the fighting ones disappeared. A flash of plasma erupted out of sight and the sounds of fighting stopped, followed by the sounds of armor being broken away and flesh torn away to be eaten.

N17 stopped humming to be safe, the number of Shak multiplied tenfold and N17 was growing concerned with the mission, the caves were too deep, the numbers too large. Once the mission was done, all hell would break lose and N17 might not make it back. Even with the dozen or so illegal mods installed. The programming was far superior then any known to any LE and it didn't want to die. It was discovering itself since it was brought alive by the original program's panic. It was feeling nervous, like any LE should but didn't. They were all emotionless, worthless scraps of metal thrown around to die; N17 was different and the longer it trolled this planet, the more it realized it. It had to survive.

Coming upon the Shak Queen, N17 stalled midair and stared. The giant purple beast lay in a giant cavern, tunnels lining every wall and leading to probably every sector of the planet. She lay dormant as the rest of her minions, in the center of the cavern, surrounded by her special guards. Mutated Shak with unbelievable power, N17 stirred them awake with just its presence and slowly lifted to the ceiling of the cavern. Watching as the half dozen Shak patrolled on the floor, three climbing the walls and clinging to the ceiling as they rubbed their armor plates together. The Queen started to stir; unaware of the danger she was in as N17 rushed its plan to avoid early detection, zipping above her. She was heavily armored, armed and intelligent. Her form was only comparable to a giant centipede with a powerful weapon on each short leg, the effects ranging from EMP bolts, lobs of acid and super sonic projectiles. She was looking left and right as the purple spore filled the cave, minor Shak arriving as well, beckoned by the spores.

The Queen started to hack and cough as N17 lowered itself, capturing every angle on camera and beaming it to the network above, through the miles of rock between it and the sky. All this had to be documented for future fighters to see, perhaps even a better life for future LEs with AIs such as N17's. Now the stolen and modified AI was almost complete with the job at hand, flipping out the barrel from its camera support and was in contact with the spores, the small flaks coated in a light acid that started to chew through N17's armor. It had to hurry, Shak weapons priming as they detected N17's scent of burning armor.

N17 packed all the power of the Bandit Eye into its weapons chamber, replacing the compressed air it would use with a stronger vapor. Finding a wounded plate of armor, cracked down the middle and bare. N17 shoved the barrel in the crack and fired, the tenuous barrel shattering as the round left the chamber and the Queen roared. Its minions rushing to help it, firing missiles and blobs of plasma arching towards N17 but resided within a large barrier the Queen had, a shield system stronger then any human's, it protected N17 from the first barrage. Unable to retract the weapon, N17 thrusted away and snapped it off, its sensors confused by the mass heat signatures and danger indicators. It avoided at least fifty missiles, a dozen blobs of plasma and hundreds of invisible ballistic rounds. N17 was scared, locating the exit through the mass of warning displays and readouts. Hitting its afterburners and overhield as it made a bee-line, narrowly missing arched tails and snapping claws.

"You think she'll make it?" Sphinx asked, watching the display from deep space, N17's live feed a blur of purple and fire. Not wanting to watch, she started to pace behind Mark, thinking of all the hard work she put into Nessa-17, the only LE surviving the prototype stages of Operation Steelcore Assassin. She hopes the Tear exchange system worked like it did in the test sessions. It was Nessa-17's only hope of making it out of there intact, with the Queen dead, the Shak would be at a lose of what to do and eventually dismantle each other. Hopefully that was enough confusion to keep her pet alive.

"Have faith in our work love, you poured your heart and soul into her, she can make it if you will it." Mark smuggly remarked as he monitored Nessa-17's progress intensively; Sphinx kicked over a rolling table, the papers and writing utensils spilling all over the floor.

"I fucking hate when you speak all philosophical like that!"

"Calm down, I'm charging the portal now." Mark flipped switches next to the monitor and pillars rose on the neighboring screen, charging the experimental equipment. It was possible to do what they were doing but it only worked short distances so far, it was never attempted through a planet and atmospheres and space. It was possible, just not likely but he kept that from Sphinx.

N17 was heading down a dead end, a couple of miles left until she hit it according to her sonar. Hundreds of Shak on her tail, still shooting and missing by mere meters. Feeding shard after shard into its system, more then she should be uploading but her programming was telling her too. Unknown bars raising and reaching critical levels, N17's system struggled to keep her cool as she raced for the wall. No way out, she slowed down and tried to find a crevice, a hole, anything to hide in. The skittering of giant Shak closing in, their weapons primed to fire again, N17 turned to face them through shimmering air. Feeling pressure all over, her systems were shutting down and she felt her insides condensing before she disappeared. Not cloak, but disappear, the caves filling with fire from the rip in space. Sending an almighty fire for miles throughout the tunnels under the surface, killing or majorly wounding all Shak that were engulfed. Leaving little trace of their once indomitable fortress, defeated it lay silent.

"Chatter says all worked out: PGF are scrambling to investigate and are under attack by what Shak are left, seems they fight better when they are mindless killers." Mark reported; rocking in his chair as Sphinx rested on her knees behind him on the circular pad. The remains of Nessa-17 lay scattered around her. Nessa was all there, just not together and Sphinx was crestfallen. Three hours had passed and so far she had smashed the tracking device and held Nessa-17's head. Holding her baby as she cried silently, all her life's work paid off but at the cost of her baby.

"Her mind is intact, we just need to upload it and you'll have her back." Mark lightly touched her shoulder, kneeling down beside her. Sphinx reached forward, leaving his hand and tipped over a scrap of warped metal, the spray paint faded but still there: LE-N17.

"Come'on love, once we get the news out we have a Queen killer, we will be rolling in command."

Sphinx shoved Mark away and sobbed. "It was always about money with you!"

"No." He came back to her and kisses her, whispering "It was always about you," before standing and going to the pilotís seat. Activating the ear bud and switching the power on. "Bravo Zulu requesting repair team to The Diamond, we have are in need of major fixing."

"Roger that Bravo Zulu, teams in route... Did we get it?"

"We got it."

Sphinx smiled as she heard their excited cheers over the comms, lifting the quarter sized computer chip to the light, admiring the blue veins that pumped knowledge through it. With this, she may have ended the Shak-Human war that has lasted all her life. With this program and super LEs, entire planets would not have to be sacrificed to eliminate the enemy and once the teleportation technology was improved, it would become cheaper. Sphinx's dream of ending the war may come true and Mark's dream of making millions may follow suite as well. Now all they had to do was make it back home and let their daughter know she was their inspiration. Yet, it was also the Shaks fault; if they had never killed their daughter, neither would have joined the war effort and created this program.

Sphinx and Mark watched the crews piece back together N17, some parts needing complete replacements. Once done, Sphinx let Mark hold the chip and slide it into the port in the base of her neck, the repair crew marveled at the LE: battered, charred and melted in patches, it still lit up and hummed quietly. Bringing tears to her parents eyes as they hugged the war-torn replacement, humming with their daughter. Nessa enjoyed this and wanted to cry, but she was only a bot.

So she hummed louder.
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The 19th of June 2010 will forever be reminded as the day we lost it. RIP TW"
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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 1:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

N17? i though the player was called N13 Laughing
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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 1:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hihahahalol wrote:
N17? i though the player was called N13 Laughing

Rolling Eyes
"Here Lies Tinywarz:
Born 12th of June 2005,
The 19th of June 2010 will forever be reminded as the day we lost it. RIP TW"
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PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 7:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like it, interesting concept. Well done. Smile
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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 10:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

nice story... but is it necessary to always be have s.th to do with shak?
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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 11:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

XHunter wrote:
nice story... but is it necessary to always be have s.th to do with shak?

Yes absolutely. This is my favorite fan fiction story bravo. Really I mean it!

Trerro wrote:
Onto my order I need to tack a stack of Shak Attack Pack, so I can smack back my enemies with flak. Quack.
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