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Deep Space

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:37 am    Post subject: Deep Space Reply with quote

It's not easy being a pilot. Flying around, dodging asteroids, shooting enemy ships, it's kinda like some 3D version of an arcade game. But if you ever had the experience of drifting aimlessly through space, I can tell you, it's no stranger than what I've been through.

Chapter 1: Uncharted Territory

It was a regular day, escorting a cruiser to another system, fending of enemy ships. I was only a rookie.

It was unfortunate to get your ship damaged, but did it have to be the turbo boosters?

Anyway, that's how I lost contact with the rest of them. The blast caused them to accelerate my ship. It was speeding so fast, I was gone in a minute or so. I was able to slow down, but at that time, I was heading toward the border to the uncharted territory. My signal was getting farther from anyone else, I can barely hear any form of communication. I was doomed.

Chapter 2: Calmness

It was 16 minutes since I passed the border, and by this time, I was told that search parties were being sent to look for me, unfortunately my tracking devices were wrecked after a small asteroid hit the hull.

Some time later, I was about to get some food from the cabinet, when some giant space serpent wraps itself around my fighter! I got into the cockpit. My ship's batteries were at 88 percent, so I should be able to lease some to my turret. The serpent's hide was impenetrable, but I was able to force it off by firing at it's eyes.

I took the food, ate and slept on the cockpit as a flock of Space Rays flew by. It seems weird that I act calm about drifting forever until I die, but I remember the most important advice that could be given to humanity: Don't Panic.

Chapter 3: Half-Panicked

I woke up when the ship detected an asteroid field. I got to the cockpit and began swerving and blasting my way through the field. It went on for another thirty minutes until it got worse. Asteroid Tarantulas began latching on to the hull. Luckily, some Star Eels caught a few, but they were also snapping at the fighter.

Bad luck strikes again as a Tarantula bites one of the oxygen tanks and chews off a power cell. I was slowly losing air, but I had enough time to fend off the creatures as I exited the asteroid field.

I got into one of my space suits and slowed the engine to a minimum. When I went to the tank, it was mangled. I didn't have an extra space suit, so all I could do was stuff some blankets into the hole. It wasn't airtight, but I hope it would delay the leak. I got into the ship and realized that the ship's batteries were at 32 percent and that included the auxiliary. Using the last of the reserves, I made one last jump into the depths of space, destined to die cold and alone.

The Final Chapter: A Leap of Faith

Later, I took out a beer and was about to make one last cheers when I come across a colorful galaxy whose bright stars twinkled. I recognized this twinkling as morse code, but I only know few. So I took out a flashlight and began signaling SOS to see if the galaxy would respond. Then, the ship gets pulled toward it. I asked if the galaxy speaks English, and it responds
"Yes, my friend. I understand many."
This was astonishing to me!
"What are you, some kind of cosmic entity, or are you God?", I asked.
"I have qualities of both, so you can take your pick, my friend.", was it's response.
I asked the Entity if anyone knows about it's existence, but his answer was vague. I began to converse with the Entity. First, I asked that if it was so powerful, why couldn't it interact with the rest of the Universe.
"There is a time for everything, and now is not for interference. As a cosmic entity, power is volatile, I could be drunk with it. But when I do interact, I do it in such a way that no one can notice. It's like giving your teacher a lost and found item but she doesn't mention your name.", was the answer.
I questioned the decision.
"Free will is an aspect of life. Choices are choices, and whatever consequences it gives must be dealt with.", was it's response.
"Alright.", I said.
As I took a sip of beer, the Entity got startled. I asked it what happened, and the Entity replied that it detected a radio wave. I told it that the radio wave might be the Corps searching for me. Suddenly, the ship was moved in the direction of the signal. As I looked back, the Entity said one last thing: "All living things deserve freedom, my good friend. Farewell, and hope we see each other again."


So I was found by the Corps. At debriefing, I told them everything. They didn't believe me about my encounter with the Cosmic Entity, explaining that it was delusion from loss of oxygen. I don't care what they say. The Entity exists out there, feeling compassion for all, and it will exist there for all eternity.
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