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PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:25 pm    Post subject: SOTD Reply with quote

Hm.. Well I'm gonna try this. I've been writing a lot as of late, had a friend proof read most of this, but I want some other outside advise/comments... (not flame...)

So here it is, Its not finished, clearly, but its called Speak of The Devil (SOTD)

Some Explicitive things, such as swears, use of drugs/drinks, use of the word lesbian a few times... if your offended go away please. Other then that, its a good story. Just warning you.

Dustin Kelley Book
Date: Sept 29th
Speak of the Devil
Chapter One- Welcome to Devils Creek
I used to be one of them once: semi-normal human teen, just running around to parties,
using drugs, hanging out with friends, all that good stuff. That is, until I went to the wrong
party, took the wrong stuff and wound up here. Where is here, you might ask?
They call it Devil’s Creek. Few of my friends ended up here too. How we got
Who the hell knows?
I remember getting ready for a party, had my backpack full of weed and LSD. It
was gonna be one hell of a party; hot eighteen-year-olds, lots of drinks, drugs, and
the pounding music we loved. I got in my dad's Boss 302 Mustang. It was a dark
orange color with a thick black streak along the hood and the sides.
I wasn’t supposed to know, but Dad was planning to give me the car at my
graduation. He was a great guy, really-had gotten me accepted into a prestigious
school, with a job practically lined up for me before I attended, even though my
grades didn’t really deserve it. That was the kind of guy Dad was; he’d always go
to bat for me, making excuses for my poor grades or bad attitude.
Too bad I was on too much shit to care anymore.
Him and Mom were out of town on business, so it was easy to take the car to get
to the party. On the way, I picked up a couple of girls who were also headed to the
party. I recognized two of them-just the normal airheads I usually run into at
parties-but the third was unfamiliar. She was straightforward in her manner; about
two seconds after she got into the car she favored me with a dazzling smile,
introduced herself as Lucy, and offered me a pill I’d never taken before.
“Try some,” she insisted. “It’s amazing!”
“You crazy?” I asked. “I still have to drive us to the party, and I don’t wanna wrap
this car around a goddamn telephone pole on the way there.”
She rolled her eyes and elbowed the girl next to her, some chick whose name I
didn’t remember. “I thought you said this dude had balls?”
Well, I wasn’t going to take that. “Alright, gimme the fucking pill.” I held out my
hand. Smirking, she gave it to me. I wondered for a moment if it was better to
prove I had balls or wipe that stupid look off her face, then decided that as hot as
she was, I’d rather she thought I had balls.
Crushing the pill on the dash of the Mustang, I placed the powder in a gum
wrapper I found in the cup holder. Bringing it up to my nose, I snorted the powder.
Suddenly, the world started spinning around me.
That fucking bitch, was all I had time to think before blackness claimed me.
I awoke with a jerk. The first thing I realized was that I was lying on a really,
really cold steel table. The second was that I was Bound. And the third? The third
was that lovely Lucy was holding a knife against my throat.
“Hey,” I laughed uncertainly. “Look, I’m game for some kinky sex as much as the
next guy, there was no need to drug me...” I was praying that all she wanted was
sex. Though, to be fair, I’d been praying that since I first met her...
She laughed lightly. “Silly, silly-I’m not interested in you.”
“Ah,” I muttered. “Lesbians.”
I’d been going for humor. She wasn’t laughing. Lucy smiled in a predatory manner
at me, then removed the knife from my throat. I felt relieved for a minute. Maybe
not even a minute. Maybe more like... fifteen seconds.
Because after that short period of time, she stabbed the knife through my hand.
“Holy FUCK!” I screamed, writhing, and noticing distantly that I had restraints
holding me in place. My hand felt like it was on fire, and as I glanced down at it,
my eyes widened-she had driven the knife straight through a freaking steel table!
Lucy looked oddly excited as she watched me scream. “I’m not your type,
anyway,” she hissed, before drawing the knife out of my hand-goddamn, that hurt
more than being stabbed in the first place!
She wiped the blade on her jeans, then held it up to the light and looking at it
“This knife is dull now,” she said absently. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me.
“It will hurt even more as it is drawn through your flesh, which is a good thing.
But it will damage the flesh more, and that is an issue, because we can’t have you
bleeding to death.”
And it was official: I was scared out of my mother-fucking mind.
Lucy was still talking. “I could prevent this in several ways, you know. I could
take a burning hot poker and cauterize every wound you receive. Or I could pour
gasoline on your wounds after I inflict them upon you, that would arrest the
Looking up into her eyes, I shivered. What I saw there was glee, a creepy,
unhinged sort of happiness that should be locked up in a padded room. She was
still talking about her plans for me in disturbing detail, her lips lovingly caressing
each word as she spoke it.
“-could merely choose a method of inflicting pain that wouldn’t cause you to
bleed,” Lucy said thoughtfully. “I could drive spikes into your shinbones, and I
could attach them to an outlet. The natural resistance of your skeleton, you see,
would prevent the shock from stopping your heart. Rather, it would boil your bone
marrow and-”
“What do you want with me?” I interrupted her, my voice high-pitched and filled
with pain.
She licked her lips. “Nothing difficult for you to provide,” she whispered softly, in
a voice that was almost lusty. “I want to listen to you scream.” She approached me
again with the knife raised high.
Suddenly, the door to the room crashed open. Another girl stood there, just as
stunning as Lucy, and I wondered vaguely if that was the only way girls came
around here. The new girl had fury in her eyes as she took in the scene, and she
strode to Lucy and backhanded her sharply across the face-hard. Hard enough to
drop Lucy and knock out at least one tooth.
“I told you not to touch him!” she raged at Lucy. The other girl coughed and spat
blood on the floor, but the new girl had no mercy, slamming a foot brutally into her
The new girl turned to me, and the anger faded from her face with eerie speed,
replaced with sorrow and regret. “I’m sorry Lucy got so enthusiastic. It won’t
happen again-you’re safe here."
I laid there wondering, still bleeding, what the hell was I safe from?
Thats when Lucy decided to get back up and take a swing at the other girl, with
speed that could only be described as super natural the second girl swung around
and planted a powerful blow into Lucy's jaw. I heard a scream and she fell to the
ground, dead or unconscious, she was down and wasn't getting up for a long while.
Relief fell upon my body, until I saw the look in the other girls eye's. They had a
hint of.. of hunger in them.. Some kind of lust or hunger. Before I knew it she was
on top of me lips on mine, I tried to resist, but I was still tied up, her nails
scratching my sides, i was yet again, bleeding. Then as quick as she was on me,
she was off and out of the door, my restraints had been cut. Who were these
people? One moment they want to see me scream, the next they want to have sex.
Pick one please, preferably the second one!
I tried to stand up, but was quickly overcome by dizzy-ness and lightheadedness, I
had lost a lot of blood from that torture session. I laid up against a wall for support
to let the dizzy-ness pass, it wasn't long before the girl was back, she had a soda in
one hand and a brownie in the other, she couldn't meet my eyes, she stared at the
floor in-front of me. I knew from Mom's medical shows that sugar helped your
blood circulation and cell count when you've lost a rather large amount, so I
wobbled over to her took the soda and brownie and said a silent thank you.
I heard a groan, at first I thought it was the second girl, but after a second of
looking at her, I noticed it was Lucy. Her jaw was already badly bruised, she tried
to stand, but fell back down. The second girl just stood there with a annoyed look
on her face, I had seen the speed and power she possessed so I took a few steps
back, I rather not take a nasty blow like Lucy had. After a few minutes Lucy was
finally able to stand and somewhat walk. She mumbled under her breathe, hardly
audible: "Bitch, Jessica, wait till he hears of what you did." Before I could
understand the last part this Jessica chick had leapt over to Lucy had her in a pin
and whispered something in her ear, something I wasn't able to catch sadly.
Whatever is was shut up Lucy and put a very grim look on her face, the red
angered face turned to a pale white fear filled face within a few seconds. Whatever
Jessica had said to Lucy must have been effective because Jessica stood back up
walked out the door Jessica had come in without so much as a whisper.
Once Lucy had left the room, Jessica had that same look in her eye as she did
when she kissed me. I was kinda scared, braced myself for another attempt, but
she never did, just looked at me and said: "Eat, it helps. When your finished meet
me outside, you need to meet someone." Before I could ask who I was
supposed to meet she was gone, yet again that super natural speed. I did the only
thing I really could do, I ate the brownie, found a sink on the other side of the
room, splashed nice cold water in my face and went out the door. The moment I
stepped out the door I was plunged into some kind of village, everyone moved
with such grace, but something about the atmosphere here was... Sinister.
Everyone seemed to have some kind of job to be doing, the village, camp,
whatever it was, was highly organized. It was like a assembly line, everyone had
their own little job leading up to the completion of the task. The air smelled of
freshly cut pine, and the scent of burning wood. Nobody looked at me, nobody
even glanced at me, they ignored me and just kept doing their tasks. I glanced to
my left, Lucy had crept up on me, adrenaline, fear, and some kind of... envy..
yeah.. envy. Lucy just kind of stared at me, not like before, this was something
else.... It looked like.. sorrow. This had to be some kind of trick, then she spoke:
"I'm sorry, I'm... It's been so long since..." Before she could finish her sentence
Jessica had appeared behind me and Lucy stopped mid-sentence and made a small
bow then walked away. I turned around to look at Jessica, this was the first time I
was really able to get a good look at her... before she was kind of beating up Lucy
or attempting to make-out with me.
She was average hight, no taller then 5'6, skinny, tight jaw, average chest. Her eyes
a light green, they had this look of longing in them, a look of interest as well.
Every part of her seemed to compliment the next part. Her eyes complimented her
face, her chest complimented her body, everything seemed... perfect. She was
beautiful. I guess she caught on that I was checking her out, 'cause she gave me a
warning glare and beckoned me to follow her. She said nothing, just walked with
me behind her. We walked past a small tent were I thought I saw a girl tied up and
gagged, I was still working off whatever pill that was and I was suffering from
blood loss/shock, so I was a bit jumbled up. After a few minutes of walking we
came onto a small wooden... shack, she opened the door, told me to stay, and
walked in, closing the door behind her. I heard crashing and breaking glass inside
the shack along with loud yelling, between two girls. For some reason the sounds
were muffled, they were yelling, but somehow the thin walls muffled what was
being yelled. Then dead silence, no sounds, no voices, nothing. Even the village
went silent, everything was deserted, nobody was on the streets, everything was...
I started to think I should be running and hiding as well, the village didn’t abandon
its daily tasks for no reason, but as I was about to duck behind a cord of wood,
Jessica came out of the house with the other girl, she was Jessica’s hight, she wore
a tank top and her bare arms were slightly built. She wasn’t as beautiful or
stunning as Jessica, but she was still fairly pretty. Jessica and the other girl looked
at me for a second, Jessica whispered something in the other girls ear and before I
could think of what they were saying, I was picked up, brought in the house and
was being held down by Jessica. The other girl had a syringe and was walking
slowly over to me. I was in panic mode, I knew there was nothing I could do,
Jessica was stronger, faster, smarter then me. She was waiting for me to react.
What do I do? Fight them? Lose? Try to run? Get outrun serene brought back and
tortured? Try to plead? Get ignored and injected with whatever fluid was in that
serenge? My options were all but depleted, the girl was now right next to me
holding out my arm, she had a grin on her face, the one that Lucy had when she
was fantasizing over me screaming and bleeding. I was scared shitless, I looked
away and when I did the needle was stabbed into my arm, nothing happened, then
both girls were laughing uncontrollably, I was confused, slightly pissed off, and
wondering what was injected into me? They looked at me, tried to hold off
laughter, but couldn’t, between laughs and gasps for air, Jessica said:
“You should have seen your face! Pure fear!”
My face went beat red with anger, I was about to stand up and deck her, I guess
she knew I would do that, she held me down again. Looking into my eyes, thats
when she said: “You’ll do just well as one of us.”
Chapter Two - New life
I awoke in a large lodge, one that could have easily hold fifty to sixty people. A
single large wall length fireplace heated the room, animal skins and heads
everywhere. I glanced to my right and spotted a large leather chair, turned back to
me, I was unable to see if it was occupied. The room smelt of burning pine, a nice
sweet smell. There were no lights, just the fireplace. I tried to stand, but was
unable to move my legs. A small chuckle caught my attention, I turned to the noise
and was shocked to see the leather chair had been turned to face me and a medium
height man was sitting in it. His eyes appeared to be black, nothing but darkness. I
noticed I couldn’t look in his eyes for long either, one second I’d be staring into
the darkness of his eyes, the next at the floor in-front of his feet. Something about
this man made the chills go up my spine, he wore all black, a black suit, black
dress shoes, and he had a ring, it too, was black, but it had something engraved
into it. He said one thing, and my head was jerked upwards to meet his gaze, I had
no control, he hadn’t even touched me. His voice was laced with a commanding
“What is your name, boy?”
“Why?” I replied.
“I asked your name, boy, do not play games with me.”
“What games? Who are you? What is this place? Why am I here?”
He chuckled, then replied: “Ah, such a stupid, boy, just like the last one, sadly, he
didn’t make it, shame, he was such a persistent one too.”
“Wha-” He cut me off before I could say more.
“You are here because I wanted you to be, this place is Devils Creek, as for who I
am, you will refer to me as, Him, and Sir.”
“Why would I give you respect like that when I’ve been drugged, tortured,
drugged, and drugged some more?”
“If you knew what was good for you, boy, you would give me the respect I ask of
“Threats? Come on, your threatening me? You aren’t one of them, why the hell
should I be scared of you?”
“You will learn to fear me with time, in the meantime maybe an example  will do.”
“A ex-.”
I was instantly overcome with unbearable pain, pain so great I felt every bone,
every nerve, every cell in my body, I rolled into a ball, and screamed: “STOP!
He only laughed and increased his efforts, the pain doubled to the point where
every limb in my body was twitching, my eyesight went black, and my brain felt
as if it were about to explode. I tried to scream, but was unable to. The pain was
too great. Then, as soon as it came, it stopped. I heard another chuckle from the
man and then he stood.
“Now, boy, what is your name?”
“Jason, welcome to Devils Creek, I hope you enjoyed our first lesson, respect. See,
respect is a big thing around these parts, without respect, without fear, things fall
apart, and when things fall apart, we lose control, now we don’t want to lose
control, now do we?”
“No, what?”
“No, Sir.”
“Better. Let me see your hand, Jason.”
I did as he said, I raised my hand, and his face went beat red, anger? I made a
quick glimpse at my hand and noticed it was the one that Lucy had stabbed a knife
through. He started to walk towards me. Then stopped.
“She did this?”
“Who, Sir?”
He spoke one word, his voice laced with rage and hate. “Lucy.”
I nodded, I didn’t know what else to do, everything about him scared me shitless
now. It was as if a aura of fear had just surrounded him.
“She will no longer be a problem. Your mentor will be Jessica. Do you
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good, she will teach you about us over the next few days. Pay close attention.
Now go. She is waiting for you on the other side of the door.”
I turned, and walked to the door, that is when I heard screaming, not normal
screaming, the kind of shriek a animal lets go when its going through horrible
pain. The scream of desperation and fear. I didn’t look back, I kept walking, I
reached for the door handle, but before I could the door opened. I saw Jessica, her
face was twisted with fear, she took my hand and said: “We must go, we must go
now.” I didn’t argue, I was damn scared. We got outside, and she brought me to a
large square, she had this gleam in her eye when she spoke, she said: “Lets begin.”
Chapter Three - Deception
“This life you will lead will either be the life of you or the death of you, its you’re
decision on which one it will be, Jason.”
“What do you mean? Life I will lead?”
Jessica gave a smirk and a silent laugh, then she spoke to me in a demented voice,
a voice so cold, that it gave me chills, her tone was laced with an odd combination
of comfort and sinister. She said: “Once you are one of ‘us’ you will either
embrace the change, or reject it, the choice is yours. “
“So I can choose to be one of you or not?”
“SILLY BOY! No! Of course not! You will be one of us wether you want it or not!
The only choice you have is to stay one of us or attempt suicide.”
I was dumbfounded, I had been drugged multiple times, tortured, and now I was
told I had to be one of ‘them’? What the hell is this place? I wasn’t me, I was their
toy, their doll, I had to do what they told me to do, jesus, its just like school, no
wait, a prison. School looks like a sanctuary compared to this place. Hell, Prison
seemed like a walk in the park compared to this place. This was Hell.
“See that wall, climb it.” Jessica said in a stern tone.
“What? How? There is no handholds in that wall, I can-”
I was cut off by Jessica’s expression, her eyes glazed over, and were filled
with anger, so I decided to not finish what I was about to say and follow her order.
I started to climb the wall, and soon found out that this thing was straight up, with
nothing to hold onto, I kept pushing, trying, climbing, but I was still at the bottom,
each time I got a little more discouraged, soon sweat covered my face and blood
dripped from my knees were I had fallen on time after time. I looked over to
Jessica and noticed, she wasn’t laughing, she wasn’t playing around, she was
observing me, but why? What could she possible get from this? Seeing how pissed
off I could get? She made a hand gesture for me to continue trying to climb the
wall. There I was, making a complete idiot of myself, jumping at a wall that was
around ten feet tall and had no grips on it whatsoever. Occasionally I’d look over
to see if Jessica was still here, and sure enough she was. After what seemed like an
hour of trying to climb the damn thing I looked over, and asked:
“Jessica, what is the meaning of this?”
She looked at me and replied: “To see if you can figure it out.”
I was puzzled, what was I supposed to figure out? That the wall wasn’t
climbable? I tried it again, I came at it from an angle, I hit something and parts of
the wall protruded into handholds. Jessica smiled, clapped her hands and said:
“Finally, I didn’t think you’d ever figure it out!”
I still wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be figuring it out, but screw it,
time to climb the wall. I got about half way to the top, and found something
shocking, literally, shocking. I grabbed a handhold, and a shock went through me,
I jerked back quickly grabbing a different one so I didn’t fall, one of my shoes fell
off, but I continued to climb. I finally reached the top after being shocked four
times and I could have sworn I saw one with tiny needles sticking out of it, thank
god I didn’t grab that one, I’d have been in a hell of a lot of pain. I went through
many more tests like this, puzzles, mind games, physical tests, and determination.
I figured I was never going to get to leave this place, so I might as well embrace it.
Jessica’s tests continued to get harder to the point were some of them seemed
“This next test will discover who’s company you’ll be in.”
“Company?” I asked
“Yes, as in military company.”
“We are soldiers?”
“Don’t mind that now, just do the test Jason.”
“Okay, what is it?”
“Pick a door, on the other side is a chest, each door has a different challenge to get
to the chest, and each chest has a trap on it, its up to you to figure out how to get to
the chest and disarm the trap.”
“What happens if I can’t figure out how to disarm the trap?”
“Well, depending on the trap really. You could either die... end up in some very
unpleasant pain, or even lose a limb! Fun fun!”
My jaw got away from me and dropped, she was giving me a decision to decide if
I wanted to die or continue, but this decision was to be decided by my mind, my
smarts, not me.
“Shit...” I mumbled, as it was the only word I could seem to muster.
“Well then, step up pick a door and play fate!”
“You make it sound so exciting Jessica.”
“Stop being a baby and do it.”
I looked at the four doors that lay in-front of me, each one a different shade of
black or crimson. I took a step up to the doors, one had a retched smell coming
from it, the smell of sulfur. I went to reach for the knob to open the door and felt
heat, a lot of it. I quickly stopped before I grabbed the knob, I turned to see a very
confident smile on Jessica’s face. I guess I did the right thing.
I walked over to the door to the left, it was a dark crimson color, no smell, but the
knob was different, instead of the gold knobs the others had, this was more of a
faded yellow and seemed as if it wasn’t solid. I disregarded the door and moved to
the fourth door, skipping the third. This one was complete black, it gave me a
sinister feeling, a smell... it smelt just like my mother perfume. I was puzzled,
scared, and interested. Before I could register it all, my hand had glided down and
opened the door. It was surprisingly well lit inside, I saw nothing obstructing my
way to the chest so I walked cautiously to it. As I neared it I noticed that the chest
was solid black with golden trim, I thought: “Damn, expensive.” I went to reach
for the chest, then remember what Jessica said, it was a trap. I looked around it, on
the ground, ceiling. Nothing. Was this a trick? I reached for the chest and suddenly
it disappeared.
“The art of illusion, one of the four companies, congratulations you’re now part of
the House of Deception. You’ve done something many haven’t been able to do, a
mortal has passed the trials, this was the only door you would have survived, the
rest were tests to decide wether or not you were fit to join our ranks.”
“Wait, you’re saying all the other doors were made to KILL me?”
“Yes Jason, the doors were meant to kill you, now, why did you pick this one?”
“I smelt my mother perfume.”
“It seems the door had chosen you.”
“What do you mean...?”
“The doors are magic, Jason, they chose you.”
“One of them picks a scent, feeling, memory, dream, it picks something familiar to
you and uses it to draw you in.”
“What did ‘He’ use on me?”
“Ah, ‘He’ used a memory from you as well, it would seem that you had a
nightmare of unbearable pain, he used it and brought it to life, he feeds off of
mortal’s nightmares, its the only way he can directly harm you, besides physical
“So your saying he uses my nightmares and memories to harm me?”
“Wrong, to guide you. ‘He’ is a mystery, he knows when we are talking about him,
knows when we are thinking about him, he knows everything we do.”
“He’s god? Santa?”
“No, not god, and who is Santa?”
“Uh, you know? The big guy with the red and white suit, usually has a long white
“I’m confused, Jason who is this Santa person?”
“Ugh, its a story parents give to there kids to make them behave.”
“So.. now what?”
“Now, we bring you to your new home, you’ll be safe there, but ‘He’ll’ call for
you in two weeks, I hope you will follow your new teachers directions as well as
you did with mine, good luck Jason, I will see you when its time, good-bye.”
Chapter Four - Jessica
“How is his progression?”
“Good, Jason is being introduced into the House of Deception as we speak.”
“Excellent, you’ve done well Jessica.”
“Thank you Sir.”
“I have something for you to attend to, it would seem our friend Lucy has been
snooping around the camp lately, I need you to find out why.”
“Sir, she and I aren’t on the best of terms, if you remember the Jas-”
“Silence, I gave you a order Jessica, I’d prefer you followed it, unless of course,
you want your sister to have the same fate as you.”
“No, please, no. I’ll do it, just please leave my sister alone.”
“I figured you’d see my side of things, you have three days, report back to me
then with what information you’ve managed to gather.”
“It will be done, Sir.”
“Good, now go!”
I quickly walked out of the room, pushed open the two hulking dark oak
doors and was suddenly blinded by the daylight, I cursed myself, every time, I
open the damn doors and I’m blinded, he keeps it too dark in there, or is it just too
bright out here? I continued thinking to myself, what if I couldn’t find out what
Lucy was up to? My sister, the one member of my family who is left would be
taken out of her coma and turned. I couldn’t let this happen, she was the reason I
chose to become who I am now, three hundred years ago. I’ve come this far, only a
matter of months before the invasion begins, only a matter of months before we
defend them, and only a matter of months before my sister is freed and is able to
walk among the mortals once again. Jason is our only hope, he’s the only one who
can save the mortals and our race, he’s the only one who can make the difference,
‘He’ chose him for a reason and that reason is to save us all, but can he really, save
us, all?
* * * * * * * * * * *
* *
“Welcome Jason, this will be your new home, please tell me if you need
anything, if not we will begin the training.”
“I don’t believe I need anything, Sir, I just need to know were my room is.”
“Do not worry about your room, we will take care of that.”
“Thanks, so training?”
“Yes, but first, my manners failed me, I am Gabriel.”
“Nice to meet you, Sir.”
“Like-wise, now if you would, come with me and we will begin.”
I followed Gabriel, he walked very slow, but with the grace as the other members of
this village did. I made sure to slow my pace to ensure I wasn’t to close to him, he
had this eery feeling about him, something almost sinister, yet inviting. We
continued to walk for what seemed like a hour, and finally reached a door, it was a
dark purple with a crimson symbol in the middle of it.
“What do you smell, Jason?”
“A sweet smell, Sir.”
“Good, We all smell a different scent, some foul, some sweet.”
“What do you mean?”
“A foul smell means you are not welcomed here, and if you were to enter, you
would most surely be executed, but a sweet smell, it welcomes you, it wants you
“What is ‘it’?”
“You will learn in time young one. Now follow me.”
I did, as he opened the door I was shocked, this place was enormous, outside it
seemed as if it were just a large house with an extended hall, but this, this wasn’t
outside. The room was well lit, but some parts seemed to defy the lighting and
were dark. I noticed that I had strayed away from Gabriel and quickly made up the
ground before he noticed. To the left I eyed what looked like a boxing ring, but on
steroids, the ring was made of metal, metal and oak. I looked to the right and
noticed a set of benches in position to watch the ring. This place was a training
facility, a huge one at that.
“Welcome Jason! This is the pride of our House, this is were we train, we eat, we
bathe. Here you will suffer and rejoice. You will learn to love your brothers and
sisters as if they were your own. You will train day and night, you will become,
one, of us.”
I looked around again noticing a few weapons, cross bows, bows, swords and what
looked like a spear, but I wasn’t sure. The room was empty except for us and the
equipment. There were rings for hand to hand fighting, rings for weapons training,
and rings that were made of solid oak, I had not idea what they were for. Before I
could note anything else Gabriel had interrupted me.
“What do you wish to become, Jason?”
“I’m not sure what you are asking, Sir.”
Gabriel let out a small chuckle, a chuckle of amusement. “Would you like to be
on the front lines protecting our Illusionists or would you like to become a
Illusionist yourself?”
“I’ve always been more of the brute force kind of guy, Sir.”
His laugh boomed and felt as if it were bouncing off of every stone, every corner,
every wall in the room. “Brute force will do you nothing against the enemies you
will face, it will only wear you down and leave you open. We have much work to
do, but are you ready? In these halls you will witness things that will scar you, will
harm you. None of this is for the ill of heart, only the strong get here and only the
strongest live to become one of us.”
“I am ready.”
“Then lets begin, Welcome to the House of Delusion Jason, welcome brother.”
Something about his last few words moved me, my blood seemed to be full of
adrenaline, my heart seemed to be going a mile a minute, and my eyes were fill
with the flames of determination. I was ready, and nothing could stop me.
Chapter 5- Forsaken
Its been two weeks sense I was first welcomed into the halls here. I came in
thinking I was ready, but I’ve been changed, I can feel the change coming,
something new, its like a drug flowing through my veins, or maybe a venom? I can
feel it spreading every day, Gabriel told me to embrace the change, Jessica told me
to embrace it, but was I ready for it? Am I really ready to embrace the change that
was coming? Each day I practice my combat skills, each night I would try to sleep
but would be haunted with nightmares, Gabriel said it was the future I was seeing,
I had a unique gift, but to me it is torture. I wake up in fear, I sleep in fear. My life
is based around bettering myself and fear now, my addiction’s faded as soon as I
came here, but this new feeling, I couldn’t get enough of. What was it?
* * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
He’s noticing the change, its begging, I must get him out of here, there is no
time. Within a matter of weeks he’ll be one of ‘them’. I’ll need to get supplies, but
its so hard to do this without ‘him’ finding out. He sees everything, ‘he’ knows
everything, but maybe even ‘he’ has a blind spot. Maybe even ‘he’ has a weakness.
“I do not have a weakness, Lucy. My only flaw is not getting rid of you the first
time you defied me.”
“Oh Sh-”
“Do not talk, it is my turn. Why do you want to take Jason from us?”
“He doesn’t deserve to be in-slaved like this.”
“In-slaved? He is all, but willing now, Lucy.”
“He doesn’t need to be part of this fight, Sir.”
“I think its time you know my true name, Lucy. My name is Angelus Mortis. You
may call me Mortis, but I fear if you try and take Jason from us, you will be
calling me much worse names.”
“I said, I am Mortis, and you will call me as such.”
“I’m so-sorry sir.”
“You are making me very upset Lucy, and I am quite dangerous when I am upset.”
“I need to save him, Mortis, he doesn’t need to die like us.”
“We will not die, Lucy, Four Hundred more will join our ranks in the next two
months. We will stand tall and we will triumph.”
“Mortis, it won’t be enough, he will bring more. We can’t save them all.”
“We can, and we will save them all. It was the last order I was given, and I’ve
never broken the chain of command, Lucy.”
“You’re insane, we cannot face his army alone.”
“We won’t, we won’t Lucy. I have a plan, a very good plan.”
I couldn’t understand how we were going to defeat the foe that was to
come, but Mortis has never let me down before, he’s always been good to us. I
believed him. Soon I found myself walking away, back to my hut, I walked slowly,
I was so overwhelmed that he had spared me, given me his true name, and told me
it would be okay. I had to follow him still, I couldn’t leave this place. I can’t take
Jason away. He’s vital to this fight, somewhere deep inside me still wondered,
should I save him?
Chapter 6 - Storm in the Distance
I awoke from a deep sleep, sweat pouring off of me, yet I was freezing cold, my
veins felt as if ice were running through them. What was happening? I ran to the
mirror on the other side of the room, turning on the light as I went, what I saw was
something that would haunt me for the rest of my life. My skin was a pale white
with a very feint yellow tint. My eyes were completely black, I had no whites in
my eyes, just black. I looked over my body and I could see each vein each artery,
some even appeared to be throbbing, what the hell was going on? I heard the door
open, and in came Lucy, I don’t know what happened, but somehow My body
reacted, instantly I was in the fighting position that Jessica had taught me, instantly
My hands we clawed and ready for a fight, my eyes glazed over to a grey. Lucy
put her hands up in a gesture of peace, she looked at me, and she said: “Jason, its
going to be okay, I can stop this, you just have to trust me. Please, trust me.”
“Why the hell should I trust you? Jesus, you tortured me when I first came here,
why the fuck would i trust you?”
“Calm down Jason, the change is only hours from completion, Trust me and you
can return to life as you knew it before you came here.”
“I was nothing there, I am everything here, why the hell would I go back?”
“Please, I’m begging you, trust me.”
Thats when I noticed tears in her eyes, she was crying, she was actually trying to
help me.
“Okay Lucy, how can you help me? What change?”
She fell to her knees, balling her eyes out, I was so confused at this point, I didn’t
know what I was doing, but I walked up to her, I placed my knees on the floor as
well and hugged her gently, comforting her. I felt something, something I had
never felt before, a warm feeling in my chest, a sense of affection. What the hell is
going on?
“T-thank you Jason” Is all she could say in-between tears.
“No problem Lucy, now how can you help me?”
She wiped a tear from her cheek and looked into my eyes, she had the most
beautiful brown almost amber eyes I’ve ever seen, she had the most delicate face,
it was so soft, and pale. She was beautiful.
“Jason, I need you to-to trust me, please, we need to leave this place, they have my
sister, but I know there will be no way to save her, he has her, and will never let
her go.”
“We can get her, Lucy, we will save her.”
“No!” She shouted.
“We cannot save her Jason, I will save you, your more important than her, your the
key to saving all the mortals, your the key to saving humanity, please, trust me.”
“I’m the what? What the hell are you talking about?”
“Your the only hope humanity has left of surviving, a war that has been fought for
thousands of years is about to escalate into a war of survival. The human race are
about to be exterminated.”
“Your saying we’re trying to save the human race?”
“Yes, we have to, they deserve a chance, this evil inside of us, they don’t deserve
“Your saying that we are supposed to fight ‘his’ army and save the human race?”
“Exactly, we will fight Mortis, but with help, he has many enemies and those
enemies will become our allies.”
“Who-Who is Mortis?”
“ ‘Him’.”
“Wait, Lucy, you know his name?”
“Yes, he revealed it to me two days ago, when he threatened to end my sister and I
if I didn’t follow him.”
“This is all to much to take in at once, Lucy. I don’t know what to believe.”
“Damn-it Jason! Believe me, trust me, We need to leave now!”
“Were will we go?”
“To the camp of Reincarnation, only there can we cure the demonic spell that was
cast on you.”
“How will we get there?”
“I have a car, it will get us there fast.”
“Okay Lucy, I trust you, lets go.
“Thank you.”
Chapter Seven Deception
We walked through the shadows, using cloak’s, a blend of grey and black, just
dark enough to not reflect the light, yet light enough to blend in with the night. I
didn’t know were we were going, but I knew that this was my chance, to be
somebody to be something. The night was very quiet, not even the sound of wind
in the tree’s, there was just utter silence, I always disliked this place at night, hell
what am I saying? I always disliked this place, its sinister and depressing. I
wondered to myself did Lucy notice this eery silence too?
“Stay close, be silent.”
“Lucy, just wait a minute, something isn’t right.”
“What do you mean Jason? And quiet down.”
“Its to quiet, I feel like we’re being watched.”
“Thats most likely because we are being watched, now shut up, lets keep moving.”
No sooner did I start to say Lucy’s name Two villagers jumped down from the top
of a house and in-front of us.
“Well well well, look who we have here, if it isn’t the traitor.”
“Shall we teacher her a lesson Jed?”
“...hahah I believe we shall.”
“Aren’t you two just confident.”
“Silence Lucy, ‘he’ knows what your doing.”
“Well then, lets just give him a show then.”
Right as she finished a fist had carved its way into Jed’s body throwing him
through a house, the other man was quick to respond, but wasn’t fast enough, I had
him I twisted his arm, but it didn’t break, instead he laughed and threw me to the
ground, he was about to follow it up with a kick, but Lucy had him, she took him
destroyed his face with a punch then twisted his neck, breaking it. The man fell to
the ground dead.
Jed somehow recovered fast from the punch that Lucy had given him and now had
Lucy in a pin, I recognized it, Jessica had taught me it, but she also taught me how
to counter it.
“See yeah later Bitch.” Was all Jed said but it was to late for him, I had his chin in
my hands, with a twist to the left and another to the right for good measure he was
on the ground, dead.
“Thank you Jason, you saved me.”
“No problem, you did the same for me.”
“We have to go, they’ll be more soon.”
We ran through the village dodging patrols as we went, I kept thinking to myself:
“Damn does this remind me of an old war movie.” We had made it to an
intersection, but there was two men standing guard at it, backs turned, dumb.
“Lucy, take the one on the left, I got the one on the right.”
We were three feet in back of the men when Lucy jumped, catching the mans head
between her legs and breaking it as she jerked her body to the ground, I was so
stunned and amazed I nearly forgot to kill the other man. Thank god he didn’t say
anything, I guess he too was amazed by the move, but not for long, I twisted his
neck to the left then directly up, a nice clean break again.
“Lucy were the hell did you learn that?”
“Shush, I’ll tell you later, move the body in the bushes.”
I dragged the man, surprisingly he was very cold already, almost ice cold. Once
the bodies were in the bushes Lucy took my hand and lead me to a tree, I was
“Listen carefully, I need you to climb this tree, to the top, and watch for anyone
trying to follow us, take this and use it on them, one well placed shot will take
them out, you have six shots, make them count. I’ll be back.”
She tossed me a crossbow and six bolts, and up the tree I went. I got to the top
quite fast with the jumping and climbing techniques that Jessica had taught me, I
went to turn around and see were Lucy had gone, but she wasn’t there. I’d never
used a crossbow before, I was trained with the bow and a weapon they called:
“The Tiranno.” I remembered back to when I watched a few medieval movies, I
placed the bolt in the slit, pulled the metal wire back, and I heard a click, I had
loaded it. I looked around and saw the village had become totally illuminated,
light casting everywhere, torches and lanterns were lit and filled each window,
each street. I listened carefully, waiting to see if patrols would try and find us out
here, but so far none did, they just passed my position by without noticing me.
Thats when I saw Jessica, she was being followed by two other girls, but they
were far back, she was being stalked. I had to do something, Jessica trained me,
she believed in me. The two girls made up the pace quickly and thats when I
noticed a chance in Jessica’s posture, she now noticed she was being followed, but
didn’t let it show, you had to know her, spend time with her to recognize the
change. Just as the two girls were about to jump I brought the crossbow to my
should, remembering what it was like the first time I shot my dads rifle, I aimed
down the sights, put the first girls chest in the sights and shot. She didn’t even
scream, nothing, just fell to the ground, dead? I didn’t know. The second girl was
in shock and quickly darted into cover, Jessica seized the opportunity and made
short work of the girl who had ducked down. She looked up at the tree I was and
somehow she met my eyes, She ripped the crossbow bolt out of the girl and made
her way over to the tree.
“Jason, what the fuck are you doing? You’ve killed four people, now five.”
“Jessica, please don’t turn me in, I’m leaving this place.”
“Damn right you are, in a friggen box.”
“I will shoot you just like I did the other girl, now calm down before somebody
hears us.”
“Your telling me to calm down? You just killed one of my sisters and made me kill
the other one.”
“S-sisters?” I said with a lump in my throat
“Yes you idiot, my sisters. Both fucking dead.”
Before I could reply Jessica had started to turn and walk away, but Lucy had
somehow ended up in-front of Jessica.
“Lucy, move.”
“I’m sorry Jessica, but I can’t let you go back there. You’ll tell ‘him’ everything.”
“Lucy, move.” Jessica Repeated
“Jessica, please, don’t make me do this.”
“God damnit lucy move!”
Just Jessica had finished her sentence she went to shove Lucy out of the way, but
Lucy didn’t budge, suddenly flashbacks hit me, I tumbled to my knees holding my
head in agony, I remember it like it was yesterday, the operating table, the knife
through my hand, the sinister grin on Lucy’s face, the cries in agony as she
tortured me. Then it skipped to my first encounter with ‘him’, the agony I had felt
there, the screaming of him torturing Lucy, this place fed off of pain, agony, and
“Jason shut your mouth you’ll get us all caught!” Whispered Jessica
“Jessica, hold him, his progression is increasing, the virus will take him very soon
if we don’t get him out of here.”
“He was brought here to be the end game weapon Lucy, and he’s going to stay
here just for that reason, he’s going nowhere.”
“Jessica, ‘He’ lied to all of us, its all a lie, why can’t you see that? ‘He’s’ lied to
you this whole time, this possession, greater power, its a virus nothing more, and it
has a cure, I can cure you I can bring your sisters back and cure them as well you
just need to trust me! Now grab his legs we are leaving!”
“If you double cross me, you’ll face the most in-human torture that pathetic brain
of yours can think of.”
The last thing I felt was Lucy’s eyes connecting with mine, and her soft pale hands
touching my skin, her hands were freezing, or was I just burning up? I didn’t
know, all I knew was I was going to be okay, hopefully.
“Where did they go you fool?”
“Sir! Please, spare me!”
“Where did they go?”
“I don’t know sir, they snuck past us Sir! I don’t know, PLEASE spare me!”
The man weeped at ‘his’ feet, pleading for forgiveness and pleading for his life,
but to Mortis this was just another failed subject, just another semi human-being.
“Very well, I accept the fact that you were being to idiotic with Jakiy to notice half
the camp was at war and men were being killed.”
“Wait-how did you know about her and I?”
“I can see everything that goes on here you idiot. Now its time you repent your
Before the man could open his mouth a paralyzing pain crept from his head to his
toes, slowly, ever-so slightly increasing in magnitude, the man yelped, screamed,
and flopped on the ground in pain, but Mortis just smiled to him this was a field
trip, one into the Human mind. Soon he’d be flooded with each memory, fragment
of soul that the man held.
“Good-bye Destaunt.”
As Mortis finished the last syllable the man dropped dead, the pain was to great
and overcame his body causing his heart and brain to explode inside of him. A
messy, painful death, but one worthy of such a treacherous man never-the-less.
“Maid, clean this mess up or you’ll suffer the same fate as him.”
“At once sir!”
The maid wrapped the body in a blanket and brought him outside, for a small girl
she lifted the man quite well, nearly effortless, she walked with him on her back
for a little while then set him down near a tree, she felt around and found what she
had been looking for. A sudden thud, thud thud rang up the tree, it split in half and
opened to a pit. The smell of rotting meat and raw sewage filled the air, she threw
the body in the hole, but before it hit the ground the hole erupted in several growls
and snarls, before she could close the tree again the sounds of bones breaking and
flesh being ripped from them filled the village. It didn’t seem to startled anyone
oddly enough, everyone just acted as if it were a normal occurrence. The maid
took a knife from her pocket found a post in back of the tree and put another notch
on it.
“Another one for them, that makes seventy nine dead and fed, interesting.”
the maid walked back to her quarters with a smile on her face and the mans blood
still on her neck and back. She enjoyed this task, very much.
Chapter 8 Trust Me
“Hello Miss White.”
“Wh-Who’s there?”
“Oh just a friend of you’re boyfriends.”
“Wh-Whats your name? Were are you? Wh-Who are you?”
Fear trembled in her voice, fear filled her eyes, fear filled her heart, fear ravaged her soul
as the man closed in, closer and closer. His foot steps echoed off the wooden flooring, yet
were was he? the sound seemed to come from each direction, neither louder than the
other. She went to turn, but he had her already. She went to look up, but what she saw
was both gruesome and fearsome. A face enveloped in shadow, constantly moving
shadows as if it were the muscles of a face shifting into an evil grin of delight and
She went to scream, but nothing came out, she went to sob, but her eyes weren’t met with
tears, but met with further fear. The unrelenting terror of ‘him’ was enveloping her,
changing her, transforming her.
“Such a beautiful sight isn’t it Mortis?”
“I’m puzzled my Lord, what is this?”
“The ritual of fear of course, see, you lost the boy the boy who’d win this war for us, so I
found his girlfriend and once the fear twists her mind to the point she welcomes it, she
feels it everywhere in her body, she... longs for it, we can use her to counter the boy.”
“How so my Lord?”
His laughter, the voice of evil itself filled the house.
“Well Mortis, our lost boy here is quite in-love with this girl, even after you thought you
broke him.”
“Sir, I assure you..”
“Do not assure me, if it wasn’t for I you’d be but a mere skeleton.”
“I am sorry my Lord.”
“Yes, yes you are.”
The girls eyes faded to nothing, the girls body went limp, she had given in, she had
allowed the fear to transform her, she felt the change, she felt the power, she... longed for
I awoke from a dream, a horrible dream, one of Meagen being... turned by Mortis and
some other ... creature. It seemed so real, but how would they know about Meagen and I?
I’ve never mentioned her sense I got here. For all they I had significant friends or others,
so it must have been a dream, but it seemed so real, the way her eyes turned black then lit
up with a white light. Suddenly I heard a large noise from outside, I went to stand up, but
a hand held me down.
“Sh sh sh, easy boy. Wouldn’t want to make a noise and have that hound come in here
would we?”
“Who are you? What am I doing here?”
“Silence boy, that hound will kill us both if he hears us, now silence!”
I sensed the urgency in his voice so I silenced myself, I had so many things to ask.
For the first time sense I awoke I looked around my surroundings and noticed I was in a
small tent, the man that was holding me down had long black hair, almost tan skin, he
was very well built, and he had these greenish blue eyes. the air in the tent seemed stale,
but cold. The air radiated with a retched smell one that smelled of rotting flesh and wet...
dog? Before I could observe anymore the man hauled me to my feet threw me backwards
and stood in-front of the door.
“Stay back, no matter what happens here, you stay back, if they get the best of me you
run, you understand me boy? Run South as fast and as far as you can.”
“W-what is going on?”
“Do you understand?”
“Yes, yes, okay I understand!”
“Good, now step back.”
Just as he finished his sentence two hairless muscular huge dogs entered the tent, they
were easily up to my chest when on all fours, there teeth dripped with saliva and there
eyes were coal black. They went to both sides of him, hunched down and prepared to
jump, I saw a small shift in muscle from the man, and he lunged at the dog to the left,
catching it completely off guard, he took it by the neck, threw it at the dog to the right
that was jumping at him, knocking it back onto the ground. They landed with a thud and
the ground seemed to shake, the dogs spared no time on getting back up. One dog now
had a limp, it seemed like the man who’d thrown it had given it a  broken  leg at the same time. A grin lit the mans face up, I was scared, very scared, the way his grin was brought a shiver
down my spine. Were was Jessica? Were was Lucy? My thoughts were interrupted by a
loud yelp, but this wasn’t from the dogs, this was from the man, one of the dogs had sunk
its teeth into the mans arm, but was quickly dealt with when a hulking fist collided with
its forehead, the dog fell to the ground, lifeless. The second dog went to make a run for it,
but the man was already on it, He tackled it to the ground and with a snap, its neck was
broken. The man was bleeding heavily from the wound the dog had left on him, but he
seemed to disregard it and just stood up, turned to me, and said:
“I think its time we move, they will be back, with more. And next time it won’t be with
“What the hell is going on? What were they? What did they want?”
“We need to go, Jason.”
“Answer me!”
“Thank you.”
“You are the key for Mortis and his Lord to win the war that will be taking place in a
matter of days now, without you they will lose the war. The hounds are dogs that were
infested with the evilness of Mortis’s lord, they are given a scent and they chase it till
either its dead or they are dead. They were here to kill me and guard you until Mortis
came, now that they are dead Mortis surely will bring the raptors next time along with a
detachment of his best fighters. You are humanities only hope Jason, you’re the savior.”
“Okay wait, what the hell is a raptor? And I’m sorry, but im not anything like a savior.”
“A raptor is the most vicious thing you’ll ever see, they were once human, but there
minds were twisted by the powers of Fear, they are changed, they aren’t anything of this
world. They feast off of fear and pain, they’re Fears minions.”
“Jesus..” Was all I could say, I had no words no actions, nothing for what I’d just been
told. Supposedly I’m humanities only hope, but I have the people that I accepted as a
family gunning for me because I escaped and found out there lies.
“You’re friends are waiting on the other side of the river, its an hours walk from here,
once there we will go to the camp where you’ll be reborn as one of us.”
“I don’t even know your name dude.”
“My name is Haniel. Now to your feet, me must leave at once.”
“Lets just go, come on.”
He lifted me up, bringing me to my feet and he led me out of the tent, the sun stung my
eyes, my skin seemed to be on fire, and my heart seemed to slow. What was happening? I
screamed out in sheer pain, but it didn’t seem to help me any. Haniel ran me into the
river, throwing my body under the water, the cold water soothed my skin, and took the
burning sensation away, but before I had a chance to enjoy the moment of painlessness I
was torn out of the water, back on the Haniel’s shoulders, and bouncing around as he ran.
At one point my head slammed off his back and for the first time I realized just had built
he was, it felt like slamming my head off a brick wall, I even lost vision for a few
seconds. Haniel just kept running and running, I was nothing to him, he was so muscular
that my hundred and eighty pounds was nothing to him, he made it seem like he did this
every day, but then again judging by his muscles I wouldn’t doubt it if he did. After a
while of being tossed around like a rag doll we stopped in a small grove of trees, he let
out a single monotoned whistle and out came Jessica and Lucy.
“Jeez, we didn’t know if you were alive or dead, its been a few days.”
“There’s no time for talk, we were just ambushed by hounds.”
“Wait what? Hounds? Where?”
“At the camp, they were after Jason.”
“Where did they come from? What direction?”
“By the looks of it, South, but I don’t know we were inside the tent.”
“It won’t be long before more come, this isn’t good, not good at all.”
“Your right, its about to begin.”
“Whats about to begin? Please don’t keep me in the dark.”
“Jason, your question will be answered in time, just keep your mouth shut and keep up.”
I did as I was told, I kept my mouth shut, the four of us traveling North in
complete silence, we kept a pace that we could keep all day, the sickness I have allowed
me to travel faster and longer than any healthy human, it was brilliant, but at the same
time frightening. The thought of being able to take anyone back at school sent a spike of
adrenaline through my veins. As we neared our destination I could see thick black smoke,
the forest smelled of a recent fire, I suddenly stepped over a log and the temperature of
the forest dropped dramatically, at least ten degrees.
“This isn’t good, Jess take the lead, Lucy your the best fighter out of all of us, protect
Jason with your life, I’ll take up the back.”
Jessica and Lucy followed Haniel’s instructions, I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I
knew it wasn’t good.
“Shh everyone, stand very still and don’t say a word”
No sooner did Haniel said that a patrol passed us, dressed in black and crimson armor.
What the hell was going on? Soldiers? What is happening?
“Looks like we are to late, Haniel.”
“Damnit, they are moving fast.”
“What do we do?”
“Only thing we can, keep moving in hope we can get ahead of them.”
“Guys, what the hell is going on?”
“Keep it down child, if you alert even just one the whole army will be upon us at once,
and trust me, you don’t want to see that.”
Before I could finish my sentence a large hand covered my mouth, and I heard a
very faint “Sh” in my ear, we all ducked, it was Haniels hand. A soldier this time with a
rifle passed by us, close enough I could reach out and touch the shimmering armor he was
wearing. Panic struck me, I almost blew our cover, but before I could Lucy sensed it and
with a smooth almost cat-like motion stood up broke the soldiers neck and dragged him
in the bushes with us. Haniel seemed quite apauled by the action, but didn’t voice his
opinion, instead he lent over the body looking at it, observing the dead solider in-front of
us, he was a boy. Maybe sixteen? Seventeen at the most.
“Its worse then I thought, they are using children.”
“We need to get moving before they discover the body... or worse... us.”
“Good idea Jessica.”
Before we could stand up six guards appeared in-back of us, with the cocking of there
guns we knew we were caught.
“Turn around, very slowly, very... slowly.”
“You’re making a mistake.”
“Silence Angel, you picked the wrong side, now turn around.”
“Don’t make me do this brother.”
“I said turn around!”
“As you wish.”
Everything seemed to go in slow motion I turned, Haniel did too, suddenly two throwing
knives came out of Haniels sleeves and connected with two of the guards, then another
two, again connecting with there targets with ease, before the last two could shoot, Haniel
had them on the ground, busting them up pretty good with some vicious looking strikes.
What seemed like a minute had been meer seconds.
“We need to go, NOW!”
It seemed like a scene from a movie, the forest erupted in gun fire, we ran in what also
seemed like slow motion, yet trees, guards and rocks passed us by at an inhuman speed.
I’d look in back of us every few seconds to see Lucy chopping down soldiers with a set
of katana’s she had pulled from there hidden sheafs in her jacket. A grin covered her face
along with the blood of the fallen, she enjoyed this, very much so. This is the side of
Lucy that I was all to familiar with, the first days of my arrival were true horror and
torture because of her, yet here we were running together with Jessica and our new found
ally, Haniel. Oh the things life throws at you. A gunshot that stood out from the rest
interrupted my thoughts, I quickly turned back, a bloody soldier cut horribly but standing,
shaking, bleeding, had shot Lucy, she fell to the ground. I stopped, something ticked
inside me, something that felt amazing and at the same time frightened me. I ran to her,
the soldier fell to the ground in pain as my kick collided with his chest. Two more went to
block my path, both were easily dispatched, then another, he was bigger than the rest, had
a different armor too. He went to rush me, but I easily dodged the big man, with one fluid
motion I slide across the forest flooring of leaves and soil, picked up the katana’s and
continued the slaughter Lucy had started, it all seemed so natural to me, the slicing
motion, the moves, it was as if I was... born to do it. Three soldiers ran at me with swords
drawn, A grin appeared on my gory face, and I found myself running at them, my hands
tightened around the beautifully carved grips of the katanas, my eyes narrowed, my grin
grew bigger. The soldiers must have seen something purely evil inside me because right
before they were chopped down there faces turned pale white in horror, the realization of
a man who was about to die. By the time I had finished off six more soldiers Lucy had
stood back up and was at my side with two small knives, sinister curves in them, almost
like a dagger form of a scimitar. Haniel and Jessica soon joined us with weapons they had
picked up off the dead as well, so the four of us did the only thing we had left to do, fight.
“Forty six left, against four... seems a little unfair.”
Lucy scoffed “For them.”
“Time to finish what we started!”
With that I stepped on a pile of bodies jumping in the air, doing something I figured I’d
never be able to do, a front flip, both katanas went with me, stretched out in-front of me. I
heard the sound of steel in flesh when I landed knowing I had taken another life, I moved
onto the next, but before my strikes connected a blade blocked them. I went to look were
it came from but before I could a fist struck my in the jaw, everything started to fade, I
crumbled to the ground, everything was so cold all of a sudden, so dark... so... distant.
Before I could register what was happening everything turned black and I was out.
Chapter 9 Loyal till the end
I awoke in a dimly lit room, there stood two guards beside my bed, if thats what you want
to call it, felt like it was just hay and a ragged blanket. The room smelled of Burnt wood
and freshly cut grass, an odd combination if you ask me.
“He’s awake, alert Haniel!”
“Yes sir!”
One of the guards quickly left the room the clanging of his white and red armor following
him with every movement, I noticed how graceful each movement he made was, almost
as if a aura of elegance followed him.
“Welcome back to the world Master Jason, you had us quite worried, when Haniel got to
you, you were quite banged up.”
I tried to speak but nothing came out, I tried again, nothing, Panic filled my body what
happened? Why can’t I talk?
“Easy Master Jason, the medication we’ve given you prevents you from speaking but
rapidly restores your body back to its former self, you’ll be ready to fight again in two
days, and within the hour your voice shall return.”
I tried to thank up but again realized I couldn’t speak, so I just gave him a thumbs up, he
seemed confused at the gesture, but then realized it was a positive one and gave a grin.
“Ah our hero is back to the land of the living!”
“Its fine Sargent, we are all friends here, no need to bow.”
“My apologies Sir!”
“No need to apologize.”
“Now, Jason you gave us quite the scare, you’ve been asleep for six days, that was quite
the nasty blow you took, I’m surprised there was no internal damage, I’m sure the
Sargent informed you that your unable to speak so I’ll make this quick so it doesn’t upset
you. As you most likely remember we were ambushed after Lucy dispatched a patrol, you
fought well, but at the end you were hit by the enemy general, a very large man mind
you. He struck you in the jaw to knock you out, hoping he’d have enough time to run off
with you, and he did, but he didn’t get far before our friend Lucy found him, she was
quite upset when you went missing, blamed herself actually, and when she found you god
wasn’t with that poor man. I won’t go into detail of what she did to the poor guy, but lets
just say if he survived the torture afterwards he wouldn’t of had children. She did
however get some very useful information out of him before she finally ended his
suffering. Troops are mobilizing within three days the war will begin, and New York is
the first target once the U.S.A. is in-mobilized the rest of the world will be the target. So
in the interest in saving time I will personally train you, along with Lucy. For now rest
up, I will awaken you in a few hours. I mouthed, “okay” and oddly enough almost
instantly fell back a sleep. *
“Tell me one more time, what exactly happened.”
“Yes my Lord. We were ambushed by the enemy, four of them or at least thats all we
could see. We tried to fight them, but were slaughtered, the General got away with the
boy, but was hunted down by a girl and tortured, he gave up much information.”
“So they have found Haniel then, interesting, that also means that the rest of the
opposition is aware that the savior is in there hands, the perfect weapon. We’ll need to act
fast, alert the other camps at once that the strike date has been moved down by three
“Sir, there isn’t a possible way we can get our forces ready in three days!”
“Make it possible.”
“Yes my Lord, it will be done.”
“Good, I knew making you leader of my forces wasn’t a mistake, Mortis. Oh and Mortis,
one more thi

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thing, how is the girl?”
He allowed himself a sinister grin and coldly said: “She's ready.”
Even the Shadow shivered in the way Mortis said it, maybe it was just the thought of a
human wielding the power of himself. Such power to be trusted in a mortal.
“Bring her to me, if you would.”
“At once my Lord.”
The Shadow wondered to himself how the girl would look, act, and think her small brain
surprisingly didn’t overload through the painful, twisted procedure, That by itself was
enough to send a shiver down anyones spine. He let himself relax, stopping the thoughts
for negativity, he focused on the positive, the plan. With a sigh, he started to brainstorm
the take over of New York, with the subway systems taken over, they could use them to
create a hive, one to bring the civilians and captured soldiers to, creating more troops.
We’d need to strike from underground anyways, there was a few closed subway tracks he
could use to move his army, arm it, and eventually strike with it. Four million troops and
counting, each day brings more, once the United States falls, hundreds of millions of
more troops will flood in, some willingly, most, he let himself chuckle, forcefully. The
girl will serve as a game winner, checkmate, with Jason taken out of the picture the
resistance will fall, thus a global take over, a new start. The world will be struck and
struck hard they will never have thought of an army of soldiers able to take bullets and
still march forward. The only problem is, planes, we’ll need to capture soldiers warp
there minds, and have them use there own training, machines against the iron birds that
the humans use. With that taken care of, the rest of the plan will easily fall into place, but
nothing is as easy as it sounds, there will be kinks, but we’ll work them out. I’ll get my
revenge, return to my throne, and bring time itself to its knee’s.
“My Lord, the Girl.”
Mortis’s voice startled the Shadow, he had been so lost in thought he failed to hear the
door open, or the footsteps.
“Good, leave us.”
“As you wish my Lord.”
“You look beautiful Meagen, how are you?”
Her voice seemed to echo: “Thank you my Lord, I am well, stronger, wiser, ready to
serve you.”
“That is what I like to hear, how has your training been?”
“Grand, I’ve learned very much from Mortis, he says the attack date has been moved up,
is this true?”
“Yes, but I have a special task for you, you’ll be a leader of one of my closest, most elite
groups of soldiers.”
“Thank you my Lord, it will be an honor.”
“No need to thank me, you will have one objective, find the savior, and kill him.”
“The moment he shows himself, he will be slaughtered, your wish is my duty, my Lord.”
“Only if all would be as loyal as you my beautiful weapon.”
“Only if, my Lord.”
“Indeed, go to Devils Creek, talk to Yinise, tell him I sent you and to assemble the men.”
“As you wish my Lord. I will make my leave within the hour.”
“Thank you Meagen, you are most valuable to our cause.”
“No my Lord, thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of the shadow and evil.”
he chuckled, knowing that she was twisted, and more loyal than any of his servants, she
would be key to the success of this operation. Defeat isn’t an option, only victory, only
* * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Lucy entered my tent, and she muttered something to the guards, they both left and
closed the door behind them. She came up to me, this was the first time I really looked at
Lucy, I noticed just how beautiful she was, her eyes were a very light blue, her hair
almost as white as snow, but had a tint of blond in it, her smile now was white and happy,
her body was skinny, but not abnormally skinny, her posture reminded me of a girl who
knows she's beautiful, but at the same time isn’t snobby about it, my jaw dropped.
“Hey, I’m glad your awake, I was scared.”
Her voice was soft and worry-some
“Thank you for saving me Lucy.”
“Its no problem, I was just...”
“Doing my job.”
“Are you sure?”
“Jason, theres something I need to tell you, something that I’ve been keeping to myself
sense we escaped.”
“Theres something about you Jason, something... that interests me.”
“Wait what? The hell are you talking about?”
“I’m drawn to you.”
I was speechless, somebody so beautiful, yet sinister... what am I supposed to say? What
do I do.
So I did what I had to.
“Lucy, I had a girlfriend before all this, her name was Meagen, I loved her, but I couldn’t
stop cheating on her, I couldn’t stop hurting her, when I was abducted I missed her much,
I realized what I was doing. I’m a monster, I only hurt, nothing good comes from me.”
For the first time I saw a tear come to somebody’s eye, Lucy was trying not to cry, but
she was failing at it. She walked a little closer, made a gesture asking me if she could sit.
I said yes.
“I swore I wouldn’t love again Jason, when my love left me so many years ago for
another girl, he was everything to me for seven years, I gave him everything, maybe it
was to much, maybe it wasn’t enough, but whatever it was he left, he broke me. You
aren’t the monster I am. I torture I kill, I enjoy it because he screwed me up so heavily so
horribly, that I have to do these things to find joy, but you, your different. You aren’t
murder or pain, your a guy, and you make me happy. When the enemy General ran off
with you I panic’ed everything was going wrong again, so I had to go after you, and I did,
I did... horrible things to him because of the hate that built up when he took you from me,
but sense I got you back I’ve been happy, I’ve been... as human as our kind can be.”
I was shocked, I was taken by surprise, but something in me, maybe I just noticed, maybe
it was the moment, whatever it was I don’t know. I hugged her, I held Lucy and cried, I
let all of the emotions I had drain out onto her.
“I’m so sorry Jason, I never meant to hurt you.” She said with a shaky voice in-between
Her arms reached around me too, holding me, still crying.
“I’ll never hurt you Lucy, I’ll never go back to what I used to be.”
she sobbed even heavier at that, then we kissed, her soft lips on mine, her eyes staring
into mine, for a moment the only thing that I felt was the beauty of the moment and the
burning compassion in my heart. Then it happened.
“JASON LUCY! We need help! The northern sentries are under attack, the enemy is
Lucy was as panicked as I was, Jessica just walked in on us kissing, when she finally
noticed what was happening, I saw her face twist in emotional pain, I saw her eyes go
from light green to grey. She dropped her hands to her sides, turned around and walked
“I’m-I’m sorry Jason, that never should have happened.”
I couldn’t say anything, the beauty of the moment, crushed, and anger filled me, I got up
stumbled to my feet, hardly able to walk I stumbled across the floor to the door of the
building. The sound of solders running filled the outside air, the clammer of armor and
the sound officers yelling orders. I opened the door, looked back to the bed were Lucy
and I had been sitting, she was gone. Confusion filled my thoughts, but I discarded it.
Heading to the armory were I hoped to find Haniel, but to my surprise he wasn’t there,
just Jessica placing on armor that had been made for her, it complimented each feature of
her, fit just right to provide comfort to the user and protection from the attackers. Her
swords glistened in the sun light as she placed them in the sheaf. She looked at me, eyes
still grey, but a questioning look in them, she placed her helm on, and brushed past me,
touching my arm, sending a shock up my spine as she did it. She continued on without a
word, heading to assemble her forces.
“Ah Master Jason, Haniel left this for you, your armor and weapons are inside, he
suggests you hurry, and meet him at the northern end of the camp, you’ll follow his
soldiers into battle.”
“Thank you, have you seen Lucy?”
“I am sorry Master, I have not.”
“Okay, thanks.”
I opened the top of the box and there laid a beautiful set of plate-mail, the colors of
Haniel’s army, white and red. I placed the armor on, then the legs, and then the boots. He
had placed two Katana’s similar to... Lucy’s, but these ones were different, the handles
seemed to be made of ebony, the blades almost silver. The blades had carvings, beautiful
crosses and symbols, I lifted both up out of the box that contained the rest of the armor
and they were light weight, but extremely sturdy, they were balanced... for me. I then
noticed how well the armor fit, perfectly, just like Jessica’s, comfortable, light, yet
protective. I placed the katana’s in the sheaf’s on my back, placed the helm on my head
then turned to start walking to the northern end of the camp, but Lucy was standing infront
of me, with the most beautiful armor on, it was like a dress, but of metal, she wore
no helmet, only had one sword, but had a cross bow on her back.
“Jason, can I stand beside you? Can I fight with you?”
I had seen the hurt on Jessica’s face, I didn’t want to hurt her more, but Lucy was the best
fighter out of anyone here, or so that I’ve seen, she’d be valuable to me, she’d protect me.
Was it worth hurting the girl that trained me the girl that kept me out of trouble at the
“You may.”
“Thank you Master.”
She bowed, and stood beside me, we both walked to the northern part of the camp, a set
of drums could be heard to the north west, the sounds of battle came from the forest, the
steady beat of the drums, dun..dun dun.. dun dun dun... dun... dun... dun dun dun. The
clashing of metal on metal, the scraping of swords on armor, it was as if the world had
just suddenly erupted in the noise of battle.
“Glad you could join us Jason, the battle has just begun, our armies are faster, stronger,
smarter than our foe, but I fear we are out numbered, its your call now Jason, fall back
and safe ourselves for the war that will start in a matter of days or continue our fight and
take the chance of weakening the northern army. Pick one, its your decision to make,
“Are you ready to fight Haniel?”
“Ready? Ha! I’m always ready for a good duel!”
“Then lets fight.”
I took my katana’s from there sheaf’s and rushed into the battle, with Haniel and Lucy on
my side I’d be unstoppable, we would win. I noticed a few men battered and tired, they
looked at me with wide eyes, and I shouted: “LOYALTY TILL THE END!” They took up
arms with us, gathering in back of us as we rushed the enemy head on, the closer we got
the more men joined our ranks, the rush of battle filled my body, the air of freshly spilled
blood and mountain air filled my lungs, it was time to prove to these people once and for
all, what I could do. They saved me, it was my turn to save them.
Chapter 10 Angels of war
“The troops are engaged with Haniels forces as we speak, the girls detachment is hanging
back, hidden in the trees, waiting for your order my Lord.”
“Excellent, if Jason isn’t there at least we will have Haniel.”
“They’ll send that fallen Arch Angel directly to hell.”
“Now now, I know you dislike him Mortis, but please refrain from exposing it in my
“Certainly my Lord, I apologize.”
“I’m sure you do, now, deploy the southern army, we’ll crush Haniel’s army once and for
all, once that is dealt with we will continue to deal with the mortal world.”
“What of the six other Arch angel armies Sire?”
“They’ll fall apart without a leader.”
“I see, I shall relay your orders to them, my Lord.”
“Good, and I’d appreciate it if you joined the fight with your village, just to ensure a
“O-of course my Lord, I’ll prepare them as soon as I return from relaying your orders.”
“Good, now go, there’s much to do and not much time!”
“My lady when will we strike?”
“Easy, when the order comes we will reinforce our soldiers, until then we stay here.”
“Fine, who are we looking for again?”
“God, will you shut up? you’ve done nothing, but talk talk talk sense we got here, I
apologize that we have to wait, but you don’t need to blow the plan now when we are so
close to winning this war before it even kicks off to the mortal world. Now sit back
down, shut up and wait for the order to come. When it does we will be hunting the boy
that escaped Mortis’s village.”
Her eyes seemed to glow some at the mention of the name, not noticeable to anyone els,
but her, she remembered Jason, how he just left her out to dry and never came back, but
there was no way this could be him, its impossible. His parents died on a business trip,
and he left in denial everyone knows that, or at least thats what we were told. It wasn’t
really him, it wasn’t, theres no way.
“Yes, him, now silence.”
If it was him, how could I kill him? I love him, he did leave me, but if he was kidnapped
as I was, then I’d understand, I can’t kill him, but I must follow what my Lord asked me
to do, I have to, I need to, but if its really him, I can’t. I was interrupted by from thought
by a messenger, he was quite short, black hair, young, very young, maybe fourteen when
he was changed, maybe younger.
“My lady, Mortis says its time.”
I tensed up, I knew I could kill anyone on that battlefield with ease, but if it really was...
my Jason, how could I kill somebody I still loved?
“Alright, tell him it’ll be done.”
“I shall.”
“Everyone, its time, lets go, we have a battle to win.”
The party of twenty four screamed at the air with wretched war cries, I released the
shadows, the battlefield was just ahead and already the shadows were stretching into the
rear ranks, the sky dimming, the power seeping into each soldier that accepted it. My
eyes turned a shining bright white as we ran closer to the carnage, with each step another
soldier fell from our side, we were losing, badly. A movement to the right caught my eye,
distinctively I moved to see the movement, it was Mortis and his men, reinforcements. I
looked to the left and saw a large enemy force advancing rapidly, carving its way through
our ranks, it looked as if they were carving a path to my party, so I raised my hand and
moved it rapidly to the left signaling my men to move with me, we were going to save
our flank. By the time we arrived most of the soldiers on the left flank had been
slaughtered, they were caught by surprise and were outmatched, but we drew our swords
regardless. My blade made of blackened steel the hardest alloy of the metal, and also the
sharpest and lightest shimmered in the light, the shadows were still advancing through
our ranks searching for the Savior. I swung my sword with a downward arch, catching an
enemy soldier between the throat and shoulder, one kill. I followed it up with a knife
throw catching one in the chest, another kill. By the time the other enemies had arrived to
fight us I had finished off seven more, and at-least twenty more had fallen to my men. I
took a quick look around to see what we were up against to see to my horror that we had
been surrounded, I looked to the right to see Mortis and his men being slain by the
enemy. I’d have to carve my way through these troops to get to him, but by the time I
arrived I’d be to late. Oh well its worth a try.
“Men! Shields and knives NOW!”
As I said that all my men took the shields off there backs and prepped a throwing knife,
we were going to win this ordeal and I had full intentions of doing so.
“Surrender and we’ll spare you.”
“You make me laugh mortal, you have no idea what your up against.”
“Stand down soldier, I’ll handle this. Hello Meagen, I see that they found you?”
“What the hell? Haniel?”
“Yes, its very much so me, now do as the soldier said and surrender.”
“No, I came this far and I plan to finish what was started!”
“I’m giving you one last chance shadow fiend, SURRENDER or die!”
“Never, kill them!”
As the last letter came from my mouth my men had already thrown there knives, hitting
there targets, twenty four enemies lay dead in the dirt, and before they could react we
were upon them with swords and fists.
* * * * * * * * * * * ** ** * * * ** * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
** * * *
“The messenger was captured and killed, right?”
“Yes master Jason, we are pleased to report we are winning the battle, this will be a huge
blow to the enemy’s invasion plan.”
“Good, I’m pleased to hear it, send two hundred more to the left flank, we need to crush it
fast if we are going to save some more lives.”
“It will be done Master.”
“Oh, and were did Haniel go?”
“He left some time ago, maybe ten minutes ago with a detachment of his guard, they
were going to the left flank he said he saw something and said he’d deal with it.”
“Hm, relay my last order, but tell the detachment of two hundred to meet me there.”
“I’m sorry sir but Haniel also said you were to stay here and command.”
“I’m going to join our forces in battle again.”
“You’ve done enough Master, you retook the southern camp and the eastern flank, you’ve
crushed the enemy, now let the others finish what you’ve started.”
“No, I am going to the left flank to aid, tell them to meet me there.”
“As you wish Master.”
I put my helmet on and started to run to the left flank when I noticed this dark stuff all
over the battlefield it looked like shadows, very thick shadows. I mumbled to myself:
“thats odd.” Then disregarded them, continuing to run to the flank that needed help. The
sounds of battle still very loud and still very clear were everywhere, I stopped a few times
to help one of our men out, but other than that I was heading straight for what looked like
a giant circle of falling bodies, our bodies. The closer I got the darker the world seemed
to get, it was very cold here too. I continued on, pressing closer, I caught a soldier as he
fell, saving his life as I threw him back to his feet and stabbed his foe, thats when I saw
her, Meagen.
“STOP! ALL OF YOU STOP!” I ran into the middle of them all, blocking strikes from
both sides, I continued to yell “STOP! PLEASE STOP!” I was begging to stop the
fighting now, I got to my knees and screamed one last plea: “GOD DAMNIT STOP
project through the battlefield, it echoed from every corner, bounced off each tree, and
made every man shiver. The fighting had stopped and everyone, both sides started to
gather around so see what was happening.
“I’ve missed you Meagen, for so long I’ve missed you.” I tried to embrace her, but she
pushed me back, a look of horror on her face. It felt like a stake had been driven through
my heart, I spent all this time missing her, still loving her, and I’m pushed away.”
“I thought you were dead.”
“I’m sorry, I can explain.”
“Famous lines of a boy, I can explain. I’m sorry, but I don’t want you to explain, you left
me Jason, you left me alone, you left me without even a single fucking word!” Anger
swelled in each word, building into a burning hate.
“Please let me explain, please.” Tears filled my eyes as I became to notice she hated me
now, she hated everything about me.
“Meagen, let him explain, I know how you feel, I’ve been through the same thing, twice,
please let him explain.” Lucy’s eyes were in tears now, her limbs trembled and her sword
fell to the ground with a loud clang.
“Fine, what is your explanation.”
“I was drugged, by Lucy, brought to Devils Creek, brain washed by Mortis, then trained
by Jessica. Lucy had a change of heart, opened up my eyes, saved Jessica and I from the
camp, we escaped and found Haniel, then I was brought here and told I was the savior.”
I noticed a slight hint of fear in her eyes when I said the last part, savior.
“I’m supposed to kill you Jason, I’m supposed to slice your fucking throat, and I should
for all the tears and pain you gave me when you left. I should gut you, make you feel the
pain I did with every cut, every drop of blood from that damned razor I should make you
feel it, make you pay for it like I did.”
Her head went limp, her body caved and she fell to her knees, tears in her eyes, she
looked at me with this expression, one of horror and pleading.
“I canʼt. I canʼt do it Jason, I still love you, Iʼve missed you for so long, Iʼve... Iʼve” she
couldnʼt continue her sentence because the sobbing had grown to powerful and her
head slooped to her knees as if she had just given up.
“Its going to be okay, its okay now, help me end this before it starts, please.”
I lent down to embrace her, I wrapped my hands and arms around her body, her body fit
perfectly with mine, just as I remembered it. Her hand moved, but I disregarded it, then a
sharp pain came from my back, a sharp stabbing pain that radiated from the middle of my
back through my whole body, I screamed in horror.
“You LEFT ME alone! You destroyed me Jason! You let THEM change me into this
monster you didn’t come back you prick! You left me to die! Now you pay for the pain!”
another stab in my back, this time worse, then again, and again, everything started to turn
dark, I lost my hearing, I lost my vision, then smell, then feeling. Everything was dark,
dark as a... shadow.
Chapter 11 Imprisoned
“Haniel you will suffer for this, you will burn for this.”
“Silence you creature, your the one in the cage, not I.”
“Creature? I am human you idiot!”
“Wrong, you are a creature of the void, a shadow walker.”
“I will kill you myself when I get out of here!”
“I’ll make you a deal Meagen.”
“And what would that be?”
“I’ll let you out, give you your chance to ‘kill’ me, and in return if you lose you go back
in the cage and never speak again.”
“And if I win?”
“They let you go and you win the war.”
“I’ll accept.”
Haniel’s only thoughts were, “I hope I didn’t underestimate her progression
through the shadows.” He drew two small swords from his side, both edged with a long
forgotten language, they shimmered in the dim torch lit room, giving a sense of awe to
the unweathered soldier, but to a warrior like Meagen they were simply just swords. He
turned back too his opponent as he did a guard threw a sword to her, thus arming his
opponent. He stood, perfectly limp, back too his enemy, the one who wouldn’t want
anything more than to kill him, his eyes closed, his breathing slowed to an inaudible
rhythm, his heart started to slow, as did his thoughts, his sense of smell vanished and his
hearing increased, he could now hear every little thing his opponent did. He heard the
muscles tense up as she prepared for a strike, one that’d be fatal to the unsuspecting
enemy, but Haniel was far from unsuspecting. He heard the shuffling of feet and the
sound of a sword being drawn back, he heard the muscles and tendons as they worked
together to swing the sword down upon him. The blade was now screaming through the
air and in a matter of milliseconds would collide with the back of his neck, a fatal blow.
Haniel turned in the nick of time, crouching as he did, both of his blades almost like
second nature swung up, catching his enemies blade and surprising her, he sized the
opportunity to disarm her, with a snap of his wrist Meagens blade flew through the air
and landed in a wall in back of her. She wasn’t done yet though, she put her hands up to
continue the fight, but Haniel knew that she was defeated. With on fluid motion he placed
his swords in there sheaths and threw a deadly kick to Meagens chest, knocking her
straight back into the metal barred cell she came from. To a human the breast bone would
have shattered and the heart obliterated, but for somebody infected by the shadows, it
would only stun them and throw them back some. Haniel wasted no time on securing the
lock on the door, his opponent sitting in the back of the cage perfectly in a heap.
“So creature, have you had enough or shall we have another go?”
Blood dripped from her mouth, but the blood was a sickly black, similar to the blood of
yellow fever, but lighter in color.
“I-I’m not done y-yet.”
“Then so be it, on your feet creature.”
She rose to her feet with a sinister grin shining brightly on her face, her eyes began to
cloud and turn black, she placed her hands on the door and spread a human sized hole
into the bars, making her own way you.
“Everyone back, she wants a display of power.”
Haniel placed his hands on the ground as a huge bolt of light hit him from what appeared
to be the ceiling of the jail, his eye went grey then illuminated with a white light. His
voice echoed through the jail as he said:
“You have one last chance to back down or this time I will harm you, dearly.”
she chuckled, “well I guess its a good thing I’m possessed and numb, eh?”
a guard laughed and said: “Sire! We have a wise ass among us!”
“Silence, we do not disrespect our opponents.”
“My apologies Sire.”
“So Meagen are we ready to finish this dispute?”
Blood stained her chin and the sides of her mouth, each breath was a struggle, but she
remained standing, to a normal human she’d look perfectly fine, but at a second glance
you could tell she was slowly breaking.
“I’m ready.”
Haniel stood back up from his crouching position, spinning his hands in a circle, a light
was building in between his hands with each complete circle, he waited till the light was
so bright that if you stared at it, you’d surely go blind, he released, a ball of light was sent
rushing at his opponent, with each inch it moved it picked up speed, then just as it was
about to hit her, she moved just a fragment of an inch and the ball was sent flying in back
of her, hitting a wall and releasing quite the impressive light show.
“My turn”
Her eyes were coal black, but seemed to radiate with something, something evil, she held
her hands together then in a throwing motion lobbed what looked like a cloud in ball
form, at Haniel. Haniels reflexes kicked in, but he did something unpredictable, instead of
shying away from the ball, he launched himself at it, catching it mid air, lobbing it back,
the impact of the small cloudy ball on Meagen was devastating, sparks flew from her
chest were the ball had hit her, again sickly dark blood spewed all over her. She fell to the
ground with a wordless dying breath. Her eyes went black to her normal color, blue eyes.
She fell to the cold stone ground with a thud, blood quickly created a pool around her, she
was limb, and already turing pale from blood loss, Haniel ignored what had just
happened, turned his back and with a troubled sigh he started to walk up the stairs to the
main floor, but then, he met me before he could open the door.
“Jason, you should return to your room, your hurt.”
“I’ve come to see Meagen, move please.”
“I do not think that is a good idea right now, she isn’t... able to talk right now.”
“What the hell have you done to her?” My voice escalating with anger and fear.
“Jason, just return to your room.”
“God damnit Haniel what have you done to her?”
“She, *sigh* she’s dead.”
I shuddered, my head dropped and I felt tears come to my eyes, I felt something rising in
me, something that I hadn’t felt before, almost like an adrenaline rush, but more
powerful. I quickly recognized the feeling from an article I read in my old life, it was the
emotion of hate. My fists clenched, my eyes turned grey, and my breathing stopped.
“Good-bye Haniel.”
Before he could reply, I threw a devastating punch, faster than any human could ever
dream of throwing. It collided with Haniels chest, and with a horrible crack, he tumbled
to the ground, his guards were in awe, but stood there positions in fear that what
happened to there leader would happen to them. I threw Haniels body to the side, and
slowly walked over to my Meagen, my crumbled, battered, and bloodied Meagen.
I arrived at her side, but I was minutes to late, he had already killed her, my knees grew
weak, my eyes poured rivers from them, and my thoughts were nonexistent.
I fought the tears back enough to talk to what was left of her: “Me-Meagen? I’m sorry, I
just walked away, I wish you could just see that I do still care, but would it change how
you feel? Would you still... hate me?” My tears were flowing now, her face had
condensation on her from the tears, her wound was wet with blood, her body lifeless. I
wondered to myself, how could I have let this happen? What the hell did I do do deserve
this? Why is this world so fucked? I turned around to see Haniel trying to stand, blood
pouring from his mouth.
“You... you... Murderer”
“Jason, please, understand.”
“Jason, stop, let me explain!”
“You killed her, now I’m going to kill you, first I’ll torture you, slowly, then I’ll let you
bleed out, but just before you die I’ll cauterize your wounds, then watch you suffer.”
“Jason do not make me do this.”
“What are you going to do ‘kill’ me too?” I said in a mocking tone.
Before Haniel could say another word his eyes bulged, his jaw dropped and I saw the
guards do the same, one was so shocked that he dropped his rifle.
“My god he is the savior!”
“Haniel, do you know what this means?”
“Silence you two!”
I was puzzled so I turned around, and to my astonishment her wound was healed and
before I knew it a breath was drawn from her lungs, her eyes shot open and she bolted up
right. She looked at me with a confused look, I wondered to myself, did she remember
me? How is she alive? What had just happened?
“J-Jason?” Her voice was hoarse
“Where am I?”
“Your in the prison room of humanity’s last hope.”
“Wait what?”
“You don’t remember anything do you?”
“Jason, allow me.”
“No Haniel you’ve done enough!”
“I can return her memories.”
“Fine, do it.”
Haniel walked over and place his palm on Meagens head, she shivered as the flush of
memories entered her mind.
“So I was created to kill you Jason?”
“Yes.” I said with a saddened voice.
“Jason, I think we should leave her be, she just got a lot of memories at once, and I think
it’d be best if we let her adjust to the change.”
“No! I will not leave her again!”
“Jason, I think its best..”
I couldn’t come to grips with how she was alive, but I agreed with Haniel, she needed
time alone. So as much as I hated to do it, I told her I’d be back, she just stared off into
space and ignored my comment. I walked with Haniel and the guards to go to the court
yard outside.
“Jason, theres something we should discuss.”
“No crap. How did she just randomly come back to life? How the hell did she forget her
memories and will she ever be normal again? Huh? HUH?”
“You need to calm down Jason. She will be fine, all I can say here is you are the savior,
you have powers that none of us could dream of having, its up to us to refine them, teach
you to use them, discover them.”
“I’ve heard enough of this savior crap, what am I really?”
“*sigh* You are earths second chance at life. Every few thousand years a restart is put
into effect, I’ve lived through whats going to be going onto six restarts.”
“Yes, its when a war that changes the world takes place, this is the first time that The
Shadow was able to wage one, he somehow broke out of his cold prison.”
“Can you tell me more?”
“Not here its not safe, but we can go to the castle, it’ll be safe in her halls.”
“We have a castle?”
“I have one more question, why do some guards carry fire arms and others swords and
“It shows how old they are, the rifles show a modern soldier who recently joined us in the
past fifty to hundred years. The Spears and swords show a soldier who joined us long
ago, before guns were invented.”
“How are we supposed to defend ourselves then? The enemy has guns.”
“Not all of them, but a lot do, yes.”
“Well, how do we defend ourselves?”
“When the time comes, we all have guns and cross bows, we all have them, we just don’t
rely on them, guns reload, knives and swords don’t.”
“Fair enough.”
We walked slowly up the hill to a giant structure that didn’t really resemble a castle in
any way, it was more of a mansion turned into a fortress, maybe even a villa. The walls
were made of thick stone, while the gate was mechanical run by motors hidden inside the
wall. Towers filled with guard were dotted all around the place, each guard with a rifle.
We approached the door, and Haniel signaled for me to stop.
“Heich Meure Deah”
“Alvashia Uenta, Sire”
The gate seemed to be propelled upwards in such speed I thought that it would go
through the wall, but it stopped just as quickly as it shot upwards. I was puzzled, I didn’t
recognize the language at all, I didn’t even know of any culture that used words of that
sort, the words still echoed through my head, as if it was a faint memory. The words
suddenly seemed so familiar, just as the blade did when I picked them up to save Lucy.
Then my eyes rolled in the back of my head and I began to seize, Haniel caught me,
everything went dark, and a light shot at me, it was so bright, all I wanted to do was look
away, but I couldn’t, then the faces appeared, faces from the past... my past.
Images from a giant battle were thrown into my mind, I thought to myself that this
must be the first battle, then Haniel’s face, bloodied, then... Meagen, we all wore armor
that was battered and dented, but we all stood there, looking at the battlefield, a silence
grew all over, the fight had clearly ended, and the crows were vastly approaching they
were a wall of blackness coming from the west. One face stood out more than the rest, it
was a girl she was laying on top of a soldier, sobbing, and she turned to me, and asked:
“Please, save him.” It was Lucy. Before anymore memories came to the surface I was
shooken out of it by Haniel.
“Jason, we must keep moving, there is much to discuss, and very little time. I will explain
you’re memories when we are inside the halls.”
I was puzzled, I’d seen magic, used it to some extent, I revived Meagen from the dead,
who the hell am I? I did what I could, I shook my head and followed Haniel, but I was
careful there was a looming feeling that I was fighting for the wrong side, or maybe just
the wrong person. What if Haniel wasn’t who he says he is? Jesus, he hasn’t even told me
who or what he is, just some kind of fallen angel, but that raises the question, why is he
“fallen?” I took a brief overview of the defense of the so called “castle” there were at
least forty guards on the wall around it, most with rifles, others with swords, then an
additional twenty patrolling, thats sixty, most likely well trained too, then the real issues,
guns and Haniel. I was fast, but I don’t think I’m fast enough to dodge a bullet, or even
multiple bullets. I came to a quick conclusion that I could fight my way out, take Meagen
find Lucy and Jessica and flee.
I stopped, Haniel didn’t catch on for a few seconds, allowing me time to slow my
breathing, cancel my sense of smell and increase my sense of sight. Smell wouldn’t help
me get out of this fight, eye sight and hearing would. Haniel turned around with a puzzled
face at first, then quickly caught on what I was doing. His face turned from puzzled to
defensive, he selected his stance, he knew he was going against somebody that could
overpower him, he knew he had one chance, he didn’t call the guards to attention, instead
he crouched further, a stance that could only be compared to the one of a predator about
to pounce on his prey. I stood there perfectly still, eyes open, staring at him, I was waiting
for that twitch of a muscle that would allow me to know which direct and how fast he
was moving, but he remained still, waiting for me to make the first move, so I did.
I faked a lunge to my left, throwing him off guard, then quickly swapping to the
right, the speed I was able to do this even surprised him, before he could resume his
defensive posture I had thrown a wicked blow to his ribs knocking him a few feet
backwards. He stood up, holding his ribs, I could tell he was in massive pain, but not
enough to stop fighting. He looked at me and asked: “Jason, why?”
“Because you want to control me, you want me to be your pawn, and I don’t even know
who or what you are, why are you fallen? Huh?”
His head dropped, and his knees gave out, he looked up with a sorrowful look in his eyes,
and thats when he spilled it all to me.
“I was a lead Arch Angel, I was powerful, and trusted, but even an Angel can become
corrupt. There was a mortal girl, she was a diplomat’s daughter from what is now
Greece. Back then it was Athens. She was beautiful, I was sent from my post in the skies
to protect her with my life, but I violated the laws, Athens was on the brink of rebellion,
her father was ill, she pleaded to me, asked me if there was anything I could do to help
him, so I told her who I was, the first violation, I told her that I was here to protect her
because she would bring down the first official rising of the shadow, but she didn’t
believe me, she thought of me as a lier, a joker. So I had to prove it to her, my second
violation, I went into her fathers room, and took a fragment of my soul and gave it to
him, healing him. With the proof she wanted, she believed me. My third and final
violation happened a month later, I fell in love. Not just love, but with a mortal, the one I
was sworn to protect. I was summoned to the courts, and banished, I was so angry with
myself with ‘them‘ that I did the unspeakable. I helped the Shadow escape his prison, I
let him loose upon the lands, his army struck the world like a plague, everything was dark
for months.”
I noticed tears in his eyes as he looked at me with this pleading look, as if I was supposed
to do something, help him, but I had no idea how. I did the only thing that seemed
rational at that time, I approached him.
“ Haniel, I can’t help you unless you teach me how. I need you to show me how to help
you. I need you to show me how we can banish this thing.”
Between sobs he managed to say: “I just wish there was a way to restart.”
“There isn’t a way to restart Haniel, but there is a way to get retribution, a way for you to
cleanse yourself and show whoever “they” are that you are still loyal, still you.”
“Its to late Jason, he’s grown to powerful, he’s grown to long. I can’t defeat him, I can’t
do this.”
“Alone you can’t, but you have me, Lucy, Jessica, and Meagen. We will stand by you,
fight with you... die for you.”
“Its not you who will need to die for me, Savior, but I who will die for you.”
“Then lets go, lets get the men rallied, there is still a chance Haniel, we aren’t that snow
ball in hell, we are steel and iron, we’ll crush them, we will save humanity.”
He got to his feet, wiping a tear from his eyes, and his face went from sorrow to
“We have a war to win, we have a world to save. It’s time, for... retribution.”
Chapter 12: Memories of the past
For the past few nights I’ve been plagued by memories of all the past lives I had. I can’t
control them, I can’t stop them, they rush at me like an un-damed river. One wave after
another washes over me, each one carrying more weight than the last. I try to keep my
head above the surface to breath, but the memories keep flooding through me, drowning
me in there images, there horrors. It’s impossible to decipher what exactly they are, most
of them are quick blurry images, a sword, a girl, a book, sometimes a building, but with
each image a ping of fear flows through me. I asked Haniel what I should do, and he
simply stated to let them flow, don’t try to stop them. It’s gotten to the point I cannot
sleep, I just stay in my bed at night, waiting for the almost movie like slide-show that is
thrown at me, during the day I’m hammered with test after test of physical and mental
challenges, I had gone above and beyond anyone with the combat training and hand tohand
combat, but I lacked the mental skills to block out illusions and other magic’s, or at
least I thought I lacked it, Haniel said I just had to re-learn it. As training dragged on,
Meagen began coming out of her cell more often, even to the point of walking outside
for a few minutes then returning to her cell, her mind was still repairing, still taking it all
in, and for some reason her dark, damp cold cell was the only thing that gave her comfort,
I couldn’t even do it, she fled at the sight of me or anyone really, she was so withdrawn
from the world. It scares me knowing she may never return to normal, but I hope I pray
she does. She used to be my world, my life, I let her go once, I don’t want to do it twice.
I owed it to her to continue my training, to continue everything so I could protect her.
Haniel ran me through obstical courses so rough that even the high military special
operations couldn’t make it through.
He pushed me farther and farther always telling me I could do it, to keep pushing,
to keep wanting to better myself, he turned into a father figure in a matter of days, yet he
was also my coach, mentor, and advisor. He told me once he got me ready, prepared and
educated that I would lead the armies, not him. Each day more people arrived to the camp
pitching tents and training in combat, with each new group a new flag was risen above
the camp. Haniel said the time was nearing, but I wasn’t ready. His tests grew harder each
day, he added something new, more challenging than the day before. Sometimes he’d
throw in a hand to hand combat session with a soldier from his personal guard, or as he
did this morning, threw a captured raptor in for me to fight. I saw the dog-like thing and
knew already what they were from my first encounter with them when Haniel fought
them off, I knew they were strong, and fast, but I knew that I needed to succeed, so I did,
the fight lasted a few seconds, when it made a fatal move I took advantage of it, snapping
his neck, killing it.
Haniel clapped and said he’d never seen such grace in killing. My skills slowly
came back to me from my past lives, with each vision another skill is unlocked, almost
like a game, each new level you beat you unlock something, but this was much higher
stakes than a game, this I had no re-do’s or restarts, it was all or nothing, and if I messed
up once, the world would tremble.
I had never felt so lively in my life no drug could give me this feeling no pleasure
could even come close, for once in my life I was of great importance for once in my life I
had a reason. Somewhere deep down in me though, knew I would never be fully ready or
fully prepared for what was about to come, then another small section lead me to believe
that this wasn’t even real, just a dream. I am always quick to disregard these feelings,
knowing that such doubt will only hurt me, hurt everyone. I wasn’t Jason anymore, I had
turned into a machine, with one goal, defeat the “Shadows.”
Haniel had already admitted that I was far better than anything he could throw at
me, and that he was just pushing me harder to push my memories to the surface faster.
Each night I would return to my bunk, and the day’s events are played before my eyes
like an old movie being projected. I couldn’t really sleep anymore, it was more of
entering some sort of dream like state, everything felt lifeless, the time just zoomed by,
relaxing, but not sleep. Memories just flooded in, even the most violent memories or most
disturbing ones relaxed my body more and more, with each image a wave of coolness, a
wave of... refreshment was washed over my body. I’ve grown used to them, but
something in the way back of my mind still thought that this could all be fake. I’d be
snapped out of my dream world with the rising of the sun, I’d start my training after I ate,
and it was repetaive, but had to be done, but this day was different, the sun didn’t rise, I
didn’t wake up, I stayed in a state of actual sleep. I could think, it felt like I was talking,
but nothing was talking back, I couldn’t move anything at all, I was just stuck in this
I felt lost, lost in a permanent darkness, Then suddenly I heard voices, Jessica and
Lucy, talking very fast, and very conserningly to eachother.
“What do we do Lucy?”
“Get Haniel he’ll know what to do.”
“He could be dying what if we can’t save him? We are all screwed.”
“Jessica shut up and get Haniel.”
“Sorry, as you said I’ll go get him.”
the sound of hurried foot steps left the room I kept trying to reach out, say something, but
I couldn’t it felt so weird. I tried again to reach out, nothing, then again, nothing, I began
to panic, my mind was suddenly rushing through all the possibilities of what was
happening, am I in a coma? dead? could I have been posioned? what if I was under some
kind of spell or something? What the hell was going on? As my thoughts got more frantic
so did the desperation to communicate let them know I needed help, although I’m sure
they know I need it considering they are summoning Haniel. Before another thought
could go through my head I heard multiple sets of foot steps coming from the hall
outside, I knew by the steps that it had to be atleast three people, one was heavier than the
rest, more widely spaced out, Haniel, one was graceful almost silent, but audiable, very
light, Jessica, and the third just normal footsteps, maybe a guard? who?
“How long has he been like this Lucy?”
“I-I don’t know, I came in about twenty thirty minutes ago and found him like this, tried
to awake him, but I was unable to, so I got Jessica, neither of us could wake him.”
“Hmm this is most troubling, not good not good.”
“Maybe I can help.”
That voice hit me like a brick, it was Meagen. She came for me, she’s back. As the last
sylable faded from my mind everything turned even more dark, it felt as if I had just let
everything go, let everything smooth away, a warm feeling replaced all the panic, doubt,
stress, worry, and anger I had, it was so soothing, and clear, was this what it was like to
die? Such amazement, such grace...
“We are losing him, get the medical officer from the tent outside the walls, tell him its
urgent. Meagen, I don’t know what you did, but your voice made his ears twitch, touch
him, talk to him, do something. Lucy go with Jessica get the doctor.”
“Yes sir” said Lucy and Jessica.
“What do I say?”
“Just say something we are LOSING HIM!”
As Meagen searched her brain for something to say, Jason faded even closer to death, his
heart was slowing fast, his muscles and body had already began to shut down. If she
didn’t act fast there wouldn’t be a Jason.
“God damnit Meagen say something to him!”
“I’M TRYING!” tears filled her eyes, depression set in, and urgency took over.
“J-jason, hey... its me Meagen. I have somethings to say to you, somethings I think you
need to hear. Before I was turned, I was going through a box of letters from you, I was
going through pictures of us, you remember when we went down to the river, it had
snowed recently, the river was frozen over, we sat down you propped yourself up on a
tree trunk and my tiny body just fit perfecly with yours?”
A flash of memories came over me, in quick flashes, a river, frozen, Meagen with her
beautiful blonde hair and blue  eyes, looking up at me, it was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen.
I felt a tear go down my cheek.
“Keep going Meagen, its working look! a tear!”
“Do you remember when we went fishing, me you and my daddy? I was sick as heck, but
you helped me fish anyways, you baited my hook, you gave me your pole, held me as I
cast the line out? Remember that? How about when we were fighting and you couldn’t
breath? Do you remember how much I freaked out? How I woke up my parents because I
didn’t have a license at the time, I woke them up because if you ended up in the hospital
I would have been there with you, right beside you, comforting you the whole way just as
I am now.”
More memories came flashing forward, with every word she spoke another memory rose,
but with more memories came more tears, more feeling, it was working. She was brining
me back.
“I think you should know, that I am not perfect Jason, but there is nothing in me that has
ever stopped loving you, ever stopped wanting to be with you. You didn’t leave me, fate
just tore us apart then slapped us back together. There wasn’t anything wrong with you, it
was me all along, I should have looked for you more, should have put more effort in, so
please, I’m begging you, forgive me...”
My eyes shot open, my body suddenly came to life, my body bucked, as if I was
having a siezure, but it only happened a single time. Before I could think I looked her in
the eyes and said:
“You’re forgiven.”
She dropped to her knees, she had brought me back, saved me from whatever it was that
had just happened, death was second away, I could feel it, I felt death, but she fought it
back with just words, just... words.
“Well done Meagen, well done, we may have yet to win this fight.”
I heard footsteps again three sets, fast, it must have been Lucy and Jessica returning with
the doctor, but these foot steps were heavy on the stone floor of the hall, and the clanging
of armor, why were they in armor? Thats when the three soldiers came into the room,
they looked paniced.
“Sir they are coming, they found us.”
“How? Ready the men, pull everyone back to the walls, we will not meet them in the
open field, start the passing of the rifles and ammo.”
“Yes sir” two of the guards left to relay the order, but the one who spoke first stayed still
he looked at me, then back to Haniel.
“Him, when I was in the picket lines this morning we discovered a few scouts, we were
going to report them when we were almost found, we just got back, there main army is
two miles away, and marching, fast.”
“How does Jason have anything to do with how they found this fortress?”
“The scouts said Mortis is able to patch into his mind somehow, see where he is, what he
is doing, but only sometimes.”
“This is most troubling, were is Lucy and Jessica?”
“Coming sir, the doctor is with them, he was tending to wounded outside of the walls.”
“Very well, tell the officers to ready there men, and make sure every last man is inside
this fortress, if we go meet them we will be slaughtered. I will send messengers to the
other camps, we will need to group up sooner than I thought, looks like ‘He’ is planning
to start this fight sooner than we expected.”
“I will alert them at once, but Sir, what do we do with the Savior?”
“Do not worry about him for now, just get everyone ready, and make sure that damned
doctor gets here.”
“Yes Sir, sorry Sir.”
The third guard left rushing to fulfill the orders, I looked at Haniel, with a worried look
he looked back.
“What do we do Haniel?”
“I’m going to have to get that probe out of you.”
“What probe?”
“Its a sort of magic some have the talent of using, or others, like Mortis have absorbed,
but not fully learned how to use.”
“So how are you going to get it out of me?”
Haniel kind of hung his head and with a half-assed grin and chuckle he said: “Well I’m
going to have to get in your head.”
I was confused, really confused, how was he going to get in my head...?
“So you need to get in my head?”
“In a way yes, I need to reach out with my powers and I need you to let me in.”
“You’ll see when the doctor gets here.”
“I’m sure I will, Haniel, but what do I do about the army outside? Surely our men can’t
take on a full out army.”
“Alone, we are dead, but with friends, oh friends are a wonderful thing Jason, and if I had
a lot of something, it would be friends.”
“Friends? What kind of friends are we talking about?”
“Very powerful friends, other Arch Angels, the ones we were going to group up with in a
month, then start the march of war.”
“Alrighty then, so you are going to summon these guys and they are going to come with
there armies, we are going to unite, and kick some ass?”
Chapter  13 

“Sir, all the men are prepared, the enemy are in sight, but have stopped moving.”
“Well, what are they up to?”
“Good question sir, one that we cannot answer, they are just standing there.”
“Interesting, they are waiting.”
“Waiting for what sir?”
“The Shadow.”
“If he shows, we will not win.”
“They didn’t come to fight. Get Jason, Lucy, Jessica, and Meagen we are going to go talk to them.”
“Are you insane? They will KILL you all.”
“Do not question me soldier, get them, NOW.”
“Sorry Sir, yes Sir.”
“Good, you might yet be of some use after-all.”
Haniel didn't know exactly why they were here, but he was hoping it was to talk, why els would Mortis and The Shadow be at the front with there head officers? Surely they weren't stupid enough to test the sharpshooters. The soldier returned a few minutes later with everyone, with a worried face, he left to join the men on the walls. 
"Hello again everyone, as you've all noticed we have a slight problem."
"What the hell is going on?"
"Calm, Jessica, calm. They just wish to talk to us."
"Haniel, they have an army that could easily crush us, why do they wish to talk?"
"Lucy, trust me on this, we will be much better off talking to them than fighting them."
"I agree with Haniel on this one, if we fight them we are screwed."
"Thank you, Jason, how about you Meagen what do you think?"
"I don't want to go out there and face that monster."
"Understandable, but you will be safe."
"Haniel, no matter how many people are with me, I'm not safe from that monster, he calls to me in dreams, so far I've been able to ignore them, but I fear that if I were to meet him in the open again, have him stare into my eyes then I couldn't help but to succum to him."
"Meagen, I will make sure that doesn't happen, you saved me, you believed in me, you still, love me."
"Jason.." was all she could say and then her face went an awful white and said: "Lets go talk to them." 
We filed out of the room in a line, all with impeckable thought in the back of our heads, what if this was a trap? We'd all be out in the open no help, just the five of us against a whole army of horrors. Meagen flashed me a look of fright, Jessica was in back of me and must have seen it too, she put her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear: "She'll be okay, we can protect her." I nodded, and thought to myself: "God I hope so." As we neared the courtyard the soldiers all looked at us, many nodded their heads and gave us the death touch sign, a respect for the dead. It really didn't do much to ease our thoughts if even the men thought this was a trap. Haniel lead the way and opened the doors to the courtyard in such a fasion that it looked like he had pushed them out to add dramatic effect. I was slightly puzzled, was he really trying to show the men he was ready to take on a whole army? Lucy looked back every now and again, making sure Meagen hadn't left the formation, we had placed her in the middle to make sure she couldn't go anywhere, she would be a key roll in this talk. Without her Mortis and the Shadow wouldn't know we were able to fix the possession they had caused. It would come as a shock to them, they'd know we have grown powerful. 
       "Sargent, open the gates, and close them in back of us, do not let anyone in if its not us."
The soldier gave a bow, and replied: "As you wish Haniel."
Ever sense the soldiers caught wind that I was the savior, Haniel had demanded that the army refer to him by his name and not rank. He felt it would give them a little bit of a change, something to hang onto,  a friendship. The gates swung outward with a clang, they were solid steel doors, about two feet thick, and ten feet tall. Giant doors, they swung outward as a defensive method to split apart any major force hanging around the outside of it. With my surprise they moved, quite fast. It took only about two seconds for the doors to fully open, We were out, the sunlight licked at our skin, the smell of freshly cut pine and burning wood filled the air, from here there was a seven hundred foot gap between us and Mortis's camp, and by the looks of it, he had brought atleast twenty thousand troops. This wasn't an army to negotiate this army was meant to kill us, all of us. 
                     About halfway between our fortress and his camp stood four figures, One in his signature black dressy clothing, Mortis, the other in black flowing robes, The Shadow, the other two wore similar clothing as Mortis, but they were less elaborate and more of a dark grey than black. Their faces hidden behind a cowl, when Haniel saw them he made a nearly unnoticeable shift upwards, if these figures could make Haniel nervous, what where they? Haniel gave us a guesture with his hand to follow him, we made slow progress, taking each step carefully, Meagen grew more and more figity as we drew closer, Lucy's hands always on her deadly katana's, and Jessica's breathing ever so increasing. I was to distracted by what everyone els was doing to notice that my heart was pounding nearly out of my chest with each step. We all where scared, and we had a good right to be. We where now less than a hundred feet from them, I could now make out there facial expressions, Mortis had a smirk, and The Shadow's face was hidden behind his hood. 
             Something wasn't right here, I could feel it in the air, something wasn't right at all. We were now fifty feet from them, thats when I saw it, the two figures were not male, but female, and in back of them where Mortis's signature raptors, four of them, I went to draw my sword, but Jessica's hand went on the hilt before mine, she whispers: "Not yet." I wanted to say: "Are you crazy?" But refrained and kept walking. We were now twenty feet, fifteen, and The Shadow's hand went up, "Thats far enough, wouldn't want a clash when we are negotiating." We stopped, all lined up shoulder to shoulder, Haniel was the first to speak: "Nice day we are having, wind in the tree's, the sunlight is just right, its quite beautiful don't you think?" Mortis was about to speak, and it looked like he was about to agree with Haniel, but The Shadow spoke first: "I've never been a follower of the sun, and I didn't come here for small talk." Haniel was kind of taken by surprise that The Shadow would be so harsh right off the bat. "Now, we need to get down to busines, give us Jason or atleast Meagen, and we'll make you all kings and queen's when the world is worshipping at our feet." Lucy looked insulted and was the first to speak: "You wimppering dog, we'll die before we give them up." Haniel pushed Lucy back and spoke: "Excuse the informality of my friend, we have no desire to hand over the two, nor just one." Mortis's face was now nearing red wih frustration, I could tell he was wanting to strike us down right now, but he knew he couldn't. I was the next to speak: "You will spa`qre our familes? Release Jessica's sister?" I could hear a grin in the voice of The Shadow as he spoke: "Of course young Jason, you and your friends will be royalty, under my personal protection."
         Haniel looked at me with this expression of horror, as if he was insulted that all his hard work trying to tell me they just want to kill the world and his father, didn't pay off. I had to do this, for them. "Maybe we should have another meeting tonight, just you and I, Jason. Come to my camp around, say, half till midnight? My men will know its you, and will lead you to my tent. I'll be expecting you, Jason." I gave Haniel a look, to reassure him I had more to say when we got back to his quarters. "I'll be there, Shadow." "Dear boy, please call me Lucifer." "As you wish, Lucifer." Lucifer and Mortis turned and walked back to there camp, but the two females with the raptors reamined, staring at us. Haniel drew his sword: "Begone daughters of Satan. You're father has left already." One of them took a step forward, a raptor getting out of line moved up with her, thats when she spoke, a voice so beautiful and lurying you couldn't help but to listen: "I head you a warning Angel, if Jason is not alone at this meeting, you will sacrifce everything that you've tried to do in saving this world. We aren't  his daughters, we were forced upon him, twisted."
       She looked at me, I could see her eyes, just like two peices of coal, dark and  plain. "Only you can free us, we will make powerful allies if you can." They both turned away and started to walk away, when the second one turned around and shouted: "Don't be late to the meeting, you're lives depend on it." After they were gone Haniel looked at me with an unreadable expression, it seemed to be stuck between shocked and pissed off: "What in the hell where you doing? Offering yourself, agreeing to go to this meeting? You seemed to have sparked the demon's interests, I'd suggest we free them, but what where you thinking you idiot?" I shook my head and turned around, heading back to the fortress, the others followed, my mind raced with a thousand thoughts, trap? not a trap? would they make allies or foes? Disobey Haniel or head his words? I quickly regained my grip on reality, put on a straight face, stared Haniel in the face and said: "I'm going, If I do not return by dawn, invade the camp. I need to go to this meeting, if I don't then things will end worse. If they get me, and capture me atleast they let you and the rest of the men live." 
"You don't understand, Jason. These men, their very existance is to serve you, fight for you, die for you. They don't care if they die, that is their purpose." 
"Yet my existance, Haniel is to save them? How does that make sense."
"You're job is to save their families, not them, save humanity, these men have accepted death."
"I'm going to the meeting tonight, I'm going to figure out what they want from me."
"How many times do I need to tell you this Jason? You are the savior, without you in our possession they win, you being wish us, makes them scared, they know they will lose if you are on our side."
"I'm sorry Haniel, I'm going."
and with that, I started to walk, Meagen right behind me, she seemed happy, I don't know why, but she had a bounce in her walk. Jessica and Lucy where with Haniel about twenty feet behind us, walking slow, but talking in hushed voices. Meagen finally broke the silence: "Hey, you did well, you stood up to Haniel, he only wants you to restore his name, nothing els, I mean honestly, do you think he actually cares about you?" She let out a laugh and a smile came across her face, for a second I thought something odd was going on with her, but that smile, it brought back memories, pleasent ones of her and I. Sitting by the lake, she fit so perfectly in my arms. The mist coming off of the lake in the morning was beautiful, but with her there with me, made the moments we spent down there even more beautiful. As we walked, hand in hand, her eyes looking up at me with such a stunning blue, it could take a mans breath away. We walked and talked, completly oblivious of what was around us, for once in a long time I felt like an actual human being, we were talking about the old days as if they were just yesterday or a few hours ago. I was happy, actually happy, but my trance was inturpeted by the sound of the gates opening, and as if it was never there, we walked in, still happy, hand in hand, and talking.
"Haniel, we have to stop him. We can't just let him walk in there."
"Jessica, I know, but there is nothing we can do! He made his decision, he'll need to live with what comes of it."
"He won't be alive long enough to see the reprocusions."
"Thank you Lucy for agreeing with me, now Haniel what do you suggest we do then, if there is no way of changing Jason's mind?"
"We wait, outside of the camp of course, just out of range of their sentries, but close enough to hear any commossion that happens."
"And if there is a fight?"
"We go in, tare them apart and run out with Jason."
"Then it's settled, we'll wait it out."
"Now, what of this Meagen?"
"Leave it to me, Haniel, I have a bone to pick with her." Lucy's smile was unmistakable, she wasn't going to just watch Meagen, she was going to do something about her. 
"I suggest you and Jessica get you're armor and swords looked over, we may need them tonight. Meanwhile, I'll be in my quarters talking to... Jason."

Chapter 14 An unlikely Visitor 
I always hated walking these halls alone, Meagen was with Lucy getting some kind of training with swords, while Jess

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I think it is pretty good.
I would rework the phrase

"She was straightforward in her manner;"
Something doesn't sound right I am not sure what.

Aside from that(which is minor really) it is very good. Now I want to know the rest of the story Laughing

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Can I have permission to move this thread to fan fiction as that is were stories belong?

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u need spaces around ur hyphens - u are separating clauses and not making double-barreled words after all - other than that, seems fine.
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while Jessica was getting her armor repaired, Haniel was waiting in his quarters for me, so I was doomed to walk these old spooky halls alone, I swear I could see things moving in the shadows everytime I saw a corner.  This place didn't seem at all like a fortress run by an angel. As I neared the top of the keep it seemed each step the temperature dropped, slowly getting colder, and colder. I needed to tell Haniel my plan, he deserved to know that much, but my motives would remain hidden, I was doing this to insure Meagen's survival.  I finally reached the door to Haniels quarters, a giant door of oak. Before I could open it myself, it started to swing open. I thought to myself, thats odd. I disregarded it, walking into the quarters, what I saw was both shocking and surprising. A girl, with what looked like a ninja costume was holding a sword to Haniels throat, I drew my Katana: "Who are you? What do you want?"
"I'm Annie!" A cute voice, and I could have sworn I saw the muscles shift under her cowl revealing a smile.
"Let Haniel go."
"Ohhhhh or what? You'll cut me up into tiny bitty pieces?" Her laugh was more of an annoying giggle, she was honestly mocking me, what was this? Who is she?"

"Jason, Meet Annie, Annie meet Jason. I'm sure if you'd just stop playing this stupid prank you two will get alone just fine."

She removed her sword from Haniels throat and put it behind her back, where I was guessing the shief was. She removed the cowl to reveal stunning raven black hair, her eyes where just like Jessica's, matter of fact, her features looked, a lot like Jessica's, just a little bit shorter. 
"Jason, meet Jessica's sister."
"She never mentioned a sister..."
"Fairly common of her, we never got a long to much." She gave a little smirk, for looking a lot like Jessica, she sure didn't have the attitude of her. This one was to peppy, and very cocky.
"I'm not sure if I like you're attitude, Annie."
She smiled, this time it was more sarcastic, she guestured with her hands: "Try me."
I drew my swords, tested the weight and went for a swing, just to meet a devilishly fast prarry. 
"Care to try again?"
Now she's really pissing me off, I thought to myself. Time to show her a peice of my mind. I reached out with my mind, and concentrated, the only spell I learned from the halls of Illusion, the duplication spell. Suddenly out of the air came, well, another me. 
"Ah, you can clone you're self, good good, this might make it fair!" She swung, fast, faster than I've ever seen anyone swing, it collided with my sword, knocking it to the ground, I had one left, in my right hand. I swung, so did my duplicate, I saw a moment of confusion of which one to block, but before my blade collided she blocked it with her wrist! Before I could do anyone more, she had her hand wrapped around my lower arm, swining me over her and hitting the ground hard.
"Poor poor Jason, you know its a good thing you're cute, I might have killed you otherwise!" She laughed, very hard at that, and had this annoying smile on her face, time to wipe it off. I got back up, and she must have seen something in my eyes, because she went as white as a ghost. I dropped my sword and instincs took over, my arms falling into position to strike, my legs preparing for the power that was about to be used. I faked with my left, nailing her in the ribs with my right, throwing her back into a solid stone wall, she crumbled, but quickly stood back up, throwing a few fast, yet accurate punches. I easily blocked them, then brought my right leg in, nailing her in the head, she was out.
"Enough Jason, we do not need to kill our allies, simply setting her in line was enough."
"She had it coming."
"Possibly, but thats not for me to judge, you have a few hours before this meeting, I think we need to get you ready. I must also alert Jessica that Annie escaped and is currently with us, just unable to speak... thanks to you."
"No problem, I hope she enjoys her nap."
"I think you need to get out of here before she wakes up, she doesn't take to kindly on losing."
"Fine. Lets go to the barracks, bring everyone down there and have us a meeting."
"Before we go, you need to fix you're attitude as well as that nasty gash on you're arm."
I hadn't noticed it before, but I had been slashed, and pretty deep at that, as for my attitude, I best keep that in line, I don't want them to follow me. I slipped off my shirt and wrapped it around the gash to stop the bleeding, after the meeting I'll need to get that checked out. Haniel beckoned for me to follow him, as we walked down the stair case, leaving Annie on the floor, we talked.
"Haniel, I need to do this, its the only way, I'm going in there tonight, I'll look around see what we are against, numbers, weapons, generals, all that jazz, maybe Lucifer and Mortis will slip and give some information."
"I do not like the idea of you going in there, but you're reason for doing so, appeals to me, I'd very much enjoy knowing my enemy. I cannot believe I'm going to say this, but you're free to go."
"Thank you Haniel, it means a lot to get you're blessing on this."
"Mm, just don't push it."
I laughed a bit and gave him a reassuring smile: "I won't."
as we walked down the stairs to the main halls, I saw a figure, all to familiar, it was Annie, and she was ticked.
"Ah, Annie my dear, I see you aren't in a good mood, just let me get out of you're way, sorry Jason, have fun!" 
Haniel went to the side out of the way of Annie or I, this couldn't be good, I went to draw my katana, but was to late, she was already upon me: "Hey they! Remember me? Guess who's about to take a nap?" 
"You?" I swung with all I had missing her jaw by a fraction of an inch, nailing her in the arm, it didn't seem to phase her, only make her even more ticked, I was screwed.
"Nope! You are! ahhahaha!" I saw a fist, and all went black.
I could hear Haniel talking, and Annie, but couldn't move, nor open my eyes. I couldn't talk, or smell either. 
"You know, it'd been nice if you had waited for that, he's going to a meeting tonight."
"Oh yes, I've heard all about this meeting, has Lucifer all excited, but oddly Mortis is on edge."
"How do you know all this?" 
"Ha, Haniel, you know me, I know these things, not much gets past me, enemy or friend, it doesn't matter."
"I'm glad to hear you are still as sharp as ever, Annie."
"Thanks, but we need to get him down to the barracks. So mind helping me lift him?"
All of a sudden I felt myself lifted and a throbbing pain in my head, much like a bad hangover. I was being shuttled down to the barracks, I could feel and hear, but everything els was disfunctional, why? Am I in a coma?
"You really did a number on him Annie, is he going to be awake soon?"
"Well, I could wake him up right now, he can hear everything we are saying, I simply put him in a small trance like state."
"You mean a coma?"
"No... I'd never do that, he's simply not completly there right now."
"Just wake him up when we get to the barracks, please."
"Sure thing Haniel."
Her voice was bouncy, like she was excited about something, for some reason I got the feeling she could most likely carry me herself, but she didn't want me to know the extent of her strength, as is she was faster than Jessica, and more powerful than Lucy. I'm glad she's on our side. I felt us walking down stairs, well not us, just them, I was suspended in the air my arms around there shoulders, I could hear the ringing of hammers on steel, we must be close to the barracks, but why would the smithy be working at this time of the night? Haniel had given the order to ditch the rifles, I don't know why, and I intended to ask him, why give up such an advantage? Suddenly I was sat upright on what felt like a bench, a hand hit my cheeck, not very hard, but I jolted upwards and regained full control over my body. My head still throbbing, I hunched over and held it with both hands, damn it hurt.
"Hey Jason! How are you? In a bit of pain? hm? hm? hmmmmmm?" 
Wow her voice was even more annoying now. "You know, just in some pain because of you. No problem."
"Shouldn't have hit a girrrlllll!"
"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind next time you annoy me."
she must have caught the sarcasm because she gave me a wink and a half-assed smile. Haniel spoke next his voice was sencier and loud so we could hear him clearly over the banging of hammers.
"Jason, tonight you will go to this meeting, I took the liberty of getting you're swords fixed, they were old, very old. Nice katan's, but one was about to break and the other had a weight issue that could throw you off in battle. They will be here in a few minutes, as will Jessica, Lucy and Meagen. What you have to do tonight is very important, Jason. If you fail to make it out of there after the meeting, the world will  be theirs for the taking, everyone you know, Lucy, Jessica, Annie, Meagen, even I will parish."
"I know, Haniel. I won't fail, I can't."
the moment was interupted by the barracks doors opening and in came the girls, Jessica in some kind of new armor, that melted to her body, it really showed how beautiful she was, Lucy's armor was just as stunning, yet Meagen had no armor on, just a small sword at her side. Their armor had Haniel symbol two swords crossed with angel wings in the back ground, the wings where white, while the swords where black. He never told me the meaning of it, just it was his crest. 
Annie's face had this little sinister smile on it right now, her eyes where narrowed: "Sister."
"How did you.."
"Escape? Well, when you and Lucy stole away Jason he no longer had a use for me, brought me out of my nice peaceful slumber, thanks a lot I was having a good dream, but he told them to bring me to the edge of the camp and kill me, what he failed to remember is who I am, so I killed them. Escaped, and followed Mortis here, thus finding you dear sister!"
"I'm happy to see you survived, and made it here, but why are you here?"
"I came to assist Jason's cause, well I should said our cause, sense we are all in this together."
"Annie, its been a while, last time I vaugly remember my hands around you're throat."
"Ah Lucy, it has been a while, that won't happen again, I've had some practice sense." 
"We need to get to this meeting, it happened in an hour. Jason, you're swords."
The smithy handed me my katana's with grace and ease, his touch was gentel, yet firm as to not drop the blades. He bowed and said: "My Savior, you're swords, I hammered through the day and night to prepare these perfectly for you, These are a work of the angels my Savior, no matter how much hammer or steel I put into them, the words still surfaced, you are truly blessed to have such a magnificant work of art." He bowed again and left them in my care, he quickly left the room as Haniel dismissed him. My puzzled thoughts hit me again, what was I holding? a work of art? What are these things? So I asked the unavoidable question: “What am I holding, Haniel?”
Haniel’s face went from semi excited to serious, he cleared his throat as he began to speak: “They where crafted by the smith, the original Arch Angel who was bred to create all the first breed’s weapons. These Jason, contain much power, if read by an original breed. Unfortunatly the first time our shadowy friend was released, they all parished, all but one. If read by the one who lives, the swords power will be released, and the owner, which is you, will be granted its powers, all the powers of its original owner. Know that with these powers comes dire draw backs, if you use to much at once, you can kill youreself, you are in a human body Jason, it is much more fragile than mine, let at all an original breed’s body. These swords are how you are going to be victorious, but, we must convince the one who lives to read them.”

Great, so I’m now holding something that can help me but also has a high chance of killing me at the same time? Seem’s like everything is just stacked up against me.

I looked at Haniel with a questioning face: “How do we find this Arch Angel?”

“She’s right here with us.”

I was taken back in shock, who was it?

“That would be correct Haniel, I am right here! Alive and very well.”

Meagen looked shocked: “Annie? What?”

“Correct! Right on the dot! We have a winner! I am the only survivor from the first breed. The most powerful to walk the heavens and earth.”

“So... can you read this for me then?”

“I could... but why would I just read it to you? After all I don’t even know you, for all I know you could be an agent and the real Jason could be hanging in a tree somewhere!”

“Annie, please, this isn’t a moment to joke.”

“I apologize Haniel, I can read them, and I will, but not here, and not now. After this meeting I will read them, provided you’re plan works and you survive...”

“Wha-Why can’t you just read them? If this can save me and everyone els, just read it already!”

“Jason, you must be calm, her kind has a reason for everything, even the simplest of things, nobody can possibly understand why, but her reason will come to light soon, trust her.”

I couldn’t understand what the issue was, why couldn’t she just read it. If I’m supposed to have these powers why can’t she just do it?

“As you wish Haniel, now, I need to attend this meeting, I’ll hopefully be back by dawn.”

There where no words, just nods, Annie had an odd grin on her face, but it wasn’t a mocking one, more of a reassuring one. I stood up and started to walk out the door when Meagen stood up and rushed after me, she took my arm in her’s: “Let me come with you, please.”

“You heard what they said, come alone.”

“I’m different, I’m not one of them!”

“No, I can’t risk losing you, they would strike us both down.”

“Atleast we could die together...” she muttered, with a tear going down her face.

Her sudden burst of emotion caught me off guard, my instincts kicked in and I comforted her, walking up the stairs there was little discussion, but I knew I couldn’t say no now. Sense the day we met, she was the only girl I couldn’t resist when she cried. As we slowly approached the top of the stairs I could hear a rustle outside of the door, almost as if multiple people had fallen, my hand on my blade, the other holding Meagen back, I opened the door, revealing two dead guards, one of the female beings we had met in the field was standing over them, I drew my sword preparing for the worse, but she dropped her blades and bowed.

“Savior, I apologize, but they wouldn’t let me in, I have some important information for you, you must come with me now, Mortis has some... interesting things to share with you, some of which may strike you’re interest. The girl, must stay behind, she cannot be trusted.”

“And you can? You’re the enemy!”

“Enemy? No, more of an co-worker, we get along just enough to get the job done, but as soon as we leave the work place, we don’t even aknowledge each other existance.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“Jason, she can’t be trusted, she’ll kill you given the chance.”

“Thanks for the input Meagen, but I’ll handle this.”

“You don’t need to trust me, but you can still follow me, if you don’t many will die, and what you value the most will parish first.”

after a moment of thought, I figured I best be following this girl type thing, I wasn’t sure what to call it, I tugged on Meagen’s hand to let her know what we were doing. The being guestured to the open window, that I now just noticed, no wonder it was so cold in here. I looked over the edge and there was a rope, quite a thick one at that I put the rope between my legs, and grabbed ahold of it near the top, repelling down, Meagen was a little more hesitant just grabbing it and slowly shimming herself down. The being just jumped, went zooming past me, and landed, oddly without a sound, what in the heck was she? I reached the bottom and shortly after Meagen did too, we continued to follow the being, closely, we were quiet making sure the guards didn’t catch on that we were sneaking around, soon we reached the outer-wall, yet another rope, I climbed it, as did Meagen, but again the Being didn’t even look at the rope, instead she placed her hands on the stone, and lunged forward throwing herself ontop of the wall, again landing perfectly and without a sound. I was definatly freaked out now, not only can she jumped from eight story tower window’s, but she could throw herself up onto nearly twelve story wall’s without an effort. Creepy as hell. Once Meagen and I reached the top, the Being we’ve been following turned to us and spoke, her voice was hushed, yet as the first time I’d heard it, luring, attractive, and beautiful:

“Once we get to the meeting place, Meagen must leave you, I’ll escort her to a safe place, I cannot stress to you enough, how important this is Jason, you have no reason to trust us, but atleast hear him out, hear out pleads, this plot is bigger than Haniel led you on to believe, this isn’t just a plot to destroy Earth, its a plot to overthrow the Heavens, and kill the creator and the Arch Angel order once and for all. Please, hear Mortis out.”

Okay, okay slow down was all I could think, as if telling me I was meant to save the world wasn’t enough, now I’m apparently saving, well the universe? What the heck. Why didn’t Haniel tell me this? Why is she telling me this? Before I could voice my thoughts, she picked Meagen and I up, and jumped, we landed, but where hovering just an inch off the ground, that must be how she was able to land with such grace and never make a sound or suffer an injury. Interesting, now I really want to know what she is, can’t be an angel, certaintly no angel, maybe a demon? would make sense, I mean afterall she serves the devil.

“Jason, I know you can run, but Meagen she only possess the speed of seeing and striking, she cannot move as fast as us, she was changed, but upon breaking the curse, you also broke her so called powers. She will need to be on you’re back.”

Before I could pick Meagen up, she had already hopped onto my back, and suddenly the girl, or being, whatever she was took off, no normal human would be able to see her move, but sense I was changed in Devils Creek, just enough, I could see, think, move, and fight like them. A gift, that if I didn’t recieve it when I did, I would have met death long ago. We crossed the field quite fast, but we weren’t going to the camp, instead we where running into the forest about two hundred feet away, mist was surrounding the enviornment, giving it a spooky sense, no sounds where coming from either side, not even a cricket, everything seemed to be frozen in the night. We reached the tree line, and I was signaled to stop, Meagen hopped off, and stood next to me. I heard some rustling in the bushes, indistincly my hands reached for my swords, it was dark, and what the man was wearing, made it very hard to see his features, a dark suit was all I could make out, then I saw it, a silvery black ring that had an ever so glint in the moon light, it was Mortis.

“Hello, Jason. Meagen must leave now, for what we are about to discuss, is only between you and I. I mean you no harm boy.”

“As you wish, Meagen, I’ll be right back.”

She looked puzzled that I was making her stay behind, but she didn’t argue it. Mortis made a guesture for me to follow him, so I did, into the darkness and mist we walked for what seemed like a good fifteen minutes, the forest had no sounds, just the twigs snapping beneath our feet and the wind in the tree’s, nothing els. Mortis stopped, waved his hand and suddenly four torches lit up.

“This is not easy for me to ask, considering you are the enemy, but I need you’re help, Jason. Lucifer, he isn’t Satan, I am, he has taken my throne in hell, he’s made a real mess of the place. He has a whole army of ressurected soldiers he’s been training for nearly a hundred years, nothing will be able to stop him. If he can kill you off, they will be released and the world will die. He will then march them up to the heavens and destroy everything, the universe as we know it, will be changed. He will reset everything, make Earth and the universe how he wants it to be. Billions of people will die Jason, just on Earth. You might be asking you’re self why should I care, after all I am the root of all evil. You will lose everything that is dear to you, you will wake up in another life, one dark and painful. You help me free my realm of him, and I’ll bring back one loved one.

He could bring back the dead? I could bring back one person who would die in this bloody war.

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Its great AA Very Happy make the rest! Very Happy
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is that it Sad i think there sould be more
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Its amazing!!

but u got a few typos -

When u say "A example" - im pretty sure ur supposed to but a (n) - "An"

thats it Garrow... great work!

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This wasn't edited, kool, so theres typo's gramatical errors, apologies about that Very Happy Chapter three is in the works, and will be longer and hopefully get better and better.

Thanks for reading/commenting!

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tis up to date now Smile
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wait what? noooooooooooooooooooooooo!! ok im hooked hurry up and finish it so i can buy it Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

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