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Player Interviews [Official Thread]
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:12 pm    Post subject: Player Interviews [Official Thread] Reply with quote

Official Thread for posting player interviews.
Rules for Posting Commentz:

No Trolling
No Flaming
Be Polite

I don't discriminate against people who want to be interviewed, but I will try to do at least one or two a day. If you want to make yourself heard, feel free to send me a mail along with your MSN contact, as the interview will be conducted on MSN.

The interview is for you to throw your opinions out in a flame-free method - honest opinions will be great obviously.

Do take note however that minor edits will be carried out to remove all your vulgarities (if you do spout any obviously!) and make it more legible to the general public Smile

People Interviewed So Far + Quicklinks


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The first guy to be interviewed is sirstephen - everyone should know him as any of the following - the drunk dude, the guy with a lot of bling to the extent of integrating a BAX with a BE, one of the more recent successors to the leadership of Paranoia Galaxy Force, and who is now current leader of Phoenix Rising.

What's he got in store for us? Look to find out....

(Note : This was done on MSN)

Ren : When did you start playing the game, a rough estimate?

Sirstephen : Hmm, in fact a rough time in my life, lemme check May of 08...actually started caring about it August 08

Ren : So how have you found your DS life so far from that point on?

SS : It's had its ups and its downs. paid a lot of money into the game to get ahead fast...then found that all that had accomplished very little for me in the long run.

Ren : It's been said that those who pay to play are generally the 'richer players' and you know, the guys who get more fun. What do you make of it?

SS : It isn't more fun, I've had more fun having to actually pay attention to my resources than I did paying.
SS : Knowing you have to have somewhere that next batch of units is coming from makes earning them sweeter, and makes you fight harder for them.

Ren : So what do you generally enjoy most about the game? Like for example, the community, or some other portion of the game?

SS : I like the community, the gameplay is pretty fun, high level politics can be fun, but it detracts from everything else about the game.
SS : Personally I like working together with my faction for a goal. Whether it was PGF getting on top, or PR trying to get active.

Ren : So what are you looking forward to most these days? Besides the incoming expansion of course.

SS : I'm not the most active player, but I'd like to see what HoC is doing with the game, and I'd like to watch a few of the newer factions come up.

Ren : You've been an ex-PGF leader, you've been known to have tons of bling, and now you are PR's current leader. What else have you not tried that you actually feel like trying within the game's boundaries?

SS : Army of coverts, army of grunts, actually follow through with that age old threat that DL has been using for years to close PGF...

Ren : So any current plans or short term goals you are planning to achieve at the moment?

SS : Get PR active, hopefully mine a LOT, I enjoy mine basing.

Ren : Any bad interactions you've had with the game so far? Bad experiences, spammers, haters, trolls (besides me of course duh)

SS : Plenty of all of it, faction politics makes everyone retards, I can't stand the bullshit with ER and PGF hating on each other, most of them on both sides are decent guys who just need to grow up.

Ren : Any decent suggestions you'll like to raise to Frizz, hopefully get the game raised above it's current bar?

SS : Not really, it's his game, I'd like to see it advertised to mainstream nerds more though.
SS : Hint hint nudge nudge Gencon next year, I'd volunteer if he were to have a booth.
SS : Also Frizz needs to watch his mods, some of the things they are modding for aren't covered in chat policies, and I find many of them to be offensive.

Ren : Any tips for up and coming players?

SS : Find a decent smaller faction, Searing Shadows, Function 11, Chaos Theory, to a lesser extent Harbingers of Chaos.
SS : PGFx is too big to do its job effectively. Find a faction that fits your playstyle, find out if you enjoy the game, ??????, profit.

Ren : Walt wouldn't like it if you tried to prawn his faction ;P

SS : I'm not, it's the truth. PGFX isn't producing the caliber of players it used to, which means something is going wrong with the way it is run.

[Edited for Mainstream Media lololololol]

"If you play Justin Bieber songs backwards, you can hear messages from Satan. Even worse, if you play them forwards you hear Justin Bieber"

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna shut the f*** up"

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Stay tune for the weather?
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great reads, nice work Ren!


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's a bird! No it's a plane! No it's an 1ron anvil dropping from the sky! 1ron's known by many as oneron, this that yaddabadda doodah - he's also helped in making the Necromancer Meka what it is today.

We hear him talk about his exploits in game and his views on some rather interesting issues.

(Note : Done on MSN)

Ren : Hai Oneron, so let's start off with something light - when did you start playing DropShock? A rough estimate if anything.
1ron : I started playing in late April 2007.

Ren : So how was your DropShock career since then?
1ron : It's had ups and downs. There's no way to avoid that. I enjoy riding it out though.

Ren : Hah, so anything of note during that period of time? Some event that you cherish?
1ron : Well, I really enjoyed the time before the XP units.
1ron : I also really enjoyed the first few weeks after that update - when the units were incredibly rare and valuable.
1ron : As far as modern Drop-Shock? I don't know, probably defending and attacking bases. I'm really just waiting for this next update.

Ren : So anything that you are looking forward to these days? Besides the coming expansion, of course.
1ron : I'm really waiting for ER/SS/Res/PGF to just get along again. It's annoying having to deal with all of the drama.
1ron : Also, I really sort of hope that some of the smaller factions become powerhouses and then the game starts to move away from the RvB fighting.

Ren : You are infamous for dropping an SSM+II to Zedus - any qualms about doing what is referred to as an 'unfair advantage' CE wise?
1ron : Well, I asked Frizz to revert me to level 1. I seriously enjoyed my first few levels the most - probably because it was pre-XP.
1ron : As far as dropping on Zedus? It was fun. I knew it was overpowered but at the same time, I'm dropping an incredibly expensive/weak unit onto a planet. It's going to die again sooner or later.

Ren : Anything you've always wanted to try within the game boundaries, but never got the chance to?
1ron : Not really. There's a few things I'd wished I'd actually been able to witness - such as the Double Node and the three-day node fight.
1ron : There's not much that I haven't experienced though

Ren : You've been around for a pretty long time. Any bad experiences you've had with the game, its community (which I reckon is a major part of your enjoyment), spammers, trolls, all out flaming being a few examples? Any of those you'll be willing to share?
1ron : Personally I haven't had many bad experiences. I've only seen friends leave the game due to bad experiences. A perfect example of which would be Paladinlove.
Ren : Personal ones would be good, though resultant retirements are just as bad.
Ren : Personal experiences, per se.
1ron : Well, I hope you know the story behind Paladinlove quitting the game.
Ren : I do, actually.
1ron : Personally, I haven't had many bad experiences. I tend to try not to get on anyone's bad side (though I know I do). As far as people who have given me a hard time? I'd say only Spellbreaker and Ramrod.

Ren : So what do you think is the biggest feat that you have accomplished in the game thus far? Something that you personally are proud of.
1ron : I feel responsible for the progression that the Necromancer Meka had from its original state to its current state. I was one of the only people who saw its potential and gave Frizz many ideas that were implemented such as salvaging its slaves.
1ron : I also am pretty proud of the Wulf bug I found with the Necromancer. Wink

Ren : You've been playing for a pretty long time as stated above - has the game ever stagnated for you at a certain point in time?
Ren : I.E - When there was nothing more that you could felt you could accomplish.
1ron : I've never really been an active player - more of a support player. I've never had any real goals for the game so it's always been pretty stagnant for me. I only enjoy playing under certain conditions.
Ren : Like what conditions? Just curious.
1ron : I only really enjoy dropping to attack or defend bases. It adds another aspect to the game which isn't normally there.

Ren : So what do you honestly think about the RvB (Red Versus Blue) in the game - honest opinion?
1ron : It's old and has been done before. The game needs to be more than team A fighting team B. Paranoia Galaxy Force and Elite Resistance are TOO powerful. When I joined the game, factions were still leveling up their trees. That's what makes the game fun - otherwise there is no goal.
Ren : So what do you propose would be a fair solution to this dilemma we have?
Ren : New goals, new objectives?
1ron : There is no "fair" solution. If people didn't act like they do, I'd say that PGF and ER should start over. It'll never happen but it's food for thought.
1ron : Knowing that they will never start over, I think that the game really won't ever change from RvB unless Frizz forces it by making the top 6 or 7 factions unable to be allies.

Ren : Let's move away from the RvB topic as it's a highly sensitive thing. What would you highlight to Frizz to improve the gameplay of his game?
Ren : Suggestions for example.
1ron : I think Frizz should introduce more army-based updates. A lot of older players enjoyed mass-scale army combat which is now almost obsolete.
1ron : Frizz should also make the game easier for new players to understand. Simple things such as modifying and getting units ready for battle are incredibly confusing for players who haven't dropped once.
1ron : Something that PLAYERS need to do is start to update the wikipedia. It's incredibly outdated. Frizz could support that by giving out 1 or 2 TBs per page updated.

Ren : I'm sure Frizz appreciates the input. I think our newer players need some loving too. Any tips for the up and coming players and factions alike?
1ron : Join a newer faction first. Learn to play without the faction bonuses. Ask players if you need help, most don't bite. Join PGF!
1ron : (the last one was a joke)
Ren : But I bite ;P
1ron : But that's why we love you. Wink

(Because 1ron was so awesome I didn't even have to edit it Razz)

"If you play Justin Bieber songs backwards, you can hear messages from Satan. Even worse, if you play them forwards you hear Justin Bieber"

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna shut the f*** up"

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ok so this is the official thread now?

What is this all about Ren? Very Happy

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

RL95, now more commonly known as Donk, is one of the best 1v1 PvPers out there on the field. We hear him talk about his experiences, opinions on the current state of affairs in the game and a whole bunch of bonkbonks and donkdonks!


Ren : Hey Donk, so when did you start playing the game? A rough estimate would be good.
Donk : Somewhere around March or April 08.

Ren : How did your DropShock career progress from there onwards?
Donk : Joined ERSA at Lvl 4 unpaid, they were #4 in FP...about 100k or so, and I had fun chasing bandits and running from pvp for awhile...
Donk : Then of course the rise to #2 and the break with PGF.
Donk : Lots of crazy wars and you pretty much see how it is now.

Ren : Yeah that is pretty much all recent happenings - any memories you have from during that period?
Ren : Memorable events?
Donk : Our huge fight with Deli, my first big war and it was one of the most fun....even though we lost a massive amount.
Donk : And the introduction of Dominus....so much stuff there to list.
Donk : I would definitely have to say that Dom is Frizz's most successful planet even though my personal favourite is Zedus.

Ren : Okay, everyone knows you as one of the best 1v1 PvPers in the game. Does it ever get to your head or anything?
Donk : Me? No, I die too often for that to happen.
Ren : Are you sure about that? Razz
Donk : I am notorious for using incredibly weak units....that even a Lvl 40 could kill at the right time.
Ren : The way you say it makes it seem like if you don't die that often you would let it get to your head? Very Happy
Donk : No clue, my play style means I will die often...so no worries there.

Ren : So, apart from the Combat Drop expansion, what are you looking forward to?
Donk : To see which of the newer factions makes the rise up the ranks.
Donk : One of the first things i check is the FP list for the 10-30-ish factions.
Donk : Even those weeks where I can only log in to check mails.

Ren : Any of those newer factions you predict will rise faster than the others? (aka being lead horses)
Ren : Any of them you would back over the others?
Donk : HoC of course, also those sneaky acorn hoarders, Function Eleven/Team Banzai are the maybes.
Ren : So which one do you think would be the biggest threat when they rise up the ranks? I'm sure you must have anticipated that...
Donk : I think it would seem more of a challenge than a threat...
Ren : About the same Smile
Donk : But I hope none of them try to hold a long war with any older faction for a very long time.
Donk : There is still too much fun to be had fighting factions their size and experience.

Ren : You've been playing for two years - has the game ever stopped being exciting or fun for you?
Donk : Oh yes, I've gone inactive for months several times already.
Donk : Then Frizz brings out some update that gets me interested again...

Ren : For what reasons if I may ask?
Donk : The first few times were at the sheer OP factor that factions can attain.
Donk : Though more recently it has been for some stuff I have been working on.

Ren : Anything that you have achieved in this game that you are immensely proud of....?!
Donk : The lil' community we have in ER...and also with many in Res and SS, though it wasn't really an individual achievement.
Donk : My DXS+I ssm was sorta nice for awhile too.

Ren : Besides those, any feats of strength? I would imagine you have many..Smile
Donk : Oh, probably always being the first to run a meatshield basekiller army into a heavily defended base taking huge losses.
Donk : I guess some Zedus stuff too....
Donk : Killing a SAM+ in 1 turn with a crap sentry is probably the most one-sided kill so far though.

Ren : Okay let's move on to something else..RvB! This topic has been around since 2006 - probably way before you started : what's your take on it?
Ren : Regarding the current political circus between ER and PGF, of course.
Donk : DS will always have RVB...as long as the player base doesn't hit a massive number.
Donk : Then I suppose it would turn into factions dedicated solely to one planet, 2-3 planets at most.
Donk : Newer factions seem to have a negative stance towards rvb, but it could easily benefit them as well.

Ren : Why do you think so?
Ren : Regarding your last sentence Razz
Donk : Well, the downside for the RVB factions is they easily get tied up on one...maybe two planets max.
Donk : If it turns into factions specialized for planets, they will have much tougher competition 24/7 no matter which planet they go to.
Donk : Contra used to pull in tons of beacons while PGF/ER were fighting it out on Dom months ago.

Ren : Let's move on from RvB - generally seems to be a touchy topic at most times. Any aspect of the game that you particularly enjoy most?
Donk : Commander fights are my personal favorite..
Donk : 1v1 is pretty boring mostly, but 3+ commanders on each side is quick and very fun.
Donk : Hint hint---Vanoi needs 3v3 tourneys. (Vanoi read this!!!)

Ren : Hm, so what would you propose changes to if you had the chance to talk to Frizz?
Donk : Remove shak from Aldus, make Aldus smaller and add bonus xp for lower FP factions in place of Queen bonus.
Donk : Problem is I happen to like those high ce commander fights...so still incentive for us in high FP factions I guess.

Ren : Wouldn't it be better if Frizz just made a new planet for commander fights?
Ren : As it is Aldus is like a boss hunting planet.
Donk : If there are going to be Shak Drones, there should be a planet dedicated solely to them so that planet limits can be adjusted as time passes.
Donk : Because we always find new and cheap ways to kill those drones...
Donk : And I really think that we need a low-FP commander planet...aldus would suit nicely for factions with low FP.
Donk : Where they can fight while risking only one unit instead of an army for FP.

Ren : Not afraid Frizz will cut off one of your sources of resources? Razz
Donk : No, I like the challenge of hunting Shak more than the rewards...
Donk : And I would rather have a planet where I can drop and know I will find a fight with Shak.

Ren : Okay, last question. Any tips for new players and factions?
Donk : Hadeas is easy fp, Esika is easy command, don't drop what you aren't comfortable with losing...
Donk : And community goes a long way to building a strong and fun faction.
Donk : Oh and have fun with your extra CE on aldus, Shak are fun to fight if you want a test of teamwork.


"If you play Justin Bieber songs backwards, you can hear messages from Satan. Even worse, if you play them forwards you hear Justin Bieber"

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna shut the f*** up"

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Our next interviewee is actually the venerable Dfenceking, who is one of the more well-respected people in the community, as well as being the leader of Stealth Recon. Even though we don't see him as active as he used to be, he still managed to take some time out to get his interview done!

Read on as we hear his views on the game, his rollercoaster ride of a career through Drop Shock, and a few puns about his personal motto....

Ren : When did you start playing DFK?
DFK : Feb 2007.

Ren : So you started in Feb 2007 - all the way up to recently, how was your entire drop shock career?
Ren : Must have been pretty eventful right?
DFK : In my eyes I have seen this game change so much it is crazy..
DFK : My ride with this game has been equal to that crazyness.

Ren : So has been anything that has been memorable during that rollercoaster ride? Fights? Memories?
DFK : No doubt it would be the time of the super commanders....
DFK : Not what every newbie thinks a super commander is now like NS or a PG with shiny BE's on them to have +'s....
DFK : I meant hard core LFs taking down Gat armies to their knees...
DFK : The time when you didn't need stealth because all u needed was dodge.

Ren : Yeah the period before the XP expansion - what people thought was the best part of the entire game's history - what do you think?
DFK : I think 1v1 PVP died after that mostly, Aldus offered up good battles from time to time but it just kinda dried up, then we moved into the era of mass PvP.

Ren : We all know you've been leader of a good number of factions - with great power comes great responsibility, and to that extent have you made any decisions that you actually regret?
DFK : Only one as a good leader never regrets, but is always confident that his actions are the best actions for whoever he is leading.
DFK : Even if it is the wrong actions, always follow though and keep the morale up.
DFK : As for the regret, that would be merging the 1st SR, I still lose some sleep over it.

Ren : But if you had the chance to turn back time you would choose not to merge SR then?
DFK : Nope I would not have merged the 1st SR at all, knowing this would never put ERSA even on the top 5 board.
DFK : Not even close to saying I made ERSA on the top 5, but LR wasn't giving up the leadership to any one else, I promised LR and Perd that I would lead ERSA up to the top 5 and after I did I handed off leadership after that.
DFK : Stuck around for awhile to make sure every thing would be fine for them, then I headed off to make the current SR.

Ren : You've been playing for quite a long period of time - has there been anything that you intend to achieve? Short term goals for example...
DFK : Well my 1st goal was lead a faction to the top 5 and I did that...
DFK : My next goal is just to have SR grow as much as possible, I did have a goal of having the biggest rare collection of units, but Frizz tore that down with 1 quick update...
DFK : My XAH is worth dirt to normal people now, same goes for my Thug army and my ADS bandit tank..

Ren : Well it's kinda sad to hear that but at least you had the honor of holding those limited edition items, right? Anyway moving on...

Ren : Anything you would try that you didn't get the chance to that is wthin the game's boundaries?
DFK : Maybe just talk to frizz about the game, nothing more than to shake his hand as well, everything in game I have done.
DFK : I have won and lost, I carried beacons on Hadeas and had more fun watching paint dry, I have wet my pants at the sight of Luci and Mattao
DFK : Took down some shak bugs and blew through many bandit and enemy nodes alike, I have death danced with the best, and took on the many with just a few, I have been a politician, I have proudly done it all plus some.

Ren : Since you've done just about everything else, how about following instead of leading for once, eh? (referring to your 'I will lead, I will not follow' slogan)
DFK : I don't think I can, for me that is like asking MacDonalds to start selling only fat free salads, it just isn't natural...
DFK : Also I think it keeps me coming back to the game every day, to make sure your home is ok and all it's residents are not starving.

Ren : So if you had a chance to talk with Frizz face to face, what aspect of the game would you advise him to change?
DFK : Nothing really IMO, shooting the shit about the game would be just fine, and maybe brain storming about new ideas.
DFK : He has done a great job keeping the game balanced, FP might become a problem some day, as we are seeing now with new factions.

Ren : Not even trying to promote your BHW idea mate? It's your little brainchild Smile
DFK : Maybe, would just like to have him open his mind about it a little or maybe answer one of his many mails...
DFK : I don't know if he is scared of us giving a whole update to the community, and feel like he is losing his power over us.
DFK : Usually we never really know what updates that we are going to get.

Ren : It's part of the plot isn't it...adds to the mystery of what we are getting?
DFK : That is my thought.

Ren : So, out of all the new factions these days - which one do you think could be a potential force of reckoning in the near future?
DFK : Everyone would say SS, but I like HOC, they come from MMOs all over the web, just has the starting of another PR, their minds I am sure are thinking outside of the box.

Ren : Finally, last question on the board - what kind of advice do you have for up and coming players and factions?
DFK : I will sum up all they need in one word - Adapt.
Ren : Aha, why that word of all others?
DFK : Because that is what this game is all about, change with the game, and u will have no problem navigating the game.
DFK : It isn't just the game itself though it is PvP and trading and beaconing, as long as you adapt you will be fine.


"If you play Justin Bieber songs backwards, you can hear messages from Satan. Even worse, if you play them forwards you hear Justin Bieber"

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna shut the f*** up"

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

luv luv luv !!! Renniestar ur insane (dibbs INFMUSHS**_**)

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Love the Interviews, keep them coming!!
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for doing the interviews.


For a relatively new player, I am learning a lot of the history in a richer, deeper way.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Today we have Battalia, more commonly known as Batt. Having been in the game for close to five years, Batt is known as one of the first few crew collectors and being one of the more established PvPers and old timers.

Read on for his opinion on the recent changes, RvB, how he got HAX and lastly, tease him about his incoming nuptials....

Ren : Alright, as everyone knows you've been playing for a long time, though no one knows the duration...so when did you start playing the game?
Battalia : Heh, and I swear this wasn't on purpose, but September 11th, 2005.
Ren : Nice coincidence Razz
Batt : Yeah, I didn't even realize that until the feature was added to the profiles.
Batt : You know me, always looking for war games on 9/11.

Ren : Okay, moving on, you've been playing for close to five years...in fact you'll be getting your five year mark in a few hours...so how would you describe your entire DS career?
Batt : Well, I joined, then I lost a E/E crew and a hovertank to a bandit base on konu, and when I realized it took a TB to revive (of which I had none) and couldn't donate, I quit.
Batt : Played Neveron for probably a couple more months, then came back and really gave TinyWarZ a chance.
Batt : I began a full time position in PGF, and from there watched every major faction in the game rise and fall, PGF included.
Batt : So to summarize, I enjoyed the better part of 4 years.

Ren : Any piece of history you'll like to share from those days?
Ren : Veterans should have tons of eventful memories right? Smile
Batt : Correct, and the most memorable event I have is when HAX was born. She was hand crafted by Frizz, then deployed to Konu.
Batt : I dispatched HAX quickly, then hired a newer PGF player to salvage it when Frizz's base was found. I redeployed with an army and assaulted Frizz... with 5 turns left.
Batt : But I wanted that Frizz killer crew and his commander was hiding in there. I was completly slaughtered by the base and failed to UD Frizz.
Batt : But what I gained was so much more when he sent me the salvaged BOM.
Batt : Frizz whispered me afterwards telling me that he had an "oh crap" moment when he saw my army though, that was pleasant.

Ren : Anyway, out of all the newer factions on the list that are growing lately, which ones would you put your money on to be one of the future powerhouses?
Batt : Hmmmm, When was Searing Shadows founded? To be honest, those guys have surprised me the most in terms of growth.

Ren : Oh yeah, you've been known to collect Dragons...a lot. So how big is your collection and how long did it take you to amass it?
Batt : Hmmm, I'd probably say about 160 Dragons, plus or minus, which also includes enough R/R Dragons to field a LE net for Hadeas =)
Batt : The collection is probably a year old or two, I used my ability in mass pvp to fund the hobby, and often paid more than the crews were worth. I think at one point it was a 20 TB reward for a name I didn't have.

Ren : Yikes, so in monetary terms how much would you be willing to sell your entire crew collection for?
Batt : Ooooh, good question, and one I havent thought about at all. 100 3 meriters, and 60 R/R to 2 merit crews... I'd say around the 5,000 TB bench mark might make me consider the offer seriously.
Ren : Rich man Smile Okay let's move on -

Ren : You've been in the RvB struggle earlier than most other players who are facing the same predicament that you have in the past...any takes on the RvB in this game?
Batt : RvB is excellent. Infact, id say it is one of the best parts of the game right now... if it's respected.
Batt : You see, the struggle is completely healthy for the community, it's the ego's that both sides can't seem to control that makes the experiance unpleasant.
Batt : I myself often whispered my opponents after a fight and joked and congratulated them.
Batt : I'd also wager that if I asked for an invite to the Red side I would get it within the hour.
Batt : Just shows that it's all in the man to make the game experiance good for everyone, not Frizz or your faction.

Ren : Speaking of which, we've never worked together Razz
Ren : You've always almost been Blue until lately and me Red since time immemorial
Batt : I've actually joined ER once =) However, due to my mod status, and my relationship status I left the faction.
Batt : There is having fun, and there is taking it too far even for someone like me.

Ren : We all know you're having your nuptials with another player (Pounce) sometime around next year. How did you get the relationship to work, considering it was mostly internet based?
Batt : It started out slow, and Pounce often had relationship trouble. I would give her my take over MSN.
Batt : One time I joked that I was better than any of her guys so far, then she took me up on that challenge
Batt : A few months later, it escalated to a serious relationship, and then 6 months later I flew to texas to meet her.
Batt : The distance is tough, but I've always believed that if it was easy, it wouldn't be worth fighting for.

Ren : You've once said the BT expansion was the best out of all the ones that's been released lately (BT, XP, SW) - why that thought?
Batt : And if you asked me the worst expansion to have ever come out I would say BT Smile
Batt : It was a love/hate relationship with BT. On one hand, it gave ALOT of new units to play with, new setups to try, and new strategies to exploit on the battlefield.
Batt : But on the other hand, this single expansion also "outdated" the most units out of any expansion. I mean, at the time of release, there was no point whatsoever in using a BAI over a BAII.
Batt : However, you got a new BAII to play with Wink

Ren : You've probably done a lot of things during your DS career....what would be something you would try if you had the chance to, assuming it's within the game's boundaries?
Batt : I would love to have a dedicated war. 20 players on one side, 20 on the other and 1 base each.
Batt : Go at it, no salvaging until the other team's HQ is destroyed.

Ren : Alright, as you are a chat moderator, how do you take a view of your responsibility of patrolling the chat grounds?
Batt : Was Wink I took it wrong however. I viewed chat mods as Frizz's "While I'm away, look after the game" team. So I was constantly reporting abuse, multies, and only modding chat if it was disruptive or offending.
Batt : I made it clear though, that everyone was safe in Faction chat unless there was a complaint.
Batt : Faction chat should always be safe grounds for people to goof off and let all that stuff go.
Batt : Frizz however made it clear this was not behaviour he expected of me and de-modded me.
Batt : Since then, me and Frizz have forgiven one another though.

Ren : So was that incident a catalyst for your sudden departure from the game sometime ago?
Batt : It was a by-product. Frizz expressed that he felt I was using my mod status to leverage my points, which was unfair to him.
Batt : Personally I wouldn't have changed any of my points or how I worded them if I was a mod or not ;P
Batt : So Frizz stripped me, and I felt that was the definitive "No." and took my leave.
Batt : Then he e-mailed me, and we talked some, and he asked if I would come back, so here I am Smile

Ren : We've seen you do some miracles on the battlefield mass-pvp wise, what do you think makes it happen? The situation, the skills, the units, or simply just the opportunity? What contributes more?
Batt : The situation has nothing to do with it. Mass PvP will be where Mass PvP will be. Skills? I would like to say I have superior skills, but the fact remains I have been routed many times as well.
Batt : Units had a big part to play in most of my victories. I was a specialty strategist. I made an "army" and gave it a purpose. For example, BL's designed to take out missile units.
Batt : I made a point not to pit these armies in any situations they were not designed to be. But I pushed them into situations they excelled in.
Batt : And if your back up is in time, then you should be able to route the enemy or pull back and re-organize as another member took on the front lines.
Batt : One other trick was "feeling" out the enemy. I overkilled the first turn, then calculated how many units of mine it took for one kill.
Batt : Then I simple grouped that many units on every opponent. One less unit for him meant one less gun shooting at me, while other players would spread out damage, I concentrated firepower.
Batt : Lastly, is knowing when you are out classed. Emergency Evac is often no more than losing 1-2 units, Dropship often costs you several units.
Batt : Don't be afraid to pull out, and a lot of players will tell you that "it was worth the exp."
Batt : These players will also beg you for TB's and borrow units because they had none. Coincidence?

Ren : So what's your take on the 'not very' recent changes to Ballistic, Energy and Missle?
Ren : Such as weapon mods for example, one byproduct was that missile Ares now literally only exists in theory form.
Batt : This is another form of frustration for me. There doesn't seem to be a strict formula for unit potential reflected by CE.
Batt : Some units are given much more potential than others, which unfortunatly means only "specialty" units are used, and for a good reason.
Batt : If all you have is missiles, that +1 dmg missile mod does ALOT more than if you have some missile, and some ballistic.
Batt : Unfortunately mixed units base stats often do not reflect this handicap and most are cast to the sidelines. That said, the balance between weapon types is the closest I have seen to balanced so far.
Batt : The fact that I can't go "Alright, this will work in all situations" is a good indicator for this.

Ren : Any tips from a vet for the up and coming players and factions alike?
Batt : Of course. Up and coming players: Try everything MORE than once, you have a free respec for a reason. One bad experience shouldn't dictate how you regard that style of play.
Batt : You should get used to 10 hours of undeployed time for every hour of deployed time, and 8 of those undeployed hours spent modding, brain storming, and remodding your units and crews.
Batt : Nothing fails more than something you put together because you were needed at that moment and were not prepared for that role.
Batt : Factions: Communication, Teamwork, and crack down on the trash talk. We are playing a game, not waging virtual warfare.
Batt : The difference between an active player and an inactive player is involvement, communication, and bugging them. Seriously, bug players to get their lazy asses down to the planet. Trust me, it works.
Batt : Lastly, don't let your emotions ever control you. Waging a faction war for personal reasons always ends up bloody and nobody has fun.

Ren : Maybe you should bug me to drop more often, I'm a lazy bum Razz
Batt : I am too, nobody is bugging me either Razz
Ren : So we should bug each other? Razz
Batt : Of course. It's a game, so why not have fun? And if it stops feeling like a game, everyone should take a step back and find out why that happened.

"If you play Justin Bieber songs backwards, you can hear messages from Satan. Even worse, if you play them forwards you hear Justin Bieber"

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna shut the f*** up"
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This gives me an idea that i should bully batt when he comes back Twisted Evil

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This time round we have Mattao, one of the prominent leaders of Elite Resistance, ex-Phoenix Rising veteran and one of the best commander fighters out there. He's also fairly no-nonsense so don't mess with him.

We hear him talk about his experiences, his beliefs, what he's doing lately and a tweeny weeny bit of PR history....

Ren : Mattao - when did you start playing the game?
Mattao : Date joined: 01-24-07

Ren : Three and a half years worth of fun - how has it been for you during that 3 and a half years?
Mattao : Very fun and very challenging.
Ren : So what's so fun and what's so challenging about this game?
Mattao : The challenging part is the complexity of the game...
Mattao : The fun part is making friends in factions and allies.

Ren : So during this period of time, have you experienced anything that you think is memorable?
Mattao : I have had so many battles that stand out for me....
Mattao : When Aldus was created there were battles of 5+v5+ activated NS fighting for beacons....
Mattao : And at the time acti NS were the best in the game.

Ren : You've been hailed as one of the best 1v1 PvPers in the game. How do you look at your reputation and where do you think it comes from?
Mattao : Thank you for that, but commander pvp...which I think most call 1v1 is more about strategy.
Mattao : Rep is about winning more than you lose and trust me I have lost a lot.

Ren : You've also been one of the veterans from the first generation Phoenix Rising - what do you think is the reason why the old Phoenix Rising was ultimately more successful than the current generation?
Mattao : When I joined PR I joined from another game with a lot of players from that game that I had a lot of loyalty to.
Mattao : When a group of players join DS/TW they work together to fight as a team and accomplish a lot.

Ren : I'm sure this one is less well known out there, but why was Phoenix Rising closed down, its membership left out in the cold at a certain point in the past?
Mattao : That is a tough question, I can only tell you what I remember -
Mattao : PR was being crushed by PGF, PR was not active or had enough allies to defend.
Mattao : So lord_havok and I made a decision to close PR.

Ren : Why close PR though? It was one of the more formidable factions at the time and at one point able to stand up against PGF on itself
Mattao : I can only speak to my reasons at the time.....I saw ER as a small faction with a lot of heart.
Mattao : I wanted to join to help them grow.......I had no clue ER would one day be the top faction in the game.

Ren : You are one of the prominent leaders in ER - what do you think separates ER from the first generation PR?
Mattao : That is a very tough question.
Mattao : I think first generation PR tried to do too much and too fast without looking at the consequences.

Ren : So how does it feel to be one of the leaders to the No.1 Faction in the game?
Mattao : I love it.
Ren : So what do you do everyday when you log on? Any usual duties that you have to fulfil?
Mattao : I do mundane stuff like clear faction emails.
Ren : Sounds likeit would be fairly boring....so which aspect of the game do you enjoy most now?
Mattao : I really enjoy small fights on Zedus, on Zed it is just commanders fighting.

Ren : You've been with ER for a while - what do you think is the key to a faction's success?
Mattao : I believe a key to any faction's success is teamwork.

Ren : Have you accomplished anything that you feel you are immensely proud of?
Mattao : Yes, when I joined ER, ER was below PGF in fac points and I would like to think I helped ER strategize and gain FPs.

Ren : So currently we have a few factions trying to make their mark in DropShock - any of these that you'll be willing to put your money on to be a potential powerhouse in the future?
Mattao : If I had to put money on any small faction i would say HOC...
Mattao : They have the players and the heart.

Ren : Have you ever lost interest in the game at a certain point in time? If so, for what reasons?
Mattao : I have and it happens when I lose.
Mattao : I dont like to lose but when it happens I take some time off.

Ren : Lastly, any tips for new players and the younger factions who are still climbing up the FP ladders?
Mattao : I think the best advice I can give to any new players or new factions is.....find players you can trust and find a faction you like, DS is a great game.
Mattao : And to new factions......diplomacy goes a long way.


"If you play Justin Bieber songs backwards, you can hear messages from Satan. Even worse, if you play them forwards you hear Justin Bieber"

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna shut the f*** up"
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Everybody knows Slayer666 (JB666!) has left the game for a bit...but no one knows the person who's stepped up to the reins of Sanctuary since his departure...

Meet kunjuro, more affectionally known to the community as Kun, Kunneh, Kunny, blah and blargh. We talk about his career so far, badmouthing his slave driver of a former leader, Sanctuary's long and short term goals, his interests and lastly....his intention of filling those rather large shoes his predecessor left behind...

(Included is a rather large pile of Starcraft II puns)

Ren : Kunneh, when did you start playing DropShock?
Kun : The 23rd Day of May, 2008 Razz

Ren : Okay, so how would you describe your DS career so far?
Kun : Career? Hmm
Kun : It's been a roller coaster ride.
Kun : Sure I've been down in the dumps recently...
Kun : I was at a point where I was at 100 cmd left and 2 paid days left just this year...
Kun : Plus schoolwork is restricting my deployment time but, I've had a blast
Kun : I've reached my original goal of getting every activated meka in game (at one point. damn Faction units Razz)
Kun : Plus I also got to reach another goal in my career and exceeded it -
Kun : I wanted to become a figure head person in a established faction
Kun : Now I'm the sole active leader of Sanctuary -
Kun : Also - I've made a lot of great friends along the way
Kun : I even made good friends with a troll!

Ren : Damn you!
Kun : (wonder who THAT could be D=) =) I didn't mention names heh Razz
Kun : Most importantly, I accomplished my primary goal which is to have Fun Razz
Kun : So I take my hat off to Frizz for making this game (at the same time curse him for making my grades so low D=)

Ren : Going forward, what do you think would be your greatest feat in this game thus far?
Kun : (wonders how many questions I answered)
Ren : Tons...tons...
Kun : Feat?
Kun : Well, I admit to being quite mouthy when it comes to achievements in faction.
Kun : But I usually keep silent about the small things I do.
Kun : They usually are impressive discoveries - but I don't tell anyone 'cause, well, they might copy it Razz

Ren : Any examples? Just for copy's sake ;P
Kun : For one, I employed the most recent fastest unit in game - the Tortoise - at grabbing konu relics...
Kun : But some people found out I liked using a 30+ speed tortoise to steal their beloved relics...
Kun : so I stopped usng them...then POOF! I see a lot of people down in tortoises D:
Kun : And perhaps, the most valued achievement I have is.. well, being a faction leader of a well established faction.
Kun : I never even dreamed of becoming one.

Ren : So how is it trying to fill Slayer's shoes?
Kun : I will never fill his shoes...(Its damp, smelly, reeks of years being stuck in the faction toilet, moldy, and he has gigantic feet)
Kun : Plus it starts shouting BAYBEE BAYBEE BAYBEE OOHH whenever I get near it so I threw it out >.>

Ren : You talk as if he oppressed you like slave labour during his term as leader of Sanctuary?
Kun : Nah, he was my brotha from another motha.
Kun : Sure he cussed, and we annoyed each other in chat but he was a true friend for me.
Kun : We both stuck out for each other and we've saved each other's asses in a lot of sticky situations...
Kun : And...whenever he flames I'm the only person usually calm enough to make him feel better.
Kun : He was a PVP genius and he brought Sanctuary to great heights.
Kun : I am just but a shadow of his legacy.
Kun : I hope I don't fail him in the task he has entrusted me in Which is to lead Sanctuary.

Ren : Sanctuary's tried to be a third faction in the RvB conflict that's been ongoing since time immemorial -
Ren : What do you think resulted in your failure to establish that foothold and if you had the chance to, would you try it again?
Kun : It wasn't a failure.
Kun : DL, LT, and a bunch of other in PGF High Command begged for the alliance to stay when we allied with ER - they were quite hard pressed.
Kun : Back then, we were very active and when we allied with ER - they were...a bit...overwhelmed.
Kun : So we broke with ER for old time's sake then when Slayer broke with PGF.
Kun : (What I said above happened)
Kun : So after just a week we re-allied it was during this time when we had a lot of active players.
Kun : ArkEyes, Chronus, me, Slayer, Jorensi, all able to drop when needed, so we were a force to be reckoned with.
Kun : But, at least for me, I knew that if we tried to make a third side, we would be dooming the Blue, and Red would dominate the game.
Kun : So we re-allied, but back then it was just a temporary measure.
Kun : We were planning to go make a real 3rd side along with PR and SS most prob but things eff'd up -
Kun : Chron leaving for Ress (DAMN YOU!!!), Ark leaving for Deli, half of our players going inactive to the point that only me and Slayer were the real active people along with jabu_jabu.
Kun : So, we buried the plans for the 3rd faction or 3rd side Razz

Ren : So why am I damned because Chronus left? Razz
Kun : 'Cause your evil alliance promised him great glory and spoils Razz
Kun : You turned him to the dark side of da force D:

Ren : No one can resist the power of COOKIES. Moving on though -
Kun : (Hey! I DID! D=)

Ren : So what is your current plans for Sanctuary?
Ren : Any short term goals, long term goals?
Kun : Right now...just staying alive. We took a major blow to our member database with Slayer leaving and our members being highly inactive -
Ren : So I assume that means nothing? Razz
Kun : Let me get to that Very Happy I basically am tutoring a few new players into the game.
Kun : I've got three promising players, I'm trying to repair the damage to our member database and I believe the solution lies in the newbies coming in.
Kun : Fresh meat for the grinder Razz

Ren : So you've got no dormant plans for world domination?
Kun : No. Not...at this moment Razz Slayer was the guy with those plans
Kun : I am more of the establish-faction-make-a-name-train-some-newbies sort of leader and aspirer Razz
Kun : I know what limitations our faction has right now and it cannot be a full fledged 3rd side right now, let alone the dominant powah..

Ren : Any personal goals you've set for yourself though? Unrelated to your faction?
Kun : Personal goals? Simple. Two -
Ren : Kill yourself?
Kun : (No, thats soon. not now Razz)
Kun : The two present are :
Kun : Kill every single person who will threaten me with the new CD units and prove that the Obli(terator) Cannon is a piece of crap Razz
Kun : 2nd, get good var'd CD command mekas Razz
Kun : I'm a HUGE fan of CMDR pvp, 1vs100 fights and collecting activated units Razz
Kun : (One of the reason I'm so damn poor)

Ren : So what do you think is the key to creating a successful faction?
Kun : First and foremost is having a solid and loyal member base. Screw alliances, screw advantages
Kun : If you don't have this - no way in hell you'll grow

Ren : Like Res? (Forcing you to admit that we own!)
Kun : Screw you, you still have to beat ER Smile

Ren : Of which of the newer factions on the FP table right now do you think would be a potential force of reckoning in the near future?
Kun : That's obvious, if you are referring to the current trend.
Kun : I'm siding with HoC, they've got quite the potential.
Kun : I'm willing to bet leaders from both red and blue are planning to assimilate them into their brood Razz Damn you Zergers!
Kun : They're small - but highly competitive and active.

Ren : Aren't you planning to infest them too, kunneh?!
Kun : No, I'm happy with de-infesting Kerrigan Smile You can have them Razz
Kun : Honestly speaking, I hope they remain outside RvB for the time being.
Kun : They are highly feared among the low tier facs, try taking a relic at Esika -
Kun : 80% of the time a HoC will drop to contest that relic - and they do a bit of below the radar Hadeas sweeps too.

Ren : So what's your take on RvB and its impact on the game?
Kun : Most of the developing games I've been to (or those that have a small but dedicated fan base) always have a RvB.
Kun : It happens.
Kun : Now, this is GOOD when the game is just starting, this fuels activeness and participation among the factions and this CAN also start up friendly rivalry.
Kun : I saw this when I first joined TW but now..
Kun : RvB has degenerated into nothing more than a mud slinging contest -
Kun : There are still some epic battles but they're not as epic as those in the past.
Kun : And I see a lot of name calling, bitching, arrogance, and idiotic calls on chat after some fights which, shouldn't be a issue most of the time -
Kun : But the intensity of which these insults are heard are quite... preposterous @_@
Kun : People are starting to take the game too seriously. They need to relax.....and play a bit of Starcraft 2 Razz

Ren : No advertising other games while doing an interview! Razz
Kun : I don't even have a original copy yet, damn overpriced retailers!
Kun : Anyway, back to topic, RvB is good at the early stages of a game, but not always.
Kun : However if making a third side will culminate into a 'Ramrod' attitude, then by all means let us keep the RvB.

Ren : Last question (OH JOY)
Kun : OH YES! about to turn 12 AM here D:
Kun : My birthday's about to end D:

Ren : No one cares about your birthday Razz
Ren : Any tips for younger players and factions?
Kun : Join Sanctuary, give me all your command, and quit the game. Simple formula Very Happy
Ren : You greedy pig, any better tips than those?
Kun : Get alliances from Red and Blue, train lots of newbies.
Kun : Gain their trust and their loyalties and go pwn other factions.
Kun : But the most emphasized part would be acquiring a loyal and solid faction base if you can get that
Kun : Member base *
Kun : Only then will your faction reach its dreams.

Ren : When I run over your faction base, let's see how solid that is Smile
Kun : Hey, you ran over our base plenty of times, we still have our spirit Razz

"If you play Justin Bieber songs backwards, you can hear messages from Satan. Even worse, if you play them forwards you hear Justin Bieber"

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna shut the f*** up"
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