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Erebus Disillusion

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:53 am    Post subject: Erebus Disillusion Reply with quote

((Well, I think now is a good time to tell you where my name (OMALLEY_17) deprived from. An old ex from about 3-4 years ago and his name was O'Malley, was still madly inlove with him when i made my TW account. Bastard of a guy an hope he gets eaten by a Shak Queen. But i have like a billion stories with the name it because it just works lol now in this story, either think of me as a "he" or as my old ex bf. lol ))

((Story not related to TW but want feedback for writing comp next month.))

((Also, this is a UNFINISHED rough draft, so a many times there will be errors, im here to see if it interests the general public kthxbai))


The air was thick with humidity and fumes, sounds were echoing though Omee's skull as he fought to regain his lung capacity. He wasn't sure how he ended up here but the last thing he remembers was an explosion an then turning around to run an he then he was out. His grimy black hair was in his face as he pulled himself up on a warm pipe, leaning against it as he felt his head throb. Lifting himself up and feeling like vomiting as he got his footing, stagggering a bit before shaking his head and seeing people run past. He couldn't tell what they were yelling and pointing at but they didn't stay to elaborate, but even if they did. His ears were still ringing and sounds bouncing around as echos.

Omee managed to turn around but not on his own will. Someone had a hold of his shoulder and he had to look up to see the man. There wasn't time to make out features as his fist came swinging and knocking him off his feet again. Landing hard and with a groan, he was too weak to try an get up but didn't have to. The man helped. Lifting Omee by the collar of his raggedy shirt, he threw him the opposite way where he slid into the wall on his side. He reached up to try an stop the procedding kicks that pursued.

At least it he was already numb. But the sight of his broken finger from trying to stop the kicks was horrifying as another explosion shook the earth under them. Lighing up the man's face long enough for Omee to see who it was.

"Where's my daughter!" He screamed as he picked Omee up by his shirt again, easily outweighing Omee and definatly not fat wise. His short brown hair seemed black, oily too in the midst of the moment. Omee really wished he could of spoke but he instead spit out a mist of blood and a few teeth. With his head bobbing around like a floating apple, he saw another punch and took it square in the nose; slamming his head against the wall.

"Where is she!" He screamed again and Omee noticed a shady movement behind The Imposer of Pain. It was too quick for his bloody mind to configure it but he did manage to point with a snapped finger.He let go and Omee slid down the wall and sat as he watched, the guy turning and snapping a lever off from a pipe valve. He flipped the sharp, broken end up and crouched down as the Omee got a better look at what he was about to fight.

It was an Erebus. A small spider creature with almost no features, just what could only be seen as a grasshopper's body and four clawed spider legs. All black and almost invisable in the shadows, it had a small mouth with pincers the size of Omee's bent fingers. It was the size of a large dog. Nothing to worry about.

The Erebus leapt towards the guy and took the makeshift shank through its midsection an flying past, disappearing into a cloud of black smoke. They had a tendancy to do that when they die.

The broke lever happened to land next to Omee and he reached for it though his hand was broke. He still wasn't able to speak, groaning and spitting blood as he pulled the lever over with his palm and fell ontop of it. He was so tired and weak. Another exposion, he felt the heat of this one and managed to open his eyes to see the most beautiful thing he could see at this moment. About ten uniformed men with high tech weapons pushing the Erebus back as people still scurried the opposite way. Now he closed his eyes, now he could rest and be rest assured he would wake up in a white medical tent.


"What did this too him? Couldn't of been an Erebus, no claw or bite marks."

"Doesn't matter, bring him back the way he was born, in one piece."

Both voices were female an Omee imagined two beautiful nurses over him, one with blue eyes, the other with green. Both with their blouses open.

"His heart rates going up, perhaps he's conscience?"

"Hope he' not or he's in a world of pain, put him down again with the same dosage."

A small prick on his arm and then it all faded away.


"Is he alive?"

"Don't know how but yes, if he stays this way he'll be up in a week."

Oddly, when he heard the first voice he saw the fire and war when he was attacked, the blood and broken bones inside him seemed to recrack an consume him.

"Heart rates over the top again!"

Another prick on the arm and it was slower then last time, it took about a minute before he felt his eyes closed and didn't even know his eyes were open. Must be in the dark or covered. He was out before another thought.


He woke up again, feeling like crap, he didn't bother opening his eyes. He just let out a heavy breath and groaned to himself. At least he thought he was alone. A slap to the face blew his mind open and he saw a flurry of brown hair and he thought, "Oh shit! He's back to finish me off!"

"Wake up sleeping beauty!" Roared my female friend Emma, her voice bring me back and seeing her green eyes brought me back more.

"Ow." Is all he could manage out, his body felt alien to him.

"How's my Omee doing?" She smiled her warm smile and showed her pearly white teeth that all the girls dreamed for.

'What happened?" He mumbled an coughed up some yellow globs, not able to move his hands he bite his tongue and swallowed the blobs. He got goosebumps.

"Alpha team found you after pushing the Erebus back, they somehow got in through the checkpoints and swarmed in. But you know Alpha team handles it all." She smiled like this was a talk over a cup of tea, Omee saw his hands bandanged along with his chest an left leg.

"When was that?" He blinked a little, peering behind Emma to see a nurse pass by with a wheeled crate.

"About a week ago, we were all worried about you." She gave him a meekly smile and gave him a peak on the cheek, he smiled like a dumbass then shook his head after a minute.

"Can I ask where you were when that happened?" The question rose her eye brows and she tilted her head.


"Your dad was looking for you."

Her eyes widened and she bit her lip, laying her head down on my bandaged hand. "I'm so sorry!"

"I'm fine." He chuckled and slid his hand out from under her head and gave her a small pat though his arm felt like a lead weight. "As long as you're okay, I'm okay."


After that, he promised not to tell on her father and was out of the hispital by the end of the week. The wonders of todays medical equipment was beautiful, his fingers were like new and he had a chest full of nails and bolts now. Now he could definatly take a punch or three. Emma had visited every other day, her father, the head of the entire city, was very strict and she could only manage to ditch her guards every few days. It was understandable why he beat him to a pulp. Just a week earlier, he and Emma had ran away to spend some quiet time togather. They were found after two days of just hanging out and banned from each other. Didn't stop either of them.

An as Omee laid in that hospital bed, he recalled everything. Before he was on the floor the first time, he was getting off his shift on watch twenty minutes eariler. He was heading back home when the first explosion went off; the area between the first checkpoint and the second was litered with landmines and one had gone off not too far away. It threw him to the other side to safety but what he hadn't known was Emma had ran away after arguing with her father and he knew where I'd be. Didn't seem to care that his city was under attack for the billionth time. He was either cocky or too focused to care. Either way, Ompron was safe again.

Now these Erebus things. There's no way to desribe them definatly. They come in every size, form and shape. They can be microscopic or the size of buildings. Covered in horns, claws, teeth and every deadly idea you could think of. Some spit acid, some had small hooks on their skin an tried to get close, ripping your skin off from breif contact and even some that don't kill you for weeks, you won't know your going to die until it's too late. The only traits they share are few, they're completly black, even the whites of their eyes are black, when they do have eyes. They all are slow killers, unless your lucky an have a bullet in the chamber an the guts to off yourself.

One common Erebus that seems to appear with minor changes from the last. A three legged creature with two spikes, on pointed down at an angle, the other pointed up at an angle. It can be the size of an ant or the size of a cat. One small prick and a small microb embeds into your skin and digs until it hits bone. Then it lays eggs and has a family that burrows into your bone. Now, not all of them dig into the same spot. The original isn't hungry, it wants to spread it's seed. It burrows along the bone, following the route of the veins, laying eggs along the way and never stops. It may take weeks or even months, but eventually, your bones will be riddled with holes and one bad trip will have you in shambles. It almost never kills unless it infects your skull or ribs, this pair were nicknamed Parasites.

Emma's brother had a parasite. Died last year when he got into a fist fight at a loal pub, arm shattered and blew out a main artiery. Bled out on the floor in front of Emma and nothing she could do. Looked like he held a grenade too long.

"Think they'll put you back to work?" Emma asked as she opened the door to Omee's apartment, though he never recalls giving her a key.

"Of course they will, probably by tonight." He mumbled and flipped the switch. Just as he had left it. Faded red carpet, faded green lounge chair facing the window and a small table with two chairs. The empty kitchen to the left and the bedroom to the right with the only bathroom.

"Nuh uh!" She cried and turned around as he hung up his thin jacket, hands on her hips.

"Don't kitch, life goes on." He smiled and headed for the kitchen. Omee was always making up new words to replace swear words, it kept his mind boggling. Not to mention he had an old friend back five years, died from a stealthy Erebus, his name was Kitchling Bordavo.

"How do you manage to stay so..."

"Optimistic? Bell if I know." He looked in the fridge and pulled out an old bottle of water without the cap on, the water a slightly off its usaul pulicidness. He had an old cat named Bell, MIA.

"You need professional help." She watched him chug the old, perhaps moldy water and shuddered. He perfered old water, it had flavor that only bacteria could create. Omee loved it.

"You need to stop soaking up Daddy's money and try an be productive." He countered and she held her hand to her chest, as if shocked.


What wasn't fake shock, Omee was back to work three hours after that. He and Emma chatted about everything and nothing like usaul and she left after an hour, he tried to sleep a wink but he was restless. Then he got the call to go in and he now he was here. Section Zulu Bravo-E12. The "E" stood for Erebus obviously and the 12 stood for the average sightings a day. Zulu was the last line of defence for the city, he was at Eta when he was nearly blown up an then beat to death. Every line had small wars everyday, most lasting a few seconds. Somehow they could get passed miles of mines, armed guards and tripwires but stop at Zulu along the way, maybe they get hungry.

"Got a smoke?" A rather tall and buff asian guy asked as Omee walked up an sat in the sandbag fort. It was just a crater surrounded with sandbags and a gap to walk out and in. There were three lime green ammo boxes under a wobbly plastic table and a pair of high powered rifles ontop, a combat shotgun in the asian's lap.

"Nope. Got a light?" Omee joked and had a seat on the ground, the bags behind him and the asian in front of him. The table was off to the side but he had a sidearm at all times and was usually enough. No need for overkill.

"Nope." He grumbled and ran his hand through his hair, it was shiny with he would guess natural oils. Omee's was the same but he liked it.

It was utter silence but the city far away and the wind slapping something metal open and closed. It was unsettling.

"Zulu Bravo come in. Bravo Alpha here, over." A staticy voice nearly made my jump and a smirk crossed the asians face.

"Zulu Brovo here, go ahead BA, over." He had a scary smile.

"Panter retreating, heading right for your six." He reported and I sighed before getting up, getting a better look around. It wasn't a very good place to be. Surrounded by abandoned buildings and dark allys. The main city and they were in the middle of the street, a few lights pointing out from the building but it was about midafternoon so there was decent light.

The asian pumped his shotgun and stood up with Omee who unclasped his handgun before reaching for a rifle. it was heavier then he thought and held it with both hands, on the grip and on the muzzle, feeling the 203 grenade launcher there. The sights were a bit bent but he would have to make due as they scanned the rear of the outpost. Panters were sneaky bastards, the type that took Omee's friend Kitchly. Slightly taller then a man, its usual attributes were a extremely long tongue and ability to climb an cling to anything. As well as the panting sound they make from not having a lower jaw an a small throat to breath through. They were one of the most highly evolved and one of the three species that didn't turn to smoke when killed, they had blood and organs. They could be studied. But they were also more leathel.

"Ever handled a Panter kid?" The Asian asked, lowering his shotgun and looking at Omee.

"Of course, had one burst out of my birthday cake last year." Was obviously a lie but gave himself a chuckle from the thought of it.

After awhile, Omee got tired an lowered the sights and looked around. it was eery quiet again. Not even the wind or slapping metal. The sun was almost down now and that report had come in almost half an hour ago.

"Zulu Bravo here, no Panter contact." The Asian was irritated as he mumbled into the handheld radio. No reply. He tried again, more angry though. Still nothing.

"Try Nat Channel," Omee recommended and got a snear, but smiled as The Asian switched channals. He asked for Bravo Apha's condition and got zip, they didn't report in like they are supposed to every half hour. Ten minutes ago.

A recon team was sent to check on them; Omee and The Asian were by law, not allowed to leave that spot until their shift was over or they were in great danger. So they stayed put, observing the surroundings. They paced, catching movement in windows and realizing it was a bird, seeing a rat scurry by and nearly lobing a grenade at it. It was nerve wrecking when a post goes out. Especially when The Asian suddenly swings around and slams his elbow into Omee's cheek, sending him reeling over the sand bags and his rifle falling into the outpost.

Omee was too discombobulated as he stood with a stagger, lifting himself and seeing The Asian's back, hearing him grunt.

"What the Fuke dude?" Omee mumbled and felt for his sidearm. It was gone.

"Shoot it!" He yelled and then Omee saw the thick tongue that had wrapped around The Asian's wrist. It was coming from a second story window and Omee already was over the sand bags and had the other rifle off the table an fired a burst. Landing short and seeing the wall blow out next to the window and fired another burst but not at the window. The high caliber rounds tore through the thing's tongue as Omee aimed at point blank range. The Asian fell back from the release of pulling on the tongue, groaning as he peeled the tongue off, at least three feet. The Asian was a storm of curse words and other words in a different language. Probably more curse words.

"You o'right?" Omee asked, crouching down and glancing at him with the rifle trained on the window. He didn't say anyting and Omee turned his head to get a better view. It was gut wrenching. From his wrist down to his mid-forearm was red and slowly growing small mound clusters. His palms was the same from playing tug-of-war with the Panter and he wouldn't stop mumbling.

Omee asked again and The Asian kept mumbling as he brought himself up and had the other rifle in hand. Omee watched as he kicked over a ammo box and the giant explosive two-oh-three rounds spilled out. The Asian gripped two and loaded the first with his rifle aimed high.

Omee stood back and watched the first grenade lob through the center of the window after the soft and hollow "thump" sound. Followed with a much heavier "thump" and dust spilling out from the window. It was pretty known he missed when the Panter's head poked out from over the roof. A three clawed hand holding the edge as it hissed and raised the parallel fins on its head that ran down its back. It was gone before The Asian could fire another grenade and he called it in, the armored truck passing by to check on the outpost after them. He groaned and took his seat, the rifle between his open legs as he held his throbing and bleeding hand. It looked nasty and he was making some really nasty sounds as Omee slid down the sandbags. What a day.

After his shift, Omee had to report what happened and sat with The Asian in medical as they filled in the report. The doctor sent Omee away after a quick look at and held The Asian back, examining his arm.
Omee was about to leave when a pair of security intercepted him, directing him to the officer outside and he was on his way to the jailhouse for some reason. Not like he could fight it, so he didn't. He asked what he was going their for and all he got was "Security protical." Probably having to do with The Asian. They arrived and he was seated in a small white walled room with a single light an a black window. The chair was old plastic that would bend and break if he leaned too far. The table was the same.

"Omee?" The door to the small interviewing room was opened slowly.

"Oh carp." Omee sighed and let gravity bang his head into the plain white table, slumping his hands over the top. How did she get here?

"Omee!" Emma barked and kicked the table, Omee replied with a lazy groan. He could hear her panting and fumbling with something. "Look at me!"

Witha deeper sigh he sat up and saw the open hole of a rather petite firearm. He clasped his hands and bit his lip, looking at the table. "How may I help you?"

"Who's Allison!" She burst, the small Berreta shaking in her hand, nearly balling tears. He wasn't in the mood.

"Allison Birch or Allison Green?" He tilted his head and flipped a hand, as if askinng her to hand over a name tag. "Hmm?"

Niether exsisted to his knowledge.

"I will shoot you!" She cried and tensed up, flexing as she fought to control her shaking. Her cheeks were already puffy and red.

"But you won't kill me." He smiled and gave her the bird.

Wasn't much of a shock he was on the floor in the next milisecond. Tasted like dust and old leather. Omee's head burned and he was in a bit of shock from seeing the muzzle flash a few feet from his face. With his ears ringing, he could hear her scream and babble.

"She shot me in the face!" He thought and wondered if this is what it was like to die. Ears ringing and head burning, the smell of old leather. "At least I'm fully clothed," He thought and... chuckled?

He was flipped over and saw Emma's working the water works as she babbled on still, he couldn't make out a thing. He took a deep breath and sat up, his head throbing as he covered her mouth with his palm.

"Shut up, for a minute." Omee growled and stared stright ahead at the wall until the ringing lessoned, uncovering her mouth. There was banging on the door from the outside.

"In as little words as possible. What just happened?" He turned to her and saw her face freeze, he was glaring through the strands of hair over his eyes.

"I-I shot you." She babbled, her whole body shaking.

"Where exactly?" He growled, annoyed and a little piseed off.

"Y-your ear," She sqeaked and stared at Omee's left ear.

"Go home." He righted the chair he had fallen from and used the table to pull himself into it. It was almost sycronised as the door was kicked in and three uniformed guards pop in with their pistols at the ready. Two on Omee, one on Emma. They were yelling to put our hands up and Emma complied. Omee just smiled and laid his head on the table ontop of his folded arms. That got them to scream more and eventually throw Omee down on the table and throw cuffs on him, Emma went quietly.

Another bad day. That's all this was to Omee, staring up at Mr. Imposer of Pain in his office and Emma at his side, still in cuffs. It was oddly cue and he kept glancing at her as she stared at the floor in shame as he explained what had happened. It was easy to explain. He, Omee, had smuggled in the small firearm in his footwear. Took it out first chance he had gotten and was about to shoot himself, feeling lonely and oblivious as the world crashed around him. An just before he pulled the trigger, Emma came in and slapped the gun away from his forehead just as it discharged and caught his ear. Which was bandaged at the moment, stinging a little, he refused painkillers.

"I should have you thrown out of town," He sneered after hearing the story and took a drag from his thick cigar. Smelled like lemon-rose. "But knowing my daughter, she would follow you and get yourselves into more trouble, so I'm going to go easy on you. One year as my newest lap dog and you can repay the harm you've caused.That's it."

Omee didn't have an arguement.

The Mr. swiveled in his chair to Emma who looked up at him, puffy red cheeks as she wiped away a tear with her cuffed hands.

"An by the way sweet, there's no "Allison" in Ompron, searched the database after your little fiasco. Your guns on your bed and cuff keys on your dresser." She and Omee looked at each other and the Mr. blew out smoke at Omee. "Video cameras never lie,"

His smile touched ear to ear as Emma left and shut the wooden door to his office. Silence ensued as the Mr. stared, twiddling the cigar between his fingers as if deciding how to punish Omee. He felt so exposed, the room was huge and so clean. The wooden desk between them was shiny as a new penny and the room full of book shelves and books. The hard wooden floors were scratch free but if there was, it was under the carpet behind Omee's antediluvean chair.

"We're not going to have any problems are we?" He asked and blew out a trio of smoke rings to the side, tilting back in his chair.

"I don't know, but I'm sure we can work up a solution if we do." Omee sat back and shifted his sweaty palms away from each other, the cuffs were way too tight. "An I ask you something?"

"Shoot. Unless you have a gun." He smirked and Omee laughed lightly as he went on.

"What's your last name? No one seems to know and Emma won't say. An everyone either calls you "Mister" or Bradly." Omee was genuinly interested in his families last name. Just one of those things in the world that never was let up. He always called him Mr.

Then with a huff and a puff of thick smoke, he flicked the ash off into his coffee mug. "My full name is Bradly Greggoery Mock. Of the Mock family."

"Is this the second time on the floor or the third?" He wondered, it was seeming like a new home for him, at least this floor smelled like lemons.

"You won't be laughing soon boy." He said, standing over Omee's sprawled body.

An he was right.

Omee wouldn't of thought this was possible what he was doing, with a bucket in one hand and a cattle prod in the other. Sealed inside a room, three Erebus gawking at him from their restrained holds. A highly evolved Panter dead center of the room, cuffs, chains, solid steel casts anda muzzle encased the creature, the only visable features were the fin from a slot in the back of the head gear that covered its head to its shoulders and its eachoing pants. A padlok kept a small door to its mouth shut. He would have to open it to feed it.

The other two were quiet, a new one on the right that Omee had never seen before. Its legs resembled grasshopper legs, bent and covered in spikes that were filed down. He was glad he didn't have that job. Not like this was any better. The rest of the new Erebus was low to the hay covered floor, a wide head with a perminant grin, its two giant black eyes watched him. Omee paused and squated down, looking at the new one. Its fingers were almost human, minus nails and correct color tone. An he saw a giant orb behind it, like an ants rear.

They stared at each other for a moment and Omee reached into the bucket, taking out a nicly cut three pounds of meat and tossed it. The smack on the floor made Omee hungry, watching the Erebus gawk at it too an then peering up at each other again. The Erebus slowly reached out, touched where a heart would be human wise and fliped its hand out and away. Sign language for "thank you."

"O-Kay." Omee lifted his eyebrows and looked at the Erebus on the left, past the Panter. It was a watertank in the wall, a tube on the outside of the glass where he would send the food. The water was as black as an Erebus and didn't want to know what was in there, he just opened the tube, put the three steaks and shut it. A row of buttons on the side of the glass showed very small print that he strained to see. Blue to open feeding chamber. Yellow for Mating and red to nutrelize.

He pressed the blue bottun and moved on. Three steaks each. Omee wished he was fed like this everyday.

"O'right girl, open wide." He said and set the bucket down, gripping the cattle prod as he used the single key on the keyring to open the latch. A breeze of hot, smelly air blew out and Omee jumped as the Panter's tongue rolled out like a welome mat all the way to the floor, black and slimy.

"God!" Omee could hardly bare it, holding his nose and dropping the prod. Standing back he watched the tongue move like a snake, reaching into the bucket and lifting up a steak, its tongue curled around it. He watched as it pulled its tongue back and it slid through the open hatch and Omee couldn't help but stare.

"She likes you." A rather sweet female voice said, scaring Omee enough to grab the prod and look around but he was alone but the three Erebus.

"Down here." It said and Omee looked down, the voice was in his head and yet still gave him a sense of direction. It was the Erebus with human hands, at his feet. Not chained up. Omee screamed and fell back, pointing the prod at Erebus, the Panter seemed to be laughing with a smoker's cackle. The Erebus that seemed to be speaked crouched down, closer to the floor and stepped back. "I am no harm, please don't hurt."

"Fuke! You scared me!" Omee screamed and held his chest, his heart was racing faster then when he had a shot to the face.

"How did you know it a her?" It stepped closer and Omee sat up, pulling his legs away and making sure the cattle prod was off before thinking about the question, the things english wasn't that good. He looked at the Panter, wondering why he had refered to it as a her eariler.

"I thought the lil fin on its head was cue, so I decided it was a girl." Omee shrugged and looked at the little creature, no bigger then a large dog and seemed harmless. It nodded and looked at the Panter, tilting its head and the Panter growled.

"Sha' Kahr doesn't like being tied up like this, it saddens." The creature pushed up onto its hind legs and nearly doubled in height as it ran its small human hands over the heavy hest peice over the Panter's chest.

"Sha' Kahr?" Omee looked up at the Panter and wondered how it would be like to be in her place.

"Yes, we all have names, for selves and species. I am a Viler, she is a Kahr. The creatures that put us here call me "Lexis." Much better then Vil' Shree. They call Sha' Kahr "Moses." By this time Omee was up and listening to "Lexis" talk. Apperantly she was the encyclapedia of Erebus, which are really called nothing, Lexis says the three inside there were the only ones to get along because they were forced too. Outside, it's a giant free-for-all.

"What's in the tank?" Omee wandered over and tried to see through the murky light, Lexis was swallowing a steak before joining his side.

"They call him Lucifer, fitting. His kind destroy all they touch. Usually eating it. To us, he's a Barows. Resembles a squid but much larger. Three tenticals and a snake body. They have a tummy of a shark. They scare me." Lexis hopped away as soon as she could and tipped the bucket over. "No more food?"

"No, I'm not even supposed to touch you guys, I was supposed to be out half an hour ago. I should be going before they suspect anything." Omee headed for the door and felt a tug on his pant leg.

"They already know, they see all and hear all." Lexis had a grip on his jeans and sighed, turning to face Lexis, knelling down, giving her a gentle pat on the head.

"Then I'm already in trouble, might as well stay." He smiled and Lexis made a high pitched shreak, not really bothering him. "My name's Omee by the way."


"They're talking to him?" Bradly asked as he watched the moniter, just walking into the observatory. he had gotten the heads up as soon as Lexis walked up to him. She usauly hissed and sprayed a goo on people that walked in there. Moses as well was well behaved, not trying to choke the kid or french kiss him.

"Only Lexis, and appearntly Moses is a female." The tech at the desk said, watching the wall of monitors.

"Lock him in, if he wants to talk, let him. Maybe we'll learn something." Bradly saw the tap of keys and a red light appeared over the monitors for that room. he would be stuck for awhile now.

"Um, Sir!" She was getting shaky and flipped a button guard, that button would send the entire building into lockdown and order all nearby troops to come aid. But Brady stopped her in time.

"Let him."


"I think that's all I can get off, try to get out now." Omee said, wiping sweat from his brow, 'Shay' he came to call her was looser now. He had spent some time using the key he had to unlock what chains and padlocks he could. She was straining as she fought to get out. He saw her veins popping out of her arms and upper chest. She tried for a good minute before falling back into place, the head gear was attached to the wall and kept her at an awkward stance she was two feet taller then she was standing now, Omee's height.

"Come on girl. One more time." Omee willed her on and she tried, a loud snapping sound echoing in the small room. Then all he was a blur as her arm got free and easily tore the other metal cast off her arm and ripped chains and bolts from her armored encasing. Omee stepped back as he watched her thrust around and soon she was free, theb ones in her legs popping loudly as she stood at her full height. Doming over Omee, he took another step back and Lexis leaped up with joy an another shreak.

"She won't eat me right?"' Omee swallowed a lump in his throat.

"Um, no!" She giggled and Shay took a deep breath, looking down at Omee. She had no eyes, smooth black from lip to neck an beyond. He lower jaw was missing like all other Panters. They usaully tore their food apart with their claws and lapped it up with their tongues. Omee was nervous as he watched Shay move towards him and did the sign for "thank you."

"Where did you learn that?" Omee asked Lexis, looking down at her.

"Oh, not sure. I've known all these things since I was born. My kind are the only species that can talk but all others are highly intellgent. My tribe master told us 'We, the Vilers will dominate and rule as the new humans.' Though, I'm not sure why he would want that, humans are rather pathetic. Guess language is what causes chaos." She giggled and Omee was frightened slightly now. There was a tribe out there wanting to be human? Wonder if anyone else knew.

After realizing he was locked in, Omee made the best of it. Chatting with Lexis while Shay slept, curled up in the corner. She just wanted to have a pleasurable sleep for once, Omee cetainly didn't blame her. Omee was against the door as he talked with Lexis, about Erebus, about humans, about everything. She as well as Omee had a thousand questions but after a nonstop hours, Omee was nodding out.

"Are you okay Omee?" She added a hint of sweetness as she said his name and he nodded, fighting to keep his eyes open.

"Dandy, I'm going to rest my eyes. You should too." He yawned and lexis Laid a hand on his leg and he got goosebumps.

"Okay Omee, nini." She whispered and folded her arms under her head and was asleep before Omee. She snored. It was awfully cue, sounding a purring cat with each exhale, he rested his hand on her head an let his dreams spill over.

He saw Emma on her green bedsheets, crying. He went to her side and tried comforting her but she pushed him back weakly. He wanted to help, he hate to see her cry. She was always there for him and he was always there for her. Causing havok and what not when they were togather, she was his best friend since birth. She was all he had and he told her that now in this dream. She went silent and looked up at him, eyes wet and unsure. She wiped away her tears and closed her eyes, looking at the carpet as he sat next to her. He slipped his hand around her and pulled her close, laying his hand on hers, rubbing it softly. It went like this for a few minutes when Emma lifted her head up and gave him a peak on the lips, whispering something before letting him return the warm kiss. Her lips were like silk, he couldn't pull away as he pulled her closer, then on to his lap. She was quiet and hiding as he held her, watching her lift her tee shirt over her head. He couldn't help himself as he leaned down and touched his lips to her neck, then lower, then lower. He heard her gasp as he met her soft, warm breasts. Kissing the exposed skin above the pink bra and she gripped his hair with both hands, muttering something as he ostracized her bra. She arced her back, pressing them towards him and he rewarded her with more kisses before wrapping his lips around her pointed nipples.

*ring" *ring"

Omee groaned and opened his eyes, disappointed. Still in the hay floored room, Shay still napping and Lexis at his side. Stretching and carefully getting up without waking Lexis, he glanced at the light above the door. Still red.

*ring* *ring*

Omee looked around for the source and found nothing, no phone on the walls or even in the room. But it sounded so close. He held his ear to the heavy locked door and no difference. It rang over twenty more times and Omee was going insane, waking up Shay as he started kicking in the small vent under the water tank. She watched him and turned to her, twitching.

"Do you hear it?" She nodded and laid back down. Completly oblivious to his pain and he clutched his hands and laid on his stomach, pushing the vent open and looking it. Dust and moldy air.

"Lexis!" He groaned and overed his ears, face down on the floor and the ringing stopped. Thank god! He sat up and against the wall, rubbing his eyes. Lexis was up and stretching like a cat.

"Is everything alright?" She tilted her head and stood on all fours. Her permanant smile was a tad scary with her voice.

"Something was ringing and it was driving me mad!" He wailed and sighed, letting his head hang down.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I linked you by accident, that was my alarm." She said it as if it made total sense to him. But she elaborated, when she touched his leg last night and left it, the over exposure gave him the VIP pass to her open thoughts. A internal alarm that was like a regular one but in your head was one of them and only she could turn it off. "I didn't get much sleep I guess, sorry again."

He groaned and for the sake of it, he tried his keycard on the door, nothing.

"I'm hungry." His stomach growled and he turned to look at Lexis. "When do you think they'll let me out."

"I don't know." She trailed her words and then like magic, the door beeped 'open' but was still locked. He waited, talking and petting Lexis.

Her favorite food was cat.


The door opened and a small army was outside, a few lab techs with another full body prison for Shay were ready as well. They didn't even aknowledge him as he staggered out, saying his goodbyes to Shay and Lexis. Last night was incredible and he hoped it would happen again, but not as long though. That dream gave him goosebumps when he thought about it and wanted to see Emma.

Omee had climbed the three stair ways to the main floor, using his key card to open about a dozen heavy doors. Passing through the kitchen when a stranger in a black suit stopped him.

"He wants to see you." He commanded and Omee sighed, following the guy up three more flights of stairs and then taking an elevater the rest of the way up. Past the waiting room and rack of dirty magazines, Omee was in Bradly's office again. Taking a seat and waiting forthe guy to turn around, the suit standing in the back of the room, pretending to look at the various books.

"You had a strange night." He finially turned and blew out a smoke ring. He was in a brown suit and red tie.

"You could say that, I'm guessing I'm in more touble."

"Yes you are, how did you get them to be so passive?" He leaned forward, flicking the ashes into his coffee mug and Omee wondered if he drank out of it.

"I talked to them." Omee shrugged and thought that was the best answer.

"Did you know Lexis can tear a fully grown man's arm off?"

Omee shook his head and couldn't imagine his sweet little Lexis doing that. Blood spilling every where and some poor lad screaming on the floor.

"Well she can, seen it done perhaps a dozen times to the last dozen people that we sent to feed them. We tried muzzling her but she can spit acid if she does hard."

"What do you want me to do?" Omee didn't want to hear anymore babble.

"You keep feeding them, talk to them, find out about them." He took a heavy drag and blew it over their heads. Staring at the wall quietly then turned to face Omee. "We will double their meal intake and move them to a bigger room, with activites."

Omee thought that last bit was strange but let him go on.

"You are not to speak of this to anyone or I'll have you shot." He said and flicked more ash off into the mug. "Understood?"

"Yes sir, can I go now?" Omee couldn't configure what day it was, didn't want to miss anything an Bradly shooed him away.

It was so relaxing for him to sit in his busted up old chair. He laid back and stared out the window, another building blocking anything but brick. But the lines and textures created smaller images. After resting, he called Emma with his house phone. Letting it ring to her voice mail then trying again. It was almost to her voice mail when she picked up.

"Hello?" She sounded nervous and he tried to sound happy.

"Hey, it's me. How are ya?" He smiled a fake smile though she couldn't see him.

"Oh, are you okay?"

"I asked you first."

They talked and decided to meet up at their favorite place in Old Town. It was like everything else and within walking distance. He wondered into the small chinese cafe and asked if Emma was there, the young asian woman shook her head and he got a table by the window. Three other folks scattered around and sitting quietly, he told the waitress he would order once his friend showed up. An she waltzed right in after a few minutes, a loose blue zip up jacket and faded jeans fit her usual decor.

"Sorry I'm late, had to go out the window." She smiled and Omee couldn't understand how or why she did anything she did for him. Her "window" was a balcany three stories off the ground and not a thing to climb down. She was pretty amazing at making escapes from her dad.

"It's okay, gave me time to gawk at the waitresses, I think that one's named Allison." He smiled and she frowned, glaring.

"Not funny," She mumbled and looked out the window.

"Right," He kept smiling and recalling that dream, but with her current get-up while they ordered from a asian girl about half his height named Kim-Yuo. Cue lil thing.

"What's my father have you doing?" She asked when the Orange Chicken slid under her nose and she raised a brow at Omee's plain bowl of white rice.

"Just because I have a bigger paycheck doesn't mean my taste got bigger, pass the salt Nosy an none of your business." Omee can't understand why people don't understand his taste. Plain and simple. For chinese, it was a bowl of rice with salt, steamed vegtables if he was in the mood. For mexican food he had seasoned rice borritos and for american, anything not to drenched in sauces or other flavors.
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