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The Joke Is On you

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:43 am    Post subject: The Joke Is On you Reply with quote

“Delta, switch on the X-burst transceiver.”
“Aye, general Bilal.” responded Delta who was piloting a Brightlance along with Ian who was in a Katatna on Aldus. “What does it do?”
“It’s a new research project of our scientists. It’s supposed to decode encrypted enemy chatter.”
“So I am testing it out. I’m flattered, General.”
“Don’t be.”
“Why not, Ian?”
“Never mind.”

Bilal smiled. “Ok Delta, turn the knob till we get a lock on some chatter.”
“But general, there are no enemies deployed.”
“What? Oh… darn. Let’s –“
“What was that? Did I hear a word or my ears playing tricks on me?” asked Delta, a bit worried.
“It’s just noise. You might –“
“Where are you, human?” a slithering voice broke through the receiver.
“Okay! That’s creepy. General?”
“Who… who is this?” a hint of nervousness was evident in Bilal’s voice.
“I am the queen of Sha’Kahr. The most advanced race in the universe. How dare you step on my planet, you puny little humans!” the voice slithered on.
“I can’t believe–“
Bilal interrupted Delta. “I won’t be talked to like that, stupid queen. You underestimate us; a single fighter is enough for you.”
“Wha –“
“And who would that be, human?”
“Delta, show them what you got.”
“ME?? Are you out of your mind? I can’t handle battle against human enemies, let alone aliens!!”
Ignoring Delta, Bilal continued. “Queen, move to coordinate 87,115 –“
“Those are my co-ords, General.” Ian pointed, suppressing a chuckle.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I meant 98,134.”
“What are you doing general?? How could you do this to me?” said Delta, shaking all over.
“I think that would do. Hahaha”
“What’s funny Ian??” Delta demanded, angry and confused.
“Cool it Delta. What day is it today?”
“What… um… April 1… ah…” it finally dawned on Delta. “So it was just a joke?”
“Should I arrange for some cleaners in your garage Delta.” the voice slithered again. “You must have mesed your cockpit. Hahaha”
“Umm… who is impersonating the queen?”
“Militant” Bilal answered, glancing at Militant sitting besides him with a microphone on.
“Darn you, General Militant. By the way, you are right about the mess though.”
Everybody was in splits. Laughter rang out through the faction comms link.
“But seriously, I fell for it. Should have realized Sha’Kahr don’t speak English –“
“Thank you for the coordinates. I didn’t know humans were so imbecile.”
“Quit it general”
“Haha Militant, the joke is up though. He –“Bilal’s face turned white. The color drained from his face. Militant was no longer sitting next to him. Just then Militant entered.
“Had gone to the washroom. What happened?” inquired Militant after seeing Bilal’s face. Bilal checked for enemy deployments. But there were none.
“Ian, Delta, move out of your positions NOW!”
“Come on general. I won’t fall for it again.”
“DO AS I SAY! IT’S AN ORDER.” Bilal’s voice was frantic.
“Easy Bilal, there –“
Suddenly alarms went off and it happened.

“Adry, initiate rescue mission. Inform the elite squad and debrief them on what has happened. Also arrange for a hermit salvager and get a medical team on it quick.”
“Right away, general Bilal.” saying this, she ran out.
“Let’s go Militant. We got just above an hour before Aldus passes horizon.”

“Ian, can you hear me?”
After a pause, “Yes… General Militant.” he was in pain. “I think I broke my back. But I’ll survive if you get me before horizon.”
“Sha’Kahr still around?”
“Unfortunately, Yes. I think they are guarding me, like a VIP.”
“More like bait it seems.” Yinuss said.
“Delta, status?”
“I’m good. I have managed to lose the howlers but not before they landing some hits on me. My armor is burnt causing damage to my dropship request module.”
“Don’t worry, you can evacuate with us.” assured Yuna.
“Come to me you human scum. Let my children feed on you.”
“Shut up! Kill the transceiver, Delta!” Militant exclaimed
“Militant, you approach from North, I’ll cover south.” Bilal planned
“Will do. Yuna, Tom, N13 come with me, Yinuss and TKaz group up with Bilal.”
“Aye general”

“Alright! Prepare to engage. Remember, we are not here to kill the drones. Just hurt them enough so that they retreat and we can get to Ian.”
“We concur General Militant.”

The battle that followed was colossal and the fighter showed coordination like never before. Though the Sha’Kahr drones were proving to be resilient but their random fire and uncoordinated approach did not trouble much. However, the queen was causing problems but TKaz managed to hold it at bay with his BAX. Slowly but surely, the fighters were gaining the upper hand.
“Yeah! The drones are retreating! We have won!” exclaimed N13.
“Not yet. Tom, N13, guard Ian and get that hermit in. Rest, push into the queen. Force her to retreat.”
TKaz pushed ahead, his BAX soaking in the damage. while the rest dodged and fired.
“Fall back bro, your Nightstalker is taking lots of damage.”
“TKaz is right, Bilal. We will handle the queen; stay back till you regenerate your shields.”
“Falling back”
“Eat this!”
The queen was pummeled with continuous fire and her shield was dropping at a fast rate.
It was not long when the queen retreated.

“Yeah!”, “We have done it”, “Great job everyone.” everybody celebrated.
“General Bilal, medical team has successfully extracted Ian.”
“Great! Let’s head for home!”

Everybody was gathered around Ian in the faction sickbay.
“What? I’m not dead yet. So cheer up.”
Everyone smiled.
“I’m really sorry Ian. It was all my fault.”
“You don’t have to be sorry General Bilal. No one expected any of this to happen. But I’m glad I made it. I completely trust you guys.”
“Yeah, sure you can.” Yuna said.
“Ian,” Delta quipped, “the joke actually turned out to be on you.”
“You are right about that, but you messed up your cockpit more than I did.”
Everybody burst into laughter. Bilal felt relieved. He liked happy endings.

Words – 999 Smile
Its a true story that actually happened.
Images by - TKaz
Hope u like it Smile
Dragon Eclipse

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool shak hunting spree..Nice man

Respect is earned, Always
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I hate you Evil or Very Mad
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Joined: 10 May 2008
Posts: 563
Location: India

PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anyway, this has actually happened.
Itsmeian17 and joshuaj15 were deployed to Aldus. Ian and me made joshua believe that we were trading him for some tears and BE with the queen. Joshua believing us was totally pissed. He even set emergency evac. But a turn later shak spawned and Ian's necro+ got pwned by the queen. It was really freaky. The chat was epic but forgot to post it Confused
Dragon Eclipse
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That is not how i would talk bili Razz
In Game Name - Yuna

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