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Combat Efficiency (CE) Overhaul Ideas

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:17 am    Post subject: Combat Efficiency (CE) Overhaul Ideas Reply with quote

Read my original post here: http://forum.mobrulestudios.com/viewtopic.php?t=15776

I've always felt CE is a bit backwards in this game. Simple complexity everything costs way too much to deploy, comparatively speaking, to all other levels of complexity.

The common argument I've seen is: “Well, simples cost less to build and they're supposed to suck anyway.” I agree, however, why even bother having them in the game? With a handful of exceptions, they are not worth the CE drop cost to even bother deploying in regard to a comparable intermediate. In my opinion, if you look at the CE of simples, it's obvious that they were set up that way to make it so unpaids burn through command quickly so they'll be motivated to get paid days. I don't really feel this accomplishes that goal. This game already has 1000 ways to burn through command, why not fix this so it makes these units and mods more useful? (There will be a separate post on Unit Overhaul and Mod CE Modifiers Overhaul).

This has a ton to do with my point about the game being unbalanced, in my opinion.

For the record, I have no idea what formulas are used by Frizz to calculate build cost and CE for stuff. I'm sure he has them, but who knows. Anyway, I'll spare you the math, but I compared four, what I would classify as “comparable” units, in Simple through Advanced complexity. Generally speaking, the Intermediate cost 2x as much as the Simple, the Advance cost 4x as much as the Simple. An Elite (or a command unit, which should be reclassified as Elite) would cost about 8x as much. So there is your construction cost difference, which is fine and makes good logical sense.

The issue here is CE. The CE difference between a Simple non-modded unit and an Intermediate non-modded unit is about 10%. The CE difference between a Simple non-mod and an Advance non-mod is more variable, but it's still only about 40-50%. Once you put mods on everything, the difference in CE cost is even less. If you factor in on unit actis and special abilities, the CE difference gap becomes even smaller. This doesn't make logical sense, especially when you consider that most intermediates are head and shoulders better than simples, and advanced units aren't even in the same ball park at all.

The EASY fix would be to reduce the CE on every Simple complexity unit in the game. Probably by about 75%. For example, an unmodded Wolfhound should cost about 75-100 CE to deploy. Not 300.

This is the way I look at it: 2 simple units should have a reasonable chance to take down a comparable single intermediate; 4 simple units should have a reasonable chance to take down a single comparable advance unit. 8 simples for one elite or command unit, you get the idea. With that in mind, it should cost about the same to drop 2 simples for 1 intermediate, or 4 simples for one advanced. That is not possible in this game in most cases. A fully-modded Katana would usually beat 4 fully-modded Wolfhounds. The CE for dropping 4 modded Wolfhounds is more than double what it costs to drop a single modded Katana. It should cost about the same. See my point?

Obviously there will be a degree of variation, so don't look at this as a hard and fast rule. I'm just saying the way it is right now, Simple units are WAAAY too expensive in the vast majority of cases to even bother with using.

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