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Me, RR, and KS

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Joined: 11 Aug 2006
Posts: 108

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:50 pm    Post subject: Me, RR, and KS Reply with quote

Faction Chat
Warranted [9:00pm 28]
I didnt though, and havent in almost 5 months. And he knows that. He has just been finding stuff to argue about recently

Warranted [8:58pm 28]
I never lied or hid it before, so why when as an adult with no obligations not allowing me to smoke if I wanted would I lie about it now

Warranted [8:58pm 28]
He pushed way too hard today and over something completely ridiculous. I'm 26 years old. If I want to smoke pot I will and I'll tell you I did lol.

Warranted [8:57pm 28]
that I wasnt going to just keep sitting around and taking it

Warranted [8:57pm 28]
I'm a firm believer in showing the amount of respect you want to receive. We've had 3 talks recently about him being too disrespectful towards me and

Warranted [8:55pm 28]
Then he tried to scratch my eye and grabbed my nose >.> wtf lol

Warranted [8:54pm 28]
The man cant get outta bed without a loritab or 2, how the hell did he think that was gonna end for him if he did hit me lol

Warranted [8:53pm 28]
I think its just a bit of a midlife crisis and him realizing his age. Then he got in my face today thinking he could fight me....

Warranted [8:53pm 28]
Stayed up later, worked harder/faster no breaks etc etc

Warranted [8:53pm 28]
I woke him up everyday for work

Warranted [8:53pm 28]
let me work and I will finish the job, I wasnt tired and there was more to do

Warranted [8:53pm 28]
I think he has been intimidated tbh. I was working for him. I said when we left work because he always ready to go home earlier. I tell him just

Warranted [8:52pm 28]
He's been riding me for a few weeks now. Insinuating stuff, making lil comments, and just going on and on

ImLarkable [8:52pm 28]
oh hey pk

J4 [8:52pm 28]

Warranted [8:52pm 28]
Thinking I would take what I put in there and his stuff >.>

Warranted [8:51pm 28]
Essentially, disrespecting me again and calling me a thief

Warranted [8:51pm 28]
I made everyone leader, he took my strux and resources out of the faction

J4 [8:51pm 28]
also word is you did something with the ranks to sabotage ks?

J4 [8:51pm 28]
funny he says same thing about you

Warranted [8:50pm 28]
He been acting weird lately. Idk either stress from stuff with his ex-wife or his other son in Georgia

J4 [8:50pm 28]
i knew rr and phrank were related

Warranted [8:50pm 28]
-.- How are there people who still dont know this lol. This has been on All Chat at least a million times lol

Warranted [8:49pm 28]
biologically. legally I dont have one. He wasnt there lol

Warranted [8:49pm 28]
He's my dad lol

J4 [8:49pm 28]
are you guys related?

Warranted [8:48pm 28]
other stuff. Then I told him, Call me a liar just one more time

Warranted [8:48pm 28]
I told him to go buy a piss test if he was gonna go on and on. That went on for a bit, Then he got in my face, told me to hit him and stand up and

Warranted [8:48pm 28]
Then continuously called me a liar and got in my face and told me I would respect him because he was my dad.

J4 [8:46pm 28]
what were you fighting over?

So I think its a terrible idea to get personal stuff in game. But Im being asked over and over about the situation and apparently RR states I attacked him lol..

I never hit him, I wrestled him to the ground and told him we can stay there all night til he apologized to me, then I would leave. And I did.

I'm big on giving the respect shown and showing the respect you want given. No matter if you're family, friend, acquaintance, or whatever. Me and RR have had 3 talks about him being too disrespectful to me over the past few weeks and saying things to me that had malicious insinuations behind it. I had enough.
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Joined: 19 Aug 2007
Posts: 621

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am not going to get into all this but just to say this. I sent him all the strux of his he put into the faction here is the mail from my personal mail because he deleted all the faction emails.
[Reply] [Delete]
From: Ramrod
To: Warranted Sent: 5:13pm 7-28-15
Construx Received!
System Message:
You received the following Construx:
Paladin Meka - 1
Cobra Attack Hovertank - 8
Ares Meka - 1
Pirata Meka - 1
Juggler Meka - 27
Snapper Ore Transporter - 13
Diamondback Ore Transporter - 10
Farseer Meka - 1
Static Jammer Meka - 5
Wyvern Missile Platform - 2
Olio Drone - 36
Deterus Drone - 32
Indirus Drone - 36
Powerplant - Small - 21
Powerplant - Medium - 24
Powerplant - Large - 19
Turret - Basic Ballistic - 15
Turret - Basic Laser - 25
Turret - Basic Missile - 18
Refinery - Small - 19
Refinery - Medium - 18
Refinery - Large - 11
Repair Bay - Small - 31
Turret - Medium Ballistic - 27
Turret - Medium Laser - 19
Turret - Medium Missile - 26
Repair Bay - Medium - 14
Turret - Heavy Ballistic - 19
Turret - Heavy Laser - 13
Turret - Heavy Missile - 21
Supply Dump - 21
Supply Depot - 11
Powerplant - Super - 19
Faction Headquarters - 5
Faction Flag - 18
Light Thumper - 30
Medium Thumper - 8
Heavy Thumper - 8
Observation Post - 27
Tracking Station - 5
Fusion Generator - 21
Fusion Plant - 4
Fusion Reactor - 4
Shield Recharger - 26
Command Tower - 13
Ore Processor - Small - 11
Ore Processor - Medium - 3
Ore Processor - Large - 2
Gravity Dynamo - 2
Turret - Hybrid Laser - 12
Turret - Hybrid Ballistic - 10
Light Phase Shield Generator - 40
Medium Phase Shield Generator - 12
Heavy Phase Shield Generator - 8
Acti Recharger - Small - 38
Acti Recharger - Medium - 18
Sensor Array - Small - 25
Sensor Array - Medium - 10
Ballistic Ammo Refitter - 12
Missile Ammo Refitter - 11
Ballistic Damage Enhancer - 42
Energy Damage Enhancer - 34
Missile Damage Enhancer - 36
Shield Generator Small - 24
Shield Generator Medium - 12
Hellburn Overdrive - 22
Missile Ammo - 11
Burster Heavy Turret - 11
Level-head Gyro - 74
Backflash Recharger - 18
Patchwork Armor - 4
Derringer Cannon - 20
High Tension Shocks - 3
Guided Warheads - 9
High Capacity Ammunition - 22
High Capacity Missiles - 6
Distant Thunder Recharger - 35
Kypris Prism - 3
Pallas Prism - 11
Compound Optics Array - 30
Shield Boost Acti - 37
Basic Repair Nanites Acti - 30
Repair Nanites Acti - 11
Improved Mining Platform - 26
Improved Hydraulics Acti - 35
Mining Surveyor Acti - 26
Holoprojector - 41
Targeting Laser - 8
Shield Shunt - 29
Wartech Salvage Bot - 40
Wraith Light Launcher - 23
Carnivore Gatling Cannon - 23
Leech Laser - 14
Sanctuary Adaptor - 19
Nightshade Cloaking Device - 36
Powerplant Restrictors - 40
Missile Defense System I - 33
Combat Analysis Module - 22
Energy Defense System I - 39
Ballistic Defense System I - 22
Revealer Anti-Cloak - 49
Obliteration Cannon - 3
Chimera Power Converter - 5
Argus Energy Adaptor - 7
Compressed Cobalt Plating - 14
Proton Mass Generator - 34
Gyrojet Rounds - 6
[Reply] [Delete]

as far as any resources he is still in the hole 300,000 ore to the faction when he left.

I am posting this because I don't want everyone to think I steal anything!

I hope you get a hold of your life I really do!

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Joined: 11 Aug 2006
Posts: 108

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Trying to sound empathetic lol. The strux were gone before anyone deleted the mails dumb dumb. I didnt delete them either =)
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Joined: 11 Aug 2006
Posts: 108

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Also the person who did delete them told me. So tell another lie to everyone =) or call me a liar again.
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