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The Peacekeeper [Chapter 4] A Madness Stirs

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:55 pm    Post subject: The Peacekeeper [Chapter 4] A Madness Stirs Reply with quote

It's been many years now... So long the warrior has lost count. All of his men, gone. Wasted their lives for his cause.

"Was it really for me they fought?, is it my fault they're gone?..."

A few rusty heaps and a desolate ghost town of what was once a great base is all that remains.

"How did it come to this.... Why couldn't I prevent it"

As he reaches for another bottle, an alarm starts chiming in the distance.

"Just as well, the bottle was empty."

Stirring from a bed of empty bottles he rises. Grabs his rifle, an XR-140 Long-Rifle. Custom design with triage plating on the stock and reinforced pro-max quality steel for the barrel. A weapon any mercenary would be proud to have.

Making his way to what was once the observation post he brushes himself off and straightens his hat.

"2 incoming drop-ships... no one has been on this planet for years.. why now"

The warrior runs over to his ground-hog light scout bike and heads out to a nearby ridge top to scout the area and see whats coming

The large red planet has little to offer in the way of scenery. A few old wrecks from battles long forgotten and the occasional mining station. If you're lucky you may see a few bandits roaming the area hoping to find a victim to prey on but even they are only shadows of their former selves. Low grade technology and easy to predict.

Finally reaching the designation he hops off his scout and stealthily makes his way to a vantage point.

"So many.... what are they doing here?!?!"

Shaking from the anticipation of the fight ahead the warrior tries to make out what their goal could be or who their sponsor is...

"No one I recognize, perhaps a new Faction has rose to power in the passing years"

Something about the situation brought back a flood of memories. Years of watching his comrades and people slaughtered at the hand of the plague known as "Paranoia Galaxy Force" and the rise of the "Elite Resistance" who destroyed the lives of so many.

Bearing down the scope on the ships a symbol could vaguely be made out and an inscription..."What damnit, what does it say, who are you bloody bastards!"....and almost as if it was in plain view the whole time it becomes apparent and clear

"Sanctuary of Shadows"

"It can't be, why here, why now. After so many years of calm"

Their had been rumors of a new Faction starting up over the years. Gaining resources quietly in the shadows of space. Destroying the old factions and absorbing the remains. The ones who didn't make it away or die at their hands.

"Why are they here, what could they possibly gain from attacking me now, I have nothing left....no one.....no one...... fine."

The warrior stands proudly at the top of the ridge, dusting himself off he begins laughing.

"If its war, war they want. I shall make their blood pour over the hills and down to the valleys. Feed the buzzards from their skulls and grind their bones to the dust that covers this worthless $#^&hole"
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