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Joined: 13 Jul 2008
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:21 pm    Post subject: Palestar Reply with quote

One of the original support-oriented command units, and currently the most mediocre. We see the dreadnaught and dsm deployed almost everyday, with the old palestar making much rarer appearances. It is seldom the unit of choice.

My first favourite unit of this game, I'd love to see the palestar shine once more. There are two aspects I'd like to discuss, surviveability, and support-utility:

1) Surviveability:

The command-shield, shield-boost, and 2-levels dodge make the ps+ a stubborn unit, for sure, however it's still not quite where it ought to be. Given the capacities of certain other support units to stand for short periods in the face of large numbers (namely the sjm+/bax+), the ps+ pales in comparison. For a unit of its function, it ought to be in a similar league. In fact, the juggernaught is a potentially more robust unit.

Let's change one thing -

'Dodge: 2 Gunnery Levels' --> 'On-unit Actis:
Phase Shields [Activation] :8: Shield hits do -50% Damage this turn'

Dodge is great, but will never cut it in the larger pvp context. The proposal above will give the ps+ a solid surviveability boost, without making it invincible.

2) Support-utility:

To state the obvious, the primary role of the ps+ is to improve the shields of your units. The issue is, with the exception of the 'sector boost' function, it achieves this entirely through regen (a post-damage effect). This is a one-dimensional approach, and ought to be expanded to encompass more pre-damage shield support.

My suggestions -

'Faction units in same sector receive +25% Shield Regen' --> 'Faction units in same sector receive +25% Shield Regen/-1 Shield Damage'

'Sector Support (CD: 4): All in-sector faction units receive an additional +50% Shield Regen' --> 'Sector Support (CD: 4): All in-sector faction units receive an additional +25% Shield Regen/-4 Shield Damage'

I believe these changes would make the ps+ more versatile and competitive.
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Joined: 26 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

interesting ideas... its hard to determine how it would effect things without completely understanding how its intended to integrate with the current system. just overlaying it and stacking these with everything else is a bad road to head down. i hate sounding like a broken record and it isnt personal but we need units to be unique not just variations of the same super tank design.

an example of a change that isn't just a straight absorb everything would be to add a 45% missile dmg reduction and give it an acti that is -2 gl to be hit with a 4 turn cooldown ( allows it to dodge most things and tank the missiles). would increase survivability a lot on a unit that when used right is already a major pain to take out.

support-utility similar idea( stay away from large all encompassing bonus's and try to make it more directed). but im gonna ahve to mull that over i ahve a few rough ideas ill add them later.

i do agree that it could use a boast but i like to always represent the other side of the argument if i can help it.

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Joined: 29 Jun 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm a bit curious about why you decided to modify the unacti'd PS abilities in order to buff the PS+, and furthermore curious about why a unit that gives an impressive buff with only two real counters deserves to be as robust as units entirely dedicated to defensive staying power. I'd also like to know why you feel dodge just isn't worth it as a defensive mechanism; the only reliable counters to it (barring poor tactical decisions) are missile strike forces and SSMs.

Instead of a flat damage-reduction acti to shields (which you'll always have if PS+ between Shield Boost and command immunity) have you thought about making the dodge bonus become a harder to-be-hit once activated? This brings you up to -6 to-hit a PS+ (-2 unit to-be-hit, -4 Dodge) before commands/etc., compared to 10-range missiles getting +3.33 to-hit from range (and up to another +3 from Withering Fire); passively negating everything except situational modifiers from one of your actual threats sounds like a sweet deal to me. (For reference, this is equivalent to a Medium Thumper's or Shak Matrix's penalties to-hit.)

As far as making the PS a more active support unit, your changes to Sector Support sound good (since it'd also get the -4/hit) by itself, and I'd wait on seeing if a passive -1/hit is really necessary. Sector Boost could also be buffed instead, though I'm uncertain if it should gain damage reduction or a larger pre-combat shield.

And, ofc, these are just my 2 credits; I honestly haven't owned a Palestar, ever, so this is entirely theorycraft.
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olla wrote:
... Much better than nukes, that's too North Korean IMHO.
If these nukes are north korean, implement them anyway. They wont get 3 squares before tripping on a rock and turning into salvage.
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