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Various suggestions strung together

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:22 am    Post subject: Various suggestions strung together Reply with quote

Sha'Kahr Homeworld: (possibly full quad bases for community events?)


Bandit Homeworld (with 179 votes for implementing!)


Now for mine:

New bandit nodes and bandit spawns.

The nodes should be built by the community, or Council. There are plenty of ways to "mix things up" with bandits, as they have access to all tech. I don't see why they shouldn't have wacky base designs making it hard to give an exact way to fight.
(~Next part of suggestion~)
Hell, if they have a drop pad (or more) in base, they should constantly spawn bandits that give no mods when salvaged, and no exp. Course, cap each pad to like 35 bandits that only stay in base range and spawn when a player unit is like 30 blocks away...

The way I look at it, every unit should be able to be dropped by bandits. A way I can see around sitting down and making 300 different lists of what can be dropped is (if possible) set a CE limit per Bandit Spawn and having it auto-fill that spawn until the CE is either hit, or maxed.


A Konu Bandit Spawn CE wise is (work of fiction) 1,000 CE to 5,000CE. First check is picking a number between 1,000 and 5,000. It picks 1,956. With that number, it randomly picks and assigns units (1-3 of them) until that number is hit, or is exceeded.

What was chosen was: 2 Gatlinger Mekas.

Not bad for a spawn, or at least whoever spawns it. Let's try it again.

Picks the number: 4,592

Chosen units: 1 Dark Inquisitor Meka (2,150), 2 Paladin Mekas (1,160), 3 Darkhunter Stealthtanks (1,155), and 1 pitviper hovertank (270).

Now, with this system, it would be possible to have on a planet with a high CE spawn (2,000-10,000) to spawn multiple BOMs, Cmmdr units, etc... Which, honestly with heightened stats on that planet would be fun to see.

If the above isn't possible or too much of a hassle, i'll be more than happy to sit down and just type out plenty of different spawns for people.

My mind at 4:22am,
Check out my Created Construx, all feedback welcomed! I'll start you out on the newer stuff, so just scroll down! Razz
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I believe the best candidate for any HQ base is hadeas

Quad bases is nice, though I think counting the entire planet as one base is better. Massive power supplies in the center, PDSes in random sectors to prevent jumping the center along with random distribution of turret (human and hybrid) in every other sector.

I am trying to make a general idea before starting anything in code.

For example:
- Bandit strength depends on # of uncapped nodes
- Spawn rate increases with capped nodes (bandits calling for backup), making it exponentially hard to take the entire planet
- Bandits retake nodes

If all nodes are taken, bandit HQ is liberated for the cycle, a bonus is given on horizon based on nodes capped (PVP is on, bandits are gone, it's all about backstabbing now)

If not all nodes are taken, well nothing... no reward... all the hard work through out the cycle... u should make some pvp kills to make the drop worth it
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