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Wars of the Past, Present, and Future (chapter 2 done)

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:07 pm    Post subject: Wars of the Past, Present, and Future (chapter 2 done) Reply with quote

disclamer: this isn't intended to hate on pgf or anyone in pgf, nor is it intended to make ss look better in any way, shape, or form. all this really is, is a story i'm working on. if you still feel offended by it, then you can just walk out the topic and not have to see it, or click on it again. Razz


As I was sitting on her bed waiting for her to get “ready” for something, I thought to myself “why does she want to get ready, when I don’t know what she wants to get ready for…” Then she came into the room, dressed only in white lingerie, she had then forced me down onto the bed. My heart started pounding as she took off her bra to reveal to me her breasts. After getting on top of me, she asked me “Do you love me?” I could tell that there was something wrong by her voice and tone, but I was only thinking about the situation I was in. So I responded with the only answer I could say to her and also be the truth. A simple “Yes” came out of my mouth.

“Then please show me that you do love me.” As she said these words, tears were falling from her eyes… Everything… is… fading… This void… is this what death feels like… I hear a faint voice calling my name. I want to react to it, but I… can’t.

“Marcus! Marcus!” that’s all I keep hearing, and then a hand shows up, appearing to be reaching for me. Using the last of my strength I make an attempt to reach for the hand…

Everything is becoming bright, “Marcus, please wake up!” I hear it, Ashlynn’s voice. I opened my eyes; the bright lights of all the explosions temporally blinded me. “Thank God you’re still alright; I thought I was going to lose you!” She said to me, and then she forcefully grabbed me and started crying on my shoulder.

I could see the smoking wreak that used to be my necromancer, charred black and dripping molten metal from the wraith hammer blast. Our sensor array was sabotaged, and then Paranoia Galaxy Force attacked with cloaking mekas with Wyvern support a few minutes after, as if they knew it was sabotaged…

“Talon Leader, come in Talon Leader.” As I heard these words I reached for the radio.

“This is Talon Leader, give me a report hihanhoesj.”

“PGF forces are overrunning our positions; we can’t keep them here for long. Is Reiniak still out there with his Shadow Assassin?” hihanhoesj said urgently.

“I’ve failed at destroying it; Reiniak is still out there… he got away…”

“Forget about it, we have bigger problems on our hands, we just intercepted a message saying that there’s a missile silo ready to fire nuclear missiles, and it’s under PGF control!”

“What!? I thought nuclear weapons were extinct after the collapse of Earth!”

“Well, what else do you call that huge missile in the sky?”

“Evac now! I’m not taking any more chances! Just get out of there!”

“Rog………..” All communications have been cut, As Ashlynn, my forces, and I boarded the dropship that took us off the planet. We saw everyone make it out ok only to see the destructive power of these nuclear weapons completely destroy the base and everything in a 30 mile radius, but that wasn’t the end of our problems…

We returned to our space station only to find it void of life, and in a mess, as if something happened. We couldn’t worry about what happened, we needed to restore the power. Everyone had split up leaving Ashlynn and I to the hallway that lead to the hall of Upper Echelons.

We kept our laser pistols drawn as we proceeded down the dark hallway, we took note of the laser burns and bullet holes all over the walls, but there wasn’t any dead bodies to be seen nor was there any blood.

“Do you get the feeling that…”

“We’re being followed?” Ashlynn said, finishing my sentence.

Somebody was following us and we didn’t know if he was friendly or not. We kept going down the hallway waiting for him to make the first move, then the lights turned on, we both turned around to face him.

“I don’t even get a hello?” It was Jack “Ammodore”.

“Sorry, an empty base just doesn’t exactly go well with my head.” I said to Jack while laughing a bit at the end. “So, what exactly happened here?”

“Well, we were expecting a transport full of units from our factories, what we got was a transport full of enemy infantry. We got caught with our pants down, and you can guess the rest.” Jack paused for a second… “They took a lot of people prisonor, including the Upper Echelon…”

I got up and told Ashlynn that she was needed here. “Jack, you’re in command till I’m back.”

“And where do you think you’re going at this time?” Jack slightly snapped at me.

“I’m going to go to have a little talk with Trerro, he’s the only person I know of that can give me the information I need.”

“He’s a crazy guy that tells stories for a living; I can’t see any reason why you would want to talk to him.”

“I know he’s crazy, but some of his stories holds some truth, after seeing a myth become reality, he’s the only one that has reliable information.”

“Fine, just don’t say I didn’t warn you when you come back empty handed.”

After getting into my ship and flying it to the game world of Carmcastle, I headed to the bar where I know I would find Trerro at. I’ve been to this bar before, it was where I saved Ashlynn from some thugs trying to “collect” on her gambling debt, and the same night we fell in love, good memories…
TonySlwmo wrote:
He could be worse, he could be Defalcator... Oh wait...

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

lol, 1st paragraph must've caught the attention of some people Very Happy

Going good so far, put me in it!!!
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

And.... Jabiad gets his wish! Razz


“The Wingman”, it’s been awhile since I had a drink here, and the man I’m looking for runs the place. The exterior of the bar was like any other bar, a brick construction with a neon sign hanging over the door, as I entered thru the door; I noticed that it was still filled with arena contenders gloating about their victories. I went straight to the bar, and sat on the barstool on the far right.

“What can I get for you today?” Trerro asked me while cleaning a shot glass

“The usual will do.”

“Alright, 1 usual coming right up.”

At that moment I heard someone else coming in the door, along with his little “friends”…

“Move it princess, we don’t want to make a mess in front of your boyfriend. You still owe me money, remember that little gambling debt? I’m sure you do…”

I turned around, there’s Jabiad, and 3 of his men and 1 of them was holding Ashlynn with a knife to her neck, and a handgun to her head. I looked at him in the eye, knowing full that if I do anything, my wife will be killed.

“Why the hostility, all I wanted was have a drink with you. It’s very simple, you refuse, she dies, so what do you say?”

“Doesn’t look like I have much choice in the matter.”

“Good answer Marcus.”

He sat down next to me, he motioned to his men to take Ashlynn to the table in the far corner, and Trerro gave him a bottle of Rolling Rock that he ordered.

“So, why did you stop fighting for me in the arena, you had such a good career in it.”

“Listen Jabiad; let’s just say that my eyes were opened.”

“Still, I’m sure that it involves your girlfriend. She’s lucky to have someone like you, saving her whenever she gets into trouble, not this time however.”

“You know, you are right, I did leave because of her, and I have a life that some stupid arena can’t replace.”

“Well, I guess it’s time for me to leave, and you can have my drink.”

At that moment Jabiad smashed the beer bottle on my head knocking me out cold, meanwhile at the corner table, Ashlynn elbowed one of his men in the gut, causing him to shoot her in the leg. Trerro then pulled a shotgun from under the bar, and aimed it at Jabiad.

“You better listen well, cause I’m only going to say this once. Leave the girl, and get out.”

“My apologies didn’t mean for that to happen.” Jabiad turned and went to the door and motioned to his men to follow.

“That goes for everyone else, I’m closing the bar.”

Everyone in the bar left till Ashlynn, Trerro, and I were left. Even though she had suffered a gun shot wound, she still was able to help Trerro get the unconscious me upstairs to where he lived.

“I see you two are with Searing Shadows.”

“How’d you know?”

“The grey teardrop with the red glow on your shoulder was enough to give it away”

“Oh right, our jackets, of course…”

They got me onto a spare bed, treated my head wounds, and treated her leg wound. Knowing that Ashlynn is a field medic, she could handle it. Several hours passed by, with no progress on me.

“You should get some sleep Ashlynn; at least I’m going to get some sleep.” Trerro said to her, and then went to his own bed.

“Yeah I will…” She then looked at me, I was still as conscious as a rock. “It’s been awhile since we’ve been alone together, and I… it can wait till you regain consciousness.”
TonySlwmo wrote:
He could be worse, he could be Defalcator... Oh wait...
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very intresting - Keep it up!
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