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part 3 of 3

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:47 pm    Post subject: part 3 of 3 Reply with quote

Its funny when death is right at your door step stareing you right in the face, but to me death is a Dreadnought meka with its lasers pointed right at me "Oh revenge is very sweet" I hear the enemy in the Dreadnought meka say. I smile and cough some blood out of my mouth "Just...get it over with...will ya?" i hear laughter and close my eyes as i listen to the laser weapons on the Dreadnought meka charge up...

...5 hours prior...

Since the skirmish with the enemy Scout Meka and the Stealth team that chased after us, its been pretty easy riding towards the Marines Malevolent base. Its taken us 4 hours to get here after the last skirmish when we got here we took 1 hour for stealth reconnaissance. as far as we can tell the Marines malevolent doesn't have many meks patrolling its base only 4 Battle axe 1's. Aside from the mek patrol the base is power by a couple fusion reactor pretty much in the middle of their whole base next to that is their faction HeadQuarters, a supply depot, a bunch of turrets of all makes missle balistic and laser, but the one weapon that stands out and has me most concerned is the hybrid balistic turret. "Grfc the base is heavily fortified also including a Hybrid Balistic turret." i say over our factions communications. "Copy that Nuke good work get back to base asap the cavalry is on the way get back to base nuke over." I say to myself and sigh "Roger that Grfc on my way back." I turn in my pilots seat and look at giggity "So we going in?" he says with a grin on his face "you know it" i reply "all units prepare to assault the base!"...If i only i knew the true danger...

"Sir nukes unit is moveing towards the base." "Are you sure?" "Yes sir im positive i checked 3 times." Danm nuke what are you doing "All commanders this is Commander GRFC prepare for war rapid drop rapid strike over and out!" I look to the auspex as i watch enemy drop ships dropping to the their base "i hope we get to her before they do..." I whisper to myself.

We waited for the first wave of Contras main army to launch and assault on the base. Over 50 plus Claymore meka's assaulting from the west of the enemy base. Missle contrails trailing from the claymores hitting the enemy defense turrets and the 4 battle axe 1 meka's and exploding with loud "KABOOMS" in turn the turrets and the Battle axe's fire in return. Under all of the chaos my team and i move into the enemy base from the north. "Whats the plan nuke?" says giggity "Lets take out 1 of those fusion reactors wont completely shut down the base but will reduce its fire power." "And after that ma'am?" asks Screaming Hawks "After that we'll pull the the west and link up with the main forces." i reply "sounds like a good plan ma'am" says screaming hawks i smile and turn to giggity he looks up from his panel. He smiles at me and turns back to his panel i turn and proceed towards the Fusion Reactor.

"Danm Contras are moving towards our base." i say "calm down we'll get you back in the field soon enough you should've listened to the commander when he said not to attack." before i could say a word the commander's voice cuts me off "Caldor you were a fool and should not have engaged i should'nt even allow you to re-deploy!" he sighs then continues "but contra is coming down hard on our base we need every man we got but i got something i want you to pilot follow me." i follow him down to the hangers of our factions flagship. We pass by many drop ships filled with meks of all types battle axe's 1 and 2, Ares meka's, Bright lance's, Gatlinger's, and many many more "so this is total war..." i whisper to myself "Did you say something?" Says my factions commander "No" i reply as we pass by other faction commanders in charge of their own portions of their army getting ready for deployment in their speacial meks such as the Necromancer, Palestar, and nightstalker and thats just naming a few of them. I follow my factions Commander to an unlit area of the of the hanger he turns around and faces me and says "Seeing how your trigger happy and have better reflex's than anyone else on this ship i want you to pilot this meka." he snaps his fingers and bright lights blind me for a second as i look up and stare in awe at the warmachine's of all machine's in the galaxy.

We move unnoticed through the Marines Malevolent's base. "Nuke enemy dropship's on the way." "ETA?" is my reply "15 minutes." says giggity "alright double time gentle men!" It takes us about 5 minutes to traverse the base towards the 2 reactors. We get to point blank range and continue to fire on 1 reactor as its shields absorb all of our damage we continue this for few minutes. I tune my mek's guns to do more damage and pull the trigger. 3 things happen at once, first is combine fire from my lasers and screaming hawks lasers pops the shields of the reactor followed by fightings hawks plasma laser eats strait through the reactors and sets it off, second thing is the reactors explodes and lets out a force strong enough to pop all 3 of our shields, third thing is 3 drop ships land only 50meters from us.

The assault on the base is becoming a bloody grinder as drop ships from the Marines Malevolent's land in their base and deploy its units. Claymore's under contras commands launching payload after payload with mammoth combat support units re-arm them. Gatlingers closing the gap for short range skirmish's and also light foots utilizing their speed to assist the Gatlingers with hit and run tactics. But every commander knows that numbers will start to dwindle. At first we contra had the assault under its full control but as more of the enemy droped in and their base to assist them contra started taking heavy loss's and the front lines started to become a grinder. As i watch another Gatlinger explode i grab the comm's headset of my Dark Inquisitor Meka "This is GRFC all units pull back towards-" before i could finish the order to retreat a huge explosion can be seen as 1 of the reactors crumbles to the ground at the same moment all turrets stop firing including the hyrbid balistic turret. I hastely speak back into the comm's "BELAY THAT ORDER! ALL UNITS ASSAULT! PIRATELORD, XDS MOVE YOUR UNITS INTO THE BASE NOW!" i scream over the comm channels i watch as piratelord's and xds's commander meka's lead their army's into the marine malevolent's base. "Dammit nuke your crazy woman" i say to myself silently almost imidiatly i hear my navigators voice yell "SIR NUKES UNITS ARE SURROUNDED!" "oh god no" as i look on my nav map and see nukes blue beacon surrounded by hundreds of red beacons it looks as if nuke is a blue pebble in an ocean of red.

As the 3 drop ships assault ramps drop down i say to Screaming hawks and Fighting Hawks "MOVE! To the west thats where we can find some safety move move move!" as we hear the sound of Battle axe 1 cannons fireing towards us. Fighting hawks falls behind me as Screaming hawks leads and takes the turn around a deffense turret building towards the west. Fighting hawks turns and fires a few plasma shots towards the battle axe's and takes the corner. More and more drop ships drop down all around us and assault ramps deploying meks of all types. An enemy gattlinger turns and opens up its double rotary barrel guns peppering all around us "NUKE GUNS STILL ON COOL DOWN!" i hear giggity's voice "Fire at will Hawks!" i say over the comm's. Screaming hawks Emp laser's pops while Fighting hawks plasma laser's deal a critical death blow to the gatlingers cockpit. I scream in triumph as more Gatlingers deploy from the drop ship and start firing at us "MOVE MOVE MOVE COMON LETS GET OUT OF HERE!" i scream into the comm's as we move behind a building Fighting hawks shields pop and i watch in horror as the mek is punctured many times by Gatlinger round's "NOOOOO!" i scream "Ma'am...it has been...an honour to fight beside you..." says Fighting hawks as i watch the Silent death engage its under cockpit gladius and rush towards the Gatlingers."Ma'am comon don't let is sacrifice be in vain!" i hear Screaming hawks say as we proceed throught he buildings westbound.

As i watch Commander Nuke's blue beacon move westbound i smile. with my copilot dead from the previous volly ranged attacks are out of the question. I push my Silent Death meka towards the Gatlingers "comon just hold on for a bit more" i say to my meka. Gatlinger rounds punch fist size holes into my mek as my shield try to re-stabalize.When i got close enough i slamed my mek into a gatlinger lunging the under-cockpit gladius into the gatalingers cockpit poping its shields and dealing a deathblow. Before another Gatlinger can get a bead on me i move to another slashing at its legs it falls over disabled on its back.My right side gets lit up with Gatlinger firepower destroying a laser cannon i try to move my mek towards it but more shoot at me. My mek falls backwards as the rest of the Gatlingers shoot me making sure i'm really dead

"100meters nuke we're almost to the front lines!" says giggity i push my meka to go faster and watch the meters drop on my cockpits hud. Screaming hawks is leading the way 80 meters we're almost out of here comon we can make it, 60 meters something i wasn't expecting happens. A dreadnought meka comes from around a building blocking our path. It opens fire at us with laser missle and balistic rounds our shields and quick manuvering dodges most of the damage. Screaming hawks engages their gladius and moves forward "DON'T YOUR GONNA GET KILLED!" i scream "As long as you get out of here ma'am thats all we care about" replys screaming hawks. Before they could make contact the Dreadnought shoots them with everything its armed with leaving clear holes through the Silent death. I take cover behind a building "giggity tell grfc i should have listen." before he could reply i hit the activation stud for ejecting him the canopy opens and giggity is flung out and away from my position i close the canopy and hear "come out come out wherever you are!" i recognize the voice as the pilot that got away i step out from the cover and face the dreadnought with my silent death meka. "They re-deployed you fast." i say "yea kinda happens when full scale war is at hand." i smile as i engage my gladius, without giggity ranged weapons will be incredible inaccurate. "Hah gonna make this fight a brawl?" as he fires all weapons towards me. I move fast as my mek can provide dodge shot after shot closeing the distance. He fires his laser cannons i duck low with the lasers just touching my shields and poping them but i get close enough to slash at the legs of the dreadnought. every blow hits but the dreadnoughts plateings are just to thick as he fire's balistic rounds at me cliping the hull of my silent death meka. I step back a few steps and circle him "that won't work this time you winch!" as he unloads missle's towards me i easily dodge the rounds and again slash for his mek this time the cock pit but he drops the should of his mek and uses it to shoulder charge me. My mek takes a full hit and i hear plateings crack warning's scroll across my hud as my mek steps back he fires all weapons again but im still to dazed to dodge the attack as my mek takes full head on hits and falls backwards.


I'm hurt. I'm bleeding. My meks down. I hear the dreadnought moveing closer as i hear him say "I knew id get you back oh revenge is very sweet" i hear him laughing like some kind of madman. I smile and cough some blood out of my mouth "Just...get it over with...will ya?" i hear laughter and close my eyes as i listen to the laser weapons on the Dreadnought meka charge up. I hear explosions and open my eyes and see missle's slaming into the right side of the dreadnought. I follow the direction of the contrails and notice its comeing from the west. The dreadnoughts shields pop as more missles slam into its hull. I hear GRFC's voice "Thats my pilot you basterd!" as more missles slam and kills the dreadnought. I lay back and everything gos black.

I pilot the Dark inquisitor meka to nukes downed Shadow Assasin meka. "I'm going down there take the controls." i tell my co-pilot as i release the harness straps. I exit the Dark inquisitor meka as quick as possible and climb into nukes cockpit i hold her in my arms her body is bleeding in many places. I feel a pulse "comon nuke don't die on us!" i feel nothing. I give her cpr and try to resuscitate her but to no use. A voice comes from the comm's bead in my ear "Is she alive?" its XDS i press the activation button in my comm's bead "negative she gone..." i say with sadness and anger "all units kill them all let none survive this battle is for nuke!" i hear the roar of the hundreds of crewmen all as one they say "FOR NUKE!"

...5 hours after...

It takes us 5 hours to destroy the Marines Malevolent's base. In the process we also found giggitys life pod. Any enemy that gave up was killed without mercy unfortunantly some got away. after the battle i went to where nukes down Shadow Assasin was and retrieved her body. I carried her to the edge of the city where contra meks stood in attention also nukes co-pilot giggity and my commanders piratelord, xds, cshang, halfwrong, and madartist waited next to a pyre built for nuke. As i layed her body on the pyre i saluted her and in turn everyone else saluted her i turned around and said "nuke maybe gone but we still fight on without her decision not to fall back to the base we would not have been able to win this war she may have made a foolish mistake but she has died a hero of our faction!" in unison everyone reply "FOR NUKE!" i turned and lit the pyre and shed a single tear "for nuke..." i whispered to myself as we all watched nukes body burn but her soul will live forever in each and every contra.
"honor is your life! Let none dispute it!"
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well Bloody magnificent... Wink

Well dedicated to a lost soul..in Sister Nuke.. Crying or Very sad

A true Contra through and through... Very Happy

Grats on that.. Laughing

GR.. Wink
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