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part 2 of 3 "Hunter becomes Prey"

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:48 pm    Post subject: part 2 of 3 "Hunter becomes Prey" Reply with quote

I snap out of my memories at the sound of a Dreadnought meka moveing towards my downed Shadow Assasin. I shut my eyes waiting for destiny to take me away...

...12 hours prior...

The small skirmish with the Scout Sniper meka had cost our small recon team one silent death meka. All hands on the Silent death was lost but now was not the time for grieving. "They will be missed" i tell my two remaining Silent death crewmen, Screaming hawks and fighting hawks, "but for now use it to fuel our mission." I fail to hide the sadness in my voice. I hear Giggity sigh behind me in the co-pilot seat "Let's get this over with then Nuke." I nod as we proceed towards The Marines Malevolent's base.

"They took slm out!" "Pull back to base and take deffensive positions rein-" "WHY!? Theres only 3 of them and 4 of us we can take them" "Pull back thats an or-" i shut the comms off danm them im a marine malevolent my men under me are marine malevolents i know we can take them "so whats the final verdict sir?" i hear my co-pilot of my Shadow Assasin ask "We're going in tell all units to stealth up and lets move!" I hear my co-pilots fingers dancing over the keyboard with years of expierence behind each key stroke. I watch the 3 Silent Deaths under my command in the colors of the marines malevolent stealth I too activate the stealth field for my Shadow Assasin and lead the squad towards its prey.

...10 hours prior...

"Nuke you know we're being followed right?" says giggity "yeah i know how many and how far are they?" I allow myself to prepare for any combat that might happen i slow my breathing and feel my senses heighten to that of a expert pilot "4 in total, sorry nuke cant tell you what kind of enemys we're up against, but they are 1 quadrant away and following" 1 quadrant? danm thats only 100meter "Thats to close for comfort tell me if they move in any further" "Copy that nuke."

My palms are sweaty as my anxiety for the kill kicks in they wont know what hit them i grin as i move my Squad to move in for the kill.

"Nuke they're moveing in 90 meters and closeing!" "All units stealth on my signal!" I slow our movement to let the enemys pursueing us catch up. If they want a fight ill give them a fight."80 meters" i feel my adrenalin pumping through my body "70 meters" my heart starts to beat faster as seconds seems to become hours "60 meters! shit they're almost in maximum laser range nuke!" "All units stealth now!"

I pull the trigger but what happen wasnt what i was expecting all 3 targets stealthed and miraculously dodged every shot before i can issue and order i saw the flash of laser discharges. The first shot came from an enemy SD that was right in front of us but now was on our 2 o'clock. The shot was an EMP shot and slamed into the SD that was on my far right side its shields poped while the shots that followed the first where plasma shots 2 of them slamming into the nose of the SD turning it into a molten slag the next three shots came from an enemy SD now on our left the lasers were all EMP shots 2 slammed into the the 2 SD's that where closer to be on either side poping their shields while the third shot was for me. I dodged the laser and smiled, theres a reason i have a merit for Quick reflexes but my smile was wiped away as i saw 2 more shots from the enemy Shadow Assasin hit my remaining Silent deaths in the legs slowing them down.

1 kill in the opening salvo 2 enemy SDs now injured and the remaining enemy Shadow Assasin was unharmed. I send screaming hawks and fighting hawks to take down the remaining Silent death mekas "Their leader is mine!" i say as i close the distance between me and my enemy.

The injured Silent death's under my command flee with they enemy SD's following close behind. I force myself to tear my attention away from the SD's and focus on the SAM rushing towards me "SHIT SIR THAT SAM IS COMEING RIGHT FOR US!" says my co-pilot wording my thoughts i swiftly activate my under cockpit Gladius energy sword lunging forward like a warrior stabbing his enemy.

I smirk as i watch my enemy lunge forward but to high with his gladius. I pilot my SAM into a "ducking" position and engage my own gladius thrusting upwards into my enemys cockpit. He moves with my gladius catching his left mounted laser cannon sliceing it clean off. The enemy SAM takes a few stebs back as we circle each other like two brawlers in a battle ring.

Danm that pilots good i tell myself silently as we circle each other. In the distance i can hear the SD's fighting out their battle but i can't tear my focus from this enemy. I lunge forward once more trying to strike the cockpit but swinging low not letting my enemy dodge my blow once more.

Never make the same move twice is my motto as i side step to the left ending up on the right side of the enemy SAM watching him swing for nothing but baren dirt i lunge my mek forward once more trying to kill him instantly but he parrys with his own gladius this time "man hes fast" i say alot as he swing for my cockpit once more i bob and weave like a boxer and slice his SAMs right leg. Hydrolic fluid sprays my canopy but is cleared i watch as the enemy staggers backwards.

"NO!" i yell a weapon destroyed a leg disabled this isnt good i pull the trigger hopeing to atleast deal some type of damage to the enemy. I miss without my stabalizers i cant aim right. My enemy moves in for another strike i expect to be struck on the cockpit but im hit on my mek's left leg rending it disabled.

The enemy SAM tumbles backwards imobalised falling on its back i walk over it and watch as the pilot struggles to get back up "This is nuke of the Contra Elite give up now! this is the one and only offer you will get!" i tell the enemy pilot "Kiss my ass!" is the reply i get "your choice" before i could deal a death blow the canopy blows off and the pilot and co-pilot ejects out and away from the battle leaveing the wrecked SAM.

Danm her! A woman beat me! how could i lose to a woman!? ill get her back i promis myself ill get her back real good!

"nicely done nuke" says giggty before i can reply i hear footstep thuds behind us. I swtiftly turn around to see Screaming Hawks and Fighting Hawks Silent deaths both are covered in hyrdolic fluid, i can only imagine how their fight must have been as i examin their mek's i notic Fighting hawks damaged hull "can you proceed with the mission?" i ask him "affirmative" is the reply i nod even though they cant see me nod as i turn around and proceed towards the marines malevolents base.
"honor is your life! Let none dispute it!"
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Already excited for part 3. :)
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

To quote a wise man:


Frizz [2:34pm]
*puts on his ban-hat*
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Still waiting on my 'romance' scene, it's not realistic unless I'm thinking with my penis Razz
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