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Selling some Strux

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Joined: 10 Feb 2011
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:18 pm    Post subject: Selling some Strux Reply with quote

Payment in either TB or cmd pl0x? Mail me ingame with prices? Very Happy

Units Name Complexity #
Akimo Meka Simple 2
Ares Meka Advanced 2
Ballista Meka Advanced 1
Battle Axe Meka Advanced 1
Bowman Meka Simple 1
Brightlance Meka Advanced 4
Calico Utility Vehicle Simple 2
Cobra Attack Hovertank Simple 1
Coluber Utility Vehicle Simple 1
Copperhead Hovertank Simple 1
Deterus Drone [Combat Drop] Simple 5
Gladiator Meka Intermediate 1
Ground-Hog Light Scout Simple 4
Gunslinger Meka Simple 2
Hedgehog Utility Vehicle Simple 2
Hellbore Meka Advanced 1
Howitzer Meka Intermediate 3
Indirus Drone [Combat Drop] Simple 2
Jaguar Medium Tank Simple 1
Juggernaught Meka Advanced 1
Killfox Meka Intermediate 2
Lobber Assault Vehicle Simple 2
Long-Rifle Meka Intermediate 2
Mercat Scout Tank Simple 2
Mini-gun Meka Simple 3
Olio Drone [Combat Drop] Simple 1
Paladin Meka Advanced 1
Panther Light Tank Simple 3
Pirata Meka Advanced 1
Python Heavy Hovertank Intermediate 1
Sai Meka Simple 1
Sentry Meka Advanced 1
Striker Assault Vehicle Simple 2
Tiger Attack Tank Simple 2
Titan Meka Intermediate 1
Tornado Meka Intermediate 1
Tortoise Scout Vehicle Intermediate 1
Whirlwind Meka Intermediate 1
Witman Meka Intermediate 1
Wolfhound Meka Simple 3
Wolverine Meka Intermediate 1
Buildings Name Complexity #
Ballistic Ammo Refitter [Combat Drop] Intermediate 2
Ballistic Damage Enhancer [Combat Drop] Simple 2
Energy Damage Enhancer [Combat Drop] Simple 2
Missile Ammo Refitter [Combat Drop] Intermediate 1
Missile Damage Enhancer [Combat Drop] Simple 3
Powerplant - Large Intermediate 1
Powerplant - Medium Simple 3
Powerplant - Super Advanced 1
Refinery - Large Intermediate 2
Refinery - Small Simple 1
Shield Generator Large [Combat Drop] Advanced 1
Shield Generator Medium [Combat Drop] Intermediate 3
Shield Generator Small [Combat Drop] Simple 2
Supply Depot Intermediate 1
Supply Dump Simple 2
Turret - Basic Laser Simple 3
Turret - Heavy Ballistic Intermediate 1
Turret - Medium Ballistic Simple 1
Turret - Medium Laser Intermediate 1
Mods Name Complexity #
Aerodynamic Armor Simple 2
Argus Energy Adaptor [Combat Drop] Intermediate 1
Armadillo Reactive Armor Simple 2
Backflash Recharger Simple 1
Ballistic Ammo Simple 2
Buckler Light Shield Generator Simple 1
Calypso Prism Intermediate 1
Chimera Power Converter [Combat Drop] Intermediate 1
Compressed Cobalt Plating [Combat Drop] Simple 2
EMP Ammunition [Combat Drop] Intermediate 3
Evercell Capacitor Simple 2
Evercell Recharger Simple 1
Facenorth Gyro Advanced 1
Gemini Assault Turret Intermediate 2
Hailfire Missile Launcher Simple 1
Hasty Construction Simple 2
Hellseeker Energy Turret Simple 4
Level-head Gyro Simple 1
Maxwatt Transformer Simple 3
Missile Ammo Simple 1
Plasteel Armor Simple 1
Porcupine Reactive Armor Intermediate 1
Pro-max Armor Advanced 1
Proton Mass Generator [Combat Drop] Simple 3
Scatterfire Gatling Gun Simple 2
Sonic Powerplant Simple 1
Steeltec Repair Bot Simple 2
Tri-gun Intermediate 1
Typhoon Supercharger Simple 1
Wartech Gatling Repeater Simple 2
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