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"hydra facility" my drop shock coolstry

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:18 pm    Post subject: "hydra facility" my drop shock coolstry Reply with quote

(-45, 2424592; "hydra" underground-facility, undisclosed planet)

12th horizon
private aron valkarion; "fire huskies" crewman

The most interesting thing all week was the party the locals threw when we told them we were willing to
let them stay in the area, they already got pretty far into building an underground complex to protect against
the horizon. we do need the manpower. anything to get away from the bandits I guess. well, i'm up for deployment.
lucky me :D

12.05th cycle

'here are your orders!' an officer handed me a beige folder containing deployment orders.
I would be assigned to the "gladiator" mech, using the new mrk.II variant it uses state of the art tech
to defeat all standard targeting computers and most non-standard gear. the mission was a standard
capture and control, find one of the many relics and hold it untill research teams could arrive.

this was a dangerous mission for sure, the researchers needed a full infantry team
to deal with bandit gorilas, and I faced the threat of other factions using lethal force to obtain the
artifact. 'well, I guess I should find my co-pilot'

12.051th cycle

'hey aron, join the party!' my response, 'the hell?' my co-pilot john Thule appeared to have joined the locals
in their celebration, probably busy eating their store of food and harassing the women.'common', even you have
to have some fun sometime aron!'When he attempted the inevitable
move towards the closest woman, he recived a bit of a lesson in personal space. curtisy of a fist into his chest.

'Karen, I guess he doesn't remember last time then?' Karen was the most skilled gunner in the command crew,
the first and most elite of our combined forces, also the best hand-to-hand fighter in our combined forces.
'pathetic' she said.'this idiot doesn't even have the excuse of being drunk. well, how have the people here
been treating you guys? I doubt he's helping your relationship with the locals much.'

12.0515th cycle

Our group made our way into the civilian section complex, scattered containers and scrap salvaged from thier anchient colony ships,
these civillians didn't have much, living off the scraps they find in the wastes. I was almost surprised they haven't resorted to banditry.

'so,you two are the crew, I've been assigned as the handler for deployment. wish I didn't apply for such a diverse position' Karen sighed,
'he's such a slave driver, makes me responsible for every operation we do here.'

sipping on the "party mix" provided by the the base's mess, I asked Karen, 'so, why are we here anyway? boss has made sure we know
this isn't a humanitarian campaign.'Karen's smirk told me otherwise.'oh contriare, the boss cares for the people more then he would
want known, no normal commander would allow this kind of
situation to even be discussed. we have a whole council agreeing
to the plan.'

after a breif pause, she continued. 'he placed the HQ here
only because these spacers asked for protection from
bandits. and of more strategic importance this planet
has many relics of a vastly diffrent origin compared to others.
we have two goals here, research as much as possible
about the strange purpose of these relics, and recruit
a full task force and a start up a formal HQ in this system.'

PS: the forum's formating. is strange, small box, large text post. spreads the words all over the place, i'm going to throw this into a word processor.
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