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Kamen Rider Dropshock

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:52 pm    Post subject: Kamen Rider Dropshock Reply with quote

Just an idea that wouldn't leave my brain after watching Kamen Rider: The First. Haven't forgotten about the other stories, this is to break my writers block. Kamen Rider isn't mine, it's property of Shotaro Inishiomori and Toei.

Kamen Rider Dropshock Reccomended Soundtrack:

1. Elements by Rider Chips feat. Ricky
2. Regret Nothing - Tighten Up by Watanabe Shu
3. Gotta Keep It Real by Watanabe Shu
4. Destiny's Play Reunion ver. by TETRA FANG
5. Stay The Ride Alive by Gackt
6. Supernova by TETRA FANG
7. Chosen Soldier by ISSA
8. Extreme Dream by Labor Day
9. Leave All Behind by Wilma Sidr
10. Real Action by Takeru Sato
11. Love Wars by Queen and Elizabeth/AKB48
12. Dive Into The Mirror by defspiral

Kamen Rider Dropshock

Prologue: History

LR sipped his whisky and looked out at the stars streaking past his shuttle. He felt the floor under his feet shudder slightly and closed his eyes against the brilliance from behind. He took in a shuddering breath and thought about the past. Of battles gone by, the faction power struggles, the coming of the Sha’Kahr…and the falling of the meteors. The field of battle had changed dramatically once the strange meteorites had fallen on the planet the TWPRC – the Tiny Warz Planetary Rescue Corps – had codenamed Dominus for its overbearing atmosphere and rough terrain. He allowed himself a rare smile as he reminisced on the reason why that name was picked; a former friend – Jekyll his name was – had stated that the entry into the atmosphere was like being whipped and beaten by a dominatrix.

After the initial “revelation” that they were harmless to humans was broadcasted by the newly created Newsbot it seemed everyone had to have one. Why, he had no clue. The allure was there…but that brought along more problems. The Sha’Kahr began swarming to the strange meteors in greater numbers than ever – seemingly hoarding the rocks in grand lairs. Assault after assault was made on the lairs with no progress. When the Supreme Commander ordered a full evacuation of the planet, there were few complaints; too much had been lost. Dominus was reclassified as a dead world and was left alone. Occasionally there were energy spikes recorded on the surface, but everyone dismissed those as minor incidents.

Over the years, the bandit clans were all but purged from Konu and Aldus. Terraformers dropped in droves to the planets; creating cities that the Commanders of the TWPRC could retire in peace. Slowly, the number of bandit attacks on the cities waned and the Supreme Commander did what no one thought possible; negotiate a peaceful treaty between the two sides. As in any treaty, there were dissidents; those who saw the bandits as nothing more than troublemakers, womanizers and mass murderers. They formally disbanded from the TWPRC, grouped together and took up the collective name of the Guild of Light. Those bandits that refused to mingle with the “highs and mighty” also grouped together, creating tanks and mechanized walkers – or Mekas – that were similar, yet different.

This time, the wars stretched everywhere and anywhere. Some crackpot scientist by the name Arc_Angel came up with a radical idea to fit interstellar engines to Mekas and change their weapon systems completely. He was lauded as a fool, until he hijacked the main manufacturing facility on Konu and shot down a bandit Battlecruiser in space. With nothing more than a Mite Meka. And again, the battle escalated.

It was only a matter of time before someone set foot on Dominus again. A small Guild of Light task force – helmed by Renaisance – landed on the planet and were destroyed instantly. LR wasn’t sure how it was possible to burn, freeze, implode and explode at the same time and he didn’t want to find out in a hurry. The pictures that were beamed back told a whole different story. Through some unknown means, the Sha’Kahr had evolved in a very short span of time to become…smaller and more humanoid. And they took the intrusion on Dominus as another attack to claim the meteors.

They swarmed.

In the span of five minutes, all planets were crawling with them – except Aldus. The Guild of Light was decimated and the rogue bandit groups forced to seek shelter elsewhere. Conversion of the hulking Mekas to lightweight battlesuits was taking too long and with the encroaching Sha’Kahr threat, it wasn’t long until the Supreme Commander began grasping at straws. Development was started on a secret project – one that could turn the tides of battle in an instant. The leaked name was the Battle Riser System or something like that. Armies were thrown against the overwhelming might of the Sha’Kahr for the sake of research and battle tactics. Lives tragically cut short…all for science.

LR sighed as he felt the pilot maneuver the shuttle out of a large explosion. He glanced wearily at the case beside him and shook his head slowly. The day before the system was announced and completed, Aldus had gone to shit. Sha’Kahr armies dropped out of the sky and started tearing bases up. Wave upon wave of Death Howlers, Doom Splitters and Harbingers fell against the powerful weapons of the TWPRC and the orbital troops. Queens shrieked as they exploded and the humanoid creatures crumbled…but in the long run, they were winning.

The Supreme Commander had left the planet a week previously; headed back to Earth to gain more support and troops. He never made it; his shuttle was destroyed by a rogue blast by one of Arc_Angel’s automatic turrets. There were rumors of an escape pod being launched, but nothing was heard from the Supreme Commander’s private comm. So development had stepped up and the Riser System neared completion, though without testing. Testing was briefly considered, but it was brought to a complete and utter halt after a certain incident in the test chamber. LR hadn’t personally seen it, but he heard the phrase “thick tomato soup” being thrown around for hours after.

And that almost brought him to where he was now. The last remaining forces of the TWPRC had vainly given the top scientists and Arc_Angel enough time to complete the Riser technology. As the final squadrons took up their positions, LR found himself unceremoniously being shoved into an armored shuttle along with the Riser System and overhearing instructions to make tracks for Earth. Something about the System needing to be mass-produced – even though it was powered by Sha’Kahr “tears”. Those powerful crystals were found nowhere on Earth and would be nigh-impossible to recreate in a conventional lab. He had voiced those concerns…only to have the shuttle door slam in his face. He had just strapped himself in when the landing pad was rocked by blasts and explosions. They just made it off the tarmac before a grossly mutated Drone Queen had burst up from where they had been a few microseconds earlier. That same Drone Queen had then been destroyed by Arc_Angel’s Dreadnought Meka’s final attack; destroying it and the Queen in a blossoming flower of fire and gore.

Settling back in his chair, LR sighed. After five months of constant turbulence, he was going back to Earth. A planet he swore he would never set foot on again after leaving almost five years previously. Times had changed and so had he.

It was time to face the sins of the past and the unknowns of the future.

To be continued...
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