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Day of the Katana

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:21 pm    Post subject: Day of the Katana Reply with quote

Planet Esika, Drop-Shock System
Somewhere in the Galaxy

Kodai Kazuya maneuvered his bipedal war machine the ‘Katana’ Meka around the desert of this dry arid planet. He came alone for this particular mission, his aim is simple locate ancient alien relics coveted within this war torn and violent system. The meka pilot throttled his humanoid machine forward, unlike the other variants of this behemoth, the mercenary meka pilot owns the ADE variant; this allows him to do more damage with an additional armor. The uniqueness of his meka incorporates four mod slots that allowed him to significantly modifies the ‘Katana’; with a Hightower Shield Generator, the modification gives him enhanced shielding which in turn allow his meka to take more punishment than any of the variants. Usually a ‘Katana’ moves at a speed of forty kilometers per hour, however the sly warrior have placed a powered and improved hydraulics. This ingenious modification allows Kodai to travel faster by 100 kilometers per hour which gives him a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour.
Time is crucial, the sooner he can capture those relics the better. Kodai knows he is not the only one who would be looking for the treasured artifacts. To protect him and even defend the treasure he seeks, Kodai’s meka is armed with two energy cannons as the arms of his humanoid war machine and a venom energy cannon which he added as a modification giving him more firepower than a regular ‘Katana’ Meka. The meka pilot checked his scanners; a suspicious object has appeared from his screen. Using the speed of his meka, he quickly dashed toward the object. The relic appeared in full view of his heads up display. Finally, his patience has paid off.
“Kodai to base,” he called out from his communiqué, “I have found one of the relics.”
“Base to Kodai, this is Jekyll,” replies one of the officers of Searing Shadows.
“Go ahead Jekyll.”
“Capture as much relics that you can find. Defend it as long as you can,” the officer of Kodai’s faction ordered.
“Copy that, Jekyll.”
Checking the communication channels in all frequency, Kodai checks the screen regularly for any one dropping into the planet’s surface. Finding none the lone meka pilot resumed his quest in finding more of the alien relics. What would have been a quarter of an hour felt like an eternity for the lone mercenary of the Searing Shadows, his search was interrupted by 3 orange blips on his scanners. Kodai zooms in on one of the legged vehicles. He runs an analysis of the mekas striding to meet him. The ‘Katana’s’ onboard A.I. computer finally identified the three mekas ahead.
“Kodai to base, I have three bandits on screen,” the lone meka mercenary reported, “I’m engaging them.”
With a flick of his left thumb he activated the hydraulics and throttles the meka forward.
“Good luck, Kodai.”
The meka pilot fought the urge of opening fire. He knows that an energy cannon is best used in short range where they can cause significant damage on any enemy meka.
“What are you up against Kodai?”
A quick voice command is all it takes for the meka pilot to know what faction would be using such mekas. All the factions in this system have access to many of the sophisticated war machine available.
“I got a Whirlwind Meka, a Paladin Meka, and a Pirata Meka,” Kodai replied, “They’re all coming after me. “
The meka pilot maneuvers his ‘Katana’ towards his nearest target, locking on and checking his hit probability, Kodai smiled as the percentages favors him. He swung the control stick to the left while his mech swings the upper body at the same direction.
“Weapons locked,” he shouted over the communication gear.
Flashes of three green bolts jolted from the energy cannons and stabs through a ‘Paladin’ meka. The humanoid machine staggers as the blast tore through its shield and cuts through the meka’s protective armor. Moving his ‘Katana’ to the left flank, the mercenary meka pilot skillfully placed himself adjacent from the ‘Paladin’, slightly ahead of the ‘Pirata’ and far ahead of the ‘Whirlwind’ meka’s effective weapon’s range.
“Firing cannons!”
Kodai’s second blast cuts through the ‘Paladin’ armor. The energy discharge tore off and destroyed the meka’s frame; an orange ball of flame engulfed the bandit’s war machine.
“Scratch one bandit,” said the mercenary meka pilot skillfully maneuvering his ‘Katana’ weaving through the desert dunes of Esika as he positions himself for an advantageous strike against his second target.
Again he locks onto the bandit meka, his three energy cannons trained at the ‘Pirata’ meka. Slowly Kodai thumbs the button of his stick controlling the ‘Katana’s’ weapons and torso movements. The whirling sound of energy generators kicks in as each cannon prepares to send their deadly blast towards the enemy meka. A split second later a trio of green lances punctured through Kodai’s target. This time the ‘Katana’s’ pilot is rewarded with a critical hit as the bandit’s ‘Pirata’ exploded. A fireball replaced the ‘Pirata’ meka as scraps of metal was blasted through in all direction.
“Scratch two bandits,” Kodai calmly reported over the communication channel.
A beeping sound and red lights starts to sound, quickly the hired warrior from ‘Searing Shadows’ checked his screen. A flight of missiles streaks through the air finding their way towards the ‘Katana’ meka. Multiple explosions erupted covering Kodai’s war machine with a blanket of destructive fire. Kodai was jolted as the missiles detonated, he scan the screen quickly and let out a sigh as the ‘Katana’s’ shield absorbed all the damage which each missile have delivered. Finally, finding his resolve Kodai moved his meka towards his last target, a ‘Whirlwind’ meka.
The ‘Whirlwind’ is a quick meka with the grace of a crane. Cautiously the bandit’’s meka strides to meet Kodai, locking on with missiles, and once again a deadly salvo streaked from the ‘Whirlwind’ to Kodai’s ‘Katana’. Again the mercenary braved through the onslaught he pressed the button throttling the lumbering meka to a swift run and comes to a sudden halt a few paces behind the ‘Whirlwind’. With the assistance of hydraulic modifications, Kodai have surprised his foe giving him the advantage he needs as the ‘Whirlwind’ now lay within effective range for the ‘Katana’s’ energy cannons.
“So long buddy,” muttered Kodai as he grins, “say hello to your friends for me.”
Kodai depressed the energy cannons seen as the arms of the ‘Katana’ and pulled the trigger for the Venom Energy Cannon located on the meka’s shoulder. Kodai’s blinding destructive energy blast hits the bandit’s ‘Whirlwind’ dead center. Missiles stored within the weapon’s port exploded, the meka’s fusion reactor was pierced by the energy blast causing it to release controlled energy in a massive explosion, dust and scrap metals was thrown up with the explosion. The ball of fire lasted for a split second and the molten remains of a meka now decorated the desert floor.
“Kodai this is Hyde, do you copy?”
Hyde’s voice over the communication channel made Kodai smile. He knew that the drop ship is in orbit ready to bring him off this planet and off to safety.
“Kodai here, go ahead Hyde.”
“Drop ship is inbound for pick up,” said Hyde.
“Copy that Hyde. Kodai here, standing by for pick up.”
The mercenary meka pilot fetches a cigarette from his left breast pocket, opened the cockpit of his ‘Katana’, and lights his cig.
‘Another day in the office and I survived again…at least for this drop, that is.’
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

O_O wow you write alot...
_D'z Nutz
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

1 word. Awesome.
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