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Prepare for Drop Shock!

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:17 pm    Post subject: Prepare for Drop Shock! Reply with quote

HoC Drop Ship Harbinger One
Low Orbit, Planet Esika
17:00, 60 Minutes to Horizon

“This is Marshal Krakizbad to Drop Ship Harbinger One break, deploy available units to Essika break. Recover and Defend all alien relics over.”

“This is Harbinger One break. Clear copy on objective. Alert Meka deploying now over and out.”

“Meka Commanders Pappy and Shaitek, prepare for Drop Shock in five, four, three, two, one…”

The sudden gravity descent tied tiny knots in Chet “Snow Squirrel’s” stomach. He suddenly found himself regretting his earlier ten credit victory over the gallon challenge, in which HoC pilots compete to see who can drink a gallon of beer without puking. Boom came the sonic shockwave as the Lone Eye Probe “tore atmo.” A second boom sounded as the reverse jets came alive and the probe kicked up a cloud of iron rich soil. The Meka pilots lovingly termed this unpleasant jolt, “Drop Shock.”

“Shaitek to all Probes- commence search pattern beta.”

“Roger roger commander. Snow Squirrel is on move.”

“Great!” Came the inevitable whine of Ben ’Lightning Anteater,’ “Another Esika Storm! It is gonna take forever to find those damn relics.”

“Five Credits says I find it first,” Chet replied hoping to keep the green recruit positive. “How did you get stuck with the call sign Anteater anyhow?”

The other green recruits piloting the probes broke out into laughter. But they each had just as awful of a call sign as the next. Must be some sort of hazing that goes on at academy Chet thought. Chet was a large man, and fitting into a Lone Eye Probe especially after drinking heavily was no fun. He tried to focus his stubby fingers on the controls but he was getting sick.

“Break Channel and cease chatter. Shaitek to all probes, enemy relic at cords one five five dash three three. How copy?”

“Solid Copy best speed boss.” Chet sent back to the commander, but then to his probe comrades only, “Stay frosty boys. Enemy is Stealth Recon. They are good at what they do. Proceed with caution and watch your damn six!”

Chet had been pushing in a north by north west pattern while avoiding two Bandit Puma Scouts. Several Bandit Meka had been reported in the area which he knew would not be far behind the scouts. It was going to be difficult to switch directions and head to the enemy relic. But at that moment his sensors screamed to life. Chet’s throbbing headache just got a lot worse.

“Shaitek, Shaitek, alien relic spotted over!”

“Encrypt and send cords pilot.”

“Right. Sorry boss. Uploading to your Meka now.”

“Snow Squirrel secure that relic over. Shaitek will follow. All other probes remain on mission.”

Chet was uneasy about letting his green “probies” head off to the Stealth Recon controlled Relic without him. But questioning orders in HoC often earned you a beat down with the lag stick. As Chet captured the relic, Shaitek’s Wolverine Meka came into visual range and began a recon sweep of the area.

“Plus One,” came the call from Marshal Krakizbad alerting all HoC forces that a new enemy was inbound for Esika. Not a minute later came the screams from Probe pilots who had headed into enemy territory.

“Stealth Recon is no where to be seen, I have eyes on SS forces!” Ben screamed into his coms.

“Ant Eater, Ant Eater, break west and lead those bastards into Krakizbad’s forces!”

“I can’t possibly do that. Too many bandits!”

“Stop whining and do it!”

An explosion in the distance was all the reply needed for Chet to know he heard the last of Ben the Anteater’s whining.

“if u guys wanna play” Slyder gloated over his kill, “I'll play but u have to bring something more interesting!” Slyder had been talking non stop since his Drop Shock.

“All probes stand by for Dropship pick up in five mikes. Snow squirrel, get your ass into a Whirl Wind we are coming back hot.

* * *

Prepare for Combat Shock in five, four, three, two, one!”

Boom! The Whirl Wind did not have as gentle of a hot drop landing as did the probe he had piloted earlier. Chet the “Snow Squirrel” puked all over his HUD and nav controls. Lucky for him the cock pit of the “Whirlie” was better suited for a man of his girth.

“Snow Squirrel, unf#%@ yourself and get moving!” Shaitek shouted over the comms, “Searing Shadow Gattlinger to our immediate west. Go go go!”

“Roger!” Snow Squirrel burst his Whirl Wind into action taking up the back point of a V formation. The three Whirl Winds made best speed through the now raging Esika Storm to where the Searing Shadows Gattlinger was now retreating from Krakizbad’s Mekas. Shaitek had gotten a lucky drop due east of the enemy relic which meant the SS Gattlinger was surrounded.

“ah ! that's better!” Slyder goaded Krakizbad into pursuit. He was yet unaware how close Shaitek’s forces were.

Zero Shields and twenty percent armor, the Gattlinger would have died long ago if it’s pilot “Slyder” had not issued so many commands both pushing his Meka beyond normal capability and sapping Krakizbad’s strength.

“now that's too much!” Slyder shouted. Moments later the SS Emergency Dropship picked his smoldering Meka out of the HoC trap.

“Cry more!” Krakizbad shouted over the ‘all coms’ in disappointment. “You talk to much and then run from a fight.”

“I was not crying.” Slyder replied as his Meka limped into the Drop Ship. “And that wasn’t a fight.”

The HoC forces finished securing the enemy Relic as Pappy’s Juggernaut finally reached the combat zone. The three Harbinger teams setup defensive positions.

“Shaitek,” Krakizbad ordered, “Remain planet side. Pappy you are with me. We are burning for Aldus.”

Just as the Harbinger Drop Ship picked up the two teams and broke atmosphere, a new sonic boom was heard. A second Searing Shadows Invasion had begun. And Shaitek’s team of three Whirl Winds would need to counter that offensive alone.

SS pilot WMG1950 was either as lucky as Shaitek with drop locations, or was issuing speed commands, because two SS Mekas came into visual range almost immediately.

“Enemy Pirata and Katana!” Snow Squirrel shouted over the com link. Fortunately, WMG had moved into optimal range for the Whirl Wind trio.

“They are at combat optimal. Primary the Pirata! Weapons free!” Shaitek ordered.

The three Whirlwinds each Alpha Striked. Unleashing hell they mercilessly raked the Meka with missiles. Even the Esikan storm was silent for a moment as the SS Pirata exploded into a fire ball.

“Nice shot,” WMG commented as he hit the command for emergency evac. The Katana Meka fell back for retrieval. Smelling blood, the Whirlwinds over confidence would soon cost them.

This time, Shaitek was the one to move too far into optimal range. Or perhaps it was Chet’s damn Hangover at fault? Just moments before the SS Dropship picked up the Katana, WMG issued a blistering amount of orders and gutted Chet the “Snow Squirel’s Whirl Wind. The onboard missile ammunition ignited and the last the Chet saw was his vomit streaks across his heads up display. The whirl wind exploded into the Esika night air.

The two remaining Whirl Winds resumed defensive positions around the alien artifact.

Good fight SS!

Ps. For the love of DS Frizz please code us the ability to name our own pilots. Give us a lil ownership of our units. I am writing stories about the Ant Eater here! Razz

Pss. What say you all shall we spend a TB and revive Snow Squirrel’s fat arse so he can live to fight another day?
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Even though we know exactly where his arse is,lets go and revive him in about 3 DS years.
more pl0x

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