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/o\ !!!construction office!!! /o\

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Joined: 15 Jun 2006
Posts: 1218

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 1:02 am    Post subject: /o\ !!!construction office!!! /o\ Reply with quote

Ares Meka Advanced 50k creds
Asp Assault Hovertank Advanced 40k creds
Ballista Meka Advanced 50k creds
Battle Axe Meka Advanced 40k creds
Brightlance Meka Advanced 70kcreds
Cyclops Meka Advanced 120k creds
Death Whisper Artillery Advanced 120k creds
Gatlinger Meka Advanced 150k creds
Hellbore Meka Advanced 90k creds
Hermit Salvager Advanced 55k creds
Juggernaut Meka Advanced 95k creds
Katana Meka Advanced 95k creds
Leopard Assault Tank Advanced 50k creds
Lightfoot Meka Advanced 90k creds
Mammoth Combat Support Unit Advanced 90k creds
Paladin Meka Advanced 60k creds
Pirata Meka Advanced 60k creds
Sentry Meka Advanced 60k creds
Super Nova Meka Advanced 80k creds
Fusion Reactor Advanced 50k creds
Powerplant - Super Advanced 15k creds
Turret - Heavy Laser Advanced 12k creds
Turret - Heavy Missile Advanced 12k creds
Advanced Repair Nanites Acti Advanced 6k creds
Condensed Neutron Ammunition Advanced 5k creds
Death Lance Advanced 12k creds
Facenorth Gyro Advanced 5k creds
Hightower Shield Generator Advanced 4k creds
Hydra Powerplant Advanced 5k creds
Hyper-bat Recharger Advanced 4k creds
Incursion Assault Launcher Advanced 14k creds
Mobile Uplink Advanced 12k creds
Pro-max Armor Advanced 5k creds
RoadRunner Turbine Advanced 5k creds
Sixth Sense Warning System Advanced 5k creds
Steeltec Repair Droid Advanced 5k creds
Buildings Name Complexity
Mods Name Complexity
Beast Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Behemoth Heavy Tank Intermediate 30k creds
Brawler Meka Intermediate 40k creds
Covert Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Ferdelance Hovertank Intermediate 25k creds
Firestorm Meka Intermediate 40k creds
Gladiator Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Grunt Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Hermes Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Howitzer Meka II Intermediate 45k creds
Howitzer Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Jabberwock Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Kitfox Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Long-Rifle Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Python Heavy Hovertank Intermediate 35k creds
Spider Salvager Intermediate 30k creds
Sun Burst Meka Intermediate 40k creds
Titan Meka Intermediate 35k creds
Tornado Meka Intermediate 40k creds
Tortoise Assault Vehicle Intermediate 30k creds
Witman Meka Intermediate 35k creds
Wolverine Meka Intermediate 30k creds
Faction Headquarters Intermediate 100k creds
Medium Thumper Intermediate 15k creds
Powerplant - Large Intermediate 6k creds
Refinery - Large Intermediate 15k creds
Shield Recharger Intermediate 30k creds
Supply Depot Intermediate 15k creds
Tracking Station Intermediate 20k creds
Turret - Heavy Ballistic Intermediate 10k creds
Turret - Medium Laser Intermediate 5k creds
Turret - Medium Missile Intermediate 5k creds
Advanced Mining Platform Intermediate 5k creds
Advanced Optics Array Intermediate 5k creds
Advanced Targeting Laser Intermediate 5k creds
Bit-Chipper Mining Drill Intermediate 2k creds
Burster Heavy Turret Intermediate 12k creds
Calypso Prism Intermediate 2,5k creds
Crusader Longgun Intermediate 6k creds
Deathdealer Gatling Cannon Intermediate 4k creds
Earlybird Warning System Intermediate 4k creds
Explosive Ammunition Intermediate 3k creds
Explosive Missiles Intermediate 3k creds
Gemini Assault Turret Intermediate 4k creds
Hellburn Overdrive Intermediate 3k creds
High Capacity Ammunition Intermediate 3k creds
High Capacity Missiles Intermediate 4k creds
Holofield Intermediate 4k creds
Hyper-bat Capacitor Intermediate 3k creds
Kite Medium Shield Generator Intermediate 3k creds
Masscap Recharger Intermediate 3k creds
Natural Armor Acti Intermediate 5k creds
Onslaught Heavy Launcher Intermediate 4k creds
Porcupine Reactive Armor Intermediate 4k creds
Powered Hydraulics Acti Intermediate 3k creds
Repair Nanites Acti Intermediate 5k creds
Shield Rush Acti Intermediate 3,5k creds
Smart Warheads Intermediate 4k creds
Steelcore Armor Intermediate 3,5k creds
Sure-shot Targeting Computer Intermediate 4k creds
Thunder Clap Recharger Intermediate 5k creds
Tri-gun Intermediate 4k creds
Triad Missile Launcher Intermediate 6k creds
Venom Energy Turret Intermediate 4k creds
Vertigo Energy Turret Intermediate 4k creds
Wartech Salvage Droid Intermediate 5k creds
Akimo Meka Simple 12k creds
Bobcat Missile Tank Simple 14k creds
Bowman Meka Simple 14k creds
Calico Utility Vehicle Simple 14k creds
Cobra Attack Hovertank Simple 15k creds
Coluber Utility Vehicle Simple 12k creds
Copperhead Hovertank Simple 12k creds
Fiddler Salvager Simple 15k creds
Ground-Hog Light Scout Simple 8k creds
Gunslinger Meka Simple 12k creds
Hedgehog Utility Vehicle Simple 10k creds
Jaguar Medium Tank Simple 10k creds
Juggler Meka Simple 14k creds
Lasher Assault Vehicle Simple 10k creds
Lobber Assault Vehicle Simple 10k creds
Lone-eye Probe Simple 5k creds
Mercat Scout Tank Simple 8k creds
Mini-gun Meka Simple 12k creds
Mite Meka Simple 12k creds
Panther Light Tank Simple 10k creds
Pitviper Hovertank Simple 10k creds
Puma Light Scout Simple 7k creds
Sai Meka Simple 12k creds
Striker Assault Vehicle Simple 8k creds
Takagi Meka Simple 14k creds
Tiger Attack Tank Simple 16k creds
Viper Hovertank Simple 14k creds
Wolfhound Meka Simple 14k creds
Faction Flag Simple 5k creds
Fusion Generator Simple 12k creds
Light Thumper Simple 10k creds
Observation Post Simple 8k creds
Powerplant - Medium Simple 4k creds
Powerplant - Small Simple 3,5k creds
Refinery - Medium Simple 5k creds
Refinery - Small Simple 3,5k creds
Repair Bay - Small Simple 8k creds
Supply Dump Simple 5k creds
Turret - Basic Ballistic Simple 5k creds
Turret - Basic Laser Simple 3,5k creds
Turret - Basic Missile Simple 3,5k creds
Turret - Medium Ballistic Simple 5k creds
Aerodynamic Armor Simple 1k creds
Armadillo Reactive Armor Simple 1k creds
Backflash Recharger Simple 1,5k creds
Balanced Ammunition Simple 1k creds
Ballistic Ammo Simple 1k creds
Basic Repair Nanites Acti Simple 1k creds
Buckler Light Shield Generator Simple 1k creds
Carnivore Gatling Cannon Simple 3,5k creds
Compound Optics Array Simple 1,5k creds
Derringer Cannon Simple 1,5k creds
Distant Thunder Recharger Simple 1,5k creds
Eagle-eye Targeting Computer Simple 1,5k creds
Evercell Capacitor Simple 1,5k creds
Evercell Recharger Simple 1,5k creds
Guided Warheads Simple 2k creds
Hailfire Missile Launcher Simple 1,5k creds
Hasty Construction Simple 800creds
Hellseeker Energy Turret Simple 1k creds
High Tension Shocks Simple 1k creds
Holoprojector Simple 1,5k creds
Improved Hydraulics Acti Simple 1,5k creds
Improved Mining Platform Simple 2k creds
Kypris Prism Simple 1,5k creds
Level-head Gyro Simple 1k creds
Maxwatt Transformer Simple 1,5 creds
Mining Surveyor Acti Simple 1k creds
Missile Ammo Simple 1,5k creds
Patchwork Armor Simple 1,5creds
Plasteel Armor Simple 1k creds
Scatterfire Gatling Gun Simple 1,5k creds
Shield Boost Acti Simple 1,5k creds
Shield Shunt Simple 1,5k creds
Sonic Powerplant Simple 2k creds
Steeltec Repair Bot Simple 1k
Targeting Laser Simple 1k creds
Typhoon Supercharger Simple 1k creds
Wartech Gatling Repeater Simple 1k creds
Wartech Salvage Bot Simple 1,5k creds
Wraith Light Launcher Simple 1,5k creds

prices are not constant sdo it may change from time to time, dependant on ore cmd prices if prices of those suplliements drops unit construction price drops asweel, also discountsa availible!!!
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Joined: 15 Jun 2006
Posts: 1218

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 4:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

all units are constructed with 4 slots i gurantee this!
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Joined: 07 Jul 2006
Posts: 228

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 9:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

nice... im sure you'll get alot of customers
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Joined: 15 Jun 2006
Posts: 1218

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 3:19 am    Post subject: Ofice went to bancrupcy Reply with quote

THis ofice is no longer working. CLOSED
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